You won’t believe the insane prices of these top 25 rarest Charizard Pokemon cards!

In this video, I list the top 25 most valuable Charizard Pokemon cards recently sold at auction. Check out the full article here:

2018 Japanese Sun and Moon Ultra Shiny Charizard GX:
2019 Team Up Black Star Prerelease Charizard holo #SM158:
2007 EX Power Keepers Charizard holo #6:
2014 XY Flashfire Full Art Charizard EX holo #100:
2014 XY Flashfire Mega Charizard EX holo #108
2009 Supreme Victors Charizard G LV X holo #143
2017 Burning Shadows Charizard Full Art GX Secret Rare #150
2012 B&W Boundaries Crossed Charizard holo #20
2004 EX Fire Red Leaf Green Charizard EX holo #105
2000 Rocket Dark Charizard Holographic 1st Edition #4
2006 EX Crystal Guardians Charizard holo #4
2000 Gym Challenge 1st edition Blaine’s Charizard holo #2
1997 Carddass Vending Charizard Prism #006
2007 Diamond & Pearl Secret Wonders Charizard holo #3
2016 XY Staff Prerelease Charizard Holo #11
2012 B&W Plasma Storm Charizard
2008 Diamond & Pearl Stormfront Charizard holo #103:
2002 Legendary Collection reverse foil Charizard #3:
2003 Skyridge Charizard holo #146:
2002 NEO Destiny 1st edition Shiny Charizard #107:
2006 Dragon Frontiers Gold Star Charizard holo #100:
2002 Legendary Collection Charizard holo #3:
1995 Japanese Topsun Charizard holofoil #6:
1996 Japanese Basic Charizard holo no rarity symbol #6:
1999 1st Edition Pokemon Game Charizard holo #4:

Listen up, trainers! This article is going to give you the inside scoop on the top 25 most bad-ass, fire-breathing Charizard Pokémon cards out there. And let me tell you, every single card on this list is the real deal, authenticated and graded by none other than PSA, the top dog in third-party grading. If you’re lucky enough to own one of these bad boys and it ain’t graded, then you ain’t gettin’ the listed price, plain and simple.

So make sure you get that card submitted to PSA for grading and make sure you get a high grade if you want to cash in on that value. But if you’re in the market for some Charizard cards, let me tell you, it’s best to buy ’em already graded and authenticated. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. But hey, at the end of the day, remember, collect what you love and buy what you can afford. That’s the key to success in this game.

What’s going on guys it’s Matt with PSA back with another video in Today’s video I’m going to talk about The most valuable most rare Charizard Pokemon cards recently sold at auction These cards are created by a third party Grading Company such as PSA Beckett or SGC and they are the most recent example Sold on a public auction site such as EBay pwcc auctions golden auctions or Heritage auctions all Powerhouse auction Sites for sports cards and trading card Sales now in order to squeeze all these Cards into one video I won’t be going Into much detail about each card if you Want more information about the cards Check out the full article on my website I’ll be providing links To all these cards in the description Below as well as a link to the article So be sure to scroll down and click on Those links for quick access now without Any further Ado let’s go ahead and jump Into this list starting off the list at Number 25 is a 2018 Japanese sun and Moon Ultra shiny charizard GX Full Art Card number two 009 graded PSA 10 Gemming condition sold at auction in November 2022 by pwcc for 870 this set Was released in Japan 2018 and got the Pokemon Community collectively more Excited about any other modern day set Release it contains reprints from Earlier sets and has a mass of 375 cards

Getting your hands on this beautiful Charizard will only get more expensive As availability becomes more limited so Far it’s proving to be more scarce than Initially projected coming in at number 24 is the 2019 team up black star Pre-release Charizard Hollow number Sm158 graded PSA 10 gym and condition Sold at auction in March 2022 by pwcc For 1350 the team up staff pre-release cards Look identical to the regular Pre-release promos except for the gold Staff stamp on the bottom left corner of The holographic box coming in at number 23 there’s a 2007 ex power Keepers Charizard Hollow number six great rated PSA 10 gym Mint Condition sold at Auction by pwcc in November of 2022 for 1 500 ungraded examples sell between 125 And 175 depending on the condition Ps89 example sub between 275 and 325 for This card Number 22 it’s a 2014 XY flash fire Charizard EX full art Hollow number 100 Graded PSA 10 gem Mint Condition sold at Auction on eBay in December of 2022 for 1 500 very cool art on this love the Blackboarders love the the fire blast Attack you only lose one energy after The attack with 120 damage so this is a Pretty powerful card you could literally Annihilate any Pokemon with just four Energies coming in at number 21 2014

Pokemon XY flash fire Mega Charizard EX Ultra rare Hollow number 108 graded PSA 10 gym Mint Condition sold at auction by Pwcc in December of 2022 for 1560 insane looking art on this Charizard is like a water smoke pile the Wild Blaze attack is is crazy with 300 Damage and then you get the discard top Five cards on your deck so pretty Significant if you want to do an attack Number 20 the 2009 Pokemon Supreme Victors Charizard G level X Hollow Number 143 graded PSA 10 gemming Condition sold at auction on eBay in December of 2022 for 1750 PSA nine Trail between 250 and 400 Ungraded examples sell around 200 to 300 On eBay depending on condition Number 19 2017 burning Shadows Charizard Full art GX secret rare number 150 Graded PSA 10 sold at auction on eBay December of 2022 for two thousand twenty Five dollars this is the first year of The secret hyper rares with the rainbow Foil and unique texture Definitely one of my favorite modern day Charizard Pokemon card or any modern day Pokemon card for that matter the secret Rares Number 18 2012 black and white boundaries crossed Charizard Hollow number 20 created PSA 10 Gem and conditions sold at auction by Pwcc auctions in March of 2022

The 2070 dollars Number 17 the 2004 Pokemon EX Fire Red Leaf Green Charizard EX Hollow number 100 number 105 upgraded PSA 10 German condition sold at auction by Golden auctions in October of 2022 for 2701 this is a very popular set for Collectors of all Pokemon the artwork is Very nice the the hollows have like a Snow effect on them on the borders the Charizard attack the burn down attack is 200 damage it costs five energy however Once you use it you get to discard all Five fire energy so pretty expensive Costly move to use however it’s a Powerful card for 2004 I think this is One of his more powerful cards early Cards delivering 200 damage number 16 It’s a 2000 Team Rocket Dark Charizard Hollow first edition number four graded PSA 10 gym Mint Condition sold at Auction in November of 2022 by pwcc Auctions for three thousand six hundred Dollars Foreign Number 15 2006 Pokemon EX Crystal Guardians Charizard holographic number Four created PSA 10 Gem and conditions Sold out auction by pwcc auctions in October of 2022 for 3840 very nice holographic design on This with the gold borders when you’re Holding it in hand it looks like it’s a

Diamond a piece of gold and it’s very Unique to the crystal Guardian set Coming in at number 14 the 2000 Pokemon Gym challenge blames Charizard first Edition holographic number two graded PSA 10 gym and condition sold at auction On eBay in January of 2023 this year for Four thousand dollars Number 13 is 1997 Pocket Monsters Curtis Vending Charizard prism number zero zero Six upgraded PSA 10 gyming condition Sold at auction by pwcc auctions in May Of 2021 for 5 603 this is part of the vending series Released only in Japan prior to the Original Pokemon game being released They have become more and more popular Recently due to them being rare and Early examples of Pokemon cards even Though it’s not part of the original Pokemon card game number 12. it’s a 2007 Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Secret wonders Charizard holographic number three Graded PSA 10 gem Mint Condition sold at Auction by pwcc auctions in January of 2022 for 5760 so far PSA has graded 776 of these Holographics with just 45 grading gem Mint 10 and 251 mint nine so because PSA 10 examples are in such low Supply they Sell for uh they sell for a lot number 11. 2016 Pokemon XY staff pre-release Charizard Hollow number 11 graded PSA 10 Gem Mint Condition sold at auction on

EBay in October of 2022 for seven Thousand dollars so these were given to A limited number of Distributors that Held the pre-release XY events in 2016 And they have the gold staff stamp in The bottom left corner of the Holographic box number 10 2012 black and White plasma storm Charizard holographic Number 136 graded PSA 10 Gem and Condition sold at auction on eBay in April 2021 for eight thousand dollars PSA 9 examples of this card sell between 800 and 1200 and PSA 10 examples are Evidently very hard to come by with the Last one selling for eight grand and April 2021. number nine 2008 Diamond and Pearl storm front Charizard holographic Number 103 graded PSA 10 Gem and Condition sold at auction in April of 2021 by pwcc auctions for eight thousand One hundred dollars currently only 47 of These are graded PSA 10. Number eight the 2002 Legendary Collection Charizard reverse foil number Three created PSA 10 Gem and condition Sold at auction by pwcc auctions in June Of 2022 for ten thousand two hundred Dollars this is an iconic Charizard card Being a reverse foil they’re not that Rare however the design isn’t insane it Looks like it’s a firework going off in The background gym in 10 examples are Hard to come by and I believe this is One of only 68 PSA 10 examples so very

Rare and very collectible with great eye Appeal number seven the 2003 Pokemon Sky Ridge Charizard holographic number 146 Graded PSA 10 gem Mint Condition sold at Auction on eBay in September of 2022 for 11 599 this is a series that Pokemon made For the Nintendo e-readers so you put Them in the Nintendo e-Reader and it Pulls up information on the card and you Can actually play Charizard in the game Nintendo made a lot of these cards for Different characters with Pokemon being The biggest I believe they’re going to Be condition sensitive because they were Played kids played them and the E-readers which resulted in them having Damage obviously so Jim at 10 examples Are rare and collectible even though the Lower grade examples are pretty rare Number six it’s a 2002 Pokemon Neo Destiny shining Charizard first edition Number 107 rated PSA 10 Gemma condition Sold out auction by pwcc auctions in September of 2022 for twelve thousand Dollars so it’s hard to tell in the Photo the true beauty of this card Because the the silhouette of Charizard Is when held in hand it’s shiny but it Looks like it’s a shadow however when it When in hand it’s shiny so these are Really cool designs they’re very rare They’re ultra rare in the gym condition Even more rare not as rare as the other

Cards because this was a highly sought After card in the early Pokemon Collecting days The Shining Charizard And Shining Mewtwo I believe so when Collectors did acquire this card they Took good good care of it PSA 10 pop Currently 184 Gemma tens with only 440 Being submitted to PSA number five 2006 Pokemon EX Dragon Frontiers gold star Charizard holographic number 100 Upgraded PSA 10 gemint condition sold on EBay in October of 2022 for 18 100 very Iconic Charizard design he’s performing The dark swirl attack I believe I’m Spinning on his back and blowing the Fire at the opponent Number four the 2002 Pokemon Legendary Collection Charizard holographic number Three graded PSA 10 Gem and condition Sold at auction by pwcc auctions in January of 2022 for 24 000 currently there were only 10 PSA 10 Examples of this card in existence which Is why it sold for twenty four thousand Dollars evidently these are ultra rare And hard to pull from packs and even More rare in gemic 10 condition which is Why they sell for more than the reverse Hollows even though they look almost Identical to the Unlimited Edition the Basic 1999 Charizard Hollow It’s from the 2002 Legendary Collection Set so if you guys have one of these Submit it to PSA or back it and uh you

Know pray you get a PSA 10 because 24 Grand for a PSA 10. coming in at number Three is a 1995 Japanese top Sun Charizard Hollow foil number six Created PSA 10 gemint condition sold at Auction by twcc In December of 2020 for 25 000 another very early I think the Earliest Charizard card ever created From the 1995 the the Japanese only Company that created these for the Vending machines I think they’re like 20 Yen so dirt cheap to buy at the time However not many collectors held on to Them or even took good care of them PSA Has graded just 79 of them and declared Only 16 gym mint 10. it’s it’s Undeniable the I appeal on these are Terrific even though it’s not part of The original Pokemon card game it is I Believe the very first Charizard Printed card ever the back of the cards Are unique as well coming in at number Two is a 1996 Japanese Pokemon uh Charizard holographic number six with no Rarity symbol graded psa9 Mint Condition Sold on eBay in December in September of 2021 28 100 This is said to be the very first Charizard card ever printed for the Original Pokemon card game 1996 the Japanese created I think for two weeks Or something like that they printed Cards without the no Rarity symbol uh it

Took them two weeks to catch on before They added the Rarity symbol and so These are considered to be the quote Unquote first edition Of the Japanese cards so collectors have Been going crazy over the no Rarity Cards and the values have skyrocketed Once people found out about them it Wasn’t until recently I’m I don’t know Maybe 10 years ago or something let me Know in the comments Below guys lots of Scrambled information about these but They’re rare just looking at bottom Right corner on the Japanese cards if There’s no Rarity symbol and you have Some get them graded get them Authenticated or when you sell them make Sure you put in the title that they’re No Rarity uh cards and they’ll sell for Premium prices the number two highest Selling Charizard card is the no Rarity Simple card from the 1996 Japanese set The number one most valuable Charizard Pokemon card of all time is the 1999 Pokemon game First edition Charizard holographic Number four Graded PSA 10 gym Mint Condition which Recently sold by Heritage auctions in March of 2022 For 336 000 this is the Holy Grail of Pokemon Cards it’s got that first edition stamp It’s Charizard and it’s a PSA 10 gym

Condition example prices have gone Parabolic on this over the past year They’ve settled down a bit I’m not sure What the highest selling value of all Time on for this card is Heritage Auction won the spot for selling the Highest most recent Charizard card at 336 thousand dollars shadowless card is Gonna be the next I believe PSA tens uh 100 000 around estimated and then the Base unlimited version PSA 10 examples Uh I can’t off the top of my head I’m Not sure I’m gonna say you know maybe 9000 or around that ballpark but uh There it is guys the top 25 most Valuable most rare have recently sold Charizard Pokemon cards don’t forget Check the links Below in the description For uh quick access to these cards and Check out the full in-depth article on My website PSA subscribe Hit that like button check back for more Videos videos I have more Pokemon card Videos coming thanks for watching guys See y’all in the next video [Music]

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