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Hey guys need the sports cards and more Back today with a brand new baseball Card video today we’re going to open up A hobby box with a brand new 2023 top Series one baseball these just came out Today I’m not sure if I’ll upload the Jumbo box or the hobby box first but I Did just open a jumbo box was pretty Good be sure and check out that video if It’s already up if not hopefully you can Check out this hobby box and see what we Get hobby box I pre-ordered this for 90 Dollars Um blowout cards a few weeks ago came on Release day which is always nice that’s One perked about pre-ordering and you Never know how much they’ll go up after The pre-order runs out we do have a Hobby exclusive Mojo path we’ll probably Actually go ahead and open that up first And then 24 hobby packs here Series one Very nice product this year there’s as Always pros and cons with it we’ll go Over some of them I did a lot of the Review in the um Jumbo box so be sure and check out that Video Got a nice Bo Jackson In that 1988 design Ozzie Smith Boba shett and Nick Prado nice this is One of the guys I’m actually collecting In series one got to watch Nick Prado go Through single a here in Lexington

Kentucky Lexington Legends so that’s Pretty awesome Nick Prado it’s a good Start for me And then here we go let’s just take off And start ripping I’ll let you guys see the odds the goat Is one in 33 Jumbo is one in four so you’re not even Guaranteed a goat in a hobby but I’m Sure you’ll get at least one It’s a lot better odds than um Retail this year retail look is looking To be pretty tough Jeter Downs rookie You do get one autograph for Relic And um what is this here I guess a foil One auto or Relic that’s a nice one Gerard and carnacio and rainbow foil I guess hobby they turn him upside down My jumbo did not do that But as I was saying you get one Auto or Relic in these hobby boxes it’s usually A relic Usually a manufactured patch but Sometimes you get lucky and hit an auto I’m looking to hit one of those SSP Goldment that’s what I had in my jumbo Box which is pretty nice there’s a baby Rookie Buddy Kennedy All kinds of big rookies in this set Looking for um Brett Beatty Gunner Henderson Abby Rutchman Michael Harris Tristan Cassis

Dylan Gorman Just to name a few I do like the design a lot of throwback To 1988 as you probably know But be sure and let me know down in the Comments if you’ve opened any there’s JJ Blade What you think about it what you think About the price points and all that good Stuff love to hear there’s another big Rook you forgot to mention Riley green Figuero I feel like one of these is something But I don’t think so Probably gonna be a lot of Base packs in The hobby As they’ve started doing I remember Opening a hobby box back in like 15 16 And everpack had something Usually if we’re back at a number card Which is crazy to think about That’s what it felt like Cal Mitchell Rookie A lot of bass here I’ll definitely be Sure and go back through these just in Case I’m missing something Going a little faster through these Since I’ve already seen most of the base Looks like we got our first insert Coming up here Nice so Tawny And it’s going to be Anthony Rizzo Greatest Hits these are pretty cool Looks like tops fire and feels like that

Foil design Raphael Devers Hobby boxes are really fun to rip for The price you can get some really big Stuff out of hobby Franco Future Stars Mark Capel rookie if You’re looking for a lot of packs to Open I’d definitely go with a hobby There’s a 30 30 insert Because you get just a lot more packs But if you’re looking for I don’t know more value probably I’d go With a jumbo We got our first numbered card in here Looks like a goad So that’s good It’s going to be oh what is this a gold Dawn Mattingly numbered out of 75. look At that shout out to Trey lucky he’s Gonna love that Donnie baseball number Got a 75 goat and that looks super clean Hardly know white whatsoever That’s probably a tough hit 1988 gold We’ll check the odds on that here in a Minute but that’s a nice card I was not Expecting that It’s cool when you get a older player in That odor design like that See 19 [Music] That’s going to be 1988 there we go I don’t think I’ll be able to find out Real quick for you guys sorry You might let me know down in the

Comments that’s a nice hit I wasn’t expecting that You usually get one card like that in Hobby you know something out of the Ordinary Tristan Cassis rookie Another guy I’m collecting in this set Rick Anderson 88. Uh we got a gold border again another Goad Two number cards probably green and Miggy there’s the final poolhost Flagship and Roberto Perez goad the Goads are pretty nice out of 2023 A little stepmom pool have been pretty Clean [Music] Series one always starts the return of Baseball which I’m stoked for even Though there’s some crazy rule changes That’s been put in place But nothing we can really do about that Sucks but I’m still gonna watch it Because I love baseball And we’ll be playing it here at the shop 24 7. during baseball season no doubt Home run challenge Bobby Witt Junior Very nice So you can scratch off that coat on the Back once the season starts if you pick The game he gets a home run in you will Win a free card from tops Whoops throwing that pack I only pulled one adley in my jumbo box Hoping to pull another one here

Definitely want to keep a couple of them There’s a Zach Thompson Bobby Witt rookie cup there’s a pretty Cool Mike Trout 30 30 Club All right Keeping it going Still looking for a hit Maybe one more number card Verdugo we Got a bragman 88. Retail’s out as well a lot of people Found retail early usually comes out after hobby but Not the case this year Cody Clemens Von grissom’s a decent rookie Looks There’s the cover boy of 2K 23 not 2K 2023 MLB The Show Jazz don’t play basketball that I know Of He probably can ball though he’s the Beast on the baseball field Nolan Gorman Rookie Albert Pujols greatest seasons A good Cardinals pack right there I like Julio being on the front [Music] He’s definitely the face of baseball Over the next few years From what he showed last year Of course we got a small sample size but For his age and what he did Also almost went in the Home Run Derby Was pretty awesome Nick Prado

Christian Yelich If you guys pull any Prado or cases Parallels definitely let me know I’ll be On the hunt for those Probably won’t go all out you know like Trying to get the entire rainbow because That’s going to be tough but anytime I Can see one and find one I’ll definitely Try and pick it up Gunner Henderson J-rod rookie cup One set guys So I’m up here at the shop and that was My parents coming in All right still looking for a hit here Looking for an auto A Relic hopefully an Auto Mike Trout I like to pull his super short print There’s a one-two punch new insert here Aaron Nola and Zach wheeler All right about five packs to go I only Showcase cards so far has been the Mattingly No adly that I recall yet Um got a rainbow foil in here Of A checklist Tough as nails Cleveland There’s a vladi and Vado and Robert 88 Will Clark All right and last three packs Give us something

We got 88 down battingly to match our Gold when we hit Please Here’s our Relic in here we did get a Relic which I figured It’s going to be a major league material I believe Christopher Morrell O’Neill Cruz and Walker Bueller Kentucky boy Game used Jersey We’ll throw him up I think he’s out Tommy John this season And last pack Mojo I don’t know if we got anything here There’s an adly sweet Needed one and got one in the last pack Ivan Herrera and Aces Alec Manoa those Are pretty cool So there we go not a bad little box There hopefully you guys enjoyed it best Pool is definitely that Mattingly goed Out of 75 pretty sweet The Bueller Jersey and an adly rookie so 2023 is here we’ll be seeing new Releases about every week from here on Out for the rest of the year which is Always exciting and good to make videos Hopefully you guys enjoy it and we’ll be Back with a brand new video soon please Like comment and subscribe peace

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