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Hey guys Ethan sports cards and more Back here I got to clip this in before The random pack opening I’ve uh I opened This box after the random pack opening Off camera just had to fill in to pull Something big off camera before we left Here and I just got done pulling this Out of a Stadium Club hobby box Tatis on card Auto team of the future Numbered out of 15. still got two packs Left also pulled the Conor Wong Auto but That was pretty awesome lucky cat Sitting on my lap here gave me some good Luck But nice last pull here from Brian’s Tatties out of 15. Boom Hey guys Ethan sports cards and we’re Back today with a brand new video today We’re back at Broad Sports Car Corner This will be our last rip for a while Probably as we’re opening our shop up Friday but had to come down make one Last video with the lucky cat we haven’t Done one in a long time at least here in The main part Um because it’s always packed in here Ron’s you know selling the fire out of Everything got awesome deals down here So be sure and check them out if you’re Ever down in Corbin show them around a Little bit But we’re going to do a little random Pack opening for oh Tom’s sake it’s been A while

Lucky cat has Been around the whole time and we’ll see What we can get here I did just pick This up from Brown I came down here to Pick this card up for my triple threats Collection that’s a sick card right There Willie Mays Hank Aaron and Ken Griffey Jr so that’s pretty sweet We got a whole plethora of plaques a lot Of series one we’ve got Chrome update Stadium Club some new NBA Hoops so let’s Just start ripping See what we can find It’s been a fun Journey down here Especially when I was in college coming Down here every week Filming videos with the lucky cat first Time we filmed a video with the cat we Pulled the trout Auto from 2020 Chrome I Think I mean it’s been years so Definitely good memories down here in The cats it’s probably gonna take a nap During this video The cat is gone oh All right I was just a couple basketball Here’s some Alan Ginter hoping to get at Least one Auto A Relic out all these Never know oh no Cruise rookie Got a mini J Ram Max Scherzer we got baseball starting up This week can’t wait for it spring Training games start I think this Weekend So that’s exciting there’s a nice torque

Rookie Burrito Little mini and get the bread Owen Ryan judge Marsh rookie And McKinley Jansen now on the Red Sox Birdie Jenkins all right here’s some Chrome updates These are out of a fresh box here so We’ll see what we get Looking for one of the big rookie Purples ever pack as a purple Severino Mike brousseau there’s an isocuna Generation now And a purple Connor Pilkington rookie And Darren Duran nice purple debut Rookie all right next up we got four Stadium Club and then we’ll end it with The new series one Stadium club’s awesome this year haven’t Got to rip a lot oh looks like we got an Auto let’s just go for it we did get Auto John Easley for the Royals on Cardato we’ll take it there’s a nice Austin Riley team of the future Then all these were just space you know I do have a playlist up well look at This another Auto Romy Gonzalez we got Both out of the box we’ll take it and a Nice Bobby Witt team of the future But as I was saying I have a playlist up Of all the videos we’ve ever made here At the card shop I think when I looked

The other day it totaled over 100 videos We’ve made here so be sure and check out That playlist JV Juan yep is that’s a red foil Woodruff And Donnie baseball And last Stadium Club we got both the Autos We got an insert of Acuna destiny It’s pretty sweet Oh yeah all right last few we got four Series one see if we can get a big Parallel I did open a jumbo and a hobby of this Be sure and check out those videos There’s a nice Brett Beatty 1988 rookie One of the guys to chase in here Cody Clemens Got a home run challenge of jazz Chisholm scratch that code off and guess When he hits a home run if you guess it Right you want to press Got a rainbow foil Of Francie Cordero Red Sox Legend right There Cedric Mullins Nice Michael Harris rookie And last pack Got a green speckle Give us an Abby Bobby Witt And our green is Tyler O’Neill numbered Out of 4.99. Series one’s been good for color this Year Hobby and uh jumbo has been pretty

Good so there we go nothing too crazy But we did hit the two Autos in our last Rib here out of Stadium Club couple nice Rookies as well but want to say a big Shout out to Brian for letting us film All the videos in here over the last few Years lucky cats is around here Somewhere but we’ll be back down to do Another one but might be a while so Hopefully you guys enjoyed please like Comment and subscribe peace

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