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Hey guys eat the sports cards and more Back today with a brand new special Video today we’ve got a Pullman Chrome Sapphire take a peek of That Braden but we’re back today with my Buddy Shannon from stars and bar sports Cards everybody go subscribe to his Channel uh talk a little bit how many Subscribers you got right now and what Are you trying to get up to so I know The channel just started yeah so Currently Braden and I have 170 Subscribers pretty good uh it’s been Great yeah the love and the push that You’ve shown uh for us and our channel Has been a lot and that’s I mean I would Just say a majority of the subscribers That we’ve gotten have been because of Of you telling them to come and Subscribe and and like our page and like Our uh videos so you know it’s been fun While you know doing it uh and I Appreciate everything that you’ve done Of course man and uh you’re almost up to 200 that’s what we’re trying to get them To today and at 200 we’re going to do Another giveaway another giveaway don’t Really know what we’re gonna do right Now if I can get there quick enough or If we can get there quick enough what’d You do for 100 again The Stadium Club we Did a we did a Stadium Club bat Blaster So I’m looking if we can get it in the Next week or so I’d like to do maybe a

Series one blaster let’s get in there Guys let’s get a top series one because They’re almost there so be sure and Check them out I’m gonna link uh their Video down below but moving on to this Box here me and him split this when they First come out so he was getting Notifications for this product right on Top’s website yes and it popped up for How much did we get it was 190 190 and Now these boxes are going over 350 bucks So you know we were kind of talking Should we sell it or should we open it But we got to open it yeah we gotta rip I’m a ripper yeah I am too this is a big Box here we’ll see what we get you’re Guaranteed two parallel so two number Cards no Autos though so it’s a high Risk High reward but we’ll see what Happens only eight packs in here we’ll Each get four packs so I’m feeling lucky What happens all right hopefully not a Gear code out of five no that’s what Happened last week yeah even though it’s Nice we don’t get a cold that’s a win We got Brayden behind the camera say What’s up what’s up guys I’ll let you pick out your packs Pick out four really do not care We’re not doing like a backward on you Know they’re all going up right back too All right so I got my four all right I’ve seen some boxes opened up with more Than two parallels but we’ll see what

Happens uh bright and zoom in here on This box if you can these are the odds We were trying to figure out how to Pronounce this I have no idea I can’t Remember but it’s like a one-to-one pool Or something that that p word right There man I don’t know so you want me to Go first or you want to go first let’s Let you do that first I’ll start us out Here 2022 Bowman Chrome Sapphire yeah There’s only four cards per pack so We’re gonna have to go really really Slow yeah and it’s a product to go slow In but they really look at the cards man They look great zoom in on that right There Robert Hassell Sapphire Big O Prospect Right there We got Christian Yelich pretty nice card I got a rookie nice one yep it’s not bad There thank you Cardinals we’re looking For a j-rod of course but any of the Rookies are good to hold on to And joinsky Noel for the guardian so First pack decent little rookie there We’ll lay out yep the rookie Shannon with his first package I feel Like whenever we open these two I gotta Be super super careful yeah because I Don’t want to damage anything it was a Rookie on top Ron valade nice Uh oh we got gold yellow or something in There here’s the first one

Adrian Palencia You want to see that go go to the next Another first Luis Mesa I think that’s a Decent one I think he’s a short is he a Short stop order pitcher Catcher okay for the Blue Jays So we’ll set that aside you want to slow Roll it to the camera here yep here’s The gold guys our first guaranteed color It’s Texas Simeon Marcus 50 man we need a big rookie but We got one more shot here that’s a sick Looking card yeah go guys I like them That’s nice and it’s numbered on the Front there so yep pretty nice card all Right next back If you were saying something about You’ve seen videos where guys I don’t Know boxes and there have been more than Look at that we got an orange coming up Right here so that should be out of 25. We got Drew Baker there on top Go from the back we’ve got a you’re not Alvarez pretty nice Kind of first for the Tampa Bay Rays Willie Vasquez Again some of these guys you just don’t Know about because they’re so young so All right let’s see what this orange is For the Brew Crew South fralic out of 75 I forgot the Orange you’re out of 75 here he was a it Was a first Bowman he’s a round one pick

15th overall he was born a couple months Before me in Boston pretty nice The South Fraley got a 75 we’ll see if We get a bonus number hopefully we get a Numbered rookie or Otto or something here I don’t know what the odds are on the Autograph Because you can’t pull Autos right yeah There’s no lines You can pull image variations too the First bow Millie fans Willie fanis Is there a thick card in there There’s another color coming up so yeah This is the teal yeah I don’t know I don’t know what they’re out at maybe 125. honestly the Dodgers blue color you Guys let us know if you’ve ripped any of These Sapphire as well Rookie on the back Aaron Ashby For the Brewers here comes another Number card give us a j-rod and be sweet All right It’s got to be somebody good Uh James Wood That’s a nice one right there James Wood Big Time Prospect I wish it was the First but it was the first a few Brands Ago it’s pretty good not bad Especially if you’re buying them now for Over 300. all right second or my second To last pack got Mount Castle J Ram

Savala that’s a good one Samuel Zavala For the Padres first And Anthony Gutierrez another good one a Lot of these guys you saw in Bowman Chrome when you were opening the mega Boxes yeah so I do love the blue the Blue color that look to it yeah Cards yes these are good to gray too Like if you can get a PSA 10 on any of These always shoots it up because it’s Always a low pop on a bunch of them For the Angels Oh there we go Brian Acuna’s little brother that’s a good one That card matches his hair I like that He’s young he’s really young Brandon Crawford For the Giants Another first Daily Santos nice All right we got one pack each left yep Not terrible so far we did get three Parallels just you know maybe if we can Get one more not a first or a rookie That’s what we’re looking for None in here To do it Byron Buxton we got a first Eric Hernandez A rookie Brandon Marsh not bad not in the Phillies and a first Oscar coloss Another good one right there they’re

Getting a lot of good names I do like The first two Because I feel like you know like you Said if you hold up if you hold on to The first moments yeah sapphires in five Or six years from now yeah like you know Sapphire now yeah it’s ridiculous uh Blatty Sapphire any of the big guys I Found a tatis uh Fernando first Bowman That I had in a box that’s a big one and I just you know at the time when you Pull it you don’t know you just throw it In a box and forget about it and then Three or four years later you go back And you’re like oh here we go it’s not a Good one so we got one right here Pete Crow Armstrong first Nice I hear good things about him So I didn’t get anything no Oh CJ Abram Sapphire rookie right there Take that sweet Another rookie Melinda Melinda is Hoping it was wander yeah Carson was Carson Williams all right all right I mean not terrible you know we were Hoping for something real big you know But right we got it at a good deal right When it came out yes we paid over 350 For that box now I’ve been pretty rough I’d be a little busy yeah yeah we went In on together though and pulled some Nice cards you know we might hold on to Some of these might send grading you Know I don’t do log grading but you

Might start getting into it so I’ve done A few yeah since some off I’ve had some Pretty good success with getting cards Graded yeah uh I mean I’m still learning On what to look for uh but we may talk About some of these might be nice Numbered the parallels great come up Here and zoom in zoom in on these Because we laid every card out I think Because you don’t get a lot so you can Lay it all out But we did get a bonus parallel you guys Be sure and comment what your favorite Pool was out of all those I don’t know What mine was probably I like the yakoon You know just because I collect Acuna And that’s his little brother The orange looks sick yep James Wood though I think has potential Yeah uh Brandon Marsh has potential yeah Especially being with uh Philly yeah uh You know the one yeah I mean if you look Back on it yeah other than some of the Veterans you know mookie yeah and uh Brandon Crawford a lot of them are Rookie cards or first bonus yeah so well I appreciate you guys watching Appreciate you ripping me out thank you Always rip whenever so hopefully you Guys enjoy be sure and let us know what You think and we’ll be back with the Grand opening here very soon this Friday So excited for that yeah please like Comment and subscribe peace

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