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Um Thank you [Music] Thank you Everybody just like is excited and like Congratulations anything On two and three [Applause] Appreciate everybody coming out today A lot of you guys know for a long time I Didn’t expect to open it soon I appreciate each one and every one of You guys coming out Um it means a lot to me seeing all these Old faces coming in I haven’t seen that In a while so it means a lot Spread the word and get it out there That we’re here excited [Applause] [Music] Baby Thank you okay Come here [Music] [Music] Thanks for watching guys uh we’re gonna Keep the live stream going for a while So hope you enjoy it how many people we Got on there 25. awesome shout out to All my students if anybody’s watching it Middle School [Music] Yeah probably in that box right there Honestly yeah

Foreign All right thanks Mom Sorry [Music] [Music] Here you go Steve Okay You just keep looking like you’re Interested I think that one Comments Yeah when I pop it She works but Um And then I’m using A girl I don’t know Mom Shirley mom You want some donuts or sunny days I think it’s maybe in large [Music] Ethan is up there at the house Thank you Goodbye [Music] Full cookies Okay [Music] [Music] All my YouTube people had to go live for You guys People in here I appreciate you guys Today live another 30-40 minutes

[Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] At home Thank you very much Again [Music] Thank you I’m probably just being some 55 years Old now Thank you Yeah Thank you Where are you from Where am I from now Um Appreciate it Okay Mason said he was going to stop by Before practice Thank you not that busy yet There’s a Dominguez And then of course do you have any judge Thank you So you’re proud I [Music] There’s more Um [Music] [Music] Let me freaking film this You might pull the first boom in here

Well here Yeah I’m trying to get Logan to come but he’s Not having this right I don’t know he Said I’ll come after practice it’s gonna Be close he said dang that sucks Yeah Yeah [Music] Bellinger bets and Kershaw sweets [Music] [Music] I was gonna say I was gonna maybe uh Open it here before I leave So yeah What’s up man you’re doing all right I’ve been seeing these videos I’m trying I’m trying y’all getting in the video [Music] I know I can’t hear you Wasted those with my grandma’s They’ll go to bathroom So where do you want me would you like Me to just set this up [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Thanks everybody Your book club is watching what’s up Yes Jason Powell is here Thank you there he is right there Jason say hi to YouTube Franklin

Saying what’s up Little buddy Somebody wants to see the display case So You know just John wants his face That’s right Is all about eating some sports cards Today baby That’s right Yeah uh 77. 77 people thank you guys Couldn’t do it without you Yeah Oh no man go ahead That’s right right across street we’re Neighbors now that’s right Yeah yeah Um He was supposed to he wasn’t supposed to Be here him and my mom and my brother Are going to Tennessee for a Blake Shelton wow And then he had to go get the truck Service We’re almost at 200 subscribers so we’re Probably gonna do a giveaway How’s baseball going pretty good yeah I’m gonna take the cookies Yeah I didn’t see Taco yeah Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] Thanks guys okay

[Music] Um Foreign [Music] Sure yeah I went through Ebbs and flows Yeah especially since it’s a Saturday no Everybody’s at work yeah [Music] Right now Yeah I was picking up I had a I left him In the car but I had some parts at the Office I was taking home with me yeah I’m a Mets fan well I mainly do um well Pretty much baseball but I really like To get into the prospects I really like Rookies like uh in prospecting with uh I like Brett Beatty but I mean I’m Really also on like L.A the cruise and I Mean who’s not and then Jordan Walker And I have a Jordan Lawler Auto at the House You keeping all the good stuff behind us Yeah of course two guys that’s true That’s a nice one though Thank you That’s so sweet Bro what is that okay But I don’t have a graded I got it Okay maybe not suspects I have an old um It was a hike Davis Eyes [Music] You’re on camera

Oh my God Davis do you remember him That’s nice Okay yeah It’s a great beginning [Music] Right now [Music] I thought I would have questions [Music] Tomorrow What do you like what’s your PCS Blaze and Blaze Jordan yeah Yeah we did video [Music] [Music] But yeah I was super pumped about it Yeah Together He’s got a that’s part of I think that’s The theme Song [Music] [Music] [Music] That’s a good way to go Around here Guys [Music] You open any jumbo boxes I opened one last year I can’t remember that That’s the toughest thing to get is wax So yep very very hard especially because

I’ve tried to do mainly hobby but you’ve Got to throw a little retailing at this Point yeah Grab that right now If I gotta do this I can’t rip and That’s tough Hey man yeah Right [Music] That’s pretty cool They’re awesome [Music] [Music] It could be alive For the last one But if you hit a hooley of colors [Music] [Music] Although yeah Like in six months Pokemon sales we had Done like 20 years I’ve made a bunch of uh purchases Relatives Four hits That’s crazy that’s new products The first year they made the last one Yeah How’s it going congratulations thanks For coming in man I appreciate it thank You yeah it means a lot looks great the Storm looks great yeah we got a lot of Work on where it was you know we looked Pretty bad it’s honestly dad’s my labor Yeah he’s the Builder so okay

Oh there you go Congrats on that I appreciate that thank You he’s one of the best ones here we Appreciate everything he does he does a Great job for us I love it I love it Italian yesterday It’s one more years [Music] There you go Now Let me get It started two of the Hoops packs and Two of the I guess uh yeah Somewhere [Music] Together [Music] Hey Deb will you take a picture Thank you Thanks man Um All right y’all come back [Music] That’s awesome That’s crazy It’s because YouTube is freaking awesome Man my subscribers on here are We got one in here from Missouri Um Actually cheaper What’s that Opening course About an hour It wasn’t okay

We’re staying home tonight [Music] I’m in PA School I’ve graduated what’s Pa school So what do you what do you is this what You’re doing Yeah okay Foreign There we go Um [Music] I was coming Um Thank you [Music] It was just perfect that’s all I’ve had Of course [Music] Um [Music] I charge Okay I’m ready Put the chip in first And keep the card in there they can do That [Music] Um is that wireless for you yeah Yeah Do you want this video the whole video Of the Uh Yeah That’s cool We’re live on YouTube right here sorry

[Music] But he was walking around with them Right now that would be so cool Yeah that’s true people are learning He’s a smaller fan that’s a big space No this is a great time It makes it more spacious it makes it That was another challenge Foreign Every time Foreign Ethan’s sports cards and more Yeah we’ve got baseball You know Good to see you everybody Why is it Kane is here yeah [Music] Lifting weights [Music] [Music] That’s crazy [Music] Really everywhere ladies can walk in any Time Okay [Music] [Music] Can’t be mad with you [Music] I mean that’s what I’m learning To break Everything The main Blues enough so I want to feel first questions

All of them put my name and number on Olive oil [Music] [Music] That’s a happy song Foreign [Applause] The office You can’t do that you can’t play any Music gosh unless it’s non-copyright That’s cool Look at this Um So Hey you know don’t even be thinking man And you don’t give it up once you get it All right who do I check out with And I need a one pack of Astro the Pokemon the that one yeah just Pick one out no matter which one it’s For my son yeah I don’t know what’s what maybe yeah yeah All right who’s the big Pokemon Named something Yeah okay Okay If you want to like do two separate ones One for Facebook one for YouTube Yeah What’s your North Carolina stuff over Here I don’t appreciate it though we Didn’t want to do it but somebody put it There huh Nice

I hear Baron Corbin’s really nice From the guy he plays on TV yeah yeah Obviously he’s the opposite yeah what About Jeff Wilson the chip car must be If not I’ll use my credit card it’s just A debit card can I do chips You don’t get mad son I got a there we Go let me just I’ll just give him my Honest opinion boom Um We’re still learning the same yeah That’s fine I didn’t know either there You go thanks a lot man thank you you Want a little bag uh please Audio Foreign [Music] [Music] This is Very much [Music] Say what’s up hey YouTube Back up a little bit it’s not too close We’re here at Ethan’s sports cards and More shop today it’s so exciting had a Big turnout we’re so happy You all come on down and see us [Music] I don’t know [Music] [Music] [Applause] You need anything Thank you

I’m gonna head back Okay now you got to work No I don’t go back till Monday again Every other Friday Saturday Sunday off What do you do I’m a police officer are You wow yeah in the county where you Live there yeah just in the city so Technically the police chief oh Ground that literally got three options That’s fun I was looking at the pictures how was Ric Flair when you met him we met him at The national in 2011 . Real quick He was awesome My best friend um what’s the first one To graduated from a wrestling cabinet Harley Race started Beat him several times And then um So Glenn Um he’s from a town about 40 miles so I Knew him before he became pain yeah Um His best friend yeah [Music] Wrestling [Music] Oh yeah they just had one around here Restaurants are awesome they do a lot More risky stuff in WWE yeah but Storyline they just imagine them and Then they just go oh boy

I mean I like it but they don’t do any Storytelling Everybody [Music] [Music] A bag we’ll say we’ll take her back I was a reminder later For like a minute yeah Foreign [Music] Issues [Music] Yes You’re Live on YouTube right yeah Over there or YouTube how you doing I’ve Been sending the YouTube videos Last night it’s about eight hours Yeah this is my grandma this is Dad’s Mom hi I’m Jason’s house What’s big and doing over here This is a good building good location He’s he’s got his setup yeah let’s go Let’s go Congratulations that’s awesome trying to Make Ethan a video right now I see that It’s pretty good Over here he’s Told me about copyright music I’m like Yeah I don’t know anything anything about it Oh yeah He’s going to be having a lot of time Already That’s crazy

I know We I mean all right I don’t blame them It wasn’t nice actually I got a new Cobra driver that I need to Get get in my situation you don’t Realize yeah so but I’ll get that Figured out yeah I can’t stay we got a wedding I gotta go To so I wish I said no too but we’ll see My free That’s a lot of sleeves We went in that place and then a shirt Yes five times 200. Um yeah Right No they’re very large Yeah Oh well it took me out now [Music] Because it’s already marked out here Had a little bit of rain Browser IES Um You just tell me when you want all this Other stuff In this building Have a job So far [Music] All that nonsense And I’ve been in highs there ain’t

Nothing out there so I’m like man who Better drink some alcohol or something But uh Yeah It’s just gonna be on front page it was Really close to everybody outside you Know before 10 o’clock yeah I wish I could have been here Yeah One is a boy came in here guys we’re Gonna have a rip later uh Jason’s gonna Open some packs here so we’ll do that Here just a little bit so hang tight With us [Laughter] Later congratulations [Music] [Music] Tonight [Music] Cookies Did you did you enter the giveaway no we Got to get you in there no no actually I’ll tell you what you give give away Somebody that’ll help you I’ll help you I just it’s just not my thing hey just You coming up means a lot thank you good Luck hey did you get a call a pack of Cards or a bag Company and which one do you want To thank you Thank you [Music] Pajamas

[Music] Give him a bag In the back Jack Porter start looking man I Appreciate it [Music] Oh God And then is your dad okay Yeah [Music] Starting off right After school [Music] [Music] But Please What are your eyes Jason Now Mom this is Jake I played Corno with Him yeah I have a daughter in class yeah Hi good night And then we’ve got some donuts and Drinks register Ed yesterday Not everybody Sure so just put your name and number on One of these tickets Now what’s your last name Who’s your girl okay I love cake I bet she bet she made it on There oh man That’s why he told me she might be

Coming up here Maybe she said Saturday Where is she going to her my friends Yeah she’s building a friend’s house Don’t go tonight I got the belts right Now I know He had him or Mason had him Uh we’re glad you came in Yeah We’ve got small medium large and extra Large Enough That’s it I only don’t have to pay 25 Bucks Foreign [Music] [Music] I’m gonna have to rip my jumbo yeah Later okay because I gotta go So we’ll have I’ll have to do it either I don’t know what you want me to hunt in Here I’m gonna be the first one That’s the first time yeah Those are all the freshers I’ve got something Let’s hope it’s mine I’ll do the video here I’ll uh oh boom That’s right Jake you just missed the Crown man better yeah that’s probably a Good thing though there’s a lot of Brooklyn here yeah we got the river yeah There was a bad wreck down there I know And then at the high school too number

Two is it closed there’s one down Where we play Cornell at Both of them So as the road still shut down again Huh I’m gonna have to go paper mill to Go home yeah because I can’t I mean you Gotta go Because they will they had stopped Everything at Boone’s Creek and was Making everybody go left yeah [Music] Foreign [Music] Yeah I took uh bought him these tickets For Christmas that’s a big one I tried To do it before basketball season yeah 54. we made the cookies at one of my Friends moms pretty cool Pokemon yes We have people lined up like before 10 O’clock and I’m Live on YouTube and they It was really cool I got the ribbon and He’s one of my YouTube subscribers he Drove up from Missouri last time Is awesome It’s a grab back random stuff yeah you Want one you’re guaranteed to autograph Yourself All four I do yeah [Music] Or right now he’s my sleeper he needs to Sleep You think we’ll have cornhole next week Jake

Uh next week maybe two weeks ago this is Probably Pierce I’ll be all right I believe What uh they’re not gonna kill my Vehicle in the two hour parking are they Or should I move it Two hours two hours Two days What’s your population is it like a Small town could you yeah So we have a tiny Casino there uh Casey’s gas station yeah Thank you to Quincy But yeah everybody knows everybody it’s That’s how we mess this year like you Know I went to Dollar General this Morning have the door open and I’m like Yeah this is just like yeah just like Back home small town pills man I love it Brother You want to put rest your stuff in the Other bag I can I’ll just turn this out To my video [Music] Oh no I didn’t yeah I mean you came from Missouri I think You could have bags Hey I got 90 people watching appreciate You guys coming up Oh it’ll be all right Eggs Oh yeah the one I created for this okay Well I went to McDonald’s up here to get Braden’s lunch and this lady was

Upstairs She said well my son’s name is Ethan and I said well I said this place just Opened up it’s on the Square right by The central record I said if he’s in the Sports cars bring him up send him this Way and she was like all right So hey does Jamar Chase okay business Rookies Those are rookies those are all rookie Burrows These are great at Burrows up here Huh Those are a little more but they’re Graded Those are all rookies I need to get Hoodies yeah Yeah those ain’t been graded when you Grade a card it raises the value but it Costs money to grade and it takes weeks For you to get the card back and you’re Not guaranteed to get a good grade like Some of those are nines which is all Right but if you get a 10 that’s where It raises up big So it raises it from a ten dollar car to 125. you know A lot of people buy the cards that are Not graded take a risk and send them in And that’s how they make a lot of money It just takes time to make money yeah And uh Dominguez There’s a nice rookie ten bucks 32.

Everybody I say they never paint out And that was the thing I pulled that Auto and I was all for 1200. right But so it’s almost scary yeah Thank you man You ain’t gonna do that I’m trying to Run a business [Music] Thank you You didn’t notice that no I’m good I’ll Throw it right here Jake I appreciate it man hopefully we’ll See you in a couple weeks Be ready Bye-bye thanks for coming back Music hike I cannot I’ve done it before but like Hey That’s what’s going on This morning [Music] They’re working on the house oh Yeah It should just pop out like when I do it On my phones you just click the song and There it is I know but they’ve got They’ve got the clouds in the market There which means coffee can you use What’s on iMovie already Yeah I throw like 40 seconds and you just Have to replay over and over This little clips

[Music] [Music] John Bailey Donate my plastering Okay yeah I usually try to do it as soon as I hit That but with this going on what um It’ll really hit in the summer but I’m Still coming out here every day after School Monday through Friday then on Saturday Today Foreign [Music] And then uh I’ll just do these Um [Music] [Music] When you’re young I was really wanting to put until you Camp behind it Check us out preschool Holy crap um This jumbo got a shot They hit a big card back here To bring it up I think they just hit the first boom of The day or of Ethan’s sports car shop I’ll see you tomorrow all right thanks Man Stars and bars go subscribe obviously Yeah I wonder what that’s going I don’t know I say

It’s gonna be up there Robbie see you guys Okay you have a good day [Music] Because Hey Google [Music] Episode [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you Oh my gosh that’s a negative thing yeah Sad they’re all gone now but So sweet Most of those are the places What’s your nearest card shop back home Um It’s about two and a half hours so it’s Thursday but it’s mainly like the Funko Pops of Pokemon They got you know a little bit of Baseball but Thanks for this man Thank you It’s nice So he works at Walmart do you work Somewhere Fort Logan yeah I worked at Central Hospital for forever Yeah At the boom Boomer have you ever seen Like live No but somebody else The Boom Boom Room yeah Well I don’t know what that Crow’s

Nesters [Music] That’s playing baseball right now Mistakes Generations LeBron James Okay [Music] Pumpkin [Laughter] I can see you at Walmart The lucky cat Somebody said that to him on YouTube That’s okay Oh he’s letting Ethan your lunch crew is Watching You she said come to the camera and say Hi all right I’m coming How much do you have is it on me or you It’s on you How much crew I miss you guys Come up after school Ethan come around Here Here Comes Ethan Step Oh what’s up guys I know you missed me At lunch but I’ll be back Monday He better be See ya Here Live Yeah It was a bunch of pizza [Music]

Oh my gosh Okay We’re just sitting here chilling Y’all come on up Are we on there oh yeah I gotta get your picture Because that’s the first building Yeah All right guys got a super short print First Boom at the shop out of a 2023 Series one hobby hobby box boom boom boy Come over here show the cam Porter you Guys okay This is the guy I pulled it right here This is this card Do you know show hey oh Johnny Yeah there you go boom that’s it man Yeah that’s huge and another and a Bryce Harper Jersey Everybody said congrats All right Second Ly Crazy So and that’s one you throw on eBay yep I mean those are everybody’s trying to Complete the setup [Music] All of the super yeah there’s 330 yeah Get them all and that’s a million bucks All the cards Where can we do like a picture I have Somebody pulled something I was thinking Outside the boom like outside yeah hey

You need a uh a backdrop yeah like a Blue a boom picture something like that Yeah Maybe even the back like you don’t have Room just look at maybe like a toughest I’m going outside Keep that safe I’ll give you a box put it down At least the Harper jersey’s not just White And he loves your shirt this guy thank You guys Ethan’s shout out to him [Music] How are you how’s it going you get a bag Or a free pack of cards Yeah You can give him the colors [Music] I was just coming in to see how you guys Were doing we’re doing good Reporter yeah I don’t know what it was something come On over here bro that’s good that’s just Saying how you was doing Always young people Appreciate you coming up yeah It’s awesome Brady’s been working for me today he’s Been filming yeah He can still go ball practice all right You coming back No I’m gonna go over the subway and eat Me some lunch because I am starved this I had a doctor appointment at 10 30.

Yeah they had a big wreck out on yeah we Heard about that I had big wrecks I had The circle back Gold Cross Buns Creek Called the back way And they still ain’t got it cleaned up Well they’re doing reconstruction I asked I asked one of the firefighters That was directing traffic And he said they Would still be Road be closed for a Couple more hours wow that must have Been bad it was a mere fatality but no Fatalities Dump truck hitter Must have been a big commercial dump Truck head on It probably had to be or unless somebody Pulled them out in front they pulled out I think they pulled out pulled out of Birdie Bring It On yeah that’s what I Heard So that’s awful and uh yeah And uh I came back I said well heck They’ll have a clear when I come through 9 30. yeah and I just came back Church Road Man appreciate it that’s me [Music] Come back sometime Restaurant Well you might Appreciate it you can’t win if you don’t Watch Three four pause

Yes Do you live here 400. and you’re mine yeah Assistant Marjorie Hazel she was like But you’re Shane it’s dangerous Too I probably filmed that So you’re not getting set in folks I’m not doing it Thank you Donald you’re awesome man Oh Just like Guys I want to end the stream here in About two or three minutes and then We’re going to restart it at about one O’clock and I saved the breaks Foreign Oh I’m gonna have two step daughters [Music] Well I’m about to end my life All right guys we’re gonna go ahead and End this live stream I’ll be back live Here in about 30 minutes or so Appreciate you guys joining them Boom this will be uploaded very soon To end it off boom peace

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