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Hey guys Ethan sports cards and we’re Back today with a brand new baseball car Video today we’re back with a brand new 2023 top series one retail boxes we’ve Got a blaster box here And we’ve got three hanger boxes we’re Going to be ripping into today now Retail has been noticeably pretty tough To hit this year the odds have increased Substantially it is you know almost Impossible to hit stuff out of retail Because they made the jumbo boxes so Good But I hadn’t been able to find any Retail went to Walmart after church Today and found a few boxes and Just want to check them out review them For you guys you know you never know What what can happen but we’ll see what We get we’ll start out with the three Hangers I’m gonna go ahead and open These up And get the packs out and we’ll rip all Three of these at the same time and then We’ll do the Blaster here’s a better Look at the odds for the hangers A goat is one in 15 I think in The Blasters of gold is like one in 99 now This is pretty crazy but we’ll see what We can get I want to give a huge shout out before We start to all my YouTube subscribers Who hopped in the grand opening live Stream this weekend we did two big live

Streams So hopefully you guys enjoyed watching That For those that couldn’t be here in Person I wanted to definitely go live All day Friday which we did To hopefully make you feel like you were Here or at least have a little part in It because you know you guys are big Big part of The support I received so I can’t thank My YouTube community enough so you guys Are awesome so here we go three black or Three hangers we’ll see what we get Hangers are 12.99 blasters are 24.99 Let’s see what we get here looking for Atlee rutchman Riley green I’m looking for uh Nick Prado and Tristan Cassis there’s all kinds of People in here Looks like we got a chrome coming up one Of the Stars will be my first look at Those like I said I haven’t found any Retail until today Matthew libatore rookie Looks like we got oh no way no way no Way Boom Nolan Gorman home filled Advantage Rookie in the first hanger box holy crap That’s what I’m talking about man oh That is huge I gotta get that sleeved up That looks really clean too Nolan Gorman rookie home field advantage

From a hanger Well I guess hangers are still bangers Boom baby Oh my gosh I’m speechless on that You’re kidding me home field advantage Nolan Gorman in the first hanger box oh My gosh I was not expecting that that’s A really cool car too with the arch in The background Rookie logo Nice Gorman’s a big chase in this as Well that is awesome And we’ve got a chrome Dever stars of MLB and a blue border coming up oh my Gosh what a box here Stars of MLB Topps Chrome Those are pretty sweet my boy Devers Gotta put him up on a stand It’s really nice We’ve got a blue border hunter green Future Stars pretty nice card right There The Walmart blue and we got something Upside down Jonathan Dawes is going to be a rainbow Foil so we’re getting all kinds of Parallels here in this hangar We got big Peta Lonzo Stars you should Get four of these per hanger monkey bets There’s the diver’s base and Garrett Coe Hannah Randy man all kinds of inserts 88 Randy and a Luis Castillo Aces Very nice Well what a way to start I don’t think

We’re gonna beat that box Hangers you never know about hangers There’s Gorman rookie Oscar Gonzalez is a good one You guys let me know if you’ve opened Any retail if you’ve pulled anything big I know my cousin Drew did pull a um not From retail but he pulled an adly home Field advantage from a hanger or from a Hobby box So you just never know really Don’t know till you open But it is still really tough to hit out Of retail That’s been the Talk of the Town Recently All right Hanger number two here let’s see what we Got in this one appreciate you guys Watching be sure and smash that like Button for me leave me a comment I love Reading the comments checking them out There’s a Franco we did get a gold Border in here Come on give us a big one We’ve got a gold for the Brewers casting Hera go that is numbered out of 2023 Those are not easy to hit in retail so We’ll take that very nice Chrome coming Up how about a chrome Bobby Witt Jr Chrome Bobby Witt stars of MLB we’ll put That up And we got something else upside down Here

For the Rockies Antonio since Italia two Rockies rainbow foils We had up I like the Chrome’s Aussie There’s a Gorman rookie this is a Gorman Rip right here Cal Ripken 88 and air Noah Aces I think If it’s a blue back it’s a parallel Riley Green rookie O’Neill Cruise there’s the adley rookie Sweet We’ll take that Aaron judge But yeah the opening weekend of the car Chop was Just so awesome the support we got from Not only some people from YouTube but my My local school I work for a bunch of Students and teachers came as well as a Ton of community members so it was just A great weekend Very um Gratifying I mean Everybody is awesome Small town filled All swallowed Peraza Brett Beatty rookie very nice Bit down to the inserts and then we’ll Jump into that blaster JJ blade See what we got here I don’t think we got anything in this One Garrett Cooper Yep this is what a normal hanger usually Looks like those first two were really

Good Franco Bryce Harper Jose Ramirez Freddie Freeman Freddie Freeman and Adele Murphy 30 30. welcome to the club Von Grissom Trout shout out to freylen everybody Knows freylin here in the community he Pulled a Mike Trout 101 printing plate Of that card right there from a hanger Box so hangers might be the way to go There’s Cassis Gunner Henderson’s a good One Julio All right well there are three hangers Right there you guys let me know what You think definitely didn’t do too bad On those Now let’s jump into our blaster See what we can find here I’ll show you guys the odds on the Blasters you do get a manufactured patch Guaranteed Again these are 24.99 I’ll show you the box too they put all That on the side the new golden mirrors Saw a few of those pulled in the shop This past weekend My buddy Porter pulled a show hey Otani SSP from a hobby and then Jason Powell Hit a SSP Seattle Mariner team card of Julio on it from a jumbo box So that was really cool to see First big booms in the shop We’ve got a chrome in the first pack Here of tatis

I like the chromes There’s the Aussie Stars All right next up Hopefully we at least get a blue border Or something Brett Beatty rookie Here’s a bregman 88 I guess the stars are going to be upside Down And keep it short for you guys Nick Prado if you guys pull any Nick Prado let me know that’s who I’m chasing In this We got a tiger Roni Garcia is a rainbow Foil We’ve got another bregman I don’t know where the patch is they Must not be thick this year Or we didn’t get one Mark Capell here’s the aces Shane Bieber These are really cool Acuna Baseball is officially back though I Think that’s a patch Spring training game started Friday we Had some games going in the shop I think the Red Sox are playing actually Right now this video will be up tonight Let me know in the comments what you Think about your team this year it’s a Nice Riley Green rookie All right last pack before the pass We got a home run challenge Home run challenge of show hey Otani Very nice

We’ll take that There’s a Juan Soto Breaking news this morning was Manny Machado Sunday 11-year 300 and something Million dollar deal With the Padres after rumors of him Wanting to leave so I guess money talks For him So he’s gonna be there till he’s 41. all Right we do have a patch in here the Guaranteed uh manufactured patch have Not seen one of these in person they’re Similar looking to the jumbo patches I Believe Let’s see who we got For the Mets Francisco Lindor they’re Pretty cool Commemorative patch at least they’re not Super thick like last year But the team logo patch so Pretty cool Got a jazz Chisholm And a few base so yeah the hangers were Definitely better than the Blaster there Of course the big hit was this home Field advantage Nolan Gorman those are Super tough to hit I don’t know what the Odds are but Probably really bit really tough Um hopefully you guys enjoyed it let me Know what you think down in the comments Below appreciate you guys so much and We’ll be back with a brand new video Soon please like comment and subscribe


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