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Story All right everybody We are alive What is up out there good to see Everybody Out in uh the world Ethan sports cards in one world Good to see everybody Good to see you Um technologically not seeing me Personally but Good to see you online here on the the Web The internet I think we’re live what’s up everybody Let me know if you can see if you can Hear It’s just froze on my end so There we go man that looks very clean Very clean All right we are back tonight with a Brand new live cell We have walking in the house Jason Powell Mike Eminem Dennis hobby Hound I hate technology I’ll be honest with You I hate technology I’m an old school Teacher paper test baby if you didn’t Hate me for that give them paper tests Got Jason pout in the house they um came Down on opening day came up rather from Missouri is that the cop yes you met him Braden we got Braden here with me Tonight we’ll introduce him here in a Little bit but say what’s up yo

What’s up guys Um White Sox Tom Chuck Fire Starter what’s Up everybody been a long time since I’ve Been Live Well for Sal we went live of Course on opening day Braden was my Videographer and he did a very well job So very well is that right if you guys Enjoyed that give Braden uh props on That because that was all him pretty Much setting up the camera all day and Going around and talking to people and Showing cards and Openings and interviews and just all Kinds of cool stuff so I appreciate him Doing that Let’s see who else is in the house What’s up uh Um Herman Herman and bacon barrel and Griffin J Man G Madness Maddie ice Cincinnati crew William Hopefully everybody’s doing well we were Open today at the shop had a pretty busy Day ten to five on Saturdays And decided to do the big Consignment Tonight I’ve had left behinds for about A week just now got a chance to do it a Little behind on YouTube stuff but I’ve Been focusing a little more on the shop But by summer I hope to have a website Up and running for all of you guys to Order stuff Dang

All your help Bell and leave you on your Own after the opener Um yeah it’s just me after school every Day Dad stops up here a lot and helps Out but it’s usually just me Up here helping out so we’re up here Running the store which is fine it’s not Too bad Jason said good job Reed thank you Little D what’s up Had a um former NFL Player come in the shop today which is Pretty cool Jacob Tammy I don’t know if You guys know him if you’re a um Broncos fan or Falcons fan Or a coats fan you might have heard of Him Huh was he on the 283 team that got beat I don’t know he’s he lost three super Bows though But he came in the shop today pretty Cool he played with Peyton Manning and a Bunch of Big football players what year was that That was when Tom Brady had to be coming Back He did play against Tom Brady a lot he Said Which is kind of cool But yeah we’ve we’ve had a really Great week Um Opening day week was awesome Of course the Friday and Saturday was

Live streamed here on YouTube and then Through the week it’s been very good Just a couple hours after school Oh yeah was that it I don’t know what Yeah that was 20. Maddie Eisen knows Tammy he was a big coats fan or he’s a Big coach fan right now so he knows Jacob Timmy Jacob Tammy yeah Yeah but yeah that was pretty cool I Didn’t know him I mean I you guys know I’m not a big football fan and he came In with his son and was looking through Some boxes and he said you know about an Hour after he was in here Jacob Tammy Said do you have any Jacob Tammy cards And at that point I didn’t know who he Was you know And I said no but I can get some for you And he looks over he says I am Jacob Tammy and I’m like do what now And then we start talking and Just a really cool guy Um got a picture with him put on my Facebook and put on YouTube here so you Guys can check that out but yeah anytime You meet you know former pro athlete It’s pretty cool Um hobby Hound has a ton of Tammy cards That’s pretty cool Finby has a Jacob Tammy card where he Drew a pitcher be sure and let me know He’s uh looking for that one so we’re Gonna try and help him find that it’s

Like a 101 we believe that’s one car do You remember signing yeah He’s got a beard now That’s what it looks like But there is one card out there he’s Looking for where he drew a stadium Where he went to high school And we’re looking to get that for him so What’s up David Heath Good to see everybody what’s up Thomas Look at this Griffin hey Braden love Watching your dad and you open cards I Signed up for your 200 subscriber Giveaway talk to everybody real quick About your giveaway going on watch y’all Get in the way when it is and how to Enter what your channel is so guys uh we Just hit me and my dad just hit 200 of The followers on our YouTube channel Stars and bars sports cards we’re doing A giveaway it’s gonna be a 2023 series One blaster box Yeah right Blaster box and uh all you Gotta do is go like and comment on our Recent I think recent video be Subscribed be subscribed and you just All you gotta do is comment your Favorite sports team it doesn’t matter If it’s hockey basketball Any of that just tell us your favorite Sports team and then you’ll be entered In the will and then uh Nets so March 11th is going to be the giveaway next Saturday so it’s going to be at like

Eight o’clock so y’all stay tuned for That and go put your link in the chat so They can go subscribe all right like Share your link well on your phone yeah But yeah everybody go uh be sure and Subscribe to Braden and his dad’s Channel they’ve been doing a great job Over there Um David said his favorite team is the USA Men’s curling team You said it can be anything right what’s Up Jason Guys be sure to hit the like button if You’re coming in we’ve almost got 50 People in the house already 25 likes Once we get to 100 likes um we’re gonna Give away something I’ll go I need to go Find something to give away so let me I’m feeling very generous tonight so Here’s what I’m thinking here Feeling very generous tonight since you Guys are always so generous to me at 100 Likes we are going to give away at Ethan Sports cards and more hat the yo Snapback Check that out At a hundred likes we’re gonna give away A Ethan sports cards and more hat Tonight Chat let’s go Let’s have a big stream tonight You never know what we’ll pull out to Give away tonight so at Ethan sports

Cards and more hat giving away at a Hundred likes We’ll set it Right over here for now Whoops Where’s the have you copied and pasted No that’s what you do man Stars and bars thanks Savvy man Right there Chair Copy link Mom and Dad’s in the house what’s going On guys Brayden I want to donate a card for your 200 giveaway a 1984 tops Dan Marino Rookie PSA 7. Holy crap what about that bring it’s Pretty sweet thank you that’s from Sean Bailey he’s awesome thanks Sean Sean you can send it to me and I can Give it to him or you I can um put you In contact with Braden and actually just Give you his address and you can ship it To his house if you want that probably Worked better wouldn’t it yeah but There’s this link go go be sure and Check that out again at 100 likes we’re Giving away one of my hats Uh the hats are 22 plus shipping You have a few I could probably sell Because I think we have another order Coming in That’s awesome Sean Bailey We will message you later Sean

We got both Lambs in the house Mom and Dad what’s up Buck yeah the hats are 22 Plus shipping we’re going to be giving One away Um Once we get to 100 likes tonight Sounds good I’ll you know be there Before Saturday and work out good there You go then all right sounds good Thank you Porter Frank Thomas Autograph Relic in the break today There’s stars and bars in the house Shannon is what is that yours no that’s That’s Shannon there we go stars and Bars that’s Braden’s dad in the house He’s pumped what’s up amio guys if you Want to hop in my Super Chat giveaway Tonight we’re giving away some pretty Nice prizes we’ve got five prizes Tonight first prize is a lot donated by Floyd fan Oakland A’s lot you get the Triple rookie numbered out of 571 and a Nick Allen Leaf Auto number Down to 99 so two nice Oakland cards as A prize I’ve donated a blaster of 2022 Update these things have been fire Chasing the Julio Rookie of course So that’s going to be a big prize there I’ve got two packs of football we got an Absolute football Um 20 card value pack and then we’ve got A score 40 card value pack To give away for the Super Chat giveaway

Tonight and then one last prize donated By Hobby Hound we’re gonna turn these Into or not hobby home by a Floyd fan Donated as a lot here a trout 2030 Corey Seeger DD rookie Jimmy Johnson out of 199. Christy Matheson numbered Frank Thomas mini Voigt mini and a Paul Coachman Medallion so all those come Together as one prize Anytime you do a super chat tonight it Does help support the channel a little Bit and you’ll get entered to win all Those prizes so If you want to do one I will be sure and Put you on the wheel it’s a fresh week Fresh will so there’s nobody on it so as Right now you got a pretty good shot to Win you can win more than once anything Over Ten dollars gets you 12 entries anything Over five gets you five anything over 50 Gets you 60 entries on the Wheel Which ones Four cards I don’t know what I did with them buddy Are they in there I don’t know Fun Can I send you twenty dollars and you Give out Super Chat spots to people I’ll Send friends and family via PayPal if That works you can send it Goods just Send it Goods that sounds good though Don’t worry about the fee I just take Paypal Goods

Jason Powell with our first super chase At boom great stuff again Jason drove up From Missouri on opening day he’s he’s Been our farthest customer so far so That’s pretty cool appreciate him David Heath of the five dollar Super Chat Appreciate it David They’ve got to be over there somewhere Right David with five spots on the wheel all Right Maddie ice Appreciate you buddy Yeah go ahead man you’re already eating A bunch but no that was my gun might be In the house with five entries Appreciate you Mike Hopefully you guys enjoyed watching the Opening day live stream That was really cool I thought Matty Ice with another one And we got stars and bars in the house With a 1999 Super Chat get 12 entries He’s wanting that update Blaster I think And he’s not gonna let you rip it Stars and bars with 12 entries Appreciate you Shannon Huh brayden’s going to donate 100 he Said Shiloh what’s up what’s up Hayden Baker What’s up Tito the alien what kind of Shops you have next to you talking to me Or They um Um got a Subway guy Southern Roots

What’s that like a that’s like a girly Shop a girly shop Yes Hobby House yeah the First Southern Bank if you wanted to check it out What’s up sport car brakes what’s up SSP Jonathan good to see you tonight We’re in a small town but I’ll tell you People come To the shop because there’s not one There’s not one away so one of those is From Freeland okay I got you Maddie ice We’ll give one to Freeland Any antique stores there do we have any Antique stores I think so yeah Honestly I don’t know Dad we got any Antique stores in Gary how far is the Other card shop from you the closest one To mine is about 40 yeah about 30 40 Minutes Jason drove eight hours up The one in Nicholasville would be the Closest yeah the bullpen or whatever by The yeah yes sir Thanks John Yeah We’ve drawn people from I mean awesome I Mean not all states but a lot of States No Mike there’s there is a different one A Little Closer but if you build it they Will come that’s right we got Jacob Tammy like I was mentioning earlier came In today former uh professional football Player Jacob Tammy came in so that was

Pretty cool I don’t know if you guys know him junk Stores yeah we have a lot of like little Junk stores All right guys we’re gonna go ahead and Get started tonight with a big Consignment for Left Behind we’ve also Got a lot of other stuff to show Um for Braden and my cousin and some Other people just a really big Consignment tonight with everything so Be sure and you know check it out There’s a little something for everybody Tonight So be sure and keep hitting the like Button once we get to 100 likes we’ll be Giving away this uh Ethan sports cards And more hat sounds good hoppy Hound Just let me know who you want to put Down I don’t mind to help out a little Bit But we do have a lot to get through Tonight so I want to go ahead and get Started Left Behind is awesome we’ve Done a lot of Consignments for him over The last few years and he always sends The fire so all these cards are nothing But fire we’ve got Um autographs relics jerseys rookies Autos All kinds of stuff so I’m gonna turn the camera down just a Little bit so we can get started Remember if you want to do a super chat

We got all those prizes in the back We’re giving away And I really appreciate you guys joining Tonight What’s up bufus what’s up Andrew Garner We’ll go ahead and start with our rules For tonight everything has a set price On it um in order to buy a card you have To say sewed in the player’s name so if I show a trout card you have to say so Trout Um If this is your first time buying all I Ask is you pay for your first card plus Shipping Um And then after that if you’ve already Bought you don’t have to pay until the End I will try and get all this mailed Out Monday not sure if I’ll be able to But at least by Tuesday Um I’m pretty busy tomorrow but we’re Gonna brayden’s gonna stay with me Tonight and we’re gonna package as much As we can before his bedtime [Laughter] So uh you know we’ll get them out I’m Always always proud of myself in trying To be quick and Um shipping for you guys so Um shipping is five dollars flat no Matter how many cards you buy whether One or a hundred If two people say sold at the same time

I gotta go with what my screen says First just to keep it fair but you know We’ll work out anytime there’s an issue Just let me know everybody in the chat Is awesome we’re all Um you know willing to help each other Out and things like that but Jason’s Been a member for five months I’m Working I’ll be in and out but sounds Exciting yeah it’s gonna be a fun night Gonna be a long night but gonna be a fun One what’s up Epiphany what’s up Mike D Any Bowman Chrome you I don’t have any Bowman Chrome University yet but hope to Get some next week Do not spray that with me I’ll go off Man keep me out you ready man yeah all Right guys let’s go ahead and get Started we’re going to start out with The big one here I’m going to start out With a Ken Griffey Jr Topps Chrome Medallion so of course we’ve all seen The medallions but we haven’t seen the Chrome ones like this these are really Tough I think they came in complete sets Greatest cards Chrome reprint Medallion Got 20 on this On the Griffey Medallion commemorative Medallion what’s up Jeff DeMarco good to See you man be sure to hit that like Button we’re giving away one of my hats When we hit 100 likes Go ahead man type Zone Griffey Topps Chrome Medallion 150 years

20 or best offer on that pretty thick Card There’s the back greatest cards Chrome Reprint Medallion Left Behind does not Want me to ship anything back to him so You know we’re willing to listen to Offers on anything he’s just looking to Get rid of all this stuff So he can buy more like us all hobby Hound if you want to do two numbers Games and give away ten dollars in each However many sports that is for ten Dollars twice does that work that sounds Good man if you don’t mind let’s do one Number game and then you do a trivia Question Floyd fans gonna take it for 15. sounds Good Floyd fam we will do that for you Bud we are doing a consignment for Floyd Fan next week So be sure and be ready for that Floyd Fans Consignment is coming up next week Got a lock and Simon lined up Looking to get back in the swing of Things Um at least on YouTube All right what do you guys want to see Autos relics rookie cards vintage graded We’ve got it all I mean just everything I’m glad you pushed that back I can send You more cards now yep that’s why that’s One reason I kind of pushed it back and Another reason let Bonds in a lot so it Would have been a long night if I did

Both Foreign What’s up Sinister y’all want to do some Autos all right let’s do some autographs Here Did you get my package today man I’ve Not been home all day so I don’t know Probably not because we had a bad storm Here last night and Everything’s delayed all the packages Are delayed so probably not all right Here we go Gaylord Perry Hall of Fame on Card autograph here for twenty dollars Or best offer Gaylord Perry on card Autograph Hall of Fame for 20. Harper and Smith sounds good there’s Probably some in here got a Johnny Mize Hall of Fame Auto for 20 or best offer Johnny Mize And we’ve got a bob lemon hall of fame Auto for 20. we’ll do all three Hall of Fame autos for 50 bucks Can’t beat them for on card Hall of Fame 20 bucks each or 50 for all three be Sure to you know shoot us offer if you Want Robert H in the house with the fist Bump what’s up buddy good to see you Thanks for coming in actually you’ve got Your patreon packaged up today all Patreon packages are going out next week So if you want to hop on the patreon you Can check that out the description or The link to that should be in the

Description what’s up Matt Roach What’s up Blake Thank you Sinister appreciate that 40 bucks on the three let’s do it Sean Bailey giving out deals tonight Sean Bailey with the three Hall of Fame Autos Any wits yeah there’s some weight I Believe All right here comes some autographs Some cheap Autos most of these are five Bucks Casey Mize optic Auto for five Brewster graterol Topps Chrome rookie Auto for five Yeah he does so guess for the Dodgers Now Trevor Rogers rookie Auto for five for The Marlins Got an Adam Duvall for Cincinnati Numbered out of 49 for ten dollars We’ve got a Mike yostrimski Auto for ten Dollars Top’s finest refractor Got a Tariq screwball missing nameplate Auto for eight Luis Garcia prism Auto for five Can’t stand this game he always struck Us out in the playoffs yeah and he that Was weird Travis Ishikawa Auto for the Giants for Eight there you go David Pierre what’s Up man And a Nick Castellanos rookiato this is A guy you don’t see a lot of autos of Twenty dollars on this Nick Castellanos Rookie Auto now in the Phillies but he’s

On Detroit on this what’s up uh Sam All right David with the Uh yes trimsky and Travis So 18 for both of those Floyd fan with the skoo ball missing Name plate for eight Guys Anybody on the Garcia Nick Castellanos Rookiato Adam Duvall Trevor Rogers Bruiser graterol or Casey Mize thanks Joshua appreciate that man Um What are the Super Chat prizes tonight We’ve got the rest of your stuff to give Away the two Oakland cards we gotta Update Blaster absolute fat pack score Fat pack and then I turn these into a Lot Floyd fan this was the last stack of Cards that you had so these are one lot For a prize so we got five nice prizes Tonight All right next stack of autographs some Really nice ones in here How about a branded jewelry rated rookie Gold auto numbered out of five We’ll do 25 on that Brandon Drury he’s Now on the angels I believe Very underrated in my opinion But Brandon Drury raided rookie Otto Numbered four out of five for 25 or best Offer Got an Otto Lopez numbered out of 49 Rated rookie Auto for five Jorge Alfaro Otto for four

Sam Huff optic silver for five Jorge Polanco number 90 numbered out of 99 triple threats for seven triple Jersey Auto And a Tanner Houck five-star rookie Auto For the Red Sox for five I like that I like calc pretty well He’s got a cool Auto too for five bucks Can’t beat that five star 200 bucks Where’s your card at that point Put that with it Show them all together Oh yeah I mean we can show it real quick I thought it was I didn’t know Braden’s Got this for sale guys A tops sealed Redemption rookie this is The mystery Redemption of Eloy he’s got 50 on it he said he will take 40 bucks On it tonight he’s just looking to sell But a very nice rookie Auto Eloy It’s a mystery Redemption On card rookie he will do forty dollars On this that’s Braden’s appreciate you Josh Jeff is going to Bow the Hulk for me you Serious Chef you don’t have to do that I will gladly take it I like this card Appreciate it Just sit that over there thanks yeah He’s gonna buy for me that’s awesome Makes me cry not for you yeah okay All right next up some more autographs Here we’ve got a Josh Donaldson Specter These are pretty cool forgot what

They’re called color graphs in that pink In that blue ink uh we’ll do 15 on The Donaldson Got a shirt and a pasta Auto for five Dual Jersey Auto for the Rangers Kendall graveman rookie Otto This is a consignment yeah numbered out Of 49 Jersey for five Ramon laureano tier one Jersey Auto Number down to 99 for 10. Got a Bobby dowback rookie Auto for Tim A Tommy fam numbered out of 50 for the Cardinals Uh for ten dollars triple threads Giovanni Moran numbered one out of ten For six dollars can’t beat a numbered Out of ten for six And a Lars Newt bar cracked ice rookie Auto number down to 23 for 12 dollars Numbered out of 23 rookie ice new bar For the Cardinals for 12. Buck is going to take the Lars new bar Appreciate it what’s up Joe guys keep Hitting that like button at 100 likes We’re gonna give away the Ethan sports Cards and more hat The new bar was 12. We’re gonna do some good bundle deals Tonight All the autographs left there’s more but All this stack left we will do Wow Sean is gonna buy your Eloy and Donate it back to you and let you give It away for your super chat or for your

Uh Live stream Wow brain’s looking at me like what Sean Bailey man man I really appreciate It Sean Brady man I’m gonna cry over Here man that’s expensive you haven’t Got to meet Sean do you watch Abby no This was the first time I’ve seen them Oh really yes first time I’ve really Seen him on this well he’s the man so Right down on his for 40. And you can um Keep the eloying give it you got to give It away though you gotta add it in all Right And Donaldson for eight Stars how about 10 on The Donaldson can you do ten I’ve had 15 on it I’ll come down to 10 For you Thomas with a boom five dollar Super Chat appreciate it Thomas Yeah You can keep his name on there we’ll Practice up later Congrats on the new store how’s business And what seems to be selling the most You won’t believe this but Funko Pops I’ve been selling the crap out of Funko Pops man Crazy your dad’s buying that for 10 Stars And four on the auto yes we’ll do that For you bake and Barrel wants this for Four

Did you know large new bar middle name Is Taylor tatsuji what Kidding me Do I need any serious one hangers no I’m Good But if you guys ever want to sell any Funko Pops I will take a look at those Those things have been selling like Crazy Makes me kind of want to collect them I’ve got a few Elvis ones but All right we’ll show these autographs a Little later on You guys ready for some Braves Some Braves cards Check this out Austin Riley Future Stars blue Father’s Day numbered out of 50. really good card Here we’ll do 20 on it a second near Future stars blue Father’s Day Numbered out of 50. Austin Riley Pretty good card there How do you donate you just do a super Chat on there What’s up grade worthy good to see you See Crowley thank you Next up is a Chipper Jones lot this Chipper Jones lot is twenty dollars We got the sparkle eyes from 2011 cognik Awesome Card there we’ve got the Chipper Jones Stadium Club die cut that’s an original 2000 top Stadium Club We got a goat foil Chipper Jones We’ve

Got the MLB day view top Stadium Club The rookie Prospect Pinnacle and the Tops tribute all six chippers for 20 Bucks Pretty nice ones in there Gold Silver rookies tribute Kevin what’s up buddy thanks for coming In man Sounds like some good old country music Playing that’s right man we’re Got a little bit going in the background So these are going to Floyd fan Appreciate it Cattle showman with the Super Chat Appreciate it Got you on the wheel good luck we’re Giving away all these prizes at the end Of the night Appreciate coming in Um Kevin turn it into a Laney Wilson fan I think we all are what about me Blandy Wilson you like her Brady who you don’t Know Lainey Wilson cart like a truck I Got a heart like a truck He’s never heard of him I’ve heard that Song but I’ve never heard of her yeah Okay All right these three cards for ten Dollars Yeah uh left Pines got a lot of Braves Here Hank Aaron after this will show Some graded We’ve got a Hank Aaron

Um some type of Throwback we got a John Smoltz air Donner’s 90 MVP And a Ronald Acuna gold star So all three for ten dollars or four Dollars each John smotes air Hank Aaron Throwback and the Acuna star parallel I got you Sam appreciate it bud And then we’ve got we’re going to do a Lot of like mystery bags tonight there’s A ton of them our first one is a Braves Mystery lot for ten dollars you get all These Dollar mystery lot On the Braves Smokes card with gladwin’s face yep Appreciate the solid advice you gave me On Instagram about getting back into the Hobby thanks Jamin All right Braden’s really wanting this Stack So yes we will do that for you Braden Sit right next to me brain’s a huge Raised fan so we’re gonna give this one To him here’s what you get Season ticket Acuna optic building block That’s sick Acuna hot sauce that’s Pretty nice We got Matt ocean green mosaic Uh cunya silver Championship stage Hank Aaron archives another silver Acuna Phoenix a tops chrome refractor Acuna And a modern artist and a big bang Austin Reilly so pretty good deal there

Brayden all those are coming to you Congrats [Laughter] History lot in Riley for 20. there’s a Ton of other Braves so if you see Another Brave you like coming up Um just let me know and we can bundle it Together You guys want to do graded cards next or Short prints We’re just you know going around Randomly but you guys want to do graded Cards or short prints that was funny Gosh Graded okay check out some of these Graded weapons got some pretty nice ones Braden build his dad His dad’s gonna be mad All right let’s do something I don’t know All right we’re going to start out with Two rookie Berry bonds PSA a Sport flick rookie in 1986 flear update Psa7 these are twenty dollars each Twenty dollars each 1986 Fleer update PSA 7 rookie bonds seven and a 1986 Sport flick rookie ps8 so two bonds Rookies graded 20 each not bad on those Shannon is here he’s mad You put the eight dollars on your TAP Shannon so Looks like you’ll be paying for that Not this one 1982 Fleer Cal Ripken Jr rookie it’s a

PSA 5. do uh 25 on that Ripkin And then we do have a 1983 Ron Sandberg Rookie PSA 5 for Um 20. If you want some Sandberg and the Ripken PSA 5 we’ll do 40 for both 40 for both Shannon said whatever Chuck are you still pumping the iron bro I don’t know about Chuck but I’m uh been Working out pretty pretty hard Open Season baby [Music] Put in my first SGC order today very Nice Next up check this out 2015 Topps Chrome Mike Trout Gallery again greats these Are really tough to hit this is a PSA Eight 30 bucks on that On the trout Raymond like yaphy comes in later We’ve got the 1997 Pinnacle certified SGC eight Berry bonds with the uh Sticker still on there got 12 on that in His Giants uniform Tell everybody about your big trout pool And we’ve got a Carlos Correa GMA 10 Rookie for five dollars Chuck it works out you just hit 415. Bench oh It’s four plates man that’s that’s yes Yeah that’s tough All right so more graded here we’ve got

A 2016 five-star gym Met 10 prism rookie Kyle schwarber for ten dollars I’m a bar guy 45. 1997 Bowman’s best Jose Canseco Atomic PSA 7 for 15. Whoa Oh the battery’s about to die oh Jim Rice what about that Jim Rice hall of Fame cut signature 5 out of ten For 25 dollars We got a 1994 score Chipper Jones PSA Six for ten rookie And a 1994 Bowman Griffey PSA 9 for 15. And give me one sec guys I need to Charge my computer up if you see any of Those graded feel free to make an offer There’s some more coming up Be sure and keep hitting that like Button once we get to 100 likes we’ll be Giving away a hat Also if you want to hop in the Super Chat giveaway we got all those prizes There in the back What’s Happening Here Is he getting in there Who is it Well do you like cards Nobody likes to be graded All righty There’s a few more All right last Act of graded here we’ve Got a GMA 1991 Bowman Griffey 8.5 for 10. We’ve got a nice Acuna here 2018

Uh Bowman Chrome Prospect I love the CSG Slaps we’ll do a 15 on that Chris sale 2011 Topps Chrome psa9 rookie For 10. Ian Anderson 2021 Bowman csg9 Rookie for five Got a Bo Jackson 1987 the rare bccg9 Um we’ll do that for ten dollars A Chipper Jones 1990 Classics back at Six for ten And a Mutombo 1991 Upper Deck rookie PSA 7 for 10 bucks So a lot of cheap slabs there we’ll show Them again You’re the guy to talk to man Oh crap What’s up Ryan We will show those again later on Like to keep it moving All right let’s do some short prints Coming up next since SSP is with us Tonight All right short prints are ten dollars Each let me pull out the ones that are Not him Aren’t they so though All right these are ten dollars each Thank you we got Wade Boggs Bob Gibson Ichiro Reggie Jackson Jeff Bagwell Yadi Molina Mark McGuire Joey Votto we got Votto card

It’s pretty sick Derek Jeter Tom glavlin There’s a Mike Smith Jackie Robinson Ty Cobb and Willie Mays all short prints Ten dollars each on those short prints Maze Cobb Robinson Smith glavin Jeter Vado Maguire Molina Bagwell Jackson Ichiro Gibson and Wade Boggs 10 each Sean Bailey with the Smith Yeah 10 each Dennis with the Jeter The first one First one Dennis what about you get Boyfriend with Dennis The world oh you said first one the only Thing in first one like I did space man With the mace Yadi and Gibson for 15. yeah we’ll do That for you Paul These are Paul’s first one Molina and Gibson for 15. Eight dollars for vados you’re a bacon Barrel What is that trout graded it’s graded a PSA eight Eight for the uh Here’s the graded left Ty Cobb Jackie Robinson Tom glavlin Mark McGuire Jeff Bagwell Reggie Jackson Ichiro and Wade Blocks

So those are 10 each and then these are Five dollars each Uh Yvonne Rodriguez Gypsy Queen short Print Kyle Tucker short print And a Willie Mays Short print five each on those Trout graded for frailing you want to Buy the trout for frailing what I have On the trout 30. I think no I didn’t see Four yeah Amazing I’m still finding oh you don’t Have that cement Sean the short print One Sweet I love helping out with the PC So trial for frailing Jeff DeMarco’s Buying the trout for Freeland that’s Awesome Jeff So that’s his first one just put 30 on His and then right frailing that it’s His yep Jeff DeMarco for 30. yep Frailing first one All right let’s do some vintage guys I Know a lot of you guys like vintage We’re going to start out with a 1970 Brooks Robinson I didn’t get a chance to Look up any of these so if I’m way off Let me know Brooks Robinson 1970 Pretty decent shape fifteen dollars on That We’ve got a Harman Killebrew Not sure what year that is we’ll do ten Dollars on the killer Brew twin terrors

Got a Hoyt Wilhelm 1957. For 12 or best offer For the Cardinals Got Nolan Ryan 1970 I believe For ten dollars Feel free to make offers And then let’s just make all these five Each Yeah This deck’s going to be five dollars Each Carlton Fisk Rich Goose Gossage Ryan Sandberg Larry boa Steve Carlton Eddie Murray Jim Palmer We’ve got a Brooks Robinson and Ron Santo Reggie Jackson Lou Gehrig Fred Lynn Pete Rose Fangers Mike Smith and Eddie Murray Don Mattingly Nolan Ryan Ozzie Smith And Cal Ripken Jr five dollars each on Those If you want all the Vintage we will do a Nice lot for you these this is a Willie McCovey 1968

For six dollars And a alkaline 1973 for six So Don Mattingly To Dennis Appreciate it Dear man How much for the 70 The Nolan Ryan Is ten dollars The 57 Hoyt was 12. Again if I’m way off let me know I’m not Good on Vintage as you guys know I’m trying now If you want the whole lot we’ll do a Nice lot for you Floyd wants to know and ride for 10 okay Appreciate it Probably do all the Vintage for one two Three 22 cards 75 bucks What was the other 1970 card Brooks Robinson Hoyt for 10 yes we’ll do that Hoyt’s going out to Sean Bailey for ten Dollars First one No no buddy The Brooks Robinson was 15 or best offer Pretty good one there If the 73k line has a Band-Aid on his Head it’s rare I don’t see one I need a drink

Yeah Floyd fan will do that for you so If you have that Tony for ten dollars For restaurants Appreciate it That means we got one two three four Five six Twenty Grand or 20 vintage cards left Three dollars a piece if you take them All left sixty dollars for all 20 left It’s a good deal Did I miss a maze yes you missed a Willie Mays Short print for five dollars from Gypsy Queen All right next up we have a Ichiro Rookie card Original rookie Ichiro 35 on the Ichiro Rookie We’ve got a David Wright gold Future Stars rookie numbered out of 2005. Pretty cool card there for ten dollars Uh Brew Suiter rookie card We’ll do 10 or best offer on that Again feel free to make offers May is Going to Spaceman for five What’s up PSA right good to see you be Sure and hit that like button for us Yeah you missed the McCovey as well yep Mike mussina rookie for two dollars Randy Johnson rookie for three Fred McGriff rookie for two Edgar Martinez rookie for two Jim Tomy rookie for three Larry Walker rookie for three

Roberto Alamar rookie for two Harold Baines rookie for four Vizio rookie for two Pudge Rodriguez rookie for two Mike Piazza rookie for three Tomy rookie for three So so rookie for three We’ve got a Lee Smith rookie Hall of Fame For seven Larry Walker rookie for three Another Piazza rookie for three Pedro rookie for three Another Biggio Frank Thomas rookie for five Roy holiday rookie for five And a ride Sandberg rookie For 15 dollars Flip the Lee Smith over Spaceman said so McCovey from the Vintage stack I think I said seven on that Oh he got the bangs too yeah Harold Baines rookie For four Way Yeah He only played four years no at that Time of the Guard that’s all I had to Play Hmm All right All right let’s see what else we got All right here’s what lephon said about

This card pulled this myself notice what Looks like fuzz inside the card by the Autograph might be off condition to some Just for your information still a nice Card And check out what it is Mark Maguire tier one acetate autograph Number 10 out of 10. We’re going to do 80 on this On a Mark McGuire tier one acetate 10 Out of 10. 80 bucks because of the Just a little fuzz Like in the cart thanks for being honest There Left Behind 80 your best offer on the Tier one McGuire pretty sick card 10 out Of 10 for the Cardinals He’s not in the offender These airplanes No bonds isn’t in the Hall of Fame I Know I just hate Thing Ichiro rookie vintage lot Griffey 94 and Bonds 86 graded let’s see here Got bad let’s see what we got it’s real Tough there stars and bars Making us work back here Let’s see see what I was at All right we got the Vintage lot juice Residue Which bonds 86 there were two of them Which bonds Shannon And the Griffey 94 graded Here clear update

Let’s see at 20. 15. 35 on that 70. that’s 60 on that lot That’s 130. I will do 110 for you 110 well Left Behind would do 110 for You So that’s twenty dollars off All the Vintage The Ichiro rookie the Griffey and the Bond dripping 110 for all that So two stars and bars he folded The o f odor That’s a nice lot good deal Nice pick up there stars and bars They all look funny He said do y’all have an Instagram page Uh no but we can make one you should I’ll make one yeah That’s not big on that ice cream he’s Not a big high-tech technology guys All right here we go starting out with Some current day Stars And bars All right here we go Some current cards coming up some nice Stuff tatties numbered out of 99 Essentials for five dollars Ohtani White Wave prism for five Tattoos numbered out of 999 donners as Seen on TV for six We got a Mike Trout’s status numbered Out of 99 for 12 dollars

One office jersey number Mount Castle gold Future Stars numbered Out of 50 for 12 dollars 101 printing plate of jordani valdespin For the Saint Lucie Mets for twelve Dollars Ryan Mount Castle rookie triple threads Out of 150 for 10. Corey Seger rookie for two dollars Trey Turner rookie for five Brian Reynolds rookie for two Chris Bryant Stadium Club rookie for Five We got a Lewis Robert SP Ro rookie for ten dollars Bro telling you it’s rubber no Future Stars Vladimir Guerrero Jr rookie For five Peter Lonzo 1984 rookie for four Randy Green and prism Blue double rookie both For five How about a Lindor Independence Day numbered out of 76 for Eight Tyler O’Neill Heritage Chrome rookie numbered out of 9.99 for five And we’ve got a nice Julio lot He said Row the r Oh man this Julio lot is actually twenty Dollars for five cards so four dollars a Piece optic rookie Archives

Team of the future rookie Julio prism and a Donner’s clearly rated Rookie 20 bucks for all five Julio Rookies get these right now because he’s About to have a monster year and these Will be about 20 each Four dollars each on those you gotta Take the whole lot for 20. It should be Robert but he said himself It’s pronounced for Robert so I think if The guy’s the guy he knows how to save Me but he’s in Cuba they call him a bear Yeah but we’re not in Cuba I’m in Cuba Sinister with the Julio lot for 20. First one Yeah sure 20. Oh Neil for three sure Paul Paul got that for free no I mean You’re fired So to Lonzo To Mike B For four So Bryant for three to Herman We’ll do three on the Turner That’s his first one Three yep Next up we got a Franco lot This Franco lot is twenty dollars Another good deal here four dollars a Piece you can’t beat it silver rookie Optic next wave New Classics a pink optic and the

Archives rainbow foil 20 bucks for all five Franco another Good one to get before he has a big year How do you pay for cards it’s PayPal Carter Thanks for coming in PSA Ray with the wander lot for 29 still There The tatties Heritage High number rookie For seven dollars Here’s a nice little Bobby Witt rookie For 15. Bobby Witt rookie lot you get four Bobby Witt rookies for 15. We got the vertex rookie A revolution rookie look at that We’ve got the printer proof Gallery Rookie And a Bowen Platinum rookie all four Widths for 15. PSA Ray’s going to get Those autographed nice We got a Lewis Robert minor league Barons for four A Garrett Coe prison rookie my favorite Player in history for four Three Jeremy painter rookies for ten Dollars we got the Heritage rookie Pinnacle and the rare insert from Archives debut they’re ten dollars for All three penos we got a shorber rookie For three a Harper rookie cup for three Paul Coachman minor league card Pro Debut for seven and a Spencer Strider Rookie for three donners clearly

All right wits are going to Sinister for 15. The Robert is going to Floyd fan For four The co is going to Sinister for four Yeah He’s a Yankees fan I know oh right [Music] Um Herman with the schwarber for three Herman the three I guess an easy club’s fan yes I guess Chuck with the goats meant for Seven Pro Debut it’s pretty cool I think it’s his first one Chuck Lunch seven And then Thomas with the Harper I think This is his first one Thomas for three on that oh Chuck Got The Coachman for seven Come on buddy You’re fired imagine Get out of here you’re walking home Walking home that’d be a long walk I’d probably just stay up here So anybody on any other one of these Before we move on Tattoos panias Strider Lindor Randy vladi Lewis Robert Reynolds Trey Turner Seeger Mount Castle 101 printing plate Mountcastled out of 50 trout out of 99 Tatis and otami

What’s up William how’s the card shop it Is awesome business is booming Boom All right let’s move on here vladie and Tatties for 10. Uh which tatties this one Yes Mike B got both of those for 10. Uh these hats are 22 dollars plus Shipping But if you hit the like button we’re Giving one away once we get to 100 likes So You got a shot to win there All right let’s move on to some relics Not a big Relic guy Huh We got some relics coming up all these Are just different prices so Here we go We got a Salvador Perez Jersey for three Paul gauchement game use for five Carson Tucker for two Doug nakazi for two Jim Tomy bat piece game news for eight Mike ostramski for five Max Kepler for three We’ve got a Franco Lou Gehrig rookie Patch for Tim Ozzie Albie’s bat piece for five Brendan Rogers City connect for three Brandon Crawford City connect for five There you go uh Spaceman Ryan Clifford USA Auto for five

And then these are two dollars each Kowar rookie and Jake Myers rookie Jersey So you got those Salvador Perez is going to lock in for Three I’ve got the goatee for five What was the number on the Lewis Robert 5 12. Over on any of them relics USA Crawford Alby’s bat Franco Yes Tomy All right we’ve got a Hank Aaron All-Star Game Boston 19. 1961 Milwaukee Braves pretty cool patch There for ten dollars Point fan wants to know what number his Card was uh I don’t know the Lewis Robert What number is it on the back there it Was right there is that it 154 154. Got a Dale Murphy bat piece Dame used For ten dollars out of 199. and a Trooper Jones tier one Legends Jersey For ten dollars out of 199. If you want all three Braves relics 25 Dollars No clay you are not Awesome nice pickup All right next up Pedro Martinez Jersey out of 79 for Seven dollars Got a curse y’all game use for five

Dial back rookie for three Logan Webb colossal numbered 1999 for Five Walker Bueller rookie out of 99 for five Got a Aquino rookie Chrome for five Raleigh fangers game used for seven And a David Justice Jersey for five Chuck with the Kershaw Are we even swinging and missing Tom glavlin won 50 years medallion for Four Foreign Rodriguez Puerto Rico this is pretty Cool World Baseball Classic Origins for Five Adrian Beltre Prime Cuts Jersey out of 149 for five Roberto Almar Legends out of 18 for six And a Raphael palmeiro out of 75 still In a pack for five bucks What just happened oh that came off This came off I don’t know how I didn’t Plug it I didn’t unplug it Blow the fuse man yeah actually I don’t Know I just I don’t know Is yours charging yeah okay Um see unplug the Box Oh crap We’re gonna get electricity yes yeah That thing is dangerous That’s rattling dude All righty just plug it up um plug it up Somewhere else like

Over there or something Yes clay give me one sec all right Pudge Rodriguez going to Sinister for five I was getting electrocuted that’d be bad Almost which team is that Mets or blue Jays I think Blue Jays The Alamar let’s see Orioles All right ohtani soda or Sandburg yeah There was some nice Sandberg left Oh 1983 rookie psa5 83 rookie donners Thank you buddy And a Otani White Wave there has not Been any Miguel Cabrera I remember Oh much All right We’ve got a Vladimir Guerrero senior bat Piece for five Trevor Hoffman Jersey out of 75 for five Jim Palmer game wore in Jersey pretty Cool Hall of Fame for seven Juan Soto bat piece out of 49 Immaculate For 20. I don’t mean to hit your foot Yo Nomo for three Do it again Come on out in that piece for five Bazooka Jersey for five [Music] Uh the Sandberg 20 on the graded 15 on the Raw

Almost time for a big giveaway Five more likes And what you pick the number You’re gonna break everybody’s heart I Swear man I have a method and nobody has Caught on Don’t do not do 34. You did one time yeah because it was a I Can’t say anything My method So all right buddy all right buddy all Right so nobody wants any of these Jerseys or bats Soto Palmer Laddie Alamar hero Beltran Cleveland Raleigh fingers Justice Aquino I saw an offer for four on that bacon Barrel can take out Dealer Webb dial back Pedro no for how Much Four And then we got chipper Dell and Hank Aaron Clay just let me know on those please Foreign Hello Jimmy B what’s going on good to See you what’s up Michael zorns It’s going great staying busy Uh we actually had uh what was that Guy’s name that came in today um Tommy something Tammy Jacob Tammy came In the shop today used to play with Peyton Manning on the Broncos All right three dollars each

Tyler Alexander all these are autographs Three dollars a piece can’t beat it Tyler Alexander Tariq school ball rookie Adio Amador Zach Logue first Connor Overton rookie Dylan Peters AJ Alexi ENC Almonte Manuel Rodriguez Jackson REITs James Norwood will Crow cutter Crawford Joe Barlow Yohel pazo Joe neski Vargas for the Cubs and Peyton Henry only three dollars each Did I get his autograph no here’s my my Theory on that is completely different Than most people I would rather take a Picture with somebody than get their Autograph because I can buy their Autograph for you know online but if I Take a picture with them I can’t buy a Picture with them and that’s going to Last me my whole life you know I can buy Pete Rose Auto for ten dollars Online But I can’t buy a picture with him you Know so I’d rather take a picture with Somebody than get their autograph but That’s just fine but when it’s Pete Rose [Music] Well not with some of them All right the Donner’s one for 12 going To Clay for 12 bucks first one yeah Clay

I’m a weird guy Yeah you agree yeah for sure thanks It’s fine Nobody nobody likes Autos tonight All right here’s some five dollar Autos We’ve got an Ian Lewis Mojo Auto a gold Brent Rooker Scripts De La Cruz Jarrell cotton orange out of 25. Christian Stewart Silver ink rookie out Of 99 first Bowman Auto Owen Miller Brian Anderson Topps Chrome rookie Auto And a Lucius Fox Chrome update Auto all Those are only five each Then we do have one ten dollar auto here Matt Manning numbered one out of five Rookie for Studio For the um Tigers 10 bucks on that what’s up Carrie That’s a good selling Makes me cry Dear man uh my PC’s Lacuna I do a little bit of Griffey too But yeah Dad’s a Harper guy Any vintage we just sewed most of the Vintage um Got a Lee Smith rookie some of these Old-school rookies but just sewed a big Vintage lot Card shop is going great man cannot do Five on Manny now he’s 10 firm on that This is a consignment so these are not My cars

All right next up We’ve got some modern day rookies here Yes the daily cruise is five All right modern day rookies let’s see What we got here some pretty nice ones Oh gosh some really nice ones Could you imagine doing a mystery lot Right here It’d probably be worthy I think it is Oh gosh yeah Let me look up one card and then We might do a 200 mystery lot right here If anybody’s interested What are you doing oh you’re gonna work Okay Because this is I mean I haven’t even Really looked at it but I’ve just Glanced at it and there’s some pretty Big stuff Thanks Mike oh yeah Oh yeah oh yeah Now I’m just looking through these I Think I think this is Over 200 but I think we’re gonna do a 200 lot here Kind of like a mystery bundle this is All current Day star rookies and Parallels And we might throw in another card give Us one sec we’re checking on one I Haven’t really looked at A lot of them but Anybody be interested let’s see how many Cards there are I’m gonna count them off

Camera real quick so that way you guys Will keep the mystery up All right We’re gonna do it 60 cards all current Day rookies and stars and Prospects two Hundred dollars 60 cards A few cards I know in here are worth Twenty to thirty dollars alone Jeff DeMarco’s gonna do it let’s go Jeff Are you ready guys this is gonna be fun We do have a lot of mystery backs coming Up later cheaper ones I just thought we Would do this for fun Jeff yes yes who’s the one that bought The 30. the hats are 22 we’re giving one Away here in a minute All right guys here we go 200 for the Entire lot here’s what Jeff got 60 cards All right Bobby Witt Bowman Chrome Prospect the Vladimir girl Junior Bowman Chrome Prospect Kyle Lewis power producer Jeremy Pena Bowman Prospect Matt Carpenter Bowman rookie how about a Juan Soto 2017 Bowman Chrome kind of Like his first there Michael Brantley first Bowman Peta Lonzo Bowman Vladimir girl Jr Bowman trending it’s Gonna get big Franco minor league We got a Max freed Austin Riley Dansby

Swanson Mojo rookie Kyle Wright Max freed and vladi SP Rookie It’s getting ready to turn up Buxton rookie Freddie Freeman lineage rookie Juan Soto rookie debut Pete Alonso SP rookie this is a vladi Cloth rookie Euron rookie vladi 84. Lewis Robert Here Comes one of the big ones Julio red white and blue prism rookie You grade that attend that probably pays For the whole stack That is a red white and blue prism Julio Rodriguez there’s a couple more 30 cards In here Coming up That I saw paint your archives yurdon Topps Chrome Euron Miner your Don Bowman’s best Franco that’s a select Premier level And a Franco sweet Shades I love those And a Pena red white and blue prism Rookie Let’s keep it rowing here we’re not even Done Silver wander Franco emergent Lewis Robert Franco Boba shett Boba sheps wander Franco rainbow foil Rookie debut another boom right there Franco rookie debut foil

Lewis Robert Beam Team Seth beer That’s a pink rookie we got the oatmeal Cruise rookie SP Bobby Witt optic Justin Verlander Upper Deck rookie another big one there Verlander Upper Deck rookie And last stack the back card’s a big one Dever’s rookie very nice Zach wheeler Dominguez Prospect pet Alonso Louis Robert Uh whoops Oh my gosh We got a Mike Stanton rookie a silver Bobby Witt Bobby Witt Bowman Chrome Prospect Franco Julio Bowman Chrome Acuna Acuna Aaron judge Bowman Chrome Rookie Aaron judge Prospect Tatis Chrome Boba shett Chrome and Another big one at the end Yadier Molina Star rookie Jeffy just stole the Lot 200 For all that as a mystery Jeff you went Into it not knowing I think you’re gonna Be pretty happy there 60 cards I mean You can’t beat it yachty Verlander Julio Well That’s cool Jeff that is cool [Applause] That is pretty good A cruise is an SSP well Well that was pretty fun Like I said coming up later we’ve got a Ton of Cheaper mystery bags these are

All mystery bags that left behind made Up we’ll sell them you know 10 15 bucks And then you’ll see what you get so We’ll be doing that once we get through All his other stuff We’re getting close to going through it All here Next up we can do another little mystery Lot real quick this is a numbered Mystery lot For twenty dollars you get all these Random numbered cards for 20 bucks it’s A little mystery lot let’s see how many You get numbered 22 numbered cards for 20 bucks I will Tell you there’s at least one ten dollar Card in here 20 bucks for all 22 numbered cards Anybody want to take a shot at that one That rookie while I was sick was De La Cruz I’ve been mowed you five I Don’t do venmo so Let me check if you if you met PayPal Don’t work man I did not get your payment sorry So numbered lot to Buck let’s see what Buck is getting for twenty dollars gonna Start out with the Jim Rice out of 500. Gavin sheets out of 299 Glenn auto rookie out of 299 Tim Anderson numbered out of 99 Videl Brujan rookie out of 199. strowman out Of 199 Kirk out of 199. Keiko out of 99 Castro rookie out of 50.

McCutchen blew out of 99. Meadows out of 3.99 here was the big one I was thinking of Andrew Vaughn rookie Out of 99. Eddie Murray out of 99. Manuel Rodriguez out of 199. Zimmer Chrome out of 9.99 frios rookie It’s out of 149 we got a Rizzo out of 199. Corbin Burns orange Mosaic out of 99. Luke Williams Hans Krauss Gabriel Ryan’s prism rookie Mojo it’s Nice on 149 and how about scooter Jeanette Pro debut out of 50. remember Him on the Reds scooter All those are going to Buck for 20 bucks Good deals tonight guys good deals Tonight All right our next slot is a 20 helmet Medallion lot you get all these for 20 Bucks or we’ll do five each Dylan Carlson Brandon Marsh rookie JT Romuto Eloy Trevor’s story Eloy blue Austin Riley and Brendan Rogers black Out of uh 299. like 20 bucks for all of Them or five dollars each JT romito going to Thomas for five Time for the 100 likes giveaway uh-oh Holy crap You ready Braden oh yeah man I’m I’ve Been ready 100 likes time we are giving

Away at Ethan’s sports cards and more be Sure and hit that like button we’re Giving away a hat once we get to 150 Likes we’ll give away something else Go ahead and write down a number and Then I’ll tell everybody the rules Here’s how we do the likes giveaway guys Everybody gets to enter When I say go please do not start Guessing yet or we’re kicking you Once I say go everybody gets one guess In the chat one through a hundred Whoever gets closest or gets it right Wins the Hat If there is a tie we will do a tie Breaker Just Between the people that Um you know guess that number So on the back of This Post-It note here there’s a number That Braden wrote down Everybody gets one guess Good luck And go Travis Curtis I got it you need to send Five dollars for shipping and email me Your address thank you You got the daily Cruise Let’s put Travis back where that’s his First one okey dokey Who’s gonna win the hat tonight first Time ever I’ve gave away one of my hats We just had a made last weekend pretty Cool Sponsored by Lowe’s what’s up Derwin it

Does look like Lowe’s hap About 10 more seconds what’s up Gus One through a hundred everybody guess Five four Three Two One And stop The number was 22 22 was the number I didn’t see a 22 But I did see a 23 moderators helped me Out I thought I saw 24 Ford well 23 will be closer than 24 . did I say 21 now No I don’t know I don’t know you guys Help us out Let’s see let’s look through Everybody’s saying hobby Hound at 23 is The winner Yep Stylish Henderson Yep hobby Hound with the win Congratulations you have one at Ethan Sports cards and more hat boom boom Congratulations Hobbies so write his Name down just send it over my bad just Set it over there somewhere Hobby House Boom Hobby If you guys want to get entered to win All these prizes all you have to do is a Super chat right now we’ve only got Um 32 people on the wheel so be sure and Do your super chats it helps support the Channel a little bit and you get a shot

To win all those prizes here’s the Super Chat regulations anything 99 to 4.99 you Get one entry Five to 9.99 you get five entries Anything over ten dollars you get 12 Entries and anything over fifty dollars You get 60 entries we’re giving away a Blaster of update two packs of football And a nice lot from floydfan Five prizes Thomas said give me five more entries Appreciate it Thomas I bet mama Don’t forget about giving out the two Tens when you have time oh yeah HobbyTown donated Um another giveaway so let’s do a trivia Real quick [Music] You got a trivia question How hard do you want it I got it okay A trivia question coming up four Let’s see let’s see for six entries on The Wheel Six free entries on the wheel this was Donated by Hobby Hound real quick and Then we’ll get back to the sale and then We’ll do the other one later on What position will Braden be starting at This year in baseball Whoever guesses it real quick wins six Entries what position will Braden be Starting at in high school baseball this Year

Catcher Jeff DeMarco with six entries we Mentioned it on a live stream a while Back or on one of your videos I think Yeah so Jeffrey Demarco With six free entries from Hobby Hound That’s awesome Very nice Not fair It’s a good one right there d8 wow That’s insult manager That’s funny man I can’t play with Something You can’t play because Wow roasted All right let’s keep it going we do have A small little stack of football and Basketball here I’m gonna start out with A Cortland Sutton Broncos gold standard Out of 199 Jersey for six dollars Uh Alvin Kamara Tennessee Jersey for Five We got a Walter Payton 1978 tops for Five Joe Montana 1982 tops for five Brett Favre is rookie for three Trevor Lawrence rookie for two Here’s a USA basketball team it does Have a tack Mark in it For three dollars They hung it up Shaquille O’Neal Prospect rookie for Three Donovan Mitchell rated rookie and Jersey

Get both for Tim Playing pretty well All right Montana going to Sean Bailey For five Maybe on the Mitchell’s Shack USA Basketball Walter Payton going to PSA Ray for five Right there in front of me I’m delusional Five yeah How much for the Mitchell both for ten Brad Parker in the house with the Shaq Lawrence and farf me Parker that’s his First one yep So we’ve got uh eight dollars for those Three And it looks like Carrie is going to buy The two Mitchells for ten dollars Carry first one yeah K-e-r-r-y yep how much ten dollars Donovan Mitchell he plays what do you Drop like 70 51. Here’s a Big griffy Lot anybody want to Do a mystery on this Griffey rookie Inserts Fifty dollars for the stack we don’t Even know what’s in here it could be big Could be little but it looks like a lot 50 bucks griffy rookie inserts there’s a Nice tops finest right on top looks like A pretty big stack Huh You’re funny Comedy the USA card

Andrew Garner is going to take a risk on The Griffey lot is that his first one Yeah Andrew Garner first one Andrew you Fought before right And Gardner 50. I got a feeling this is going to be a Steal Imagine he pulls like the two thousand Dollars 89. What’s up Uncle Bobby I feel like it’s a deal too I feel like I’m gonna be mad you got anything looked At it but hey we gotta give out some Bills right Imagine [Music] All right 50 bucks going to Andrew Garner good luck got tops finest I mean Old school those probably sell Tops gold labels oh my gosh I don’t know What these go but Phone card A Bowman Chrome Bowman’s best franchise Favorite got a mythical silver There’s the score rookie debut the Rookies and the rookie cup the bloody Scar and then we also have a big stack Here of all kinds of Griffies 89 traded Rookie Fleer Silver look at all those all these Griffeys coming to Andrew for 50 bucks Cannot beat that

That’s a blue border And a green big fly boom guys give Everybody give us a boom in the chat Right there 50 bucks going to Andrew Heck of a deal pretty good yeah I didn’t know Ethan my entries are going To frailing sounds good Boom All right the next slot is a Jeter and Bonds rookie inserts and Etc let’s do Let’s do 30 on this mystery bundle Jeter And Bond’s rookie inserts Etc 30 bucks On a little mystery bundle of Jeter and Bonds anybody want to take a shot at This one Set that over Jeff thanks so much man have a great Night For 30 bucks anybody want to take a risk At Jeter and bonds All right anybody want to take a lot at A vintage mystery lot Oh vegetarian bonds Brad Parker I think Is going to take a lot or take a risk What’s up infinite we’re just having a Live sale here or laugh Consignment Rather these are not my cards but we’re Helping somebody out All right let’s see what Brad’s gonna Get let’s start out with the berry bonds Here We’ll put all this tape off of it for You It’s gonna start out with the donors

Rookie Did you get Brad down for these oh yeah Sorry thank you buddy yep all right we Got the uh Donner’s rookie The mystery vintage we’ll do 20 on it All right all these are bonds Donner’s 87. Are they both rookies what’s the Difference here for the roids All kinds of bonds here That one’s got two or three in it All right And then let’s see what’s in the Jeter Got a Jeter Classics Tampa Yankees from 1994 Classic so that’s the Judah rookie There All Jeter Oh opening day said okay That’s cool Jeter Chrome that’s a blue border All-Star Game Bowman and 2002 top so all those going To Brad nice slot there Brad appreciate It All right Foreign Gus getting the Vintage mystery lot for 20. we got Reggie Jackson 81 Mike Smith 84 Ozzie Smith Fleer Nolan Ryan Robin Yount Ryan Sandberg Yastrzemski George Brett George Brett Cal Ripken Jr Raleigh Fingers Danny Angie Rico cardi Audrey Dawson Reggie Jackson Steve Carlton and Dennis Eckersley about a dollar card

There Pretty good Gus Thank you All right here’s what we’re gonna do Before we start These big mystery bags that left behind Filled out or made up for us we’re gonna Go back through everything that did not Sell lot it together and give you guys Some good deals here look fine don’t Want anything back so we’re about to Give out some great news stills of some Deals Just give brain my number and he can Text me his address sounds good thanks Sean so we’re going to line up like all The Autos all the relics all the rookies All the graded gonna do heck up some Deals here so who’s ready if you’re Ready give me a boom Jump up All right we’re going to start out with A Braves lot for twenty dollars you get The John smotes error Hank Aaron throwback A Acuna star parallel And a Austin Riley blue Future Stars Numbered out of 50 20 for all four the Riley you know definitely goes for that Alone Austin Riley’s second year future stars Out of 50. see you Sean thanks for Everything tonight 20 bucks for all those no we’re just

Lotting everything together before we Start our mystery bags I’ve still got a Lot of other Consignment cars to show For Drew and somebody else so Carrie’s gonna buy this slot for 20. What’s up Al Right is that her first one no for how Much 20. Short print lot thirty dollars for all The short prints left Kyle Tucker Pudge Rodriguez Ty Cobb Jackie Robinson Tom Glavin Mark McGuire Jeff Bagwell Reggie Jackson Ichiro and Wade Boggs One two three four five six seven eight Nine ten short prints thirty dollars That’s only three dollars a piece and we Were selling them for ten a piece I Think So 30 bucks for all 10 short prints Again we’re just lighting everything up As good deals here 21 Old School rookie cards for forty Dollars less than two dollars a piece Here these are all rookies Lee Smith Roy Holiday Frank Thomas Vizio Pedro Mike Piazza Larry Walker Sammy Sosa Tomy Piazza Pudge Vizio Alamar Walker Tomi Edgar Martinez Fred McGriff Randy Johnson Lucina Bruce shooter and a David Wright gold Rookie out of 2005. 21 Old School Rookies forty dollars Less than two a pop Feel free to make offers on any of these

Just wrapping up the consignment for my Bomb before our big mystery lot coming Up that would be fun Next up is a 40 random lot All current day stars all these are Forty dollars for the entire lot we’ve Got an Otani White Wave prism a tatties Numbered out of 99 Three paying your rookies Uh Spencer Strider rookie we got a Lindor numbered out of 76. two Randy Parallel rookies Uh Lewis Robert SP rookie Reynolds Trey Turner Corey Seger Mount Castle rookie Out of 150. Uh 101 printing plate of jordani Valdespin For the St Lucie Mets we got a Mountcastle gold out of 50 Future Stars A Mike Trout numbered out of 99 that’s Probably half of the lot alone in a Tatis out of 9.99 All these for forty dollars or best Offer The tatis numbered trout out of 99 to Mount Castle rookie numbered Some nice rookies Trey Turner Robert Lindor got a 76 three penaas and Otani White Wave 40 on that 35 so to Clay boom First one it’s that easy 35 to Clay See easy business with Ethan line I am a easy easy an easy business guy It’s an entrepreneur right here in the

Flesh well thank you a little bit hello Me [Laughter] Thanks buddy you were like what though In the world Oh we have not showed this rookie lot Left Or yet this is gonna be a mystery yeah We have not showed this yet Thirty dollar mystery these are all old Timers or old school rookies 30 bucks We did we forgot to show it so this will Be a mystery to everybody 30 bucks Anybody want to take a shot on this one We got a Greg Maddox rated rookie right On top 30 bucks On the mystery Excuse me Sewed old school if I could send cash Yes that’s fine You know you’re good Deerwood on that so Derwood’s going to take this mystery lot For 35. Derwood first one yeah any Chance on the preview for next week’s Sale Point fan I can try at the very end We still got a lot to get through but Yes I can try one slot This we’re about to go through it I Thought you said 30 35. Yeah okay I want old one also oh so let’s go if I Can send yeah this is the one you want Right which one do you want free

Do you want the one we already showed For 40 or do you want the mystery for 30. The employee fan wants a couple entries For the update box all right Thank you He wants both So 70. Yeah 70 bucks for both he’s good Big nice guys Boy fan I got you five entries on the Wheel appreciate it so this lot we’ve Already seen All these are going to Derwood And then this is the mystery one you got For 30 let’s see what you got Greg Maddox these are all rookies Randy Johnson Scott Roland just made the Hall of Fame Billy Wagner Tom glavlin Tom glavlin Gladlin Chipper Jones rookie Chipper Jones Ron Zimmerman Steve sacks Jose Canseco Will Clark Nomar A roid Bartolo cologne can Seiko Billy Wagner a Roid Josh Hamilton Beltre rookie very nice and Jeff Kent Nice little mystery Oh he’s doing these mystery ones Hey Boyd all right who wants to The integrated mystery lot you want to Do it fine I don’t remember we’ll see

What we got we’ll look through it and Then we’ll come up with a price so you Would get all these granny cards for Whatever the price is you’ll see what Y’all think there was some big ones we Got a 1983 Sandberg PSA 5 rookie Uh Barry Bonds rookie PSA 886 Cooper Jones psa6 rookie 82 Fleer rookie Ripken PSA 5. Uh Jose cansecoatomic PSA 7. Barry Bonds SGC Uh Kyle schwarber looking at 110 so far Jim Rice Cut Auto Number down to five Correa Chipper rookie Oh Jackson rookie Ian Anderson rookie and Chris Sale Sikacuna CSG 8.5 A nice Griffey And a Mutombo PSA 7 rookie all these Graded cards for 200 dollars See how many you get One two three four five six seven eight Nine ten eleven Twelve Thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen Sixteen graded cards two hundred dollars What is that a piece Sixteen like twelve dollars a piece Yeah I think If anybody wants to make an offer on an Individual one or the entire lot you can But 16 graded with a lot of old school

Rookies like Ripken and Sandberg for 200 Or best offer Social studies 16 times 12 plus 4 12. yeah that’s about Right buddy You can make an offer on one or all or None All right the next random lot coming up Is going to be an autograph lot well We’ve seen them so All these autographs We’re just going to go ahead and say a Hundred dollars for the entire lot of Autographs I don’t know how many there Are but there’s quite a few let’s go Through them and then you guys can make An offer on the entire lot or one if you See one you like Peyton Henry Vargas Pozo Barlow Crawford Crow Norwood Reitz Rodriguez Almonte Alexi Peters Overton Log first Amador screwball rookie Alexander Matt Manning numbered one out Of five Lucius Fox Anderson Owen Miller first Christian Santana To roll cotton out of 25 already not too Bad Brett Rooker Ian Lewis and here Comes the good ones Tommy Pham triple Threads Bobby Dow back we got a Giovanni Moran goad out of 10. Ramon laureano Kendall Graven Uh shirt and apostle Jorge Polanco Sam Huff

Cory Alfaro a gold Brandon Droid Numbered four out of five Casey Mize Brewster graterol Trevor Rogers Adam Duvall Nick Castellatos rookie And a Luis Garcia 100 bucks for all or Best often see me there are Grab it 41 autographs Like 220 a card for how much a little a Little over two dollars a card for 41 Autographs for a hundred dollars Or best offer gas again bethlehem’s just Looking to move balls [Music] Andrew Garner with the 999 super chat if You do another 99 Cents we’ll just go And bump it up to 12 entries for you Appreciate you hopping in good luck Appreciate that let me get you on the Wheel All right our next random lot is a huge Relic lot And then this will really be it before We start our mystery bags So here’s what you get in the Relic lot Chipper Jones Dale Murphy Hank Aaron Tom Gladlin Raleigh fingers David Justice Walker Bueller Logan Webb Bobby dalbeck Pedro Martinez Jose Canseco Todd Helton Juan Soto bat out of 49

We’re gonna do all these relics for a Hundred dollars DeSoto is what 20-25 alone probably Jim Palmer Trevor Hoffman Vladimir Guerrero bat Roberto Alomar Raphael Palmeiro Adrian Beltre Plus all these Barlow Myers Clifford Crawford Rogers Ozzie a Franco rookie Kepler yes Tommy bat Kazi Tucker Marsh Carlson Brennan Rogers Austin Riley Eloy story And Eloy all relics a hundred dollars See how many there are That’s fine 38 relics 100 bucks for best offer And then these three for ten dollars we Got the USA Tac Mark team card A Cortland Sutton Jersey and an Alvin Kamara Jersey three for ten there And then it is time to start our mystery Bags these are pretty fun lafon’s been Making these up the last couple Consignments So what we do is just name a random Price for a few go through them see what You got they’re all Mr here So let’s start out there’s football Basketball baseball Let’s start out with the football one I’m just gonna randomly grab out We’re gonna start out with the random Football one we’re gonna make this one

Twenty dollars we have a Trevor Lawrence Rookie up top most of these have at Least 20 25 cards in them so a random Football lot for twenty dollars he wants To start us out on the mystery bags These are always very solid from Left Behind What they really are are two to three Dollar cards but instead of breaking Them up individually we make them into Lots Um so each card is you know technically Supposed to be two or three dollar cards Nikki in the house how’s it going NW let Me get you on the Wheel You get 12 entries appreciate that [Music] Nobody wants to start us out all right Let me show this football in here and Show you guys what we’re working with This one’s 20 bucks Trevor Lawrence rookie Justin fields Rookie Golden Tate Michael Crabtree Zach Wilson all rookies Naji Harris Jerry Rice Kyle Pitts Oh there’s some basketball cam radish Melvin Gordon Trey Young Zach Levine silver Muhammad senu With Sean McCoy Marvin Jones DeAndre Hunter Todd Gurley rookie Pat Freeman Devonta Smith Steph Curry Derek Carr rookie and Michael Gallup Rookie 20 bucks for all those

See how many there are One two three four five six seven eight Nine 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 . 23 cards 20 bucks less than the dollar A piece And good names in there Alrighty let’s do Do a baseball one we got a vladi Titan Pink and a mookie bets printer proof 20 Bucks on a baseball mystery bag anybody Want to try baseball Jason Powell is going to try baseball Sounds good has Jason got anything Tonight Oh look I don’t see anything all right Jason This your first one tonight Let’s see what you got for 20 bucks Vladi pink Titan mookie bets printer Proof and a monkey bets X Factor Byron Buxton sweet shades Fred McGriff double Verlander pink Mookie Betts Revolution Scope Out of 2020 Posey printer Acuna Phoenix Kayla gold Posey Mojo Acuna Sparks Pretty cool Boba shot silver Verlander Aces Lube Brock there you go Collective Book for the Cardinals Sandberg Craig Biggio black foil Bo Jackson Gallery Craig Vizio Mojo Abreu And a Nolan Ryan so all those are going Out to you Jason appreciate it Okay

Bye Yeah I don’t see him Next mystery lot for 20 bucks is the Babe Ruth and a vladi Titan extract or Anybody on the next baseball mystery for 20. So here’s what he sells or says on a Mystery Pack or two to three dollar Cards that one’s stacked right there Pull hose ice and goatment goad futures And then we’ve got one with the Molina Revolution and a tattoos pink They’re all twenty dollars each Here’s a chrome lock all these are Chrome color stars and veterans Twenty dollars each will do both of the Chrome ones for 35 if you want both All Chrome colors And then a mystery lot odd oddball Oddball cards All right the one with goatee is going With Mike B Twenty dollars might be good luck Might be 20 bucks here Oh yeah this one’s stacked Goatee goad Futures Chipper Jones oh That’s cool vladi and bachet Duels Kershaw Ricky Henderson foil Johnny Bench printer proof Chipper Jones And Acuna Don Mattingly and a Babe Ruth most of Them have cards on the front and back Willie Mays Kershaw

Nolan Ryan Kershaw Bo Jackson Molina silver Babe Ruth artist proof Hank Aaron Beirut select The groundwork of the Year Heart of the City Oh a stained glass tattoos purple Of laddie white The grand printer yachty Orange Willie Mays and poolhost Sparkle very Nice lot Mike B I know you like Alonzo And a lot of those Cardinals 20 bucks Not too bad Mike B got those And then Jason’s gonna try another one Here for 20. See what Jason gets in this one This one’s all color looks like all Right we got a Molino Revolution tattoo Sex Factor Aaron judge and Jeter oh Mookie bets hot sauce green Mookie bets crest Tattoo sex Matt Ocean Pink oh pool hose Revolution Bets XR curse y’all Deja Vu Killebrew And Pete Alonso lookie bets pink and a Tattoos pink All those going to Jason there Appreciate it Who you texting them big same Wisconsin Yeah how many followers Time to hit me up Time coming card shot I don’t know

Ray what’s up man You are a little weight All right did anybody want to try this Mystery Pack for 20 with Babe Ruth and Bloody just random Or a this is a Topps chrome color stars And Veterans 20 each or both for 35. Random mystery bags here Or we have a Oddball mystery lot for 20 With a mantle and some president cards See what else we got here Foils all these are rainbow foils one to Two each twenty dollars for all of them We got a Miguel Cabrera Another chrome color rookie not all Sleeved chrome color rookies for 20 Bucks Keep one you like just let me know Carlson rookie cup Football and basketball mystery we’ve Got a Jamar Chase rookie right on top That’s a stacked one there for 20. Oh my gosh this one looks worth it Already 20 mystery we’ve got a silver Franco on Top and a Pena rookie Maybe some current day rookies in that One If you see one you like just let me know Another 20 current rookie ones O’Neill Cruz and hunter green printer proof Oh oh no Cruz rainbow foil rookie and Franco’s on that one that one’s stacked For 20.

What’s up coach or couch couch good to See you We’ve got a Ozzie Albee’s rookie on this One and a Franco Pro debut another I Mean all kinds of cards in there for 20 Bucks Bobby Witt prism rookie Yep they’re Mystery Tony gunsling UFC mystery packs or 10 to 15 each UFC mystery bags we’ll do uh 12 each got Two of them And then we’ve got a Bowman lot mystery Rookies so Bowman rookies and first for 20. Let’s stop there and see What we got Jason’s gonna try Two different ones here He’s gonna try to cruise foil and the Gonsolin and wit that one’s I mean a lot In that one Herman’s gonna try the Bowman one You write these down yeah I got it What did he D Herman for 20. Okay so baseball Cruz and the rookies Baseball cruise and the rookies all Right Thomas is gonna do one And Ray is going to do the Mystic one With Franco silver Again Greystone again uh Left Behind Makes these he loads them up so Definitely worth it Yes we’re going to start out with Jason On his two Good luck Jason

I mean right on top is at least probably A five dollar card O’Neill Cruise Rainbow foil rookie Got a Franco Chronicles Franco debut a Silver Marsh a silver O’Neill Cruise Torkelson extractor rookie Duran And start We got a Franco Marquis Franco prism Torkelson hunter green scope Torkelson Reed detmers Franco Franco Juan Stott Torkelson Torkelson new bar And cruise All those to Jason Load up on the rookies Be careful What’s up Xavier And Jason’s second mystery one A lot in this one golly We got a gosling silver Nick Castellanos Rookie O’Neill Cruz O’Neill cronenworth Eric Hosmer Dansby old school here yeah it’s McNeil Joey Gallo Tucker gray Marsh strowman Benintendi Abreu Corbin Byrne Seth beer Uh Suzuki and Duran What’s her name Duran marsh graterol and A Bobby Witt prism How do you say that Fusion Slayer what’s up What’s up Jason’s yep That’s the last one yep okay Next up going to Herman is the Bowman Lot for 20. good luck

We’re going to start out with the Alec Thomas and Joe gray Royce Lewis labor Hunter Renfro Nico rookie Logan Webb Bobby Colton Wong Riley green Javier Baez and Rizzo it’s cool Pete Crow ice Shane boss stot there’s a Byron Laura First Hendrick Nick Gonzalez Max Meyer solak Pasha Cassis Eloy Will Smith and Jeff McNeil rookie all those are going to Herman there Is Only yeah Next up is Thomas Is going to do O’Neill Cruise rookie Hunter green printer proof Oh Thomas is A huge Phillies fan he’ll like that That’s a purple rookie stot Quan torque Chrome another stock chrome Suzuki a lot of chrome here Stott Melendez Bobby Witt O’Neill silver oh no Cruise hunter green Pink oh no Cruise Chef beer pink Royce Lewis Torkelson Torkelson That was a good one Thomas Thomas with those And then this one is Ray Stone Ray good luck on this one Silver Franco Franco Torkelson We got Pena Stott And Suzuki Newt bar and torque Seth beer Red white blue how about a vladi rookie

Contreras Quan purple Paul can air go rookie Suzuki and new bar Andrew Vaughn Cronenworth rookie scope kierloff Fawn torque Carlson scope Brookie Good Brian Hayes rookie obsidian Casey Mize Manoa and Trevor Rogers very nice TJ Kidd all the Franco Lots sewed I’m Sorry all those are already soaked so Please do not think That was a good lot for Rick All right there’s a few more left I’ll Go through we’ve got an NBA rookie Mystery Pack all NBA rookies Here’s a random lot it’s not a lot but There’s a Steph Curry and a Peyton Manning so maybe some big stars in that One This one has a lot more we got dick Buckets and Giannis Football and basketball We’ve got one with the Ian hat first and A Jonathan India Got one with a nice oh two judge on this One I don’t know if they’re all judged Or what Oh oh Tawny rainbow foil And Otani I don’t know if they’re all of Tawny It’s a mystery SoDo I think they’re all all SoDo Oh my gosh trout X reactor and pink Again these are only 20 each so whoever

Calls and gets them Harper I’m pretty Sure they’re all Harpers And another rookie NBA lot Scotty Barnes And Chris Duarte on the back And then we’ve got a another Bowman lot Of Luciano and Will Smith Pretty stacked All right Gus you want the first NBA Rookie lot is that right You want the rookie lock Gus Is that correct All right And then bacon Brown is going to do the Yotani lock All right rookie lot going to Gus good Luck all NBA rookies in this one it says I can get them out there’s a lot We skimp Christopher bones Hyland Boston Brandon Boston Trey man Isaiah Jackson We got red white and blue ones Quentin Grimes Jalen Suggs that’s a good One Davion Mitchell Alabama cam Thomas Duarte Quentin Grimes Scotty Lewis green Cade Cunningham Scotty Barnes Trey Murphy silver Kaminga Zari Jalen green Trey man and Ice simmonovich Heck of a lot there Gus congrats on that Bacon Barrel is going to do the Otani Lot why not Let’s see if they’re all utani I think They’re I’m sure again the foil is goes

Pretty good Rainbow foil the revolution that’s a Scope parallel We got the archives tops Chrome MVP Threads vertex Crusade optic bomb squad Two bomb squads So all those are going to bacon Barrel Eminem Mike with the trout do I get Those yep All the trouts going to Eminem good luck Starting out I mean with a pink and an X Factor Probably close to your money right there We’ve got a chrome Pinnacle 2018 Superstar Duo Trot no Tony Prism There’s a silver ticket Bomb squad mythical another X Factor Optic mythical Titan and Phoenix all Going to Mike Next up is Thomas with the Harper lot Good luck Thomas Pretty cool elephant does this All right we got a printer proof Titan X reactor Braden’s Envy in this one huh you like Harper is that who doesn’t that Illumination Pink optic And take an X Factor silver Splash That’s a Capstone blue Capstone base and The sepia Very nice

Next up is Dennis with the judge lot Your dad likes Josh too right no No okay I don’t know excuse me actually not bad Modern artist uh Capstone that’s the Parallel sweet We got a chrome silver a pink optic a Purple prism Titan X Factor bomb squad Silver mythical All-Star Game Crest and A green very nice one So Ray if you do another 99 Cents I’ll go Ahead and put you down for the 12 spot And give you 12 entries I know it don’t let you on iPhone so Yeah Gus wants to do the other NBA live for 20. Can I write this down please Gus with another NBA lot good luck Scotty Barnes rookie Scotty Barnes Jalen Suggs Evan Mobley oh Jalen Johnson look At that orange That pops All kinds of Blues and stuff here Herbert Jones silver Kai Jones Jericho Blue Trey Mann Kai Jones Jalen green liver’s Blue Mitchell silver kispert singing Crimes and silver Duarte a lot of color In that one All going to Mr Gus Switch to iPhone nice All right Ray gets 12 entries again

We’re giving away all this stuff in the Back blasters packs Lots Let me get raid down for 12 injuries Oh You better get pumped up What time do you get up I got a got up this morning head seven Oh wow I didn’t go to bed till like Three oh my gosh you’re young Couch with 12 entries appreciate it Couch I went to bed at one and got up at eight Why’d you go that’s so late Just watching Tick Tock yellow man Sleep man Thank you couch appreciate you man I am getting old though it’s crazy That’s crazy I imagine that’d make you like go get Copying paper and stuff no I don’t make Me do that hey can you go get the left Hand to stop your paper please that’s Great all right here’s gonna be the last Chance to get the mystery bags and then I’m putting them in back in the box Again I’ll show you what they are They’re 20 bucks a piece Michael Gallup Rookie and Trevor Lawrence all these are NBA rookies or not all of them but all NFL and NBA got a Bowman Prospect rookie Lock Luciano Will Smith We’ve got a big basketball and football Giannis and Dick Butkus on the front Pretty stacked on that one

Got a baseball I mean this one’s huge Aussie albies and Franco Pro debut We’ve got a Soto lot What the heck We got a football mystery and basketball Jamar chase this one’s pretty stacked And Kenneth Walker on the back We’ve got the Steph Curry and Peyton Manning We’ve got another little Bowman lot India and Ian hat first Chrome color rookies these are all tops Chrome color rookies or second year [Music] Baseball We’ve got two UFC left These are twelve dollars each I got two Of them if you want both I’ll do 20 for Both all UFC I’ve got a Oddball lot with mantle and some President We got rainbow foils All rainbow pools with Mickey We’ve got another random lot Babe Ruth And flatty extractor And then all these are tops Chrome color 20 each or both for 35. And these are all stars and Veterans Topps chrome color So those are all let me know If you want to try any last one of those Thank you so much Anybody want to offer on one I’m sure

We’d probably do a little cheaper on one Another He does a good job at packaging vanilla You’re gonna do stuff Yeah when it Drews and your stuff and Then I got another guy to do So we still got about an hour Um I did forget to show this again this Is the Mark McGuire Auto for 75 number 10 out of 10. It has a little fuzz by the auto Actually juice recipe Alby’s one for 16. why not 16 to Andrew Garner here I don’t think so imagine That’s a stacked one man for 16 here I know you bought it yeah you did there He is you better find it bingo Winner winner Andrew Garner you’re Getting all these Aussie you bar new bar Buzz new bar new bar Buzz hunter green Caroloff Seth Beer Silver Quan Brash Joe Ryan Mar silver beer foil ooh videlberg Mini I think those are limited to 100 Sheets contraceus Quan and Melendez Suzuki D Gordon Suzuki green Brash green Franco cabron has purple cabrato silver And Kirk Happy Halloween Must be dressing up as a pool So all those going to Andrew anybody Want to make offer on any of the other Lots basketball football Does he not live in the United States

Yeah He’s from Japan actually I don’t know That’s gotta be racist this From another part of the world like time Zones Boy fan I need another hour might be Halloween over there yeah that’s just Different places to be annoying Yes Sam I got you what do you say He is man I Couldn’t All right I got you on there cattle all right guys Here’s what we’re gonna do I’m gonna run And take a quick uh Bathroom break and then when we come Back I’ll show you guys a little sneak peek My cousin Drew’s got a little stack of Stuff I bought an adly rutchman home Field advantage coming up Harper jerseys Gunner Henderson all kinds of big stuff Coming up for Drew Uh we’ve got a Stack of sapphire For me and Shannon here we’re going to Show We’ve got another little Consignment Here for somebody that came in the shop Today one of my good friends that I Don’t mind to do it for uh with some Really nice cars trout judge uh Mickey Vintage Stock coming up And then Braden’s got a stack of stuff

Where’s your stack at And then Braden’s got a small stack We’re gonna try and help him out a Little bit He’s got a stack of stuff here with some Otanis and stuff so when we get back We’re going to do these four little Consignments here and then we’re gonna Do our Super Chat giveaway so another About hour on here hopefully everybody’s Doing well keep hitting the like button If we get up to 150 likes I’m gonna give Away another Ethan sports cards and more Merchandise Um surprise So keep hitting the like button I’ll be Right back Put some Pringles Fiona Not you Big hand though Huh I’ll hold them It’s probably deserve it I’m gonna do It That’s a good one Jim Okay You know what JK means just kidding I Didn’t know he knew he didn’t know that Is He’s gone you know I don’t know any of that either He gets mad at me if I don’t say the

Whole word BMW he’s like what was that All right guys which one do you want to Start out with Drew’s the sapphire the Random or the bradens Yes Rob we’re about to go back through Some of the big stuff that hadn’t sewed Um and then some all this is new stuff Here so just stay tuned you might see Something you like Super Chat thank you What do you guys want to start with here Sapphire cards all right These are me and uh Shannon’s That we pulled from our video didn’t do Too good but Take 80 Take 80 who is All right these are just all different Prices here Carson Williams three dollars Willie Vasquez first three dollars Brandon Marsh rookie four dollars Marcus Simeon gold out of fifty five Dollars Samuel Zavala first ten dollars Anthony Gutierrez first ten dollars Christian Yelich three Jose Ramirez three mookie bats four Mount Castle three Detmer’s rookie five Abrams rookie seven And Aaron Ashby rookie for three What I say a March fourth hour four Marsh is going to

Floyd fan And he’s also going to take the Simeon And the Yelich for six So Tim bucks for all three That’s fine Sewed Reed who is Reed Read that verse my bad I said five on Read going to bacon Barrel Next up we got johanske Noel for three Robert hassle for four De los Santos for five MJ Melendez for eight pretty nice one Drew Baker for three You’re done for five Pete Crow Armstrong for five Cubs Crawford for three Fellate rookie for three Willie fanis For four first Adrian Placencia first For five Luis Mays of first for six Oscar koloss First for 12 and how about Brian Acuna First for 20. acuna’s little brother Born in 2005. When were you born oh six he’s born in 2005 17. yep He looks just like him yep pretty sick So those are all just whatever I said so Crawford is Spaceman for three Spaceman you did miss this earlier I Know you’re looking for these so let me Show you real quick Maybe your shrimps or the Crawford pass From Left Behind stag I was five

Nice team color hair One Last Time koloss Robbie lamb Mesa Placencia thanis filade Pete Crow you’re Done Drew Baker Melendez El Santos Hassle Noel Mount Castle bets Ramirez Gutierrez Zavala Vasquez Williams Ashby And Abrams I know what Dad’s doing without a junior What holding on to it for probably five Years and just take a risk that’s a good One to hold on to Might turn into a hundred dollar card Going to Dad And then Spaceman got that for five Yep All right so that’s all the sapphire if You want the whole lot left we’ll do Like 40 bucks All right let’s move on to this little Consignment real quick Uh this first little lot here you get All these for five dollars home run Challenge Korea Chris Bryant Posey Ichiro Freeman Yelp yeah all those cards For Fab books a whole lot one two three Four five six seven cards We’ll start getting nice ones here all Right we got a McNeil Freeman and Ghostement rainbow foil for five We got Rhys Hoskins green Sparkle Numbered out of 4.99 for six In terms Pretty sick card Mike Trout 30 30. welcome to the club I

Like that and search for four Mike Trout stars of MLB these are three Dollars each Go Ray Goat foil for the Padres for three Dollars teammates celebrate walk off We’ve got a Yankees rainbow full with Judge Judgment Day five dollars This is sick guys check this out Aaron Judge Mike Trout and you’re Don Alvarez Numbered out of 299 25 on that judge Trout and you’re done three Beast 25 bucks numbered out of 299 Then we got the Riley green and Miguel Cabrera rookie blue border for 12. And how about a Miguel Cabrera Vintage Stock number down a 99 30 or best offer On that again feel free to make offers He’s just looking to sell these But vintage out of 99 Miguel maybe his Last playing card Last year 30 bucks or best offer All right let’s see you got those trout Ray did you want um The 30 30 and then one of the Stars so Those two And then 20 for the trio yeah we’ll do That for you So all three for 27 go into Ray No raystone No They’re over there on the other table Probably

Buddy Ray still right in front of me oh my God 27 for this Rhys Hoskins is going to Thomas For six Who Reese Hoskins going to Thomas for six All right I like to try and sell these For him let’s do one more round here Yeah we’re doing a consignment Brian What’s up The blue Riley green and Miguel Cabrera For twelve dollars Riley Green rookie Blue border Make an offer Aaron judge rainbow foil Five Padres goat foil three Trout Stars three McNiel Freeman and Coach mitt rainbow Three We’ll do these a dollar each Robin Yount Got two of him Freddie Freeman Ichiro Posey Chris Bryant and a home run Challenge Korea let’s do 25 on the Miguel cabrer vintage remembered out of 99. Anybody on those Home run challenge with Thomas for a Dollar Posey to space man for a dollar Foreign Put a 101 printing plate from a hanger Box Series one

Crazy in it Dear man thanks bud got you on the Wheel S All right let’s keep it going let’s move On to Drew’s cards and we’ll save yours For last if you don’t mind bud The best for last I don’t know about That all right guys we’re going to start Out with the big one here Drew pulled This from a hanger box adley rutchman Home field advantage rookie Good one to get right now I don’t even know what these are going I think they were about 150. You guys can make an offer if you want But a home field advantage adley rochman Get it now before the season How many do you have on the wheel we Have 99 people on the wheel right now We’ll be spending it in about 30 40 Minutes right How about a hundred dollars on the adley Home field advantage Pretty good deal 100 bucks Bryce Harper game use Jersey for ten Dollars from Drew You guys remember Drew my cousin my old Helper Geraldo Perdomo autographed for five Dollars for the Diamondbacks Gunner Henderson rookie rainbow foil for 20. big one there he pulled he pulled All these We got Tyron Davis prize for three

Rookie pink Davis Mills three Eli Manning three Elijah Moore Mosaic Genesis for 15. Desmond Ritter rookie pink for five I don’t know what these are [Music] Foreign Stats yeah these are Michael’s here Riley green Von Grisham Brett Beatty Lindor trout adley Michael Harris gutter Henderson Jose Ramirez got a 299 adoles Garcia Jersey George Brett Mojo Matt Oson Mojo Freddy Freeman Mojo and Riley Green Mojo the whole lot for 25 dollars What are you doing I don’t know what the Heck Eight dollars on the Harper yeah we’ll Do that for you soon Nice card game views Shannon got the Hunt All right obey on these Foreign ERS little buddy sure all right Braden’s Got a nice little stack here let’s see What he’s got We’re gonna start with the Bo Jackson For a dollar Jalen hurts playoff rookie for four Jordan Hicks rookie out of 299 for two Bobby dial back rookie a dollar could Brian Hayes rookie a dollar 100 Grand a dollar Jazz a dollar trout Chrome for two

Got a silver Jim Kelly for two and a Brett Favre of green silver for two Oh these are Braden’s here What’s up Jeff What’s up Brian how’s the card shop it’s Going awesome man Stand packed I love it We had um who’s that guy that came in Today I don’t know I don’t know Tammy Something drew Tammy Drew Drew Justin no Freak Who was it Dylan no Drew Tammy plays for Gonzaga I’m gonna do some digging Jacob Tammy came in the shop today Former NFL player I don’t know if you all know him but Yeah Jacob Tammy came to the shop that’s Pretty cool All right next stack of bradens feel Free to make offers on these we got a Ballinger rookie debut for three Thanks Chris appreciate that A Ballinger All-Star Game rookie for Three take both bellingers for five Brandon Marsh rookie prism rookie pretty Sweet What are you winning that for Torkel’s in a dollar Altuve a dollar Freddie Freeman commemorative Jersey Medallion for three We got a pet Alonso All-Star Game rookie

For a dollar Tatis And Ozzy a dollar for both Pete rookie a dollar Bregman rookie for two and Boba shet Rookie for a dollar Shannon with the bellingers There you go So you don’t play Oh clay I thought why’d I say Shannon I Was What the heck Thomas on the torquil SIM for a dollar About a job a rant Hoops rookie we’ll do Uh six bucks on this Bo Jackson 1990 tops for four Aaron judge You get three Judds for five dollars we Got the Home Run Derby the salute and The major league debut from archives I Like those Good eye brain Alec bomb a dollar Harper Both for a dollar Got some nice trouts here Three trouts for six dollars you get the Rainbow foil Um long ball Legends and platinum And then a Otani lot all three of these For seven we got the Chrome we got the 2018 rookie streak checklist And the Platinum

Now David I don’t grade anything I’m not a grader Judge going to Herman the judge a lot For five Sewed bomb it was a dollar just one Bomb for a buck to Thomas Anybody else on any of bradens you’ll Sell the host act right yeah you can how Much 25 yeah 25 25 on the whole stack left Three otanis including a rookie three Nice trouts including a foil Jackson a marant rookie I mean 25 for All this can’t beat it bregman Pete rookies Freeman patch Marsh prism It’s a football trout Jalen hurts rookie 25 bucks Crown where he was diving All right They do sell it Um What you talking about This guy There you go you see it can I buy the Top Harper a dollar just for that one Yep greetings from Philadelphia yeah Yeah heck yeah man Anything Thank you Thomas Thanks Thomas I’m just gonna show something else I Thought let me thank you That’s what I was talking about Oh yeah Let me see here

All right we’re gonna go back through Left behinds cards one last time to end The night before we do uh Willa names so If you missed out at the beginning these Are all cards from Left Behind coming up That’s left uh we’ll split these up in The individual we’ll start out with Short prints and then move on to relics Autos and graded So again We’re going cheap on these he’s just Wanting to get rid of them short prints We’ll do five a piece now Wade Boggs Ichiro Reggie Jackson Jeff Bagwell Mark Maguire Tom Gladwin Jackie Robinson Ty Cobb PUD Rodriguez and Kyle Tucker five a piece Oh I do want to show you a couple cards Real quick If anybody’s interested in these I Picked these up today just real quick I Was gonna show them but forgot They’re pretty big but Lamar Jackson RPA Did out of 99 Looking to get 500 on that Sick patch Lamar on card Auto Looking to get a 500 on that Whoops freak Got a Tom Brady rookie PGI 10 gym mint I Know it’s not a big Grading Company but I mean it’s a Brady rookie looking to Hit 120 on that On the Tom Brady rookie 120.

Got a Kevin Durant rookie looking to get 25 on that And then I have a Trey Lance rookie Obsidian numbered out of 50 34 out of 50. 100 or best offer on the Trey Lance Rookie Forgot about those just want the show Real quick stars and bars with five more Entries in the Super Chat giveaway Appreciate that Over 100 entries now I might have to Toss in a bonus press You see Bowman this year is going to Have a Tom Brady Otto I suppose yep yeah Thanks Should I hold on to the Lamar Jackson Until if he gets traded he already got Traded well should I hold on to it or Sell it I don’t know about football Well he’s with the commanders right now I’m pretty sure that’s what he do good I Don’t know You sure that’s what they said All right Last Call on left finds cards Tucker Pudge Ty Cobb Jackie gladlin McGuire Bagwell Reggie Jackson Ichiro Wade Boggs You have some nice graded left just let Me know if you want to price on any of These Chipper Jones Classics back at six Pccg-9 Bo Jackson rookie Chris Sale PSA non-chrome Chris Sale I don’t think he went to the commanders

I think you’re Ian Anderson Ricky Bowman Acuna 8.5 Chrome Prospect Griffey 8.5 91 Bowman Your dad said he has not been traded you Big dummy oh I don’t know why you’re thinking that Umbo psa7 Bonds certified All the slabs left for 100 bucks Schwarber Jim Rice Auto 5 out of 10. A Correa Ron Sandberg rookie Watch out PSA five Barry Bonds rookie PSA eight Chipper Jones rookie six Uh Ripken Fleer rookie PSA 5. And cansecoatomic psa7 let me know if You want prices on any of those Individually Kyle is Tim Thanks Robert your package went out Today actually I think Price on the Rye bottle Who’s right Chuck Oh Jim Rice the Jim Rice is 20. It’s a 5 out of 10 cut signature Don’t know what it’s from Foreign Some nice relics left let me know if any Catch your eye and I’ll let you know David Justice rolly fingers Glavlin Hank Aaron Del Murphy Chipper

Jones deltre Uh palmeiro Alamar vladi Hoffman Jim Palmer Soto bat Todd Helton bat Hideo Nomo Seiko Pedro dalbeck Logan Webb Bueller Brennan Rogers Austin Riley Eloy story Kotwar Myers who’s a USA Clifford Otto Nice Aussie Abby’s bat We’ve got a Franco rookie Lou Gehrig Patch Kepler Ustremski Tomy bat Marsh and Carlson Let me know any of those Did pick up a LeBron rookie At the shop in a deer and Fox Auto The Bell trade jersey Five dollars Big O swatch And then autographs we got Nick Castellanos rookie Adam Duvall Trevor Rogers Graterol Casey Mize Jury Conseco is fifteen dollars Faro Sam Huff Polanco Apostle Graven lauriano We’re ran out at 10 Bobby dalbeck and

Tommy Pham Luis Garcia And all these are Autos Ian Lewis Henry Rooker Christian Stewart Owen Miller It’s real Cotton Brian Anderson Lucius Fox one out of five Matt Manning Alexander skoo ball Amador Logue Overton Peters Alexi Amante Rodriguez Norwood Crow crawfords And then Alvin Kamara Jersey Courtland Sutton Jersey USA card No rabbits for sale It’s in the Showcase actually Garcia’s five here’s a Mark Maguire Auto 10 out of 10 for 75. 10 out of 10. The Gorman is 50. That is a nice one bar The Cortland Sutton is five the Camaro Is five Robert O’Hearn hopping on the Super Chat Wheel just in time we’re about to spin The wheel at 10 30. Then we’re going to package for a couple Hours It’s gonna be fun Is that a Lamar Otto yes Sinister you Should buy I bought this today at the Card shop or at the shop somebody Brought it in I got a Lamar Jackson Otto a LeBron Rookie

Trey Lance numbered out of 50. Kevin Durant rookie and how about a Tom Brady rookie And a beer and Fox Auto some stuff I Picked up at the shop Well Mars pretty big cars Not Sterling Dave’s Going back sinister Can you do 110 Gus on the Tom Brady Rookie 110 I’ll do on The Brady rookie for you That’s only Brady rookie I’ve ever had That’s a big one Tempted he may be a New York Giant 500 Sinister I’ll do 500 for you on the Lamar that’s a heck of a deal once sewed In December for 800 and one sold Um in February I think for 600 or best Offer I don’t know what they took Gus got the Tom Brady for 110 appreciate That Michael Tawny All right guys well last call that’s Gonna wrap up the consignment tonight We’re gonna go ahead and do our big Super Chat giveaway here In a couple minutes so you’ve got about Two or three minutes left to enter let Me show you guys what the prizes are We’re giving away Lamar 500. Our first prize was donated by Floyd fan we got a triple Puck Brown

Lozardo numbered and a Nick Allen Out of 99 Auto a couple Oakland Whoops We’ve got a tops update Blaster box We’re going to open up for somebody Pull a j-rod gold Absolute fat pack We’ve got a score fat pack And we’ve got another lot donated by Floyd fan you get a Mike Trout Corey Seeger Uh Dede Bowman Chrome rookie Jimmy Johnson Christy Matheson Frank Thomas Luke Voigt And Paul gotchman so all those come as a Lot If you want to get entered to win all These prizes here all you have to do is A super chat it helps support the Channel and you get a win a chance to Win all those if we get over 200 people On the wheel I’ll toss in another pack Of cards right now we have 117 people on The Wheel Anything below five dollars get you one Entry Anything Below 10 in between five gets you five Anything over 10 get you 12 and anything Over 50 dollars gets you 60 entries on The Wheel Christopher Beck with 12 entries coming Up appreciate that You want to get in Brady

Maybe dad went for it How do you know That puts us at 129 people on the wheel If we get up to 200 I’ll toss in another Pack Christopher Beck just joined the Channel as well appreciate that Chris Luke Point’s an SP A okay Now it’s just Piedmont Oh yeah Piedmont is SP It I’m not bad Floyd fancy give me five more appreciate It Let’s talk sports got an entry thank you Speaking of Floyd fam we’ll be doing a Consignment for him next week We’ll show you guys a little sneak peek Real quick So next week as long as everything goes Well we’re doing a consignment for Floyd Fan Got some Graded We got some Jake Fraley And then this box is full of good stuff We got trout relics in here Mac Jones rookie jerseys Holy crap All kinds of autographs Or tatties color swap Alec Thomas Chrome Harrison Bailey some Bowman you yeah Next Saturday is the plan as long as Nothing happens Spencer Strider

With all kinds of good stuff here and He’s sending a little bit more this week I believe Thomas with another Super Chat Appreciate it if you guys are looking For anything specific I have a ton of cards you know of course At the shop uh in the Showcase and the Dollar boxes and the five dollar boxes So if you’re ever looking for anything Just let me know I’ve probably got it I’ve been picking up a lot for the shop But I don’t mind to you know help you Guys out a little bit as well But last call on the Super Chat giveaway And then we’re gonna go ahead and get Started 2021 Stadium Club Chrome refractors I Don’t think I have any of those All right well let’s go ahead and get Started I’ve got to get off start Packaging so let’s get the prizes ready To go We’re gonna go up here To the random dice row Put the lumber card of Buxton on the Wheel wow Ray’s going to donate the Byron Buxton Lumber card That he pulled today those are like Super rare case hits So appreciate that Ray let me uh write That down let me post it though please Okay Giveaway

Lester just joined the channel Appreciate that Foreign Grant got 10 entries on the wheel real Quick appreciate it grant let me get you On the Wheel There you go Grant appreciate that All right here we go so what we do is Roll the dice to determine how many Times we Shuffle Up The Wheel just to Keep it all spread out Good luck We’re gonna Shuffle it up five times and Then we’ll spin one two three four and Five that just gets everybody shuffled Up so it’s completely random Once we click uh spin whoever it lands On gets to pick their prize and then We’ll do that six times because we got Six prizes if you’re in the chat you get To pick your prize if you’re not I will Pick it for you here we go good luck and Our first winner is going to be It’s going to be We go good luck and our first winner is Going to be cattle Sam has one there you Go Sam are you still in the chat if so You get to pick your prize out whichever One you want Cattle with the win in there how about That Which one would you like The tops baseball good decision right There I’m actually going to keep it

Sealed and let you open it up next week Okay you can come up here one day after School and rip it open No He’s one of my students Pretty cool any one of my students got a Shout out Yeah boy All right next up is going to be Can you do it in C3 I ain’t gonna break The school unless it’s Card Club you can Come up here Don’t want to get you all distracted All right Thomas with the win imagine a Fight breaks out give me the Box Thomas which prize would you like up There We got four we got five left The Buxton Lumber the trout and the Other lot score pack absolute pack and The Oakland lot S Thank you [Music] Thomas five seconds please pick your Prize Absolute pack all right we can open this Up or ship it silly just let me know Next up is going to be wait let me see That Stars and bars here we go Shannon’s still in the chat what do you Think he’s gonna pick I don’t know

All right Thomas will open it up All right Shannon what you got to pick From is the Oakland lot the score pack The random lot with trout or the Buxton Lumber case hit by donated by Ray You pick Hmm Brayden what would you want The Buxton Lumber is the case hit That Ray pool he would send that to you It’s like a wood card in series one They’re I mean they’re tough to pull Which one you thinking He said you pick B I don’t know man Just be me baby that’s my name Uh [Music] Trout walk all right he said he’s going Oh Buxton he’s gonna do the Buxton Lumber I want to hold one of these so When you get it in from Ray let me fill It He don’t like pressure man He’s a weenie oh wow All right next Winter Is going to be Look at that Ray gave something away and He wins something back Ray would you like the trout random Watch the score pack or the Oakland lot [Music] Okay I’ll unpacked and we got new Score open all right L7 weenie

L’s down I mean there’s no reason to move stuff Around Stars and birds with another win All right now he’s gonna pick this one You get all these Mike Trout Luke void Frank Thomas Christy Matheson That’s numbered out of 299. Jimmy Johnson out of 199 a DD Chrome rookie Corey Seeger blue and a Paul Coachman Medallions There you go Bring Congrats And our last winner with the Oakland lot And then we’ll open the packs real quick Is going to be going tooth Freeland Oh no grant grant grant with the win on The Oakland lot congrats Grant you just Did a super chat then So there we go Congratulations All right first up absolute pack for Thomas good luck looking for a kaboom The cards yeah I can open it There we go Have to go back in the chat Gibson Kirk certain chub more Mixin Mariano items Dobbins Trayvon Walker Kyron Williams Eric Izukaman Troy Anderson Kristen Harris Green Cordell Patterson

Green Jerry Judy Green Leo Chanel Rasal Douglas and Jonathan Taylor So all those are going to Thomas And all these are going to Ray Good luck Ray We’ll Breeze through the base here Herbert And get the red parallels in here Bo Jackson how about that Pulling baseball into football CD lamb my cousin Bro I don’t go up any further no you Have to re-watch it Can he pick it rookie Grabbing a sleeve out there it’s you see That foam thing It’s right below it the sleeves are Right below that Bailey’s zappy rookie Very nice And we got three Reds here Leonard Fournette Jack Youngblood and Carson strong rookie DK Metcalf Matt Corral Coats Tom Brady No I’m just joking New membership watch the grand opening Thanks Lester for joining the channel Appreciate that if anybody wants to join The uh there’s a nice Hutchinson join my Patreon where you get a monthly care Package be sure and check that out it Should be linked up on all my other

Videos I think I think I forgot to link It Um on this one but Yeah all these go into ready Congrats Ray appreciate it Okay congrats All right well guys that’s gonna wrap it Up Um I appreciate everybody joining Tonight about a four hour stream here Or three hour I mean brayden’s got to Get off here and start packaging at Least a little bit before we go And um just want to give a big shout out To everybody that joined tonight that Vault that hung out to hit the like Button that donated you guys are awesome Wouldn’t have this channel without all Of you so I really appreciate it be Looking out for the 13 000 subscriber Giveaway video coming out in the next Couple days we’re giving away a hobby Box we’re giving away a O’Neill Cruise Rookie Auto out of 50. we’re giving away A graded Patrick Mahomes card all kinds Of stuff so be looking out for that if You need anything shoot me a text or Email If you bought tonight go ahead and send Me a text or email asking for your total That way we can get those out to you and Start packaging appreciate everybody and We will see you guys in the future Hopefully next weekend everybody leave

Out tonight with a boom Brain give me a big boom to end it Well I shall I have somebody had airpods In there Screaming all right guys have a good Night Y’all are awesome

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