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Hey guys Ethan sports cards more about Brand new Thousand subscriber giveaway video wow 13k already guys you guys rock everybody Has been so supportive so awesome can't Thank you guys enough for 13 000. it feels like yesterday we just hit 3 000 and now we've hit another huge Milestone at 13 000. of course we do These giveaways every thousand Subscribers so we got to do another one Here for 13 000. this may be one of our Biggest ones yet we've got some awesome Prizes lined up so stay tuned Um and we're going to show you guys what The prizes are and then I'll tell you How to enter when is the giveaway and All that fun stuff so Big shout out to everybody once again Who still watches my channel Um I've had the channel now this will be My what seventh year on YouTube which is Just surreal to me and now we have or I Have my own card shop now which is Another surreal thing that's happened This year but uh 2023 has has been going Great um hopefully it will continue to Be that way for you guys Um and for everybody watching so let's Go ahead and start out what what am I Giving away for thirteen thousand we got To make it big so let me just turn Around here and pick out some stuff Let's go ahead and throw in as our big

Prize a hobby box of 2023 top series one So that's going to be one prize right There I do see some Hidden Treasures in here Let's go ahead and take this card off This is a 2021 Donner's Patrick Mahomes Gem mint 10 action all Pros Hollow card Donated by Gabe Garcia check that out That's a sweet card Super Bowl champion Right there Patrick Mahomes hopefully The camera picks it up I don't have any Cameraman right now I just got it on a Tripod so hopefully you can see that I'll see what else we can find back here Oh here's an ice card dang that is Really nice O'Neill Cruise gold rookie Auto numbered out of 50 donated by Mr Sean Bailey thank you Sean for donating That how about that big card right there O'Neil Cruz rookie Auto out of 50. See what else we can find back here how About this A 2022 tops update Blaster donated by Jason Powell appreciate you donating This Jason update is awesome uh Searching for the Julio rookie so that's Going to be a blaster as the fourth Prize and let's do one more here let me See what I can find over here let's do This one I can get it for our fifth prize let's Toss in a pack of Mosaic football cello Pack you get three pink parallels in This and there we go five prizes five

Winners now the big question how do you Enter to win all those prizes here's What you have to do like this video be Publicly subscribed in order to be Publicly subscribed you have to go into Your settings and make sure all that's Set I'll put a description or a Explanation down in the description to Explain how to do that and thirdly all You have to do is leave a positive Comment let's just you know spread the Love spread the the hobby the positivity Around just leave a positive comment to Brighten somebody's day or you know you Can say congrats you can talk about what You're excited for baseball season Whatever you want just leave a positive Comment Um we will go live not next Saturday but The week after so you got two weeks um Saturday March 18th to pick the winners We always put everybody in the YouTube Random um comment picker and it's Completely random so that's a good way To do it if I do want to say this this Video If you get like a response saying That you've won the the giveaway before Then No it's not me there's all kinds of Scams and stuff that goes around with Links never click a link you know even If it has my profile on it unless you Know for sure and I will never do I will Never respond saying you won until after

March 18th so if it's before it's not me So again I think that's going to be it You got about two weeks to enter be sure And share this video with your friends Get the channel out there more and come Visit us at ethansportscards and more Shop here in Lancaster Kentucky uh We've We've been doing great we we've been Open officially a week from Friday last Friday so it's been a great journey so Far can't wait to continue and hopefully You guys have some good luck and win a Prize in the giveaway there may be bonus Prizes as well once we go live and start It but that's going to wrap us up Hopefully you guys enjoyed please like Comment and subscribe peace

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