I Graded a Mickey Mantle Rookie Card (SGC REVEAL)!

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Cut back a 153 card SDC sub included in Here is a 1986 Fleer Jordan 1826 cop in A 19 and 51 oh minute mantle let's Review so back here are some really Really cool cards we're going to end off The video on those we're going to grab Box number one We have six of these to go through first Starting off we've been 1961 maze a 3.5 1954 Lasorda 3.5 1955 Monty Irvin this got a three really Really good color on this one 1955 Harman Killebrew got a 3.5 crisp Corners but there is some print effects On this one 48 spawn got the one Clark Griffith Hall of Famer this got a One multiple creases throughout it Halchace 1.5 Some staining on the back and then There's a crease through the face which I've heard you always get a 1.5 from That Joe Lewis this one got it too Not sure why this got the two but looks Pretty clean overall Well unless it's like an ink stain or Pen marker or something like that on the Side But Not too sure there This is actually my own collection right Here this is a John L Sullivan I thought this was gonna get a low grade

Going in there's a stain right over here But besides that a lot of these are in Really bad shape off-centered quite a Bit but I thought this one presented Pretty well Minus that and kind of a cool story with This too is the collector I bought it From had this car for 40 years and it Was an escrow down so really really cool To have that and this is a card I missed Out on like three times one spot it from A website and they retracted it from a Purchase which kind of made me upset but This is also my Personal Collection this Is the Tom Petty rookie card this one Got a five you guys can see I think it's Probably because of that corner right There All of them have edges like that where You can kind of see That These do not have a back but Looks really really good in the slab A 9.5 of a Cameron Thomas No idea who he is but this is a rookie Number to 149. Definitely need to learn a lot more Modern side of things Cindy Koufax 1962 this has got A3 1963 kofax it's got E5 Looks a little miscut But not a bad looking example overall 59 Frank Robinson got E4 Chuck Klein 1.5 this does have some

Writing on it so that's the reason why For the technical grade with that one Gil Hodges 19 at 59 this one got the Five 1962 home run leaders it's also got a Five 1954 Bara got the two Kind of some color feeding on that one As you can see the back there too 1968 Aaron five 1957 Banks it's got me four 1.5 on this 1956 maze I think there's Like a scratch or a crease right there Can't fully tell It's lighting 1950 Robin Roberts got the two 1971 Munson got a three And 1951 Barrow got a 1.5 Now before we get into stack number two We do group Subs every single month for SGC the link is down below in the Description make sure to fill out the Form on the website twenty dollars per Card and we can also pick up and drop Off cards at different cartrches across The country we have a brown that's got a One but I knew that getting in Byron Buxton one of one you guys can see that Right over there Pretty cool Yogic 9.5 Dragon prism Doesn't look that's numbered I guess That's pretty rare Jokic orange wave this is a rookie card

Kobe Bryant refractor got a nine Smelling Ruth this is a pretty cool card Eventually I'm going to keep one of These for my own personal collection but This one is going to get sold this one Got a three William Shakespeare I think this is a Pretty nice looking three Maybe there's like some paper loss on That one There A little corner over there too but Really good copy looks beautiful in the Slab Well cigarettes America baseball I Actually picked this one up Will be for sale Pretty cool backs on some of these as Well I have some 1896 cricketers Fun imagery too Albert Einstein this one got E2 [Music] Adidas the Scotto one again can't do That going in But sometimes these are easier to sell When they're slapped up Not blazerway got a one so many creases On this but This also also was a Houston TriStar Pickup 1955 maze this got a 1.5 Pretty good looking 1.5 Little OC on the back so that's probably The reason why double OC actually

Because there and also there 54 mantle Got the one 1956 mantle 1.5 Kid Lewis this got E3 I am selling this One if anyone is interested in that one Picked up the Dempsey so I bought the Full set I believe and Selling the Lewis and some other Commons In there too Dizzy Dean color added this has got a Authentic so let me see if I can find Where the color is at Looks like there's a Actually you can see it right there I Don't know how it's picking up on camera But it looks like over the glove there Is color that was added to it 1954 Aaron this got a 2.5 1996 Michael Jordan it's got E7 Corner over there Jim Brown at 2.5 6 Jordan sticker this one got a seven Clean overall 98 Skybox Randy Moss 73 of 150. is that A rookie card official Skybox rookie so That's pretty cool card Not too familiar with this set but Pretty low numbered It's got an authentic altered you guys Can see There's quite a few alterations on this Card There's a few different Mickey mantles

On here they've been altered that kind Of look funny there's a 53 that I've Seen that has a beard on it or a Mustache there's a famous 1952 tops I Don't think this is super famous because Of this but it's still kind of funny Right over there everything like that Villa Rizzuto 1950 Bowman two And then Julius Irving color added the Scott and a so let's try to see Where this color was added at I have to look under a loop Oh you can see it all over here this was All colored in in the back And it has a crease in it so It's not paper lost too for their Eyeshadow again probably is one five or Two Bill Burns this has got a one little Paper loss right there in that back Corner But has really good eye Appeal on it Choppy Charles this got a 2.5 Clean overall Luke Kreiger this got A3 Very little staining right there and Also there but the colors are very Vivid On this Hal chase this one got A2 I think it's because a little bit of a Either Inked effect or Paper loss that's paper loss That's Willie Keeler this was actually a

Stunner in wondering why it's the 1.5 But it's all the staining on the back But still and there's a little paper Loss too we actually looked this over a Little closer I'll be forcing it in but This is a really really nice card Those are for customer by the way Izzy Hoffman this has evidence of Trimming I'd have to take a look at it under a Loop to look a little bit closer And some of you guys might be wondering Like why does this fit perfectly and Still could have evidence of trimming Well the reason is some of these t206s Are a little bit larger so someone could Trim down to size I was the case with I think one of the T206 Hana swaggers but Regardless sometimes it's tough to see These in person unless you really look Under a loop Carger evidence of trimming as well Surprise same thing That's Well Bradley It's got E1 [Music] Okay Jimmy I don't know how to pronounce his Last name this has got E3 really really Good color on that by the way Really nice We've got A2 on the Jimmy

A little bit of a rarer back associated With that Rub Manning this also got a two Joe Lake A few pieces of paper loss it looks like Also a little bit shifted down or Shifted up I should say the name's cut Off but this is epdg pack This one's actually really cool Hindu You do not see these every single day so I saw that it was getting subbed I was Actually pretty excited We got a Mike donalan it's got a 1.5 It's obviously Miss cut little paper Loss on that side of things but really Great presentation and fun fact at card Shows Sometimes dealers will show the back Rather than the front of the card Because more people click the back and That would be the case with it Jeff Sweeney It's normal sweet capital Frank It's got a15 creased on the face George Stovall 2.5 Joe Montana Rookie Card 7.5 Pretty clean copy OC top to bottom Back over there Print effect Reggie Jackson rookie card got a three Let's see all that over there Good Corners though

On a bad back Sandy Koufax so there's a dealer stamp On there and also some type of signature So probably one or one five it's got a One But front presents pretty nicely Dr W G Grace this one got E3 Kind of a tough grade on that one but I Think it presents actually pretty nice Or if there's a crease or something like That Either way really really cool card Other one got E2 you guys don't know who Grace is by the way One of the founders of cricket pretty Much helped really helped grow the sport Played for like 40 years Josh Clark this has got a four And then villagraf's One of his cots got a three There's another one another box and we Have a 53 Peewee Reese very classic card This one got a three So let's go through what was not graded First and we'll be a little careful with These as well The side [Music] All right so first this Kevin Durant I Think this was an auto that was added on After But not 100 sure Up next we have a 55 Clemente this was a Rookie card it does have that corner

That is cut off So I think it was just because it was too Much of the card that was missing in the Number as well but when I found out from The Collector that actually sent it in Some of the kids did that in the past so Ruined a very valuable Card Unfortunately but that is why that can Be slapped in this giant alloy I'm not Actually too familiar with this one But it says SGC does not grade these Cards so that is the case I guess There's a lot of counterfeits of these Out there We gotta do a little bit more research On these That's on my side of things Definitely need to catch up on some Spotting fakes as well so All right Next stock Run Baker it's got A1 Classic bird Irving Johnson that's got a Three really miscut on the front on this One And you guys can see the back too super Diagonal Maris has got a five [Music] There This Einstein got a one trying to see I Know there's a crease right there [Music]

Tough one All right 55 Thorpe it's got a 3.5 [Music] 34 spawn 1970 Aaron 4.5 Key card here Evidence of trimming that's unfortunate Possibly over there again to kind of Take a look at with the loop I do think It's that one because you guys can see It's kind of curved But again always double check that but I'd kind of predict that side Idiot Fleer Jordan got a seven 83 Kirby Puckett got a seven actually a Pretty cool card Two years before it stops Nine five Nine and also nine black border cards Pretty tough to get in high grade Rookies Another Jeter rookie Bowman got a nine For Jordan embossed this guy That's got Justin Jefferson at 9.5 325 No Auto grade because the auto goes Underneath over here We got A9 on this trout The thick SGC case That is two of 25 2016 All-Star Game Minimum size not met on this Red Roofing But this is a 370 peachy you barely see Those out there

That kind of sucks about the Min size There's actually a feller in the set That I really really want and the DiMaggio it's out of my price range but If I ever got that one day I think it'd Be a really cool addition to the PC but That Feller definitely want to work on Getting We got a 10 10 Keegan Murphy Basketball player again Can't tell you much about them Justin Jefferson 10 9 43.50 I thought this one was really cool 2002 Flear Berry bonds 10 Auto 8 card overall Authentic game used bad 35 of 600. really really cool card Justin jefferson1095 this is number 217. It's kind of weird I mean jersey number 18. I guess that's just the purples in The set And then Jack Bastian got a four Other Jim cot also got a three Michael Jordan sticker this one got E4 Bradshaw rookie card this one got a five Killebrew rookie this one got eight two 68 Ryan rookie this one got a two 1960 Yaz this got a 3.5 Gibson this got a two Ecard as well See on that one This Ryan got E2 Centered 54 Ted Williams got A1 someone actually

Wrote stuff down there Can't tell exactly what it says but That one got a one Bank circuit got a one 58 maze this one got E3 Peter rookie Got a four little stain down there 62 Maris it's got A1 79 Ozzie Smith got a five This one looks super clean I think maybe There's a scratch and some print dots Over here Really really nice looking five 63 mantle one 62 mantle it's got A1 Crease through the face crease also over There So Oh and writing on the back D1 mantle got a four Foreign 67 mantle one crease through the face All the way through the card entirely so Someone had this folded in half at one Point 62. this one got a three Similar to the other one but no writing On the back does look like It was stuck to something or something Like that I don't think that is paper Loss but 57 Aaron this one's actually pretty nice Oh no I wouldn't say nicely centered but Compared to a lot of other ones I see

They're pretty horribly centered but 3.5 57 it's got a one multiple creases Throughouts 56 got a three 52 minoso 2.5 Looks like there's something stuck on The card right there but like besides That corner is super sharp on this Little bit of staining on the back But very popular minoso card Should also say shot at the last episode Of the Personal Collection make sure to Watch it if you are a fan of minosa or Want to learn a lot more about them And then 53 mantle it's got A1 all right Clark Griffith the Scotty one crease and Also stuff on it Justin Jefferson Mosaic got a nine Justin Jefferson 17 of 25 9.5 Another one 14 of 25 pretty cool to have Two of them Skybox Premium Larger than Life this got A seven don't know if this is like an Insert set or something like that This one is numbered to 150. it's got a Seven Mariano Rivera 1990 Diamond cards Tampa Yankees they used to go to Tampa Yankee Games for minor league and also the Yankees play spring training in Tampa as Well so Really really cool there it's probably His first card I'd assume unless these Other minor league stuff

Julius Irving 1972 alternative rookie Guard Michael Jordan got it seven Derek Jeter it's like a metal card it's Actually pretty heavy got an eight Crew Alan well it's Rod crew rookie 2.5 The four maze got a 5.5 Nice looking card I think this was the One that I picked up At Houston but not 100 sure have to Double check that was something Patrick Wah it's got A6 59 Aaron 1.5 so that was cut off at the Top that was sent to us at the Utah card Show Kirby Puckett evidence of trimming Really really clean card I'll have to take a look a little bit Closer There is that one 58 Clemente this one got a two 58 maze this one got A4 Being at Crosby Cinema Stars really cool One over here it's got a six Looks so good in the tux Mantle Aaron It's got a five Again let's remember this was Houston Show or not I think it was Or that's in our pending grading pile Wilhelm this is actually a very tough Card High number and also a rookie card Super important in that set

So although it is a one Still extremely popular But that's a really cool card this is Actually the first time I've held one in Hand Dick Williams High number Those High numbers stuff really go for Premiums you can find them Warren spawn 1.5 Hack Wilson was hoping this one got a Four but got the three unfortunately Silicon card Then a Jack Dempsey 1933 1.5 Some of you guys are wanting to see What's in this one over here Check that out there's a Michael Jordan But we have one more thing to go through Oversized so just grab it that's all Right a burst we have a sonilla roof That's got a 1.5 I've had a few of these cards before This is an alternative rookie for Ozzie Smith got E5 one of the best defensive Players of all time if you take a look At his stats it wasn't really good as a Hitter but between his flips which are Really popular for Just don't see these all the time We've got a Larry Bird Indiana State Pretty cool one as well I guess it just didn't fit the normal SJC slab Not familiar with this card might be a Little actually a little bit bigger just

Perception with that spacing over there And what I found out is this team issue Is this technically rookie card it's Extremely tough to find It's pretty cool on that And you guys have been waiting for it so Let's go into All right first we have a 1986 Jordan That's got a 4.5 Little off-centered left to right I thought this was a pretty clean copy Does it look like it has a little bit of Cornered image over there too [Music] Evidence of trimming t206 Cobb See might be that over there you guys Can see also how it's straight and then Goes around which is kind of interesting It would have been a one anyways because Of that paper loss over there But still doesn't present too bad really And lastly 1951 Bowman mantle this has got a two Definitely is OC but it was a pretty Nice copy Don't think there's any creases But yeah that is our SGC sub number one If you guys want to send in cards with Us the link is on the website down below Doing two every single month and we can Pick them up and drop them off at card Shows and soon we'll be delivering in Person to SGC that is in the future hope You guys enjoy it I'll see you next time

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