Opening March’s Elite, Platinum, & Mid-End Basketball Boxes From The Boombox

I am opening/reviewing March’s Elite, Platinum, & Mid-End Basketball Boomboxes from The Original Boombox for our next sports card pack break/unboxing! Each box comes with 6-10 hobby, fast break, or retail packs and some supplies (one-touch mag or screw down holder). See below for more info on each format. Head over to their site to see the current prices, packs, and promotions! ⬇️

Check out their website:

Elite: $260 per box. Featured packs include 2019-20 Panini Mosaic Basketball Hobby, 2021-22 Obsidian Asia Tmall, 21-22 Mosaic, 2022-23 Prizm Draft Picks Collegiate, 21-22 Prizm Fast Break

Platinum: $140 per box. Featured packs include 2021/22 Mosaic, 2020/21 Revolution, 21/22 Donruss, 21/22 Revolution, 2022/23 Prizm DP

Mid-End: $90 per box. Featured packs include 2020-21 Donruss Optic, 20-21 Donruss Elite, 20-21 Revolution, 21-22 Revolution


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The giveaway ends on 3/8-9. The winners will be drawn randomly during my stream on Whatnot from the eligible users currently in the stream. Users must have their shipping & payment info added to their account so they can add their name to the giveaway pools (you won’t be charged for anything). Only one entry is allowed per person. To make it fair to others, please do not make additional entries on multiple accounts.


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What's going on guys welcome back to a New video today we have the elite Platinum and mid end basketball Boomboxes for March now if you guys like Basketball or football we do boomboxes For both additionally for both Sports we Have some big giveaways finally after a Couple weeks off from our weekly Giveaways we have Immaculate football First off the line and the upcoming Donruss basketball second NBA set so you Guys want to win some free stuff for Those like three boxes each being given Away the packs from those boxes uh just Like the video subscribe to the channel Follow me on whatnot it's an app that's Free where we can go live to the whole Thing there so you see it all happen There and uh open those boxes give all The cards to you guys many winners and It's join our live stream when it's time So yeah use that link get 10 free Dollars using the app we'll have breaks For iMac first offline as well and it's Gonna be a fun time so best of luck time For our boxes very very excited because I always love ripping these and let me Move these to the side in the back we Have Shaq and Chuck I thought that'd be A fun one to do so I'll move these Away there we go and here are our boxes So move these right there All right mid end you're up first As always we have a little battle so mid

End first Platinum first Elite if Some need to be teamed up we'll do that As well What pack is that green I don't know I don't know who that is let's find out I this could be so obvious when I see it But right now it's Oh okay wait maybe I know But here's our stuff from inside And there we are all right Here we go so March mid end ninety Dollars and you get 20 21 optic Same here Elites same Revolution and Then this year's Revolution so share his With them Tatum 3.0 so 10 10 5 Autographed jersey and a platinum Boombox cool and I don't know if that's Supposed to say something but I can't Read it so there we go Here's our supplies 130 is actually extremely useful I Probably have the least 130s In terms of one touches so I like that I think that's Elite Let's find out So Revolution Revolution OTE Chrome And then we have hoops Bowman U optic It's Hobby and then Elite All right so we have seven packs of time You get six to ten Um

Let's go like this probably I think I like that here we go Let's uh See what we got homie you which I think Drops again soon We have something in here We got something let's see Here's our cards And it's shiny And I think this is one or two per box The Invicta I think it is could be wrong only uh Three cards in that one Of our current rookies all right there We go Next one up OTE is interesting we'll see how it does When him and his twin Are in the NBA That's gonna be the big kind of Telltale Was everyone think of these cards Because they are projected to go high I Think one of them's name from three to Five and oh they're right behind them All right let's put these here but you Guys like these videos you want to see More like subscribe we'll have uh a lot More And sign up for your membership links Down below once again enter those Giveaways basketball football thousands Of dollars boxes get one of you guys Usually every week or so so it's gonna

Be fun time oh I like what I see Sarah Thompson I think he is yeah he's React to like mid Maybe if I had to guess Five to ten Maybe So There we go I like what are your Thoughts on that stuff And then uh IG is packing cards right There we're linking description and post It back there So host uh some shorts on there as well So openings that I don't have on here I Usually post there if you're interested So a lot of baseball did some UFC For yesterday and some football I think I did where I'm planning to do some Of this kind of stuff or this kind of Stuff on there as well So Apollo I like So hon I like again and LeBron all right Very nice Put it like that And next one up Hopefully Jack Chuck good luck Ryan accidentally They're from our Mystery Pack video so You haven't seen that it's a fun one but I'm hoping get some good luck from them Because I feel like we're every other Month usually so maybe this is the month We have something here I Oh just an insert okay

I thought it was A set I don't recognize It is 2021 it's been a while so maybe I'm just forgetting but Giannis Fractal vortex Cool And then Revolution again this is this Year's and Ja on the cover It's Been a rough Day or two for Grizz fans I am one of them and it's been tough It's been very tough Um For anyone wondering my thoughts um I Don't know I'm just in I'm in shambles right now Brooke suspended just suspended Clark Achilles Boston nuggets Rip all right here is Elite The football version tmall is much Juicier let's see though because this Probably has the highest odds out of Gold or one of one I say that all the Time but it is true in my opinion so And tell hero all right Your two red Color match well not in this jersey but Color match year two to Ching or Optic The unfortunate part about all the packs In this one is all low hit rate so Not easy We do have an orange here oh no don't do

That You guys see what I'm seeing Is that a Hornets rookie I don't want to Play this game this isn't this isn't fun I thought this was over Let me guess Hornets Rookie all right call your shots comment Down below who is this poor reveal I'm Going with I was gonna say Mr big head I'm gonna go Vernon Carrie could be real Or romelo Oh Mr Big Head yes never lamelo 2021 was The worst year in collecting he actually Not bad though Mr Big Head balls out Worst year in collecting because Everyone stinks they put extra trolls Except for like six players who are so Good which is crazy But man there are so many trolls in this Product I'll take it Mr Big Head he's Probably My second pick if I had to get one so Hey there we go we're on the board could Have been a little mellow but we know Better After like two years of collecting that Class we've learned Here's quantum Platinum is 140 dollars And Hopefully they're better we got a little Trolling mid end So Safe to say actually you know what I

Hope I'm not jinxing it but they're Probably not winning any team up here Or any battle If someone's team up with them they're Probably in trouble Okay Here is platinum which is The mid tier of the three we have here There's also a cheaper one I believe All right Let's see Platinum 140 Mosaic it is Hobbies not First off the line which is like the Goat product but Revolution Donruss I like that Revolution and prism Draft hobby so all right share your hits Tatum promo and there you go Let's see we got in here We have 35 so useful sizes actually What it's worth and Prism draft I didn't see the 10 and I thought just Had cards inside and I was like I hope So we have Paulo again Featured a lot John Zion we got Jalen Green and then uh it's Don Russ and this Is Mosaic we'll go like this Guaranteed hit fine he said one and one So um how about we go like that Here we are hoops Imagine a hoopsart Probably not me today but we can dream Right

Uh nope not in this one But we do have John Moran Go Grizz We got it Go crazy I hope We'll see what happens All right Revolution Can we get an auto or a numbered card Let's find out And Nope another Jay Sean Tate I pull a lot Of Jason Tate I put up Prime Wilt Numbers when it comes to playing Jay Sean Tate but the same one back to back All right If I had to guess then last time we got Uh I don't remember but whatever we got In the first pack that's we're getting In this pack Let's see Oh we do have an autograph And with the autograph is a numbered Card because this year's Revolution they Put them together Don't know if that was intentional or Not but it is Like that not intentional all right uh Colors I don't know what color that is But this is a Luca supernova a little Over saturated the picture There we go All right let's see the number card

Mo Bamba Like your Legend Okay Uh 40 of 60. Revolution is coming out again I didn't Share at least at the time recording the Pictures on Instagram yet but I will Soon I shared the new prism design for Basketball the new kind of product specs And designs on there so did that one First we'll do Revolution next I like Everyone I've seen Uh blue and red I don't know if we like That Oh blue and orange tree man okay Actually knowing my luck I thought it'd Be giddy I'll take a train man Cool And there we are all right On the board And this should have an autograph I love A Zion manga That'd be cool Maybe probably not Holding my breath there's our autograph I see it AI Talk about you again and Oh well actually hold on Is that That might be rare national pride that Might be I'm not sure It might be one of the rare ones I already forgot everything from Prism

Draft so yeah I don't know there's one Of the Throwbacks or flashbacks we have orange Nice to 49. a 49. so hun I like And are they all upside down really I think our autographic right there Kareem and we got what we got prawn All right Three two one Adonis Williams all right is it numbered It should be To 149 I think those I don't know Yeah I'll have to do some looking after But regardless it's nothing crazy even If it is that rare That's the truth maybe the manga would Be probably the only one that and color Blast I don't think anyone's going crazy for These but it is nice to get it and if I'm wrong I'll put something on the Screen or something like that or in the Description that says hey I was wrong This is very valuable this is incredibly Rare I think if I'm correct it was a short Printer degree or one of the rarer ones But not all rare Means super valuable Every product has a rare card now What is rare is a next day Kate Cunningham So uh

I don't know whatever they want to give Us is cool but there's a little hint Here's a lot of bass And We should have rookie right about right About now all right Garuba We got Kessler Edwards David Johnson Bride and Zaire Williams all right we'll Go Grizz at the end but other than that It's um Not the best five rookies Probably bertons all right Magic CP Giannis fake press proof Marvels And Jose Retro series Shaq Huh and A hold on put that down press proof real The black text go Grizz retro series Jason Williams okay well not the best Pack of Donruss Hmm Mosaic save us A product that's been good for us in the First off the line form but this is not First off the line Let's see we have I already know which Parallels we have Doesn't take a crystal ball to know

Which ones you're getting here Put these guys there Ah that those are in the front usually They're in the back or middle and Recorded Rockets of course of course Chris Middleton to Ching obviously Jason Tatum ding parallel love that LeBron stairmasters And yeah our parallels being the red and The mosaic Massive shock Who would have thought Totally not me all right So far Not much got some trolls and [Music] Um Yeah that's it so Elite if you could uh Save our skin here that'd be much Appreciated Here we go we they're more expensive Than the other two combined so uh no Pressure No pressure What pack is that that is I don't know it's also green but it's Not Thomas Elite That looks like Obsidian team off Interesting And there we go empty box That would be 20 21 or 21 22. that's the Big question because I prefer 21 22. Um it is there you go Mosaic so 260 for

This one this is Elite the highest tier Yat Mosaic 1920. that's an interesting One got obsidian Asia Team all Mosaic All right all right prism draft and Prism fast break sugar hits Tatum promo There you go Let's see our packs let's see let's see I would love Because of 35 Point An optic fast break at this point to Save our skin seriously But we have cards inside We have Mosaic mosaic Revolution 2021 Fast break and obsidian Team all hmm That's interesting let's go like This This that's like 100 something dollar Pack I think so How about like that Heroes nothing We need a hero Badly Here goes Another 2021 Revolution can we get Something so far over two Are we gonna stay over It's looking like it DeMar DeRozan we are we're over Revolution with today 2021 what a class All right And here we go Prism fast break I no longer hate in the Fast breaks because we open optic and It saved Our Lives

So prism Being a relative You get the Same Love Good luck For now Moses Brown They made that prism base that bigger Sneaky sneaky sneaky Dear and fox Deandre ayton Oh nice read And Kessler Edwards all right That was uh They are no Optics Time for maybe a manga or color blast I Don't know let's see Let's open prey Got Tower hero I see some shiny action You get a lot of shiny stuff in here Bradley Beal real deal Branham Um uh Otto Yeah All right We have Album Okay Bloom to 199. And what do we have here Ryan Rollins Justin Lewis Yes sir Mark Williams Jabari Smith and Yikes Okay uh

Interesting Put these here If we have no highlights We'll put those guys in there there we Go Mosaic let's see who our red It'll be red and silver or mosaic I'm Calling We'll get that red is it red I think he has red right there there's Always a red Oh Reds Man It's funny because tops red is to five And here it's like the worst parallel With me Cam Thomas and Kade Very strange those on the front they Shouldn't be or usually are not Ah Rockets flashback Pistons this pack Rockets garuba And uh All right I'll take a Kate all day Rising Stars most certainly and there we Go Rondo again Okay Um please save us 1920 mosaic Tough to hit from Mosaic because there's A number card or two per box and I can Play I'd say probably one One auto and use it Auto's Miss it's It's not easy

But you're chasing some big names Here goes nothing Hopefully that's the Not foreshadowing A lot of bass Shack Hall of Fame Red Supercoos What's this right here I don't know I don't know is it good What is that I don't know Oh All right a tumbo International men of mastery Yeah okay No No and yikes dude yikes The unfortunate part is this also Is not a high hit rate so ceiling's not The high either Very very rough Not the best Hit odds and it's uh hitting us Right here we do have a gold or yellow It's called All right I love a nice yellow Cade Anyone good from this class Jared Butler Uh oh Van lockdown actually that's not Necessarily a gold that might actually Be the numbered one I doubt it's a gold

Now Klay Thompson tunnel vision And Yeah it's one of those parallels is it Rookie no it's Dirk Dirk number two 99 and there you go Huh who won this one Comment down below who's the winner Or is it draw I think last basketball is draw too I Don't know call me your thoughts The basketball has been rough to us Recently Here is um we got Hornets rookie here's The recap Um Yeah Yeah all right so Mr Big Head You've been nominated congratulations Here's the Platinum Akeem I guess right Sohan all right Man actually I think we might have a Winner here We might have a winner Yeah so there's what we got from this One What a journey You get three which might be the nail in The coffin there that might be it and Here is Elite which was not very elite Dirk numbered card

Kade Aruba red Kate again uh yeah Yikes Yeah sharks we got some chances there But unfortunately we whipped So One two Of six cards nominated So cash your votes Who won Or who lost And there we go so got some got some Decent ones but unfortunately no huge Ones got some um potentially rare I Don't know And we did a video recently so I just Completely forgot it just uh one that I Don't remember so yeah if I had to pick I'm probably going with Platinum not by A lot platinum or Draw so comment Thoughts down below Then we'll have some uh big giveaways Going down probably in the next like few Days big chances as well as some breaks As well new brakes alive on the site as Well so it'll be a fun time and does it For this month's boomboxes football Coming soon stay tuned for that one and We just recently did last month's Football which was much better so you Haven't seen that one definitely check It out and that's it for this video guys Thank you guys for watching always like Comment subscribe until next time I'll

See you later

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