Sports Card Show Dealers getting BETTER

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It has come to my attention that sports card show dealers are getting a LOT better in their pricing and how they deal with collectors/customers.

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We are back it is another day it is Another sports card video how is Everybody doing we are starting the week Off on the right foot I hope hey buddy Today I'm going to talk about how I Think that sports cards show dealers are Getting a lot better I made a few kind Of scathing videos so to speak I made One after the national Um just based on my experience there and It was actually a couple other shows as Well but basically like 70 75 percent of Dealers current dealers will be gone This time next year and replaced by Other dealers and big part of the reason Why I brought this up was because I just Saw a lot of dealers set up at the National and other shows that are kind Of these Legacy dealers that are just Setting up card museums without any sort Of motivation to sell I mean everything Just priced like three times probably What current market is but again it's Just kind of like a car show or Something where you're walking through But the difference is is that at the car Show you're just going there and Watching it's there's showcasing cool Cars that aren't really for sale at the National it is a buy sell trade show so It's just different different Expectations plus it's the mecca of Sports card hobby shows it is the mecca Before I go go on let me thank new

Sponsor MVP I made a Video last week I believe or maybe the Week before basically around the fact That you know we see a lot of show Dealers that have big social media Presences that you know they get the Word out really well and the assumption Is if they say a show isn't good or if They say a show is good or whatever that That is kind of how it is whereas There's just a ton of local and Regional Dealers that are really great this one Is one of them that I ran into MVP and I was able to secure 10 off all orders on their website with Promo code dad3 they're really trying to Compete with some of the bigger boys out There selling product so really Site-wide you're looking at 10 off Dad Three but they've got you know all new Products just like a lot of the other Places would have definitely check them Out we've got new basketball baseball Football product they've got Pokemon Stuff they've got pre-orders as well for Pokemon Panini Elite basketball as well As baseball products and it's free Shipping for all orders over five Hundred dollars with the 10 off the free Shipping over 500 bucks not a bad little Deal so check out MVP For sure another thing I had mentioned In that video is I felt like dealers Gotten a little bit spoiled over the

Last few years with just there was so Much money flowing into the hobby slash Market they really didn't have to do a Whole lot of work they just had to show Up with their cards or their products or Their breaks or whatever and the money Was just flowing everyone's throwing Down money everyone's loving sports Cards Euphoria and you don't really have To be a Salesman to do any of that it Just kind of show up you know now you Have to be a little bit more of a Salesman you there's a little bit more Gamesmanship and I understand a lot of Stuff is being done online sports card Radio others are doing different sorts Of strategies with golden with com c to Where you're not really touching cards You're just moving cards back and forth With click click click take your profit Move into something else I love that Stuff as well but today we're just Mainly talking about sports card show Dealers and I think that there's a lot Of opportunity at shows as well Especially now entering into 20 23 I Think a lot of dealers have shed maybe Some of that bad inventory where they Were maybe down on cards or just Breaking even on cards or maybe they're Just taking less profit than they wanted To on certain cards and just Recycling And getting back into the groove and More of a buyer's market is where we are

Now that's where we have been for a While it's just taken a lot of folks a Bit to catch up to that fact at my local Raleigh show this last weekend people Were a lot more engaging and the one Thing that I really liked that I saw There a lot of conversation just around Cards a lot of camaraderie it wasn't Necessarily just around buying selling Transactional stuff it was wow that's an Interesting card let's look at it I mean There's one there was one case that I Saw in my rally card show that had three Of those really kind of Grail Simpsons Cards the the signed artwork where it Was like original art on a card by Matt Groening that did it what 30 years ago 20 or 30 years ago or whenever they came Out they were I think the the one was Ten thousand one was twenty five Thousand and the other one was twenty Thousand that is one of my Grail cards That's I know that's a culture card it's Not a sports card but man those things Are just awesome and The Simpsons carry A special place for me going back to What 1989 or 90 when they came out when I was a kid watching the show but where The Hobbies gotten really interesting I Think over the last I would say that I've seen this over the last six to 12 Months is instead of focusing on you Know base cards so to speak and nothing Wrong with bass to get those graded

There people are realizing there's a lot Of unique items out there and some of Them might be sports cards just random Sets you might not have heard of for Particular players or just different Strategies around grading autographs We've talked on about TTM through the Mail type autographs I'm seeing more and More of that sort of thing and then also Unique you know music cards or culture Cards that's been popular my buddy Flipping Steve he buys kind of those you Know vintage music stickers of the Led Zeppelin and gets those graded because You know there's not that many of them Graded there's not really that many of Them out there that you can find really In decent shape and then also getting Them graded you get them you know Protected it becomes kind of that you Know the eBay one of one so to speak but There are so many different Avenues to Go down and now we're looking at more Unique pieces when you go into a card Show you know and you see the case yeah You'll you'll see a Michael Jordan Rookie card you know which is an awesome Card it's iconic you know or a Kevin Durant rookie card or whatever but There's also really unique cards a lot Of times mixed in that have a story Behind them and I really like that I Like the fact that you can kind of wrap In kind of that culture element to

Sports and so those unique cards bring Out conversation oh what is that about What is this about what's the story Behind that card where did that come From they make cards for that and that Gets it going I think honestly that Camaraderie and that conversation is Just as important as the buy sell Element at a card show now I understand That dealers have to make money but if We look at this and we compared these Shows to other trade shows and I'm not Necessarily talking about the national Or Dallas some of these large large Shows you know that are expensive to Rent tables but a lot of these local Region all shows it might be a hundred Dollars couple hundred dollars for the Weekend few hundred bucks you know to Set up for the weekend that's not too Bad I mean I know a lot of people say Like their dollar box pays for them to Be there and then yeah if they make a Nice sale on top of that then great you Know so it's not like a regular trade Show where you're you have a team of People that are bringing in all this Equipment and stuff I mean I understand There's corporate there there are Corporate booths that do all that stuff But if you're the average dealer out There how much are you really spending To set up at a show I like the fact that It's not exorbitant whether it be my

Local shows or some of the regional Shows it's not crazy going back to my Raleigh show you know guys make an eye Contact talking hey how you doing what Are you looking for seeing a little bit More of the effort there behind you know Trying to get to know the person the the Consumers the collectors the customers There was definitely more of that over The last week and and I said it before I Don't understand how it's still so busy I thought for sure with just some of the Economic challenges that we are facing Frankly that it would be less but Interest remains really really strong And so part of it is the money piece of Having money to be able to go out and Spend but then there's the other piece That the mental health piece of going to A show getting that nostalgic flashback Getting those kind of good feelings About seeing those cards and talking to Some people that's worth five to ten Bucks entry to go in and just have a Conversation hang out with some folks For a couple hours about cards or comic Books or other Collectibles and so it's Getting better out there I'm excited to Go to this Philly show this weekend Santiago Sports is sponsoring the trade Night so that'll be fun I'm not bringing A bunch of cash but I am bringing some Cards just have fun at the trade night See if maybe we can wheel and deal a

Little bit but no pressure on any of That I'm really just going to hang out With friends see that Philly show Because I've never been to it maybe get A little bit of footage so I can share It with you all for the content and That'll be it so guys let me know your Thoughts in the comments are you having More fun at shows here recently in 2023 Than maybe in 21 or 22 going back in Time a little bit stay healthy stay Awesome and I will talk to you again Later Thank you

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