REACTION to Dan The Card Man. WRONG.

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This is a fun ‘reaction to the reaction video’ from @DanTheCardMan2 🙂 Thanks to Dan for being a good sport, here’s the link to his video:

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I cannot believe that Dan tried me like That today we are going to react to Dan The card man's video talking about one Of my videos a reaction to the reaction Video who to thunk it All right so Dan was reacting to a video That I made that was talking about the Spiegel golden card porn lawsuit with The LeBron James RPA numbered out of 99. This is a card that is it's going Through kind of the motions and chord as Far as whether it should have been Pulled down from Golden where golden Should have pulled it down from auction Is it a real card is it a fake card fake Patch all that stuff and really what it Was is upper deck had replaced the patch That was inside because the original Owner thought that it was damaged and so There's all this controversy about okay Well it's not the original patch it's a Replacement patch but it is an authentic Card anyway so they're gonna have to Work all that out in court but where Dan Was talking about here and what I had Questioned was the idea of placement Cards for these big time cards and the Point that I was making is is that wow Replacement cards unnumbered cards is an Interesting thing what happens to those Cards almost kind of like you know Um prototype you know type Collectibles Where they just kind of pop up and You're like whoa what was that and so

The idea was is that hold up let's take A second to thank video sponsor drip Drip Marketplace you're Live Streaming Friends where you can buy sell cards Collectibles all different types of Collectibles comic books non-sports Culture cards on the drip Marketplace Check out drips live streaming Marketplace today links in the video Description as well as pinned in the Comments Upper Deck had said in their Letter that they have extras of these on Hand in case there is a damage claim and What Dan had come back and said is that He thought that this was common Knowledge I like these debate topics and Let me say first I don't have anything Against Dan his channel is a good one he Covers a lot of kind of the scammy stuff That happens in the hobby I would say That's really the meat of his content Probably 95 percent of his videos I I Would guess just doing a quick run Through is just covering scammy stuff That does happen and kind of keeping Your eyes peeled for these sorts of Things and these sorts of things that Pop up in the news I cover some of this Stuff as well so I like to also watch His stuff and get his take and so I Think that he and then also some people In my comments they were trying to look At this as a teachable moment for me Which is fine I can always learn I've

Been back in the hobby since 2018 for The last five years or so so I'm not a Long time hobbyist like I think Dan is And maybe some of the other people and So he felt that this was common Knowledge that people knew that and as He States in his video that these Manufacturers had this in place for Almost almost he covered himself there Nice job Dan almost every single card Parallel game used patch or autograph Card now I can understand where Upper Deck had extras for this particular LeBron James card and maybe that's set In particular because we remember Remember going back 2003 Exquisite was The most expensive product at the time I Think it was 500 per box is what I've Heard which at the time was insane for For a card set and so it was very high End back then and so it would make sense That if someone's buying high-end Product they've got damaged cards Upper Deck wants to make sure that they can Handle those so it doesn't get out onto The forums or get out into the press That oh we got this damaged card we paid All this money and we got we got these Damaged cards that we can't get anything For and so maybe upper deck covered Themselves here reason why I push back On this as far as the statement of every Single card parallel game used patch or Auto that they produce is if this was

The case where they had a lot of these Extras I would think that they would Make their way out into the wild you Would think that okay eventually maybe Destroy them but doesn't it seem more Likely that they find themselves out Onto eBay where you've got you know an Auto or parallel that's not numbered and Then of course if it's something that People like they're gonna be like whoa Why is that one unnumbered wouldn't that Happen quite a bit I think it's more Likely that nowadays especially with Panini points and stuff like that that You probably just get Panini points they Probably don't have a lot of the extras And they might say like hey look you Know in an interview we do make extras Dan did say we don't have how did he Word it here nobody really knows how Many are produced so again we're talking About just kind of this ambiguous thing Where it can't be really common Knowledge in the Hobby and also let me Just say too is I think that when you Talk about forums and even YouTube the Vast majority of the hobby isn't on Blowout forms the vast majority of the Hobby isn't on YouTube and frankly I Would argue that the majority of the Hobby participants today probably got Back in in the last five to seven years I would guess I think 2016 was kind of a Marker where people got back in 2015-16

So maybe we're looking at the last seven Eight years yes do you have some long Time hobbyists that have been around for 20 30 years 40 years non-stop they've Been in the hobby yeah but what Percentage of current hobbyists is that And then of that percentage the people That have been collecting for 40 years Are they long time vintage collectors That really don't pay attention to some Of the modern stuff that comes out or a Lot of the modern stuff that comes out So that maybe they didn't know that Manufacturers had a bunch of extra Parallels and autograph cards because They frankly don't care because they're Just collecting pre-war baseball cards Or whatever I would think that there's a small Percentage of people that would have That would think of this as common Knowledge if we're looking at kind of The hobby as in its entirety where we Sit today and if the answer is that oh Yes we do have all these cards and They've all been destroyed then how did The back door F1 one of one get out Actually it wasn't the one of one the One of one sold for seven hundred Thousand dollars recently but the Unnumbered version made its way out into The wild and kind of screwed that up you Know because it's like okay well this Isn't a one-of-one this is the

Unnumbered it's the Prototype or it's The extra you know or whatever it is That would be hard-pressed to believe That they've got a lot of extras maybe For single cards just because frankly Look if you've got base card stuff That's not you know a parallel even Parallels so I'm going to disagree with Dan I think that they probably cover Themselves with the higher end stuff and The product you know with LeBron James 2003 that was obviously a big hit card I Think that what out of that whole set Only six of them six or nine of the Cards had the RPA out of 99 so that was Obviously a special card Carmelo Anthony Another one in that set so they probably Have extras for the really important Stuff coming out of the release is my Guess and maybe some of the maybe the Autograph stuff they do have some extras But I think that it's more likely that You get some sort of Panini points or You get a replacement card that probably Sucks because I just think we would see A lot more of the unnumbered stuff out There it would make itself out into the Wild it wouldn't be hiding it wouldn't Be destroyed or if it was destroyed it Would be found in the landfill there's People searching landfills and finding Collectibles nowadays so I just don't Know I don't think there's every single Parallel or Auto nowadays you just have

Too many too many Autos but I don't know Guys maybe I'm crazy let me know your Thoughts in the comment section below Stay healthy stay awesome and I will Talk to you again later Thank you

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