Whose Sports Cards are RISING Before NBA Playoffs?!

DAILY SLAB, EP. 108 , March 7, 2023 — In this video, SlabStox Nate takes a close look at James Harden’s season and ask, is he showing signs of a hot playoffs this year? And if so, what does that do to his sports card market?

If you are a card collector and want to learn more about the current state of the sports card market, then you won’t want to miss this video.

00:23 – Today’s Trender – James Harden
02:31 – POST OF THE DAY – Big 12 Disappoints
07:22 – What’s Happening – Jackson Holiday Hit! J-Rod Signing

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Credit: SX Beats, Bennett Nowak

On today's daily slab we talk about Garden just had its highest point Scoring game of the year this past Weekend we also talk about a division of Wide receivers that is not doing very Well in the NFL and we are covering a Couple of big big news items happening In the baseball world so sit back relax And enjoy today's daily slab Welcome everyone to the Daily slab I am Nate and our trender for today is James Harden so Hardin has been having a Pretty good year all things considered Um he is excellent in both field goal Percentage free throw percentage three Point percentage expected field goal Percentage true shooting percentage and Offensive rating in fact all of those Things are above his career averages and It's a good season his assists also Above his career average chilling at 10.6 Um leading the NBA So James Harden great Great year but there is one thing that Is not above his career average and that Is his points per game that is below Right now but he did just score his Season High against the Bucks in a big Win that stopped the Bucks 16-game win Streak he scored 38 including 20 points In the fourth quarter against Chris Middleton Um a great great game for him well

Against the Box Chris Milton was Guarding him but a great game for him 20 Points in the in the quarter Is almost his entire points per game for The entire season And so hopefully for the sake of Sixers Fans and for James Harden collectors he Keeps this up as the Sixers near the Playoffs because they are going to need James Harden to look like James Harden If they want to have a chance at beating The Celtics or the Bucks in seven games Um as of right now if this is if you get 22 point a game James Arden I don't know If they can do it What's interesting here is that not only Do the Sixers fans and card holders hope That happens they kind of need it to Happen in the last six months his 2009 Topps chrome refractor uh number to 500 PSA 10. that's dropped 17 So they need him they need him to Continue having these types of games Where he scores close to 40. uh To be able to move that card market and To be able to have a chance against the Best in the east in our post of the day We've got a tweet from Daniel Jeremiah And he you can read the Tweet here I'm Not going to read the whole thing but he Points out that there's only been six Cornerbacks drafted from the Big 12 In the top three rounds of the draft of The last 10 years that's not a lot I

Mean that's that's 30 rounds and there's Only six cornerbacks drafted in the last 10 years that's not good that's not good If you're a big 12 quarterback that's Kind of embarrassing Now the point of the Tweet is to point Out that big 12 wide receivers that are Getting drafted high are not really Facing quality competition in their Conference in college and the reason That's important is because there's been A lot of disappointing Big 12 wide Receivers in recent years in fact I went Through and looked and for wide Receivers drafted in the top two rounds Of the last five drafts there have been Six wide receivers taken You have taekwon Thornton from Baylor CD Lamb from Oklahoma Jalen rager from TCU Denzel mimes from Baylor Marquis Brown From Oklahoma and James Washington from Oklahoma State now in the last year These were their stats from this past Season taekwon Thornton 247 yards two Touchdowns 13 games that's kind of Disappointing CD lamb 359 yards nine touchdowns 17 games That's a great year no doubt about it One of the best wide receivers in the NFL Jalen rager 104 yards one touchdown 17 Games that's a pitiful year Denzel mimes 186 yards zero touchdowns 10 games That's also a pitiful year Marquis Brown

79 yards three touchdowns 12 games Obviously if he gets those extra five Games he's probably a thousand yard wide Receiver but it's not like the most Spectacular trade of first round pick Forum type year that he had there down In Arizona And then James Washington zero yards Zero touchdowns two games he appeared in Not great stats across the board outside Of CD Lam Marquis stats for fine Everyone else's stats were bad And it's interesting here because if you Look at prices as well it kind of Pinpoints the prices here or pinpoints The uh problem here is that 2022 Illusions Mystique rookie Auto number to One so he doesn't have his selective Prism or anything tyweek Thornton uh or Tyquan Thornton he doesn't have his Prism select or anything like that so You got to go lower on the list or lower On the totem pole of cards which brings You to Illusions Mystique rookie Auto Number to one it's a one-on-one Auto it Sold for 61 on February 22nd Uh Jalen rager 2020 Immaculate rookie patch Auto number To 99 bgs9 that sold for 25 March 5th Then you have Denzel mimes Or Mims 2020 National Treasures Stars And Stripes rookie Nike patch Auto Number to three that's sold for 129 on February 27th that's a really nice car

That's a massive card Not a massive price Then you have James Washington 2018 Select horizontal rookie gold patch Auto Number to ten that sold for 30 on February 20th the same card just a year Later 2019 is as opposed to 2018 for Marquis Brown that sold for 49 March 1st Marquis Brown was a former first round Pick who had a was traded for a first Round pick He's got a gold select patch Auto Selling for 49 bucks number to 10. and Then you have cd-lam um he's the best One 2020 NT rookie tag patch Auto number To one selling for five thousand forty Nine dollars on the 16th but if you want A more like reasonable card his same Exact 2020 select gold rookie patch Auto Uh number to ten horizontal That sold for 385 on January 14th so the Other cards that sold for 49.30 this Exam for Marquis Brown and for James Washington his sold for 385 so you can See the price to scrapped and see there We're looking at what one star wide Receiver one decent wide receiver Marquis Brown and four disappointments Out of the six draft picks and it kind Of shows you that yeah this tweet had Something going for it uh there has been A lot of Big 12 disappointments from Wide receiver standpoint and if you are Investing in wide receiver classes going

Forward this is something to keep your Mind on is that hey is he from the Big 12 Do I want to risk it if the answer is no Then I wouldn't invest in a big 12 wide Receiver And then in what's happening the Jackson Holiday super fractor 101 Bowman Chrome Auto from Bowman Draft was hit just this Past weekend by filth bomb breaks you Can see it here massive massive car just Absolutely disgusting and I don't know How much it's gonna go for but I hope it Goes to auction so I can see my guess is It probably goes north of 200 000 but South of like 250 maybe maybe I'm Severely overvaluing it but I just feel Like there's a lot of Jackson holiday Hype Um I I guess I don't know I think I Think 200 000 or a little bit above that's my Guess let me know your guess in the Comments below and then lastly there's Also some big news in the Baseball World From a non-card standpoint and that is Julio Rodriguez signed with Adidas um Which is interesting just because kind Of cool to see a young up and coming Player like that get a deal so quickly From a major company so hopefully that Means good things for him and maybe Potentially good things for cards moving Forward be kind of cool to see some

Adidas patches in that uh on those on Those cards and stuff so we'll see what Happens there but uh congrats Julio on That as well And that is all I have time for today Thank you everyone who watched this Video if you liked it please click the Like and the Subscribe button helps us Get this video to more card collectors Like yourselves Thank you everyone and I will talk to You guys tomorrow for the next daily Slam see everyone

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