TikTok Bans Card Breaks. Who’s NEXT?

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Out of left field, Tiktok just announced it will not allow sports card breaking on their platform. What will be the ripple effect?

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Sports card breaking under attack The massive social media platform Tick Tock has announced that it will stop Breaking on its platform it will be Banning sports card breaking on its Platform it's something that I saw a Report that came down from legal they Said that I think just to be on the safe Side they are not going to allow it on The platform I first saw this through a Sports card radio IG story I believe and It was re-shared from the Collectibles Guru he was throwing in his two cents on This and of course when something like This happens it's always what is the Ripple effect what is next something That the Collectibles Guru had opined on Or speculated on was is that YouTube and IG would follow suit in the next 24 Months now that's just pure speculation From what I understand I don't think That Eric over there Collectibles Guru Has any sort of inside information I Think it's just kind of the hot take of The day and that's perfectly fine kind Of what we do here right and it's a Fairly general statement I mean 24 Months in the hobby is like an eternity So could it be that they move away from Breaking on YouTube and IG in 24 months Sure I mean a lot can happen in 24 Months before I continue on big shout Out to today's video sponsor commc.com Your home for buying selling and

Flipping all the hottest trading cards Their Consignment marketplace home to Now over 30 million cards if you can Believe it from Baseball Superstars like Aaron judge to Marvel favorites like Spider-Man comp C has something for Every type of collector visit commsi.com Today I'll have a link in the video Description as well as in the comments To build out your collection guys the Disneyland for sports card collectors And then of course part of that ripple Effect is you have a lot of calls for Regulation in the breaking space Regulation is kind of a double-edged Sword I think a lot of us know if you Look at kind of Regulation over the Years if we look at how the government Has utilized it there's been a lot of Good and some not so good I personally Am not a big fan of government Regulation why is that part of the Reason why is a lot of times when the Government gets in involved in an effort To protect the consumer they take a wide Swipe at everybody so you might have Some bad apples maybe it's five percent Of the breaking Community is not really Doing what it should be maybe it's 10 Whatever it is that's not really doing Stuff they're a little bit scammy this That and whatever well the government When they do their regulation it's going To affect typically a hundred percent of

People that are breaking or any other Industry we've seen this time and time Again now to defend government Regulation if we go back to the Beginnings of our country there was People actually dying in manufacturing Plants creating products you know I mean So there needs to be some sort of Oversight especially when you have Unsafe working conditions and so forth But but again those are kind of extreme Situations and frankly to be honest and I've heard other people say this as well I really think if you're looking at Government oversight and regulation They're probably more focused on crypto Cryptocurrency and that sort of stuff Just because that has been right in the Forefront it's in the news we've seen The recent Fallout from just scandals You know scandals everywhere whether it Be what Celsius or was it FTX the other Huge huge one and this is billions and Billions and billions we're talking About so you know sports card breaks it Probably isn't as high on the priority List I would assume one thing uh Ziggy Said Ziggy a frenemy of the channel I Don't know what to call them I don't Agree with a lot of the stuff that he Comes up with but one thing that he said That I actually did like is some sort of State licensure licensurer when it comes To Breaking so it means that you

Actually have to go through the process Through your state to get a breaking License and there's a little bit of Oversight you know there's some sort of Committee there there's some sort of Oversight team that's paying attention To where somebody has a customer Complaint some Square some scored some Sort of scammy thing happens there is Some sort of entity to go to some sort Of oversight committee to pay attention To it and can shut down those folks that Are just not doing it properly or just Taking advantage of people the other big Thing that could happen here is Fanatics And a lot of people say like I don't Like monopolies You must be the Monopoly guy and and I Get that Fanatics is really going to Control in a couple of years really all Of the sports cards like the licensed Sports card product coming out in what Two or three years they're really going To be in control of all of this stuff Unless maybe they buy Panini and they Get control of it sooner but what does That mean it means that they can Actually come up with standards they can Say hey look if you're going to break Our product you have to follow these Specific guidelines and if you don't Then you're not going to break our Product They can also apply pressure on the

Secondary Market because a lot of people Will say like okay well that's fine when It initially comes out but what happens If you have someone that buys the Product a lot of Breakers are like this They buy the product on the secondary Market and then they're breaking it well Maybe Fanatics can put pressure on you Know secondary Market folks whether Other sales platforms whatever like hey Look if people aren't doing this Properly then this might have an adverse Effect then it should be accounted for You know we're doing this sort of Accounting on the front end meaning like Well we're selling product on the Primary Market you know we've got these Sorts of stipulations in place on the Secondary Market we expect this to be The same and also incentivizing people To maybe buy on that primary Market as Opposed to the secondary Market there's Things they can do they can pull levers They can put pressure on fnatics can do This to really kind of Tidy this thing Up a little bit now whether they're Going to go through all the effort of Doing that it remains to be seen but I Have a feeling though Michael Rubin pays Attention to this sort of stuff and Especially with the sports betting side Really gaining steam I think that he's Going to want this to be an efficient Machine I don't think he's going to want

It to be in the news for stupidity Happening on the breaking side I think That he's going to want it to be tight Or some sort of a process in place to Where hey we've got our Breakers people Breaking and doing this outside of this Sort of process is going to be looked Down upon and it's going to be talked Down to where people in the hobby maybe New people getting in they're not going To bother with those folks because this Is the place where we have efficient Processes to keep you safe type deal the Other part that I think that needs to be Talked about is the fact that there's Not enough talk I think about young People that are able to buy into brakes This actually dawned on me and again I Am not I'm not a breaker so I'm not in The space I don't see it every day I do I'll watch a break here and there on YouTube you know see what if there's a Huge hit or whatever it's kind of fun I Get I understand the entertainment value Of it but one thing that struck me I Think it was was that last year where it Was a 13 or 15 year old hit the Um the one of one Mac Jones that he Ended up selling for a hundred thousand Dollars good on him smart kid but then I Got to thinking like how is a 13 14 15 Year old in this break in the first Place like how does this I guess I just Didn't it didn't dawn on me that you

Could be in the break at that age I Thought that this was kind of an adult's Only 18 plus 21 plus I don't know if There's standards around that and I Don't know if it's very easy to control That piece you know and how can it be Controlled I guess that would be another Thing that I would like to kind of see Cleaned up look if you're doing it with Your dad or your parents or whatever That's one thing but if you're out here And I I respect the hustle you know for For young people but the other thing I Really am not a huge fan of is you know Young people kind of getting into this Groove of you know sports betting Sports Gambling and whether it be whether it be Sports betting uh daily fantasy weekly Fantasy or whatever getting in over your Head or if it's breaking with cards I Would like to see that maybe cleaned up As well or what and look maybe there's Stuff out there maybe there are Breakers Out there that do have you know age Requirements I I really don't know Enough about it but again I've just seen This here and there where you know you Have people that are under 18 that are Winning massive hits or they're in these Breaks it's like how what how is this Happening do their parents even know and So yes eventually some sort of breaking Standards something somebody is going to Have to Reign this in whether it's big

Business like Fanatics or Fanatics like Companies that come in and say all right Guys we're getting together we're Creating standards we're creating things To protect the consumer and create Efficiencies or it's going to be some Sort of state government oversight is The federal government going to get Involved in this probably not maybe they Will but I think it would take a while For that to happen but could States get Into it individually and vote on Different bills and kind of tie this Into a bill you know sports betting bill I think that it could happen most Certainly so but again I'm not for big Government oversight people in the Hobby Companies in the hobby really kind of Pay attention to this get ahead of it I Don't really see it being an issue I Think that they could clean it up enough To where it's not needed it's not as Much on the radar I don't know though You guys let me know what you think in The comments below stay healthy stay Awesome and I will talk to you again Later Foreign

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