MY Sports Card Addiction. 60 Day Follow Up.

To continue the series on my sports card addiction, today is the 60 day follow up video.

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Hey morning everybody we have made it to Another day another sports card video This one is going to be a follow-up to a Video I originally did going back to Early January of 2023 my card addiction Issue how I've been kind of working at It there's some good news there's some Bad news also so definitely stick around I am officially 60 days out from when I Made my original video and it's kind of Important to me to document this journey So that I can look back on it figure out Things I'm doing well think figure out Things I'm not doing so well so that I Can continue to hopefully improve and This is kind of a documentation for me As well as to share with you all I got a Lot of feedback from my prior videos I Was like hey please keep this series of Videos going because there's a lot of us Out here that are dealing with similar Types of challenges just trying to Figure out budget and how it coincides With cards and collectibles so building Off of my last video I think the one Thing that changed universally is just Communication with my wife as far as What's what what I'm looking to get into I run different things by her as far as Different strategies or different cards That I like and I get her opinion on it She doesn't necessarily know cards but She'll listen to the story and kind of Assess that she'll tell me I think it's

A good idea or not so much she does for The most part trust me and I'm pretty Careful especially nowadays given the Economic climate and so forth so Um definitely less spending overall but We also have very defined family Expenses over the next two to three Months so what I've done is I've mapped Out every single dollar that's coming in I have set expenses that I have to cover And so I'm just moving that over into Savings to then cover those expenses as They pop up here over the next three Months so as I'm looking at a kind of Income coming in I've already got it Allocated to where it's going to go There also has been a certain budget for Cards in there as well so I know when I Originally had made my first video it Was I'd really like to go cold turkey Not buy any cards that part I haven't Done well on I am still buying cards but I have used that kind of that set budget That we had set aside but also what's Really kind of Saved Me Channel partner Video sponsor today's video sponsor DC Sports87 on the T-shirt these guys have Made it really easy for me to quickly Sell on eBay without having to do all The legwork of packaging shipping doing All the stuff going to post office all The time and so for them what I'm doing Because they run auctions five-day Auction starting at 99 Cents so if it's

A slab that's between ten dollars I Would say ten dollars to a hundred and Fifty dollars within that threshold if There's something that I'm not really Feeling anymore you know it's not Something that I just need in my Collection I will send it off to them They handle everything start to finish Their website is updated automatically In real time so as people pay for an Auction you see kind of the money that That is due to you within one business Day they will get payments sent out it's Very quick you're not sitting there Waiting on your payment these guys list Five to seven thousand cards every day Just highly highly efficient operation Over there so I would just say if you're Looking for a consignment service to Where you want to sell on eBay but you Don't want to deal with all the Packaging and everything and then for me Personally for cards that are I would Say 150 200 and up I'll list those Myself because I don't necessarily want To just run those at auction and see What happens you know I might want to Put a bin on those with the best offer And try to to wheel and deal with folks Online and so I've put really more of a Focus this year on selling to fund kind Of the hobby experience for me and so Not that I have loads of stuff that I Really want to sell I mean over the last

12 18 months I've really been buying Stuff that I like for a long-term style Hold and for the most part I'm not Getting rid of any of that stuff I've Specked on other things so there might Be cards that I've specked on that are Smaller and this is exactly this type of Stuff that I'm selling it might be a ten Dollar twenty dollar slab a 50 slab or It might be something that I have Duplicates of you know going back two or Three years I might have bought Something where I'm like I love this Card so I bought three or four of them At fifty dollars each you know and it's Like do I need three or four of these Probably not and so moving out of Certain things has been very helpful and I find that I don't really miss it you Know it's like once it's gone it's like Oh that's not really a card that I Really love that much and for me I think Too I'm different than other collectors In the sense that there's some just you Know they're player collectors they Collect Michael Jordan or they're Collecting Luca doncic or they're Collecting the Boston Celtics or you Know the the New England Patriots they Have got very defined kind of collecting Habits for me I'm really all over the Place I'm collecting sports cards I'm Collecting stranger things cards Marvel Cards some Marvel cards I've got graded

Video games graded action figures graded Comic books I love all that stuff You guys know this is an 80s 90s Nostalgia Channel One shall stand one shall fall that Really focuses around Collectibles and So that's really my my focus and the Reality is is I don't have enough money For all the cool things and I don't have Enough space I think that's something That's not really talked about as much Either I mean all of my collectible type Stuff that I keep here on site of keep Things in different locations but the Stuff that's on site is just it's in my Office you know so it's not as if I've Got it spread all over the house and it Really can't be it's not going to be so It's stuff that can fit in my office and Frankly I'm running out of room and so That's why when I'm adding a piece now I Really think through it whereas before If I'm going back to 2019 2020 I might See a player that I'm speculating on you Throw money at it 2018 you know you're Throwing money at you know at certain Maybe spec players or whatever and it's Like ah no big deal but now I've Accumulated over the last five years I've accumulated and I'm really happy With what I've got that's the other part Of the story that I've really focused on Is man I've got some awesome stuff and I Think what happens is and I'll use kind

Of the Bart Star rookie card as an Example that was my Chase card for 2023 I was like man because last year going Back to last year's National I really Wanted to have a nice copy of a Bart Star rookie card I didn't get it and I Finally did get it here about a month Ago And the chase is so daunting you know You think about it's like man I'm like I Got to get this copy I'm never gonna Find like a really nice copy that I want And you have it's like a goal that you Set for yourself I want to lose 20 Pounds okay it's so daunting and then You reach the goal and it's like ah it's Kind of like a letdown and then you're On to the next Chase you're on to the Next goal and that's where I think Collectibles kind of ties in is because Like you'll have a Chase thing that's in Mind and then you'll finally work up and Get to it and then it's like oh man now I have it and now it's on to the next Chase so I've really been trying to just Be excited for the stuff that I do have Because I feel like every single piece That I've got is awesome in its own way And just enjoy that stuff you know I Don't necessarily need to have five Rooms full of cool stuff you know there Is so much out there there's just for me And and I think that's again that might Be a challenge for me because I'm not

Just a player collector looking at very Specific cards I know there's some Collectors they might buy they might Have literally a dozen cards and kind of Like hey these are the Dozen cards I Want to have everything else kind of Like it's cool to look at but I don't Need to own it and for me I've really Looked into these different sectors and Really enjoyed different collectible Spaces so it's a tough thing but I think The big thing that's helpful is really The money coming in has already been put Out we've already had conversations of It you know this is going here this is Going there on top of the regular bills I'm already paying like the mortgage or The family health insurance these sorts Of things so I think really just mapping It out budgeting properly and as opposed To just having a loose budget I think if You're a family or if you're a single Person frankly it's very easy to just Get kind of you go down a rabbit hole And and you kind of lose sight of it a Little bit and it's not necessarily a Bad thing because I think also Collectibles you know there's a mental Health aspect to this as well to where It really helps people getting through Certain tough times the hobby I think is More of a mental health positive than it Is a negative on the addiction side but I think that it's just kind of like

Finding that happy meeting medium and That balance what works for you what Works for your family and so forth so All is well some good and some bad Making some progress still a work in Progress but that's just the way life is Life is a work in progress all right Guys let me know if you've had any Challenges or you've got some wins on This maybe you've kind of like hey I got This wrapped up to where you know me and My spouse are on the same page or you Know I'm maybe I don't have a spouse but I had a personal challenge that I'm Going to stick to this budget and you Did it I'd like to hear those stories in The comments below don't forget to check Out DC sports87 if you are looking for a Consignment place to hey I don't want to Necessarily sell off all this stuff they Will take care of it for you good solid People over there stay healthy stay Awesome and I will talk to you again Later Thank you

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