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DAILY SLAB, EP. 110, March 9, 2023 — Do you think that sports card disparity in values between baseball prospects and future hall of famers is a myth? If so, you’re wrong! In this video, we’re going to take a look at the evidence and show you why sports card disparity is mind blowing and in SlabStox Nate’s words — “Just plain crazy.”

If you’re a sports card collector, then you need to watch this video! We’re going to show you how sports card disparity in values affects your hobby and how you can improve your sports card collection by being smart with your purchases. We’ll also share some tips on how to get the most value out of your sports cards, even if they’re not high-risk baseball prospects.

So if you’re serious about sports card collecting, then you need to watch this video!

00:19 – Today’s TRENDER – Marcus Smart
02:59 – TRIVIA Thursday – Spring Training Challenge
03:21 – Post of the Day – Betts vs. Walker – Where do you put your money?
08:43 – WHATNOT – Nate’s Burbank Baseball Sales – NEXT WEEK

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Credit: SX Beats, Bennett Nowak

On today's daily slab we are talking About a prospect who's selling more than A star we're talking about a All-defensive player that is struggling A little bit this season and I've got an Interesting trivia question for you Today as well so sit back relax and Enjoy today's daily slam Welcome everyone to the Daily slab I am Nate and our trender for today Is a guy who's known for his defense not Entirely known for his offense but known For his defense And that is Marcus Smart Now many of you if you're watching this You likely know who Marcus Smart is Played Oklahoma state has been on the Celtics for his entire career is a very Very good Defender Good player good player but recently It's been a little bit of a struggle and So the Celtics they play the night of This recording uh against the Trailblazers so I don't know the outcome Of that game yet so these numbers could Change by the morning when you're Watching this but the Celtics had lost Four of their last five games And while there's plenty of guys to put The blame on including Jayson Tatum who Was a negative 33 Point differential in Those four game in those four losses Though he did in fact miss one of those Games the guy I want to pinpoint is

Marcus Smart and that's because he Played all four games and he was a Negative Point differential from the Plus minus in all four games and not Only that but he was Um Plus minus more points or negative more Points than what they lost in two of the Games Not a great stretch for him and in fact Not a great year he's on Pace to set his Lowest points per game total rebounds Per game per box plus minus and value Over replacement player this season Um the lowest of the last four years This season not great stats not stats You want to go home and write your mom About right And that's been Marcus Smart's season And the Celtics they were hot they were Really hot to start the season and now They're on a skid we will see what they Do against the Blazers and you'll know About that by the time you're watching This but Marcus Smart it's been a Struggle to say the least and his cards Well they have dropped a bit including His prism base rookie PSA 10 uh since The start of the NBA season on October 18th this card has dropped 36 in that Time span including its most recent sale On March 7th 35 percent there uh Celtics Hitting a slide and you can see why Marcus Smart is our trender of the day

All right let's move on to trivia Thursday and here is the question for You of the players in MLB spring Training that have 20 or more at bats Which player has the highest OPS so of All the players who have 20 or more At-bats in spring training which player Has the highest OPS answer at the end of The show And then moving on to our post of the Day this is a point that I have hammered Home recently within the last couple Months on The Daily slab but I'm going To hammer it home again You can see here mookie bats and Jordan Walker PSA 10 Bowman Chrome Autos now it Should be mentioned that the moogie bets 1350 bucks the Jordan Walker 1625 but The pop reports aren't the same uh Jordan Walker's pop is 72 mookie bets is 205. so there are significantly more Mookie bets And the price difference is only a Couple hundred dollars That being said we are talking about a 20 year old Prospect in Jordan Walker Who has yet to play in the MLB he's Doing great in spring training but he Has yet to play in the mob meanwhile Mookie Betts has won multiple MVPs he's Won multiple World Series he's been an All-Star multiple times He is one of the best players in the MLB He's one of the best players of a

Generation and he is very close and will Likely surpass these 60 wins above Replacement he needs to be a Hall of Famer or the quote unquote 60 you need When's it probably placement you need to Be a Hall of Famer this year That's a lot to ask of Jordan Walker to Live up to what Mookie Betts has done And not necessarily that you're asking Him to live up to it but it's just kind Of crazy to me and I get it 2014 cards Completely different era than 2020 2021 2022 Bowman Chrome we're in a completely Different era in social media we're in a Completely different era in hype and Prospects and everything like that we All understand it we all understand it But it's still crazy that you can look At a guy like moogie Betts and Everything he has done and regardless of Pop counts on these cards And say I'm going to spend 300 more Dollars on Jordan Walker don't get me Wrong I think Jordan Walker is going to Be a very nice player much to my chagrin As a Brewers fan I think Jordan Walker Is going to be a very very nice player That being said It's crazy it's crazy to me and I know We've talked about this before and you Don't need me to preach at you about how Crazy it is but there are guys that have Not done anything he's performing well In spring training yes but he hasn't

Done anything in his MLB career you Can't expect him to win multiple MVPs You can't expect him to win multiple World Series and yet these are his Prices compared to mookie bets At some point like look I understand it I understand it I get that hype plays a Huge factor I get that power plays a Huge factor I get that being on one team Plays a huge factor in the fact that Mookie Betts went from Boston to La Means that there's a lot of people that Don't like him mainly because they don't Like the Boston or they don't like LA or They don't like that he moved teams Whatever it might be there's a lot of People that likely don't like him Whereas Jordan Walker is on just one Team so there's a lot of factors that Play in here But irregardless of all that it's still Crazy to me that these are the prices And this is the difference in price Considering the career accolades of Mookie bets and where he's probably Going to end his career as long as he Keeps on a decent path through his 30s Compared to Jordan Walker having to become super Super super lucky to match anything that Mookie Betts has done so I don't know It's crazy to me I imagine it's crazy to You if you do think it's crazy let me Know in the comments below if you don't

Think it's crazy and you think it's Justified then really let me know in the Comments below why you think that I Would love to hear your opinion on that And then for our trivia answer of the Day which player Has the highest OPS for players that Have had 20 or more at-bats in spring Training and the answer is well we just Talked about them it is Jordan Walker And yes he has been amazing he's hitting 429 with a 429 on base and an 857 Slugging in spring training in 28 at Bats with a thousand two hundred and Eighty six Ops I purposely didn't bring Up any stats in the last section so that I could bring them up here he has been Amazing three doubles three home runs Truly truly an incredible spring Training and yet still it's only spring Training Um we still have to see him in a full Season of MLB and yet you see the prices From the last uh last segment and this Segment his Bowman Chrome Blue Autos Number to 150 PSA 10 well back December 21st 2022 this card sold for 3451 you fast forward to March 7th and This card sold for 4750 dollars that's a huge increase That's a thirteen hundred dollar Increase in under three months Congrats to the person that sold that I'm hopefully they're making a decent

Amount of money Um if you got your Jordan Walkers and You don't want to take on the risk Definitely now is the time to sell if You don't mind taking on the risk and Holding and seeing if he can blow up in The majors more power to you if it was Me I'd be selling in fact it is me I Bought a Jordan Walker Sapphire PSA 10 At the uh Burbank card show and we will Be selling it on whatnot Um next week Thursday for my baseball Singles show so if you are trying to get Your hands on some baseball prospects Guys like that we will be selling cards Of that ilk and lower and higher next Week so check out that Jordan Walker Then And one last thing if you like this Video and you want to get this content In written form you can always check out The daily slab email which we send out 6 P.m or 6 a.m in the morning central time Every single morning Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday that's right seven days a week You can get an email about sports cards To your inbox instead of starting your Day with work emails or boring meetings Start your day with a little baseball Card knowledge football card knowledge Soccer card knowledge basketball card Knowledge whatever it might be start Your day with that instead make your day

Start out well for you uh if you want to Check that out you can sign up at it will be the first sign Up box you see when you search All right thank you everyone for Watching today's daily slab if you like This video please click that like button And don't forget to subscribe we Appreciate that as always thank you Everyone for watching and I will talk to You for the next daily slam see everyone Foreign

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