2022 Prizm Football Cards are $750 a Box?

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The pre-sale 2022 prizm football hobby boxes are sitting at $750 a box? Seems way to high.

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Guys we have made it to another Friday I Will be at the Philadelphia card show Tomorrow I am very excited about it or Is it just it's just the Philly card Show today we're talking about 2022 Prism football it is coming out and We've got some pre-sale numbers when People are asking for hobby boxes and It's not pretty friends it is not pretty We're going to talk through this product And usually kind of the way I view new Product is wait and see I would never Spend 750 on a brand new hobby box Especially just not nowadays based on The way that we've seen kind of print Runs go and the way things have gone Over the last few years I'm not saying It's 1991 or 1992 again I'm not saying That but they're just doing it in a Different way but it's kind of similar There was no such thing as a box of Cards in 1992 that was 750 dollars so Just the times have changed the pricing Has gone way up there is a lot more at Stake nowadays for 750 dollars you you Really have to think about that's that's A lot of money for a box of cards our Video sponsor today game day Legends We're talking about 750 you could Literally instead of getting a hobby box Get a signed jersey get a signed helmet I think they've got Trevor Lawrence Signed helmets on gamedaylegends.com Full-size helmets that are less than 750

And 20 off with promo code dad 20 off Anything on the entire site if you use Dad on game day legends.com it's always Great to have a few nice sports Memorabilia pieces and it just looks Good in your office your house whatever It's cool stuff all right so when we Look at this checklist we've got 300 Stars plus 100 rookies and as we know Guys with sports cards it's really Driven by draft class I mean that's what Really drives the price the excitement And that's what really kind of dictates How companies are able to charge what They're able to charge this year's draft Class in football is just not good there Wasn't any breakout players outside Really of Brock Purdy Mr Irrelevant the Last guy drafted this would be his Prison rookie card obviously but I want To talk about something to be careful of Right here coming up so Brock Purdy is The guy that broke out unfortunately Hurt his elbow in the NFC championship Game he might not even be the 49ers Starter next year and this is the Breakout player Kenny Pickett would be The other quarterback for the Steelers Played meh fairly average he wasn't some Sort of a standout he wasn't completely Awful either but man you just look at This draft class you know maybe some Skill players my Saints have Chris olave Had a great year Garrett Wilson receiver

For the Jets had a very good year I mean Sure there's some skill players in here But when you're looking at this sort of Money you would expect there to be some Sort of a Chase player specifically and So let's read what what the average Would be in a hobby box so it's on Average two Autos 10 numbered prisms and Of course you're gonna have all sorts of Different colors of the rainbow and Tigers and all sorts of animal prints Numbered prints whatever three bass plus One rookie prism seven inserts plus Parallels 24 rookies in a hobby box so That's kind of interesting because when You think about there's a hundred Rookies in the checklist if a hobby box Averages 24 rookies in a base rookie so To speak then those base rookie cards There is going to be a lot of those out There for players that really are now Granted maybe two three four years down The road Kenny Pickett is the next Tom Brady whatever the next Mahomes who Knows maybe there's people that break Out that always does happen there will Be some sort of breakout player but it Might be lineman it might be you know Position players we just don't know But that stuck out to me 24 rookies and There's a hundred rookies on the Checklist means that there's going to be A lot of Base rookies out there in the Wild another thing I thought was really

Interesting that struck me about this And again we look at these new products Coming out I talked about baseball Series one being more of a collector Product based on print run I look at This in a similar vein just because of The checklist and the way that it was Built and I'll explain the problem with This one is is that hobby boxes are 750 We're a series one baseball hobby boxes Are like a hundred dollars ninety Dollars very very different price point Um 750 pre-sale I want to see if these Actually sell at 750 bucks are they Going to sell out of these at 750 that's What I want to see because I would not Be surprised at all if these move Downward the one thing that struck me I Was looking at the checklist they have Various autograph subsets Super Bowl Signatures so there's like Marshall Faulk in there for example flashback Autos franchise legends auto Sensational Signatures autos and you're seeing People like Adrian Peterson Peyton Manning Ron Jaworski Otto numbered out of 149. Ricky Jackson From the don't Patrol my Saints Autographed out of 99. now for me that's Kind of a fun Chase card or a card that I would look for maybe on the open Market I wouldn't buy a 750 I wouldn't buy a 750 box to try to find A Ricky Jackson Auto number out of 99

But my point is there's kind of some Cool collector cards in this set I also Don't mind the design and I know a lot Of people probably say like hey this Looks very similar to last year's I mean They haven't done anything dramatic with The overall look of the cards but what's Panini's motivation to do so if they're Going to lose the licenses in a couple Of years what is their motivation to Innovate and come out with some sort of Amazing new you know style of card why Would I wouldn't frankly if I was Running Panini I wouldn't do it I would Probably just come out with a very Similar looking card set just like they Did the last year and it was very Popular they've done that again this Year I like the look of the cards I Think they're great looking cards I Think that there's some really cool Collector hits in here if that's what You're after if you're looking to flip And make money I would do this on com c You know or or sites like it maybe I Know people are using golden you know I Would look for like Vault type ways to Do this to where you know you can buy Sell quickly short-term buys and sells Where you might see maybe you see some Arbitrage in some of these cards as They're getting pulled and sent in you Know or maybe on eBay there's lots or Something that then you can send over to

A comsy or something like a com c Because there are some fun collector Cards in here but again the market Really hasn't been set on these I think They come out next week the 15th is Estimated release day you know so that's What's going to be really interesting to Me is where are they going to actually Sell out at are they going to sell it to 750 are they going to move down to 500 300 a box honestly with what's in these And I know it might seem like there's a Lot of hits but you really you look at This the checklist it's just a bunch of Stuff I mean Joe Namath has a card on Here A bunch of past players kind of What they normally do they're there's Not going to be a lot of Chase cards in My opinion for this particular set the One insert that drives me nuts manga They look awful they remind me of kind Of like comic art cards which the comic Art cards the Marvel style stuff Actually those look fairly good but These manga inserts just look stupid to Me I don't know if they're popular or Not maybe there's people that love them Um the one the one subset I like in here Insert set is stained glass I didn't see An example on cardboard connection this Is where I got a lot of the data shout Out cardboardconnection.com but um Stained glass every year is usually a Really nice looking insert I know

There's a Tom Brady stained glass this Year I've got a 2018 PSA eight I believe is what I bought I Like the stained glass cards I think Those are really cool inserts but again It's just the price point on these boxes Are just Wicked Man 750 for a hobby box We'll just have to see if that actually Works out are you buying into prison This year hobby boxes or maybe you're Looking at retail what are your thoughts On this and like I said I think there's Some cool collector cards in the set I Might actually buy singles or some of The stuff I mentioned the Ricky Jackson Auto number down in 99 I think that's Cool depending on how the card looks and Everything you know there's certain Cards in there that I that I think Player collectors will really like but Again wait until they hit the open Market and buy them there you know buy Them as as time goes on they'll probably Move down in price all right guys stay Healthy stay awesome and don't forget to Check out gamedaylegends.com promo code Dad for 20 off the entire site Talk to you later [Music] [Music]

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