Man Steals $800,000 Selling Fake 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan PSA 10 rookies – Avoid Counterfeit Cards

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According to federal investigators, an 82-year-old Colorado man ran an elaborate scheme of counterfeit sports cards, defrauding collectors to the tune of more than $800,000 over several years.

According to Tuesday’s complaint, pristine — but fake — Michael Jordan cards were among those that Mayo Gilbert McNeil, of Denver, exchanged for thousands of dollars or valuable real cards.

McNeil was arrested on Wednesday, with the wire fraud charges he faces bringing potential prison time of up to 20 years.

The complaint said that between April 2015 and July 2019, McNeil made trades online with the help of an unnamed co-conspirator, sometimes using a fake ID and multiple email accounts to obscure his identity.

To make the fakes convincing, the feds say that McNeil got hold of the plastic holders and specialist grading labels used by a prominent collectors’ authentication company.

Among the cards he faked was a 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie card, falsely graded “10 out of 10” for quality, prosecutors said — exchanging one for $4,500 and other similar cards for two valuable Tom Brady cards.

That Michael Jordan card is described on PSA’s website as “the most important modern card from any sport in the entire hobby.”

The card grading company said a mint-condition version recently sold for $130,102, adding that it is “the most heavily counterfeited card in the hobby.”

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An 82-year-old man duped collectors into Spending eight hundred thousand dollars On fake PSA 10 graded Michael Jordan Rookie cards and is now facing up to 20 Years in prison how the heck did this Happen and what happened if you guys are New to the Hobby that's probably what a Lot of you are thinking how the heck did This happen so evidently Mayo Gilbert McNeil his name is Mayo which to me that Would have been a red flag uh no offense To the guys out there named Mayo but Mayo is accused of putting fake Jordan Rookie cards inside a plastic case Essentially I'm not going to call it a PSA case because it's not it's a plastic Case and used these fake Michael Jordan PSA 10 labels how the heck did he do This well let's look further into what He did well he denies doing anything Wrong in the first place even though he Used a fake identity in the transactions An 82 year old Colorado man ran an Elaborate scheme in counterfeit sports Cards defrauding collectors to the tune Of more than eight hundred thousand over Several years according to the federal Investigators they he used Michael Jordan cards and uh exchanged them for Thousands of dollars or for valuable Real cards and we'll get into that later What cards he chose to trade for so this Was a investigation that's been Happening since 2015. he was just

Recently arrested two days ago he was Arrested on Wednesday with the wire for All charges he faces bringing potential Prison time of up to 20 years which is Insane for I mean it is it's a hundred Thousand dollars so I'm sure there's Some kind of law that if you exceed a Certain amount you face a certain amount Of time Um so between April 2015 and July 2019 McNeil made trades online with the help Of an unnamed co-conspirator at times Using a fake ID and multiple email Accounts to obscure his identity to make The fakes convincing feds say McNeil got A hold of plastic holders and specialist Grading labels used by a prominent Collector's authentication company PSA And I'll show you in a minute these Plastic holders that anybody could Easily buy this video is to prevent this From happening again and letting you Guys out there know hey you need to be More aware and more Vigilant of before Spending big bucks big money on Sports Cards okay and I'm going to show you Just how easy it is to do and also how Easy it is to prevent it's very easy to Prevent this from happening to you so Let's keep digging in among the cards he Faked was the 86 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie card falsely graded 10 out of 10 For Quality prosecutors said exchanging One for forty five hundred dollars which

Is a red flag even in 2015 a PSA 10 Michael Jordan for forty five hundred Dollars the guy the victim must have Been he knew that was way too good of a Deal so that should have been a red flag So he thought in my opinion he's Thinking that this older guy doesn't Know what he has so there may have been A little bit of greed involved I'm not Saying that you know What Mayo did was justified in any way Uh but I mean for 4 500 a PSA 10 Michael Jordan 86 Fleer they were At the time they were selling for over Thirty thousand dollars so I feel like The guys thinks that was thinking that He was getting a good deal and trying to Take advantage Um the Grady company said adding that it Is the most heavily counterfeited card In the hobby probably because it's the Most desirable card in the hobby 86 Fleer and 86 Fleer is a very easy card To counterfeit so not only is it one of The most desirable ones most expensive And valuable but it's also one of the More easier ones card stock uh cardboard That's literally what the 86 Fleer is It's cardboard it's very thin cardboard If you're not holding it in hand if it's In a PSA case it's even more easy to Fake or if it's in a plastic case rather I shouldn't say PSA case McNeil was not Immediately reachable for comment but

He's claiming he did nothing wrong which Isn't Uh I mean if you look at the evidence Guys all this information is going to be Linked below so this is numerous Articles were written about this uh I Found the actual the document the court Document and it goes through all of what Happened I'm going to put this in the Links below as well for you guys to get Access to but it covers uh hit the Emails that he sent to the coke uh yeah Co-conspirator which supplied him with a Fake ID and I believe the plastic cases Hey guys real quick if you're new to the Channel and you want to stay up to date With sports cards content and values and Information make sure to hit that Subscribe button give me a thumbs up if You like the content comment below if You have any questions and I appreciate You all support without any further Ado Let's get back into the video and if you Look down here uh yep see in about January 2017 Mayo sold two baseball Cards to a sports card store in Las Vegas Nevada so what happened is he sold Two fake cards which were later Determined to be fake and evidently he Was called out on it or he was caught I Guess I'm not sure if he was caught but That spooked him and which made him Start using a fake ID so using fake IDs I mean this guy is just a scam artist

Right there's evidence of everything That he did another red flag for me was How he wanted to communicate off of eBay So in 2019 victim won he met Mayo Through an online auction site I'm Guessing eBay that's the only online Auction site I know victim one was Interested in purchasing two specific Basketball cards of Jordan both of which Were graded PSA 10. although McNeil had Posted that Michael Jordan card on the Online on eBay he instructed I'm not Going to say eBay online auctions say I'm not sure which one it is but we're I'm just going to say online auction Site he instructed victim one that they Should communicate directly and not use The online auction set big no no guys If somebody messages you on eBay and Wants to make a deal off of eBay number One that's against Ebates policy and you Can get banned from using eBay suspended And whatnot what most sellers want to do Is avoid eBay fees which is whatever it Is what it is but I don't think it's Worth it for these big ticket items Because when you once you once that Transaction leaves eBay there's no paper Trail right unless you do it through PayPal or venmo which if you send the Money and he never sends the card your Sol I mean there's nothing that you can Do about it you can open up a PayPal Case I've always been against making

Deals off of eBay or out of PayPal Because there are so many Shady Scammy people out there who are trying To take advantage of the trustworthiness That the collectors the hobby has right And if you've been in long enough in the Hobby you know that there is some big Shady scammy people out there and that's The case not just in sports cards but Most Hobbies scammers are everywhere Guys the sooner you realize that the Better no I don't care what your hobby Is if you're collecting your Garbage Pail Kid cards or Beanie Babies oh you Know you're going to find Hustlers Trying to take advantage of you so don't Deal off of eBay in my opinion just stay On eBay that way the transaction is Recorded and if the seller never sends The card or he sends the card and it's Damaged or it's the wrong card you can Open a case with eBay easily and eBay Will give you your money back almost 100 Of the time a lot of guys ask me if eBay Is reputable and trusting and I'm like Yes dude I've been using eBay for 15 years I've as a buyer I've always never had an Issue even as a seller I mean as a Seller it's very difficult uh for the Most part eBay is gonna go in the Buyer's side even if the buyer has like A zero feedback uh so if you're a buyer EBay is definitely good if your seller

It is what it is uh it's difficult to Deal with Buyers scammy buyers eBay is a Safe place don't transact outside of EBay because this is what happened to This guy uh McNeil and the victim agreed To a sale you know off of eBay and Victim once sent via Interstate wire Transfer 50 4 500 to McNeil at an Aurora Colorado address in exchange for one Michael Jordan basketball card McNeil Shipped the Jordan card to victim one And Manhasset New York which is where The uh this is where the case is taking Place because that's where the victim is I guess I'm not sure how that works I'm Not a lawyer by any means so company one PSA I believe later assessed the Authenticity of the Michael Jordan Basketball card the defendant Mayo McNeil sold Depicted below and was determined that It was counterfeit so PSA Looked at this card and said yep that's Fake they probably looked at the label They looked at the case And determined it to be fake which this Even has the PSA logo down there it Looks like interesting all right let's Keep moving so on or about June 4th 2017 Victim 2 contacted an individual named Gilbert via email after they had Previously transacted in sports cards in Or around February 2017. it just goes on And on another guy Gilbert I guess uh

Traded with the victim number two for Some Tom Brady rookie cards And then those were sent those Jordan Cards were sent to PSA they were Determined to be fake uh it just it Continues until finally I'm not sure what happened maybe PSA Reached out to the feds but the Transactions between the defendant mayo And victims one and two are just a Representative set of transactions and Fraudulent sports cards engaged in by The defendant and his co-conspirator so Evidently he's done males did a lot more Uh this these two are just uh a few Examples the investigation has revealed That as a result of the defendant scheme He and his co-conspirators obtained Approximately eight hundred and eight Thousand five hundred dollars in cash or Authentic sports cards from their Victims and then it go it goes on to uh You know some more lingo lawyer lingo so Let's look and see what exactly Mayo did Evidently he acquired a case which it's Hard to see but it looks like there's Some markings down here which is not Hard to do guys and I'll show you Exactly probably what he did he went to where they sell numerous Cases like this They're blanks you can have these Companies Label these cases just like PSA does for

An additional fee and these are going to Be the exact same dimensions as PSA Probably not the exact same quality But very similar That a a a new collector would not be Able to tell The difference Probably even some veteran collectors That you know these the technology is Getting better and better So you can see they come opened already All you have to do is put the card in Put the label in close it push on it It's sealed and it looks authentic but How do you duplicate the Michael Jordan Basketball card very easy guys with Modern technology anybody can do it you Go to a printing website that prints Business cards any kind of you know Print material and you type in you Search I typed in trading cards and this Popped up so this is silk trading card You know you're going to want to do the Matte finish two and a half by three and A half so you can choose the different Paper type but you want to get as close To possible as that cardboard Um even if if you don't collectors just New new collectors they don't know that What to look for for in a in a Counterfeit card I mean it's very easy To fake these cards guys look over 86 Dollars for 250 and you take a high Resolution scan of the card which you

Can get online anywhere Front and back submitted toe a pretty Company and you can get 250 of these Cards and sell them now listen I'm not trying to promote this I'm not trying to show you guys what to Do on how to and how to fake cards I'm just telling you how easy it is and That you need to be vigilant okay Before spending any money on PSA cards Go to their website right Simple scroll to the bottom go to the Certification verification link this is Why PSA has these labels they're three Steps ahead of the counterfeiters I Would say more than that The victims are the people that don't do Their due diligence and the research Don't be that guy guys don't be that guy Stay aware of what's going on in the Hobby and do your due diligence right What happened here was he took a label From an already graded PSA 10 card with A certification number that was valid it Was real and PSA puts on the front in The back so 205-82993 if you go to the website and You type in the certification our Charity did and you verify previously This one popped up what would have Popped up was that it was authentic And Mayo knew that so he took a card That was already graded serial number And used that label so if you were to

Search it right it would pop up as Authentic and that's great for him but Terrible for new guys right so what did PSA do to prevent that well if you go to The website and you can find this right Here see this is all the information They have a lighthouse logo fugitive Inc Cert number this is the lighthouse label There's a whole Spiel down here if you Want to go to here's a video right here And I already have it pulled up the uh Joe Orlando the previous Apprentice President when goes through all you need To know about this see if it looks like That that's a No-No if it the lighthouse Label doesn't have a lighthouse effect Where once as you tilt it so this case Uh I dropped and it broke so I'm gonna Um I'm not sure what to do with it you Can see authentic it's also there's a Mirror effect if if the car doesn't have A mirror right there when you when you Shine or tilt it then it's it's a fake Label it's a printed label from uh a Printing website the same thing that They did with the cards well they took a High resolution scan of this label right And they submitted it To a printing company and printed it off And then cut it out uh with a probably a Paper cutter So what they did was took a high res Scan and those high resolution scans are

Not going to have that mirror effect Right that's not going to have that or The lighthouse label so when you hold These cards in hand And it doesn't have that uh That effect that this video is showing You Then they're fake it's simple as that so Not only do you need to look out for Fake cards you need to look out for fake Labels even though the label in the cert Sort of certification check even though It passes so if you type in let's see I'm going to type in this this label Right here so six one two so this is What happens when you type in a a label That's authentic PSA gives you all the Information and that's that's what you Should and that's probably what happened To the guy who bought this card because The real card that had the real label Was authentic however the card that he Got this card was a re was he printed it Just like he printed off the Jordan card Which who knows could have been the Exact same card as the that was in this Label so in order to prevent that guys You just you need to know what to look For uh don't be spending big money on Cards when you're you're not uh familiar And experienced with how to tell the Difference between a real label fake Label real card and a fake card and Don't try to take advantage of uh don't

Try to don't be greedy if someone's Trying to sell you a thirty thousand Dollar card for five thousand dollars I've I feel like that's a that's a red Flag right if they're trying to make Deals off of eBay or off of the platform That's shady you don't want to do that That if it's too good to be true guys Remember that if it's too good to be True it probably is okay if you guys Have any questions just comment below I'll answer as quick as I can uh you Know sometimes it takes me a minute to Answer comments but I I've tried my best To do so uh the best way to communicate With me is on YouTube because I get Notifications and I try to answer as Quick as possible I don't double answer So I'm not going to have a whole Conversation with you on YouTube so make Sure to uh get all your questions in That one comment okay and then I'll Respond uh as best as I can appreciate You all watching thanks for the support Uh stay posted for more videos without Any further Ado that's in the video Let's end the video See you guys Foreign

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