Philly Card Show Vlog (Part 1)

Are you ready for the best Philly card show vlog on the planet? Just kidding, here’s my video 🙂

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All right guys thanks for tuning in we Have finished the Philly card show and I Am making the part one video of two There won't be a nine part series just Two parts to this one it's actually Midnight the night of the show so I'm Pretty exhausted I think we're springing Forward uh tomorrow so that's great just Lost another hour of sleep no big deal The show was awesome but today we're Going to talk about the lead up to the Shows so I got in Friday around noon Time and I was greeted by Steve do we Have that clip Frank don't look at me like that Frank Roll the clip after a grueling six hour Drive the eagle has landed in Delaware We're at flip and Steve's house gotta Shut down the engines recharge the Batteries I think we're gonna go get a Fish sandwich somewhere I'm excited for Some of this Delaware seafood and we'll Be back stay tuned so it turns out that Delaware is like another planet there's All sorts of different Delaware style Themed things that I never knew anything About Shout out to Redner's for pre-show Energy one of them is a drink called the Orange Crush which Steve introduced me To and it's just goes down a little bit Too smooth now you guys know if you Watch my channel it's 80s 90s Nostalgia Stuff that's really my jam and they

Delivered Steve and his wife took me to A couple of different like 80s 90s Stores and it was like going back in Time it was crazy one of them was like Games Stepped into the 80s 90s store Flashbacks different kind of gadgets From the 80s 90s and then we also went To a toy store I almost bought a Complete inbox Jabba the Hutt original Toy set from 1983 but I did not buy it But anyway just stuff like that that was Just really really cool Steve also took me down to the beach do We have a beach sighting on the Beach in Delaware and we have a flipping Steve Sighting let me see if I can pan over Where is he Oh help me PM Jesus And quickly thank you to our video Sponsor drip you're live at streaming Choice for buying selling sports cards It's a good time guys check out drip Marketplace all sorts of different types Of Collectibles whether it be sports Cards non-sports cards comic books all Of the stuff make sure to check out drip And to top it off we went to an 80s Themed restaurant The bar in Delaware has many NES put up To the table Unreal there's kind of like a pub sports Bar type thing actually I think Steven Said he did a fantasy draft a one year

At this place and it was unbelievable There was I'll put pictures up like Slimer on the wall giant full-size Terminator stuff sorry I lost my voice From the from the show today and so Leading into the show really not a lot Of expectations as far as pickups go I Am kind of on a slow down as far as Buying I will kind of talk more about That in in part two and just kind of how It all unfolded but the show was Incredibly busy it was really really Impressive especially considering you've Got you know also the Dallas show huge Show and you also have a Big Show in Nashville as well among all the other Local Regional style shows so the fact That it was as busy as it was I think I've got a clip for Saturday morning Right around 9 45 10 o'clock Again please roll the clip I'm All right Saturday morning about 9 45 Here at the Philly show a little quick Walk around I just walked in the door so But here is the inside of the Philly Shampoo all right so this part one gets Us started part two we'll have more Details I've got some dealer feedback I've got some trade night stuff got some Different things to touch on hopefully I Have my voice back tomorrow so and I can Make part two but part two will be Coming guys stay healthy stay awesome And I will talk to you again later

Thank you

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