In this video, we’re going to take a look at the AMAZING sports card deals @SlabStox Aaron locked down at the Shipshawana Card Show on March 4 to bring to our SlabStox Community!

If you’re a card collector like Aaron, then you know the importance of attending sports card shows to find the best deals, you won’t wan to miss this video. Aaron bought raw, graded soccer cards and baseball cards a. Watch and learn how to negotiate at sports card shows to get the best deals. He’ll show you how in this video.

Join Aaron and experience the Shipshewana Sports Card Show and see him buy loads great sports cards you’ll be able to buy on Whatnot.

We often say the hunt is where the fun is in the sports card hobby. And that’s what the Shipshewana Sports Card Show is all about!


00:00 – See what we’re hunting at the Shipshewana Sports Card Show
00:27 – Trade Night Snowstorm – No Power, No problem!
00:45 – Learn how you can buy these cards in our upcoming Whatnot Baseball (March 16) and Whatnot Card Show 2.0 (March 24)
01:13 – Harrison’s Baseball Deals
02:17 – Stacking Baseball Slabs
02:41 – Soccer Chases with @mannybeingmanny1.0
03:09 – BIG DEALS in Soccer with @jordanscards41
04:15 – Baseball, Baseball and more Baseball Cards
05:21 – Always looking for new Sports Card Innovation
05:36 – Soccer Grabs @es_sports_cards
05:46 – Late Baseball Grabs @gr8sportscards
06:16 – Shipshewana Sports Card Show Wrap-up. Here’s where to get our deals!

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[Music] We're out here in Shipshewana Indiana at The Shipshewana B sports card show Absolutely packed already in there we Are literally almost in the middle of Nowhere uh but a bunch of collectors are Here to buy and sell sports cards this Weekend I'm super excited to go in there Find out what we can get both soccer and Baseball extremely excited to see the Quality inventory in there I hope you All enjoy this episode of coast to coast Cards here on the slab stocks YouTube Channel let's get it Thank you Everything we buy in here today at the Shipshewana card show will be available On our whatnot single streams March 16th Is going to be our Spring train baseball Stream with Nate 6 p.m Eastern Time be Sure to stay that stream right now on The slab stocks channel on the whatnot App and then myself will be live for the Whatnot car show 2.0 March 24th that's a Friday at 4 15 PM eastern time with all The soccer singles so be sure to save Those streams come out to the show get Some deals to be a great time and let's Go see what we can get inside the Shipshewana card show 40 dollars That's probably a little bit more than The psa9 I know only putting like 8 000 Cards

Somewhere around there So what I would do is uh I would take This I take this And this you said 35 on that right yes So I give you 35 on that I'd give you 25 On that get to 60. but take that for 20 Though to get 80. if we do all three of Those Five dollars off both of those and I'll Give you 20 for that Do it you'll do it thanks Harrison we Got Marcelo Meyer pretty house and Julio Rodriguez all right 80 coming your way I got some baseball yeah All right I'm at 470 on those Yeah like five even can't see it again Yeah Foreign Like 180. 180 180. Yeah okay there I got room appreciate it Man That's a fun one is that yours too yeah Jordan right after I finish this let's Talk If you're good I mean I give you like 34 under 210 Between them 20 30 on that so 210 yeah [Applause] All right I love that messy I've never owned one No never owned one no There it is Hey what does it say the nine is valued

At now It's closer to 760. I would give you Actually I forgot about that how much More do you think that's worth than a Ten if you If you toss that in just because I Really like it I would do I would do eleven hundred Dollars between the three I have been Working I just don't know like Holland's A guy that I'm not as okay that's fair To sell to sell but like does 1200 do it For all three or no Wow that's fair okay and the 1200 feels Like it's closer to get more room yeah It feels like it's close to the True Value too It was like Everest Thank you Jordan [Music] You do 180 on it 200 yeah Thank you sir I would I give you 90 bucks on the Muncie Auto's a little streaky which is Mostly why Yeah I saw he was at Burbank Okay cool Here we go Thank you yeah thank you there you go Thank you very much thank you he's like The number three Prospect in baseball oh You're buying these players I'd rather I Mean I'll sell again I have multiple I'm

Always curious we have the prices on These yeah Um well I'll take the cruise from you Thank you there you go yes sir Harrison Big deal Harrison right there wow Um Super cool We can't do 35 I go up to 30. 30 yeah It's fine appreciate it Yo Logan can I see the hunter green up There Will you do 280 between the green and Two of the PSA tens Yeah Thank you absolutely good stuff Just got done here the shift someone car Show in Indiana so many people in their Packs show tons of collectors coming out Doing deals is absolutely fantastic time Got a lot of great buys that will be Sold on whatnot signal single shows Baseball and soccer March 16th and March 24th be sure to save those streams right Now Awesome people awesome cards can have Better things to say and I hope you all Are finding your local shows too because There's a lot of action right now in the Hobby great place to be please like And Subscribe follow slab stocks on Instagram we'll hope to see you on the Next Coast to Coast cards here on the

Flashbacks YouTube channel [Music]

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