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Hey guys Ethan sports cards and more Back today with a brand new video today We got a big one the brand new 2022 Tube is always one of my favorite Products every year you get four Autographs in these this is a hobby box With two mini boxes so each one has two Autographs in it there's a look right There at The layout But man Bowman's vest is always awesome Flashy product very Um Auto heavy which is good now this Year it is a little pricey they started Out at about it was about 300 on these They've went up to about 350. Um So you know a little pricey but you're Looking for all kinds of big autographs In here I like Bowman's best because It's a good mixture of prospects rookies And Veterans so you've got guys like Marcelo Mayer who hasn't you know really Played much or at all in the majors then You got guys like Julio winning the AL Rookie of the year then you've got guys Like trout nothani that you can chase in Here as well with their autographs so Can't wait to rip into this we're gonna Take my time because this will probably Be my only one other year But happy to get this in and try one out For you guys Hopefully everybody's doing well

We're about to um Open up here at the shop for the Day Filming this on Saturday probably won't Upload it until Sunday night So let's see let's get these out I'll save this one If you guys a look at the odds right Here You can actually read those pretty well Unlike most products The atomics are really cool you're Guaranteed an atomic I think one in 12 Packs But I've usually had good luck with Bowman's best hoping to keep it going This year with this box You just never know but all the Autos Are on card so that does Make it nice and fun to chase guys like Uh Jackson holidays in here of course Myers Who I'm chasing for the Red Sox Julio Would be awesome so let's see what we Get starting out with the first pack Every bat card will be a refractor And we're going to start out with an Atomic already we got our Atomic run off The bat and these look sweet look at This design guys Got the logo in the back and how fitting To start out with the Red Sox No longer with the Red Sox but one of my Favorite Red Sox players of all Tom Probably JD Martinez helped us win a

World Series in 2018 Very nice You got a joey Vato Nolan Arenado let's go to the back Refractor Alec Thomas pretty nice card So every pack will have a refractor on The back as always Let's see what this Atomic is it's a Rookie Joe Ryan Atomic for the twins look at That card Sweet looking car right there Really pops Boom All right Should get uh two number cards per mini Box as well looks like we've got our First autograph in here just going to be A base I think There's kosa Montgomery We've got a Jackson Cheerio that's a big Card right there Rookie niclidello refractor We got one of these UFO inserts these Are cool rookie Bobby Witt very nice Card Bobby Witt Jr rookie UFO looks pretty Nice pretty centered there We'll put that up on the stand And let's take a look at our first Autograph here It's going this way It's going to be for the Astros give us A Pena

Who is that I don't know Drew Gilbert Otto for the Astros not too Familiar with him But That's why you get four in here you got Four shots on card Auto Really clean looking design there On the autograph so there's our first One Oops Drew Gilbert you guys let me know if you Know him Hopefully we'll get at least one Numbered Otto Ricardo Cabrera nice O'Neill Cruise Fidel brujan Stephen Kwan rookie refractor And we have an insert oh Ellie De La Cruz those are sweet Prospective royalty Ellie De La Cruz That's another big guy to chase in this Product All right we got redeemer's rookie J Ram Nice Bobby Witt Refractor jazz Marco Luciano Earth insert Elements of Excellence Um I wonder which one the Auto's in I Think that one Could get at least one number card in These two Is that an auto yeah Jordan Lawler Roger karius

We've got a Bowman masterpieces Oscar Kolos I don't know how tough those are Josh Young I like those prospective royalties and Heliot Ramos refractor rookie These masterpieces I don't know if They're pretty tough to hit let me check One in 18 so not not too tough all right Last pack should have an autograph and a Numbered card in here And we do Oh no way we got a red guys we've got a Red and a blue Auto here we go I think the reds are out of five Come on let's get going baby Mackenzie Gore Aaron judge refractor I think we're going to do the autograph First Or should we do the red first I don't Know Oh gosh the Red's a hitter I don't know What to do oh freak let's do the Autograph first Autograph out of 150 blue for the Twins What's the Royce Lewis Who is that Yasser Mercedes look at that sweet Autograph right there Another guy I don't know much about but Hey it's a blue nice Auto out of 150 Yasser Mercedes And let's see what we got guys

Numbered out of five for the Phillies Brandon Marsh rookie Red lava Three out of five boom that is sick Brandon marched three out of five red Lava wave rookie I was kind of hoping that was Harper There at the beginning it looked like Him but hey Brandon Marshall rookie will Take it all day Very nice pack right there to finish off Mini box number one That's going to be tough to beat you Guys let me know in that Mercedes pretty Nice Garden It's an outfielder so there we go not Bad not a bad start And we still got Two more Autos coming up Numbered out of five nice All right here we go mini box Number two There's a marsh oh my gosh we got a gold Lava Auto coming up now I love Bowman's best the color just pops Out everywhere Pujos Cal Raleigh refractor We've got a die cut here on the back Oh these are cool wander Franco Global Impact rookie Auto or rookie I wish it Was not a pretty cool card Let's see what this is this should be an Auto Gold

For the Diamondbacks Not an auto my bad but a gold Alec Thomas rookie out of 75. Gold lava's out of 75 I forgot they put All these new colors in here Nice card So we've already got a blue a gold lava And a red wave lava Nice All right Thanks Pat Here comes another Auto just a base There's Kumar rocker Ellie De La Cruz Jack sawinski refractor Brady house UFO He's in here in autographs as well and Our next autograph is going to be for The Cardinals Woe bin Cho autograph I think I remember him and Either Bowman or Bowman Draft woven Cho On card Auto for the Cardinal so the Autos I haven't really known the guys much But That's how a lot of this stuff is Joshua Baez Vaquero that would be a big One Royce Lewis Uh lee Brooks Lee and Pasha refractor Yeah you're done Arias Rookie Blue Bob Henry Davis And Christian Yelich refractor Let's save the auto

And last pack before our last autograph There's a Franco rookie on top Christian Hernandez Simon Juan Marcelo Meyer perspective And Wilson Cantrell's refractor all Right guys here we go last pack not a Bad box So far but hoping to get a nice Auto Oh my gosh is that a red Auto Is that a red Auto Now what is going on Anna green Oh gosh I don't know what's going on Here we go come on give us a boom to end It please Acuna De La Cruz refractor Montero let's Do the green first off the back Because I think it's a pitcher and it is Mackenzie Gore out of 99 And last Auto or it might be a Perspective Auto Oh gosh it might be one of these Perspective ones It is uh oh Perspective Auto for the Orioles no way Oh holy crap Jackson holiday Perspective Auto out of 149. Boom Oh What a box guys Jackson holiday on card Auto the biggest guy to chase in this The huge Prospect from Bowman Draft Ho Lee crap let's go boom Oh man Numbered out of 149 or is that out of 140 out of 140 Jackson holiday

Perspective Auto what a box what a Freaking box holy crap Oh gosh Oh gosh what a box let's put that up Real quick There's definitely our top five right There look at that top five guys I mean We got some other stuff as well but a Gold lava Rookie Blue auto Mercedes March out of five Jackson Holiday Auto Bobby Witt rookie UFO all kinds of Awesome cards in there I'm shaking I've Got to get off here and go sleep all These up thank you guys so much for Watching happy to produce a boom here Man came down to the last pack too Got my heart beating that's why you Gotta love it that's why we do cards man The Thrill of the game all right guys Have a good night please like comment And subscribe peace boom

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