Sports Card Investor vs Sports Card Radio: Chip on My Shoulder

Sports Card Investor and Sports Card Radio are both sports card channels offering varying sports card content. But I’ll talk about what I believe to be a common thread.

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Some would call sports card investor and Sports card radio the ying and yang of Hobby content I think I found a Common Thread and we're going to talk about That here today stick around What's going on sports card friends hope Everybody is doing well I gotta put my Own little version on the cardboard Coaches introduction sorry Co I kind of Took a little bit of what you do so Anyway check out cardboard coaches YouTube channel alright so many look at Sports card investors kind of the Ultimate in Hobby positivity sports card Content and they'll look at sports card Radio as kind of the opposite of that And that's where I came up with kind of The ying and the Yang part although if You really look at the 15 years of Sports card radio has been putting out Content they have a combination of Positive and negatives and that's why It's important to do a deep dive look Into more of the total package of Content before making a call on it oh But wait big shout out to video Sponsored DC sports87 these guys handle Consignment for cards if you don't feel Like doing the eBay sales stuff yourself You don't feel like packaging shipping And dealing with all the nonsense of Refunds no one oh your guy's not paying Great oh your kid accidentally bought The card fantastic if you don't want to

Deal with that ship it Off DC sports87 And they will take care of the rest Pretty easy just one page form you just Put your information on ship out the Cards they do it all on the website it's Automatically updated as soon as people Pay on their site in real time these Guys are listing five to seven thousand Cards per day definitely check out DC Sports87 as a fellow content creator That puts out a lot of content and have Done over the last three years I respect Both of these channels for different Reasons I mean anytime you have channels That get this sort of growth it's pretty Damn impressive it's not easy to do in a Niche market like sports cards recently Jeff Wilson has spun off another Channel At least I think it's recent uh the Jeff Wilson show this is more long-form Podcast style content that he does with Kelly and I really like the free-flowing Conversation it's different than kind of More of the pre-planned video content That's typically on Sci a recent episode Called chip on my shoulder or something To that effect I'll put a picture up I Like this episode because he shows some Vulnerability and that what motivates Him kind of was spurned on by some of The stuff from his childhood being a Self-proclaimed nerd not always being Great at Athletics and being somewhat Bullied because of it and so forth

Growing up and hey look if you grew up In the 80s early 90s everybody was Bullied a little bit so I think that was Just kind of par for the course if we go Back in time and so he talks about some Of those motivations that he gained Through childhood kind of similar to Sports card radio as they talk about Growing up and kind of a tougher Neighborhood in Stockton California but This sort of adversity rejection is what Really builds character I actually Listened to some sports card Radio Podcast episodes driving up to the Philly card show one that I would highly Recommend is from September 18 2019 and It's called long-term compsy buys Personal slash personal goals and it's Ryan he's talking about cards but he's Also talking about weight loss he's Talking about dating and I thought that It was really good what I like is he's Not necessarily just talk talking about All the wins you know he'll talk about What things worked what things didn't But you have to constantly work at these Sorts of things sometimes you're going To win and sometimes you're going to Lose rejection is your friend adversity Is your friend for me my parents got Divorced when I was 11 and I personally Went through a divorce when I was 27. Nothing really quite brings you to your Knees like a divorce with kids involved

Because of course you never want to let Your kids down that's really your number One as a dad as a parent you never want To cause hurt or pain you know towards Your kids and so divorce can just be a Really tough thing because sometimes Things just don't work out most of my Jobs in my 20s were sales jobs involving Cold calling and man cold calling really Puts hair on your chest you really get Used to rejection but it makes you Stronger it really does same with Door-to-door sales or kind of in-person Sales sorts of interactions when you're Dating if you're going after the you Know that girl that you're into you Might fall flat on your face many many Times before you land that date or Before you get to the second date or Whatever but those are really character Building you know it's the folks that Sit on the sidelines a lot of times They're sitting on the sidelines talking Smack oh my gosh I can't believe that She said no to you what a loser Meanwhile they're not doing anything Over there they're not even trying and If you're not trying you're not in the Game then then you have nothing to talk About there's nothing to say but I Really believe that adversity it hits People and they either react to it one Way or the other they either react to it And they're like you know what I'm gonna

Take over the world and I'm going to Beat this thing and we're I'm going to Be better for it I'm going to grow from This and I'm going to build a life or They are a lifelong victim that can't Get out of their way and is always Falling on their face and it's always Somebody else's fault there's always Something to complain about and that's Just how it is it's either one or the Other and maybe some people are a Combination of the two but I really Think that the only choice is the chip On your shoulder you gotta beat the World you got to find a way to win and Just keep on going and so I really Respect both of these channels I know They kind of wore go back and forth I Don't think I don't believe in the Picking sides thing as far as you have To pick one side or the other I have Respect for both you can like one over The other but I have respect for both Just because I'm making lots of content Both enjoyed a lot of success and Continuing at it it's not as if Anybody's resting on their Laurels They're continuing to try to adapt try To grow and that's commendable alright Guys let's continue to build life let's Be Builders of life let's continue to Build on stay healthy stay awesome and I Will talk to you again later Thank you

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