Breakers Making BIG $ on 2022 Prizm Football?

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2022 Prizm football cards are out and everyone is excited. Are breakers making big money on this product? Or are there added expenses we might be missing?

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What's going on hobby family we are back Again it is another day it is another Sports card video today we're going to Be talking about Breakers breaking and The 2022 prism football cards that have Come out everybody's pumped excited About it I'm just curious and actually Using this video to learn a little bit Of something today so if you are a Breaker big breaker out there and you Want to comment on some of the stuff I Would be happy to hear because I think This is interesting conversation and Stuff that I just don't know a lot about I want to hear from you all and get your Thoughts you know where a lot of people Send their cards after they win them From a break come your home for Buying selling and flipping all the Hottest trading cards today's video Sponsor the consignment marketplace with Over 30 million trading cards from Baseball Superstars like Aaron judge to Marvel favorites like Spider-Man compsy Has something for every type of Collector visit today to build Your collection with your favorite cards If you've never been there or you want To go back I'm going to put a link in The video description as well as the Video comments couple of quick Housekeeping notes tonight we've got Off-center flip and Steve will be on my Show 9 pm Eastern we'll go live for

About an hour hour and a half we're Going to talk about Philly card show Stuff we're also going to talk about a Variety of different hobby topics with Ryan from breakout cards and then I'm Going to be on his channel breakout Cards tomorrow on Thursday at 8 pm Eastern so looking forward to that also Channel viewer one of my hobby friends Dave hooked me up at the Village card Show I forgot to share this when I did My recap but this thing is so cool I Collect some Barry Sanders stuff this is A 1991 Arena Holograms Signature Series The one thing he was telling me too is Remember we weren't really sure if this Is a license card but what's cool about It is it is numbered out of 2500 on the Back it's side there on the back but This is one of the early early football Autographs I mean we opened a box Dave And I at the national of 91 Proline Portraits and they have autographs in There 91 I think think was the first Year where there was actual football Card pack pulled autographs so I thought That was cool the early 90s were always Kind of the Hologram years I look at That with 90 mu and some of the early Marvel universe sets had Holograms as Well so I wanted to share that because Thank you Dave you're the man uh but Also wanted to share because those are Really really early autographed cards

All right everybody is pumped excited About 2022 prism football I did kind of A breakdown of my thoughts on this going Back last week I'll put a link in the Video description if you want to check Out that one but then also wanted to go Through I pulled off the internet just Basically prices to buy into a six box Half case break so half a case six boxes Six hobby boxes now we talked about this On the secondary Market you're looking To pre-sale at what like six seven maybe A little bit higher 750 dollars per Hobby box so my assumption here when I Look at the pricing it's 39 to 399 Dollars per spot the 399 dollars is for The Steelers of course that's Kenny Pickett's team but then we'll kind of go Down the list and talk about pricing for Each team but I have to assume that These guys are getting allocations Otherwise when I add up the total amount For the break spots it comes to 3670 to fill that six box break now if You're getting allocations I assume that They're what how much are allocations Again something I would like to learn For a prism what what do they get that At is it 200 a box I'm gonna assume Maybe it's 200 a box and so twelve Hundred dollars for six boxes of prism So three thousand six hundred and Seventy dollars to buy in to sell all Those spots and then you've got 2400

Left over as potential profit one thing I would like to hear from Breakers that Might watch this channel what are some Other costs associated you know because Some people might say like wow that's a Lot of money for one break six box break Twenty four hundred dollars that's That's nice but I assume that there's Probably other costs involved there's Other operating costs so curious to kind Of hear your thoughts from from Breakers On that all right so you've got the Falcons at 149 as a Saints fan I don't Know why you would buy in at 149 for a Team that's so horrible like the Falcons Oh also at the end of this too I'm going To talk about kind of a a thought that I Had when I was looking at the checklist And I was looking at the pricing here Then maybe others aren't thinking about All right so we've got Ravens at 69 Bills at 139 dollars Panthers at 69 Bucks Bears 59 bucks Bengals 109 Browns 44 Lions 139 49ers 299 Seahawks bucks Titans all at 119 commanders at 199 Packers 174 Texan 79 Colts and Jags at 89 bucks Chiefs at 169 Raiders at 39 Bucks not not selling that spot for very Much and we're going to talk about a Little bit of a thing later on about That Chargers 109 Rams 54. Cardinals Also 54 Dolphins 69 Viking 74 Patriots 139 Saints 129 that feels a little high as a

Saints fan I know we had two first round Picks with Chris olave and Trevor Penning offensive lineman but 129 bucks So but actually again we'll Circle back As to why I think that this could be Interesting Giants 69 bucks no giggity Jets 224 bucks Eagles 79 and then the Steelers are the Whopper at 399 so that Hopefully you're able to get in your Kenny Pickett stuff I assume that's why That one is so expensive and again this Is just one breaker's pricing that I Found on the internet I'm sure you could Probably compare pricing across all These different Breakers and try to Figure out kind of where the value might Lie but I want to go back to something That I talked about in my first video on This is I noticed that there are a lot Of different Auto Hall of Fame kind of Retired players that are in this set one Of them in particular is franchise Legends and then their Signature Series But I look at this Raiders spot right Here at 39 and again I've never bought Into a break in my life outside of one Going back three years I did with Flipping Steve and we just all did it 10 Buddies almost like a fantasy football Thing and Steve didn't make any money Off of it it was like we all threw in 10 Bucks type thing to get Mosaic Basketball blasters or something retail Products so it's just for fun so I have

Zero experience in actually partaking I'm breaking just hasn't been my thing In the hobby I don't see it as being any Sort of a big thing I do recognize the Entertainment value that comes with it And then that's what I'm getting at here So Raiders at 39 if you are a collector Of the Raiders I look at this as a Collector product because when you look At the secondary market and it's seven 750 for hobby box unless you've got big Stacks of cash laying around you've got Some serious disposable income Average Joe's not buying a hobby box it's 750 But the Raider spot here at 39 if you Look again at this checklist if you are Just a fan of the Raiders for franchise Legends there's a Charles Woodson Numbered out of 25 there's a Howie Long Numbered out of 99 and then in Sensational signatures there's a Sebastian Janikowski numbered out of 10. Tim Brown numbered out of 99 and I when I saw this I thought wow this is Interesting as a Saints fan I'm like I Wonder if they have any Saints cards You're not going to believe it there's Actually a Bobby a bear rookie not Rookie card there's a bob Behavior Autograph numbered out of 149 there's Also a Marcus Colston there's also a Ricky Jackson so these are some of my All-time kind of favorite Saints players So if this break was if the Saints

Wasn't 129 and it was the same price as The Raiders at 39 dollars I can't take My family out to the movies for less Than 50 bucks I could understand how if You're just looking to maybe hopefully Get into some collector cards at 39 Bucks for the spot and you're a fan of The Raiders you just want Raiders cards For example then that could actually Make some sort of sense to me and again I'd have to kind of compare prices I Don't know if that's a good price a bad Price maybe another breaker has it for 25 I have no idea but for six boxes to Sit there and kind of watch them and Hope hope that they get you know a Saints player that pops out that could Actually be some sort of entertainment Value and for 39 bucks no big deal and It is this year's prism that could make Some sense to me but I think it goes Back to what we talked about these folks Obviously have allocation because if They were buying secondary market Pricing on this at least current Secondary market pricing then this is a Wash it would probably cost you for six Boxes 600 bucks it's three it's thirty Six hundred dollars and the total intake From the pricing they have here is 36.70 So if you're buying on the secondary Market you're not making any money hobby Boxes that's the thing that's going to Be really interesting moving forward we

Talked about Fanatics and distribution Methods possibly changing or how they're Going to do that lcs's in general I Think rely a lot on this allocated Product this money that they can make Off of this product and look they're Writing a business especially if they've Run a brick and mortar for years and Years for decades you know I don't Really have a problem with them getting Specialized pricing on on hobby boxes Some are going to say oh my gosh this is Mega greed look at how much they're Making on this box break but again part Of why I'm putting this out there is I'd Like to hear from you know if there's Breakers out there that'll say yeah but Out of that money We have to pay this we have to pay that It makes a little bit more sense as to Why there might be that markup and again This is something that I just don't know A lot about so I think it would be great To hear from some of the folks that are Partaking kind of on all sides of it for Me personally like I always do I will Most likely look for the singles of this Stuff so as opposed to buying into the Break like for the Saints like if I want That Bobby a bear autograph I'll look For eBay on it and I'll probably be able To find it fairly easy easily at a Reasonable price but again as I Mentioned braking provides entertainment

Yes it is sports betting yes there is That element to it there's risk a lot of Risk attached but if you're looking at It out of the lens of a collector and You're just like hey 39 bucks for that Raider spot and this is a couple hours That I get to watch this with with maybe My family and maybe we get a Howie Long Autograph out of it cool you know that's A whole different ball game to me then You're you're buying into something with The expectation of man I got I gotta get This one of one so I can resell it and Recoup my money or whatever the case may Be anyway guys let me know your thought Thoughts stay healthy stay awesome and I Will talk to you again later

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