I Sent SGC a Fake Card?

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Did I finally get duped by a fake card I Mean I wrote a whole book on how to spot Fakes well you guys gotta check out this SGC reveal that also features a ton of High grade vintage cards with great eye Appeal let's see the greats let's clean These up a little bit Okay two stacks fake card is in here We'll get to that at the very end let's Start going through some cards So first 7.5 1967 bill mazarovski this Thing is beautiful looking check out That centering as well Great looking copy Famous for his World Series home run S We got the authentic evidence of Trimming unfortunately on this Dixie Dean hopefully I can find a nicer copy Of this when I'm over in the UK I wanted To have a good one but This is trimmed Orlando Cepeda at 7.5 I Think if it didn't have the fisheye and A little bit of centering issues this Would have graded really higher corners On this were beautiful Hal chase this one got a three That out Yogi Berra this one got E4 So authentic this one is erased so I'm Curious where it was erased at I have to Look way closer and this is good for my Knowledge too but Price some work or something like that

And someone took that eraser to it so I Know some people talk about getting Pencil off of a card you can still at Least get numerical grade if you remove It you are going to get an A like this No I did not remove it 2.5 This Fred Snodgrass Over print back This one's actually really cool so this Is a Dr WG Grace Different pose than most of his ogdens With Tom Robertson And I saw this I had to buy it so this Got E5 which I'm super thrilled with you Guys can see super clean back but these Are always going to chip It's because the black borders and the Aging on these two This series is also pretty tough to find I should mention that You got an early win this got A5 1951 Bowman Ford winner this has got eight two Virgil Davis this got a two You don't see these that often the George C Millers this one got A1 just Because of paperless but it still looks Actually pretty nice even with that George Kell 2.5 Is a rookie card Nice looking Cracker Jack this one got A3 1915 because this is flipped on the Back

This is one of my PC Jack Dempsey 1922 Boys magazine that's got E2 bought a Full set of these So kind of expected it too maybe two and A half 75 bench nice looking copy there A lot of these chip really easily does Have a huge stain or print effect on the Back Which I think kind of stopped the higher Grade Six five 61 Eddie Matthews Seven on this 1969 Brooks Robinson great I appeal with this Five Willie Stargell Seven on this night 's name 59 Brooks Robinson got a 6.5 On the 68 Killebrew Six on this road crew And Three on this Hal Chase So that is stock number one so if you Guys want to get some of your cards Graded by SGC make sure to click the Link Down Below in the description also If you're enjoying this video make sure To hit the Subscribe Button as it does Help out the YouTube algorithm all right One more stack until we get into these Let's start off on a nice looking maze 6.5 and 1972. Eddie Matthews it's got a five

Another Eddie Matthews Also got a five Herman Killebrew six 75 rows this one got a six this is the Mini which are a lot tougher to find but The hobby doesn't really value that at The moment which is kind of a shame 35 Gotti four in one No idea with all these different backs Some of them are really really scarce But gotta research those one day Probably fingers 1970. Yeah These are really cool the delongs Actually almost picked some up in Philly But A little too expensive someone drew on The back over here you know it's a Crease and so that is why it has a one 62 Drysdale got it 5.5 This is really sweet and eight 75 bench I think if it was centered a little bit Better have a shot at nine Super clean looking card 69 Jim Palmer 6.5 71 bench this one got E6 Maze Snyder got the four Brooks Robinson 7.5 72 Bradshaw got A5 Ellen Page 5.5 Webster got an eight I think this is a Rookie card 63 Gaylord Perry it's got 83.5 not a Rookie card of his

Aaron Matthews 3.5 Me it's got a five Usual got E4 Angstrom 4.5 Hoyt got a three All right let's get into these Put these off to the side A few more cards 4.5 Ashburn and Maze Fred Lindstrom got a one Aaron 6.5 And 53 mantle mint size not meant still A really good I appeal on that one And P202 1.5 All right cards that were not graded So I actually took a chance on these First two over here We're gonna hide the counterfeit card Beyond it there 1967 Benny's you might be wondering why Were those not graded well These are actually laminated so You can see over there so I didn't know If laminated cards could actually get Graded or not I assume not but wanted to Take a chance on them So these are going to be available if Anyone is interested So nozzo and also DiMaggio You guys can see the backs on those Both got them now All right let's talk about the Counterfeit

Did I get duped well This is 2023 counterfeit card no set Name or anything Number 13. Carson's chocolate Thomas Edison So this kind of puzzled me I was like Did I buy a counterfeit Thomas Edison Card now no Carson's have been never Graded by any companies But I've actually ordered multiple Carson's chocolates from different Sellers throughout the UK So I told myself let's do some research And see if this card is actually fake or Not so I'll show you guys another Example that I have over here A Charles Dickens So the first thing I did with these two Cards is felt the texture to see if they Felt the same they did next I used a Loop and we have solid printing for both These Carson's chocolate and then I used A black light See how that illuminates and also that Illuminates the illuminate About the same So I wanted to get more information I asked For my friends who lives over in the UK And you knew the seller that sold these The UK seller has been selling cards for Over 20 years and wouldn't have been get Got duped by a fake sports card and also

This is a legit set this is not fake Cards these were produced in the early 1900s so I think this is just mislabeled as a no Instead of a counterfeit this is a real Card Hopefully we can get this set graded Here in the future because it's an early Edison card but also to mention who Would fake at Carson's chocolate his Most valuable card is the Lone Jack Inventors from 1887 or you could also Say the 1888 n76 great Americans and Those aren't even that expensive Um probably under three four hundred Dollars for both of those this card's Like a 50 or 100 and with counterfeit Cards people are going to try to fake Cards that are mostly in the four to Five figures most of the time obviously But bigger names as well if you go Around asking about Carson's chocolate At card Show No One's Gonna even know What that is but that is the SGC Reveal Video hope you guys enjoyed we're going To be having another one for March on The channel really soon

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