Dibbs Marketplace Closing + 2022 Select Football Preview

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Dibbs Marketplace is closing down. AND we have 2022 Select football cards on the way.

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We've got some sports card company hobby News today dibs has announced that it is Shutting down its Marketplace For those that don't know dibs Essentially a fractional marketplace Where users can fractionalize their Cards and sell shares or something to That effect to other users and it says Here in the report that they are moving More towards their tokenization as a Service style business and it says that It's growing here according to sports Collectors daily the way that they Reported it and it's very interesting I Think we've talked about this before I Mean there were a lot of startups that Came about during the pandemic sports Cards were cool again it was hot again And we've seen companies like Star stock For example that have had to Pivot out Of kind of their typical Marketplace It looks like dibs is also going to be Pivoting away from what they were Looking to do initially they did say That one of the reasons for kind of Having having issues having a shutdown Possibly due to kind of the banking Stuff that's going on there's some some Banking drama going on out there in the World if you've been paying attention And they reference that here as Unforeseen changes to offerings from our Payments provider and their partner Banks so maybe there was a little bit of

Concern around around payments and so it Just kind of prompted part of the reason What what prompted this now if you look At investors into dibs you had Chris Paul athletes like Chris Paul Kevin Love DeAndre Hopkins and then sports card Folks you have Jeff Wilson and psa's own Nat Turner was an investor into dibs and Again I mean look there's a lot of Startups in many many different Industries that just don't work out the Startup world is a tough place and right Now especially too we have a lot of Different marketplaces in the sports Card world and this one being tied to The blockchain fraction There's just a lot of moving Parts still A lot of unknowns with crypto and with Nfts and all that sort of thing so I can See where there could be some sort of Challenges but as as I said here it Looks like more of a pivot and so we'll Follow along to see what they've got Next cardboard connection has a 2022 Select football preview now on the site You've got a checklist to look at but Before we go into it big thanks to video Sponsor MVP Sportbrake.com this is an LCS that is Selling sealed product and they want to Compete with the big names and so I want To definitely put their name out there It's MVP sportbrake.com use promo code Dad3 for 10 off your order and then all

Orders over 500 it's free shipping so Definitely check out Mvpsportbreak.com for all your sealed Product and Supply needs all right we've Got the new 2022 select football preview Is out on cardboard connection and this Is interesting I actually really like The look of the cards I think Panini Puts out a nice looking card the select Football cards to me even though they Move from it just being not being hobby Anymore now being retail and hobby that Kind of soured it for me a little bit When they did that in 2020 but the Overall look of the car is just very Cool looking cards now the base card set Has grown to 500 cards so now we've got 500 we're starting to get into like 89 Upper Deck territory remember like some Of those older sets it was like 600 700 800 you know players in the set are Cards in the set well now we're at a 500 Card base set which you know what that Means there's going to be a lot of this Stuff out there they've got some new Inserts this year that are super short Print supposedly Multiverse star arcade And Visionary and then you've got kind Of the usual autos and rookie Autos Being a Saints fan I put up I'm gonna Put up a picture of Chris olave actually A pretty cool card but a lot of sticker Autos so I know for for folks that don't Like sticker Autos might not be crazy

About it but still good looking cards One gripe I have is man how many Different levels are we going to have You're not going to believe this so You've got base Concourse you've got Premiere level you've got Club level Which they had just added last year and Field level but then they slipped in in Between Club level and field level and All new suite level suite level is it Going to be like nosebleed seat level Next I mean come on guys one two three Four five different levels so five Different versions of a card and then You'll have all the different variations The Concourse silver The Concourse Purple the premiere yellow you know You're going to have all the different Colors of the rainbow for all these Different levels man I have a feeling There's going to be a lot of Select out There so again as we say for a lot of The products it's the same when we go Over to this prism product this is Collector product so if you can find This in retail maybe this is kind of a Fun retail rip because the cards do look Cool there's probably some nice Collector cards in the set and so that's What we've got so far for select Football this year it's not any sort of Shock that they're kind of expanding This out again Panini losing the Licenses in a couple years what really

Is their motivation to slow down print Runs they just don't have any so they're Broadening the sucker out we got a 500 Card base set and we got another level So oh the levels anyway guys stay Healthy stay awesome and I will talk to You again later Thank you

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