You Won’t Believe How Many RODGERS & LOVE Sports Cards SOLD!

DAILY SLAB, EP. 115, March 16, 2023 — In this video, we’ll show you how many Rodgers sports cards were sold after his announcement on The Pat McAfee Show that he intends to play for the New York Jets.

If you’re a fan of Aaron Rodgers, then you need to watch this video! We’ll discuss the current sports card market for Rodgers sports cards, and how you can benefit from making the right moves right now. If you’ve been sitting on the fence about buying or selling Aaron Rodgers’ sports cards, or just want to become a student of the trading card market, this is the video for you!

SlabStox Nate gets sentimental about Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. What’s his favorite memories of the four-time MVP? And, where does he think his sports cards are going now that it is abundantly clear he will likely play for the New York Jets?

Watch this video to get all the data you need. If you hold an Aaron Rodgers rookie sports card, are you holding in hopes of a second Super Bowl victory or selling on the BIG NEWS and HYPE in the NFL? Let us know what you’d do in the comments.

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On today's daily slab we are going to Talk about Aaron Rodgers and our trender Of the day sit back relax and enjoy Today's daily slap welcome everyone to The Daily slab I am Nate and what else Could we talk about today but Aaron Rodgers So obviously Aaron Rodgers made his uh Announcement on the Pat McAfee show that He was in fact intending to play for the Jets and that the Packers were the ones Holding up the negotiations obviously Wanting to get something for him more Than probably what the Jets are willing To give up a very fine line between you Know you're trading a franchise icon and Wanting something for him and the Jets Being like well you have a QB and your QB is either going to play for us or not Play you don't have a lot of Leverage so We'll see where that hold up goes but For me at least as a Packers fan this is A day that is somewhat Bittersweet Obviously you have Jordan love you want To see how he's doing you spent a first Round pick on him you'd like to see if He has what it takes to lead you into The future because Aaron Rodgers is Going to be 40 this year in December yes But 40 this year and you know that he's Not going to be there long term this Might even be his last year so you're Hoping for a Jordan and Jordan love is You know 23 24 whatever the age might be

But he's in his fourth year in the League and you gotta you gotta see you Don't want to waste that first round Pick So you understand it from that point but You also realize that you know Aaron Rodgers was drafted in 2005. it is now 2023 that is a very very long time ago That he was drafted and he's been with Your team the entire time so obviously From that standpoint it is kind of sad He is obviously been a little bit Opinionated lately and between him and The media always going after him or Always talking about him it's gotten a Little old it's not always his fault a Lot of it has been the media's fault uh Even the reporting that there was Nothing to report on Aaron Rodgers the Last couple weeks was getting old and That wasn't because of him that was Because the media had nothing else to Talk about so it's not always on Aaron Rodgers that it got old at least for us Packer fans That being said I will miss him he had Some of the most amazing throws I've Ever seen on a football field he had Some of the most amazing moments I've Ever seen on the football field the Hail Mary to Richard Rodgers in the end zone Against the Lions the back-to-back Hail Marys against the Cardinals to tie it up Before our defense inevitably gave it up

There were so many times where the Packers could have gone to the Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers as the QB and it Was other players having just absolutely Drastic meltdowns that ruined the Chances for us and ruined our Seasons Um too many to count too many to bring Up here but it does stink that we didn't Get to another Super Bowl so I'm hoping If Jordan loves not going to lead the Packers to a Super Bowl next year and I Would be shocked if he did I am hoping That Aaron Rodgers can get to that Super Bowl with the Jets and win it and have That second Super Bowl tying you know Guys like Eli Manning you know Aaron Rodgers significantly better player than Eli Manning to only have one Super Bowl To Eli Manning's two would be a shame so Hoping for good stuff there as for his Cards well this is pretty crazy So I looked up Aaron Rodgers on the Sales history tool sorted by March 15th And onwards which is the day I'm Recording this the day Aaron Rodgers is Said he intended to be a jet and there Is 106 sales including a thousand and Fifty dollar refractor bgs9 Um a Bowman 2005 Bowman PSA 7 auto for 775 you can know you notice how many Best offers are accepted here fixed Price fixed price fixed price fixed Price in auction fixed price fixed price Fixed price you want so on and so forth

All the way down the line just a ton of Best offers and fixed prices with a few Auctions mixed in that means obviously People are excited and willing to spend Money to get Aaron Rodgers cards right Now probably a lot of jets fans now if You do the same search but look up Jordan love well this is a two-fold Trade because Aaron Rodgers Market is Moving because Jets fans are excited Well Jordan loves Market is moving as Well because now Packer fans are excited And in fact 409 Jordan love cards have Sold in the uh on March 15th we have Stuff as high as 1495 dollars for this Contender out of 10 PSA 10 Um Auto here I think it's a sticker Auto A mythical 101 Rookie a Flawless on card Auto out of 20 For a thousand two hundred twenty five Bucks Um you can see them all there optic Contenders Auto so many thousand dollar Cards so many 900 cards 600 cards and so On and so forth down the line so you can Just see how excited Jets fans and Packer fans are for this move obviously It's sad to see Aaron Rodgers go but It's nice to have Jordan love as a Replacement to be excited about it's Much better this way than just having Them retire and having nothing to look Forward to for our trender of the day we Have domantas sabonis so I haven't got

To watch a lot of Kings games um as a Bucks fan we don't play the Kings very Much we don't uh play Western Conference Teams very much and then you know I just I know they're good and they're Enjoyable but I just haven't got around To watching a lot of Kings games so the Bucks played the Kings the other night On to Monday night and I came away very Impressed the Kings very Scrappy fast Scrappy and uh hungry clearly hungry and One of those players was de Montes Sabonis so Damonte sabonis came into the League with the Thunder and then he went To the Pacers and then now he's on the Kings and sabonis Pretty much out rebounded Brook Lopez Brook Lopez is gigantic 7-1 200 like 85 Pounds Demotte saponis also seven and Seven foot seven one not as big and yet He out rebounded Brooke and Giannis a lot of the night in Fact he ended with 24 points 17 rebounds And 15 assists so a triple double the 15 Assists impressive the 24 points Impressive but I came away mostly Impressed by how he out rebounded some Of our big bigs Um very impressive night from him and The kings of course are in contention in The West for being one of the top four Teams in the west which nobody would Have expected gonna be back to the Playoffs for first time in a very long

Time in fact won 40 games or more for The first time in like 17 years or Something like that insane so Congratulations to the Kings their great Team they're going to be fun to watch in The playoffs I don't know I don't think They're going to get it done this year Per se but they definitely have some Building blocks there for the future Which is cool to see and as for Sabonis's cards well we're looking at His 2016 prism-based PSA 10 and you can See this trend and how it has gone up Um We're talking a three-month Trend and Has gone up 32 dollars and 178 in that time span and Not only that but with how he's playing And how the kings are doing if these Keep selling I expect them to maybe even An inch a little bit higher so we shall See there but the Kings and amantis Bonus made a fan of me obviously a bucks Fan but I will in tune in to More Kings Games and watch them because it was very Very enjoyable lastly on whatnot today I Have a baseball single sale Um doing a lot of prospects and rookie Single sales so if you're interested in That go check that out 6 p.m Eastern Time 3 P.M Pacific on whatnot selling a Ton of baseball cards should be a Massive wonderful time come talk Baseball with me talk World Baseball

Classic whatever you want to talk come Chat with me on the slab stocks whatnot Channel at 6 PM eastern time hope to see You there All right thank you everyone for Watching today's daily slab if you like This video please click that like button And don't forget to subscribe we Appreciate it and I hope you all have a Good rest of your night and I will talk To you guys for the next daily slab see Ya foreign

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