I Bought a Satchel Paige Rookie Card!

For this weeks sports card show vlog, I traveled to the Philly card show. I picked up some awesome vintage baseball cards including a Satchel Paige rookie card!

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Back to the Philly card show one of my Favorite shows in the country starting a Little bit late for Saturday Unfortunately with spring break in Florida all the morning flights were Booked out so I have a few hours here on The floor we're gonna hit trade night But the good thing is I have all day Sunday at the show so majority deals Will be tomorrow let's find some cool Pre-work parts So I saw this one this is really cool so Check this out On the back we have an over print here's Roy campanilla right on there So I wish campy was on the front but This is actually a pretty cool card Probably throw this into my PC just Because of it But there's another one over here Lou Bordeaux Hall of Famer No one I'd probably end up selling but There's a whole stack of these Check it out all these overprints Stuff you don't see every day Foreign Through some 33 Sports Kings and I Already have both these in my collection The Hagen and a five and a Shore also in A seven I believe but these cards have Risen a lot like in the last year or so Pagan one of your best golfers I appeal Works really really good but there is a Stain on the back don't know how much

That will impact the grade on it I think We're gonna take a chance sending it to SGC and this store is a old label for You guys can see some standing on it but Steering wise looks pretty good sharp Corners so mod these into the stock Actually got a decent amount so far I Haven't fully recorded everything but We'll see what I picked up at the very End Yeah All right let me know what you can do on These over there 1850 on that That's everything priced out right there Of course yeah No you're good all right so it was 20 55. I think you could do 18. yeah Let me get your PayPal I'll just help You type it in Well we ended up picking up for 18. by The way these over print backs these Look really really sharp so added bonus To it but I think these do get A's Automatically I don't know for sure so Don't quote me on that again you guys Already saw this is a cycle back Zach Wheat you just don't see them that often They're a little bit of paper loss but Not then in the world not Eddie Shore Then we have a t207 vendor corners on This look pretty nice overall I think it Might be the lighting but there's like a

Small crease right there and that's why I got a three to get a pwcci appeal if That matters to you then e96 Donovan and Then we picked up a few e98s now I'm not Too familiar with all the color Variations on these but I do see many of Them online so I gotta do a little bit More research on my own time really know All the different scarcities Beyond These but I also believe a lot of these Came from the Black Swamp line obviously Not these in a one five or two but a lot Of your eights nines and tens that are In those pop reports and then if you Ever run in me again that shows I'm Accepting SJC Subs too First thing I did when I got here was I Went right to the table and dropped it Off yeah you might as well that was the First time they set up And he can't and take it out There you go great thanks I appreciate It thank you you guys are great stuff I try my best well this is a great Dealer to buy from uh oh perfect I drove Them I'm still learning but that's all right Ten dollars per home run Baker minor League card Employment who cares that's so fast it Has the extra tortoise that's a deal man How about you I just did one deal I got Here kind of late oh yeah so kind of Sucks on that side of things but not too

Bad it's It's always amazing Not too much Yeah you got to go to the Philly Non-sports show for that one yeah I'm Gonna try an a to go that one try to go I've never been to it but it's small It's at this it's at the same place here Not but at a different venue it's really Small you'd be shocked but all these Dealers just have like so much stuff Can I take a look at your Al Lopez Foreign So a cheap 1938 gallity Hall of Famer 135 definitely a no-brain buy there now The reason I know Al Lopez is the Big Red Machine Cincinnati Reds played Spring training at all Lopez field in Tampa and also there's like a park there That I think I played some baseball Games in or at least trained there when I was a kid either way pretty cool History either It was centered all day long I'll give You a 750 on it I'm still very Interested in it Just don't know if I could get that Number all right so I'm definitely Interested in The Fox and the Lajoie All right So maybe we can come on a price with These I do like this Munson quite a lot Because you don't see these that often

And obviously black ordered but the only Thing a little bit concerns me is it is Miscon top to bottom When I do tend to grade stuff that's Like Miss cut like that they tend to Give it a two but It's it's tough on that side of things Yeah so I do think it does look nicer Than those other twos that sold so I Don't know if I could be it at 750 But maybe we can work something out Between the three yeah so first let's Like what are you thinking on those two Right there uh to combine I would do I would do 600. okay and if I threw this In there where would you be at I'll do 12. that's honestly what I was Thinking I was thinking 600 so what the Two sold for so thank you thank you if You guys are enjoying this card show Vlog make sure to hit the Subscribe Button helps out with the YouTube Algorithm and if you have cards to grade We are accepting SGC submissions for March and also April make sure to hit The link Down Below in the description And send us some parts Nine five is a really good grade on These yeah I was thrilled I'm curious what did I run 140. that's It yeah especially for like how big the Price differences on between Jeter and A-Rod yeah What were the subgrades on that

Um all nine fives That's really good yeah I was super Excited I've always wanted one I've been Looking at like just the way down a psa9 Auction yeah because I didn't really but Then when I got this for basically the Same price And I know it's not like his rookie per Se like A lot of iconic cards yeah this is Probably his most iconic and then 2007 You know what I mean because his rookie Cards suck they're terrible images it Doesn't even and it doesn't matter like There's a million tens out there yeah I Was excited to pick up I got a really Good deal on this thanks I don't know Too much about basketball cards they're Limited so Two fives like 300 or 350 but like They're with all around the corners and Stuff like that should be great yeah I Think it'll grade three five if I was Gonna take a guess I can't tell if There's creases or things like that some Kind of lighting but It has good eye appeal at least to it Good stuff all right I like this that's All I like too It's a sweet pose in everything Maybe not Foreign Or something like that Be on this Frank Robinson Auto go out of

K-line and Bunning With Jacks Throwbacks and then the yards Okay Do 100 on him 110 So we picked up a few autograph cards we Have a 1962 Frank Robinson with an Inscription this one is pretty cool Alkaline and Jim Bunning two Hall of Famers on there also Jim Bunnings rookie Are from 1957 although it's not as true Rookie card and don't really pick up too Much vintage hockey but nice looking Eight on this we got a venny Sandy cofox 1964 back is completely gone but still Pretty popular and then I'm gonna take a Chance on this one the ziaz looks really Nice by the way tip for some new ones Look on the different sides make sure It's not colored in a lot of people did That with sharpies this did not have That so Really really cool looking card on that One and I'll send it into SJC and see How it does how bad is the mark on the Bobby Jones I can't find it actually Yeah Bit faded on there Think Yeah you might have messed that up no so I've had a show under and with good Light and unless there's some impression I'm just not saying I don't see it I Think the greater possibly thinks I Don't know if this is like faint pencil

Or just like a mark there I think that Would be the only way that they called That a mark Isn't I even that bad So it kind of looks like someone wrote An H possibly but I can't tell if it's Like dust or Yeah and it didn't look like writing to Me it looks really bad writing if it is I can't tell it's like 50 50. Now let's just take a look at your 57 Maze as well as your 54 set and uh Jackie And then do you know the Timeless Triples what's that number two Um 25 on that 50. oh 50. okay Well three iconic football players so of Course of course I have I have a relic PC so I'm trying to get some nicer Examples and build it up over here My friends also is looking for that card So it's a it's a sign of am I going to Keep that or I'm going to sell with my Friends I own a little bit So minus this card because I'm still Waiting to hear back where do you think You would be out on this lot On the 26.75 26.75 on those okay yeah And then can I take a look at your Saxophone Um Is that stain on the card or is it all

Yes You said 26.75 on these ones over here What does this come out to about sticker Wise so With On here I'm 85 okay and then here 90 Percent okay I'm already bad if I threw that page in There No one five did about 450. it probably Would have been there Thank you It was Why does everybody say that all the Negotiations People always want to go what's your Best and then just tell them your best And they go what can you do right why'd You ask me my best I didn't ask the best I said what could You do Maybe I could ask the best and then we Get a little more off right I kind of Went right to it so no you're good on Pricing some people just they're like no Price difference some people work with You so I know they're good there Look at one thing You throw those in order to eat cash I can't throw that down Going through those possibly All right okay Really low on this I just One or the other of those you know if

You wanted to do that but that's that's Kind of like all right I'll throw in the Whitey Ford three kick out no idea So this was a really fun lot standard 54 Ted Williams card number one this was His first tops card 57 maze decently Centering which these are always tough To find your 56 Jackie see those sorry 55 Jackie not 56 Jackie it's him all Time not horrible centering on that one Bobby Jones it's got an MK it's possible Because of this up over here but either Way one of his best cards actually a lot Of people like this more than his rookie For some reason does it doesn't happen With Walter Hagin as much though Up next this is a really cool card so I Know someone that followed the channel That really wants this card but I also Kind of want it too so Not whole fully sure what I'm doing yet I do have a Thorpe single Relic which I Probably end up selling if I am going to Keep this numbered to 50 very very tough Relics so Three early Football Hall of Famers Dutch Clark barely has anything out There Thorp has a few pieces baseball And football Grange has football pieces Out there I thought this was kind of Cool dual Relic over here bat and also Stadium seat it's a random mantle number To 277 thought it looked pretty nice and Then I'm about to drop this off at SGC

This is an alternative 1948 Satchel Page Rookie this is a photo pack from Cleveland this thing's massive I mean You guys can see that over there so Don't want to drop don't want to bring This on my flight and then just waiting For me through and at the very end but Nice deal to start off day number two Time to drop off this thing because I Don't want it to get creased up let's See how long this process takes Foreign Just walk away but this set's actually Really tough this has the first ever Lefty Grove card in it obviously it's Not left a Grove but that Lefty Grove is Well over a five figure card something I'm definitely chasing one day if I can Afford it but I had to show you guys This pretty cool piece You always have to appreciate test Issues when you see them now Rich Allen Is not in the Hall of Fame some people Think he should be Maybe one day in a veterans committee But these are always really tough but I Gotta show you guys another one of his Cards that I saw here All right these are the three I'm Interested in the Jack Dempsey from 1930. Hoover Ted Williams To be fun and then the Mark Twain It'll be at like 85 85 on it yeah I could do that

This is my first ever baseball Kimball Champs from 1887. I'm not too familiar With this player he's not a Hall of Famer but do a few others in the set Which is kind of cool I just picked up a John Sullivan in a one but I thought the I appeal on this 1.5 looked really Really good and it ended up being 325 Dollars Dual Hall Fame Auto 45 bucks And go wrong with that Up next we have Strongsville and then we Have the UK card show which I'm super Excited for anyways I'm exhausted I'll See you guys soon

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