Many Hits In March! Opening March’s Elite, Platinum, & Mid-End Football Boomboxes

I am opening/reviewing March’s Elite, Platinum, & Mid-End Football Boomboxes from The Original Boombox for our next NFL sports card pack break/unboxing! Each box comes with 6-10 hobby, no huddle, or retail packs and some supplies (one-touch mag or screw down holder). See below for more info on each format. Head over to their site to see the current prices, packs, and promotions! ⬇️

Check out their website:

Elite: $260 per box. Featured packs include 2021 Panini Prizm Football Hobby, 2022 Rookies and Stars, ’22 Phoenix, 2022 Illusions, 2022 Mosaic No Huddle

Platinum: $140 per box. Featured packs include 2022 R & S, 2022 Phoenix, 2022 Illusions, 2022 Donruss

Mid-End: $90 per box. Featured packs include 2022 Phoenix, 2021 Contenders Collegiate Draft Picks, 2022 Donruss, 2022-23 Topps Bowman University


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What's going on guys welcome back to a New video today we have the elite Platinum and mid end football boomboxes For March we had basketball ready you Haven't seen that definitely check it Out and you guys went on with some Prison football which is this kind of Weeks giveaway then like the video Subscribe to the channel follow me on The free whatnot app links down below to Get 10 and free credit when you use that Link and then uh destroy a few more time That's it it'll be fast fun free and Some free prison football very fitting For this video which is football boom Boxes so move this to the side We have these the football and then Basketball every month so we haven't Seen any of the past ones feel free to Check them out And background we have burrow and Herbert and our Instagram There we go Let's see What we got in our first one we always Do a little battle if you're new here And these three will face off there are Different prices though so sometimes we Have a little Alliance and expectations Differ so let's see what's in this one Oh never mind there's like three peanuts They've fallen and here is our Little piece of paper Empty box

There we go Mid end this one is just ninety dollars And this is the lowest and we're doing Today so for March we have Phoenix hobby I definitely like that one contenders Draft tabby All right then two Donruss Hobby Okay and that's actually the new one Right so then Bowman you for this year Also new share his with them Moss ticket Promo so 10 10 5 one full size helmet And then a boombox Put that there Here's our Supplies and our packs so there's the Draft Not a huge fan of the draft stuff we Have Donruss one Uh booming you donors 2 Bowman U2 and Phoenix Last hmm I guess that's totally Guaranteed hit And then uh I guess these guys all right Let's see what we get First pack up Which let's look No Chrome Rip Johnny hunt It was for looking like a failure Here's our cards So here's the first look actually on This channel this product because I Actually ended up doing this one on Instagram so there's Instagram right

There A lot of products I don't do here I do On there so I did not do this one on Here I did on Instagram And Okay there we go Next pack So I was on the fence And then so that's it on there I do some Baseball in there too And slowly we'll bring some of that Stuff on here if we like it there Okay Here is the uh this is kind of odd the Invicta insert which is usually with Another card or usually like this but This time it's just chilling here so That's a minute and uh there's we'll Love this so Click that why not If you guys like these videos you want To see more like it more boomboxes more Reviews fun stuff with cards Then like the video subscribe to the Channel it's free to you guys helps us Do more and then also a membership can Get you some bonus videos links down Below Way to help support us as well posted One not too long ago a new member video Week early first look at the time of a New product And here's our base and once again enter That uh oh into that giveaway

For some free prison football definitely One of the bigger ones we usually do Because prism is prism so Nice portrait Kenneth Walker I think These are the one box or they're not the Most common so that's not bad penis tool One Chrome card everything spins Yeah so some free product As much as possible and prism being one Of the biggest sets had to do it So steps once again in the description Like sub follow and whatnot if you're Already doing that you're good to go and I'll see you in your stream All right next one up Into Focus we go Ritter I like Very low Hit rate in this product so maybe we can Get lucky but not counting on it Here is oh whoops there's our base Yeah appear strong Trey McBride And okay They're not that rare we just got two so I promise they're not one for pack Denzel Ward Warden and Christian Watson so nice Portraits Here we go nice canvas texture last two Packs This is the uh draft I feel like actually I was gonna say I Never do well in these although I did

Pull a pitch actually it's ice from the Boombox while back Other than that not too great and then 2017 I pulled Corey Davis cracked ice which at the Time was very nice My homes that was my home's ear actually So Yeah so here's our I mean that's technically a rookie Mac Although not very Popular or valuable Naji Harris That's your autograph Aaron Rodgers Trey sermon Oh wait one more and so 10 all right Hmm 304 Kg Castello We get hmm how about one of one Base Kjc Anderson Watson all right well thanks For nothing draft You guys go here Non-numbered Watson goes here and kjc Oh man You know we complain about the initial Autographs 100 years from now which Could be K wine It's a thumbprint Final pack this is the thinnest pack I've ever felt I think there's something Wrong with this pack actually Feels like something's off

Feels like we're missing cards We are missing a card yeah supposed to Be five there's four there that's not Good Mid end has Not a Kenny Got locket Kenny Bateman all right at least you got Number card So missing a base I guess or something Else like that Mid end not much yeah sorry mid end they Might have an alliance honestly I don't know who wants to team up with Them right now they've had their wins Though so The least is expected of them because They're mid-end the cheapest one here That is platinum Higher expectations you are more Expensive You are the middle child So maybe some nice hits possibly here we Go Here are the packs much heavier than the Last one And there you go hopefully not missing a Card like the last one There is our oh it's kind of a drop Here's our information Close the Box Shake

And Platinum 140 dollars Here's one I've not tried rookies and Stars Usually pretty good I think so that's Interesting Phoenix Please let's get five cards Illusions is Nice and then two diamonds again it is a New genre so I guess yeah Sure hits with them boss promo same Thing I'm not a huge fan of single packed Autonomous although I like boxes just Very low hit rate so one pack two packs Even like five packs is pretty rough Uh here's our packs rookies and stars Here's some rookies on the pack and There's some Stars this is uh let's see 10 cards let's go say it's thick maybe Not here's a regular feeling Phoenix And illusions I'm gonna go like this yeah Why not no This and then They're new so having two for the new Guys Not too bad I guess Uh like this all right here we go Platinum won't be tough to beat mid end The bar has not been set High All right here's our Cards nothing uh Shining Yeah hey twice I think we got him

Pack two Come on Loving you what you got Something shiny Humble menu All right I mean I don't think those are Super rare I got a few of these And we'll understand Nice player to get though And here's a very Fat Donruss Okay They actually don't want fat because see They're fill our jersey card and Jersey Cards especially not associated don't Worry Nothing Let's see Oh Why hello there Mr Purdy He Is in some sets not all of them but this Is one of them so that's nice I'll Definitely take a Purdy We'll see how he does shamey got hurt We have hurts speaking of hurt hurts we Pulled his shield actually in our iMac First off the line case breaks on what Not Okay This would be the king's one Gridiron Kings No it's Uh All Pro Kings okay yeah

Yep it's a jersey card I mean it's a hit Can't complain To 349 super rare Kenneth Walker Ramsay the Rams and shambles and uh Sweat all right How about like that And here's our jersey card I forgot to check That hurts man I wonder is that just the language You're using or is this literally A meaningless jersey card but they need To start thinking because they're not Right now And I don't think they realize they're Badly damaging themselves by doing that Don't care what costs you got to fix That because I think they're missing how bad that is Oh here's actually rookie didn't even See that Trayvon Walker all right Is that that's backwards it's Yellow Okay okay okay okay Rogers Interesting I mean I'm playing the game maybe I hope Let's see we got there's a final card Before We see this can we get ink or did we get Trolled Okay Okay Cordell Stewart Okay P would have been nice

25. Beautiful I mean that's that's ink work A little off sticker but if you put an Effort in Rather have that than kjc Man Steelers All right all right all right hey here From Donruss I'll take that here's Phoenix Nice three packs to finish Five cards five cards see no reason to Worry The colors in this pack are kind of Weird I mean look how faded Zach is Hmm do we have anything here yes we do Green to 25 I'm not Wrong let's see I think right because our car was the 25. Kenneth Walker again Breeze fire forged Come on Rookie rookie Oh this is um Dalton Schultz of course of course Kenneth Walker I'll put him here why not Yes 7-25. cool Dog Schultz Okay Okay I'll take that for sure Illusions has I'm not mistaken These two probably the highest hit rate So

If we're gonna have the best chance of Hit it's these two here I hope It's like one in every two has a pack as A hit not a pack Hmm Let's find out One I see something backwards I mean One can hope two Gary Wilson I think we got Garrett Wilson last time actually Sky Moore Operation detonation And colors is Jags Maybe Jones Drew Nice I'll take Sweet thank you illusions Elusive ink I think it says Mjd I like Awesome thank you uh Mr Platinum That's pretty cool one of my first hits I got was I believe Him but I think it was I could be wrong I think I pulled points it was my first Hit but one of my first I think I pulled Points and I Got that using my points after paying Shipping to the Big L It's crazy you have to pay shipping we Use your points that is crooked but Man I think it was like a 32 patch That I got I thought it was pretty cool

So Here's our next one repeating Stars oh Oh all right never mind first time Seeing this one last year was really Nice Here we go I think that's a hitter here Okay Although the patch Auto it's thick Team duels Not gonna be autograph Sappy and Thornton let's see Pretty thin oh sorry Okay all right hold on a few things Going on here Number jersey card Dual unassociated it's a 249 There we go Trayvon Walker Rookie rush to 125 27 and then we have It's pretty cool Thriller is Tyreek Hill And then I think that's mainly it Yeah I like these guys Numbered rookie always nice And then Jersey card Nice as well obviously for you so Platinum If mid end was here platinums Here here and around there we want Elite To be here Can't even see my hand because That's where we need to be so

No pressure I would love to make an alliance between These two guys So like uh a 5 out of 10 plus a zero out Of ten or one out of ten Six can we beat that Let's see the elite should be the best One every time Let's see We have our packs I believe I like what I see Let's find out though And here's our Supplies it's a 35.1 touch And then here is This all right Thank you Mt Here is Our info Elite 260 so more expensive Than those who combined hence the Alliance probably I hope they have prism 2021 prism rookie and stars Phoenix Illusions and Mosaic no huddle Okay share your hits promo cool What we got here Mosaic no huddle Phoenix Donruss We have rookie Stars Dominus again See these are the smallest packs I don't Mind seeing diamonds in there even Though it's a little hit rate you can't Hit as we just saw but Songs are not like the best one so prism

Goes last illusions Um still working Stars Phoenix Mosaic Star Wars Towers Is that eight one two three four it's Seven seven packs all right six to ten You get so Here is Donruss Let's see we got one more Auto who knows All right bow Melton Bo Callahan They should make a bow calorie card That'd be fun And anything Javonte I like the helmet off pictures They used to do it for the radio rookies And they stopped why I don't know those Were different and creative and I liked Them Now helmet on I think that changed in 2019 Yeah I think 2019. but for Optics they Put the helmet on I think which was odd At the time and now it's all they do I think we have a filler here let's find Out Face space space Oh Okay same here white canvas all right These are not rare this is like the Third one we got I think there's Supposed to be not that common maybe two Per I don't know but We got a lot got a lot and yeah All right Mr Donruss

Step aside for Mosaic no huddle I don't Like to hate on these products because They've consistently taken care of me so I'll show the love Will they show it back Ask the question I see oh I thought I Was like I see purple it's the kid Reporter that's expired Bass on a bass And we should have rookies oh there you Go zappy Daxton Hill okay Not sure we do have a purple so I wasn't Okay I thought I was going crazy I was Like I could have sworn I saw purple And then that was a kid reporter plus a Purple So I was tricked yeah it's purple right Uh uh I think it's a flip it It is Michael Thomas okay Purple Five of 50. Cool card but nothing crazy We need to clutch up here we are uh Falcon too hot with Four packs left our best packs but just Four Phoenix Phoenix Needs to uh step up here Hmm All right base Pierce Car again

Get a lot of car Uh what is this I thought I said Grizzlies I really like Here I was like what the no it's not Grizzlies it's Penny Pickett Flamethrowers 250. all right I like that nothing huge But it's nice Put it there These three gotta do something This one's very thick Which I guess for RPA that's good but Unassociated Jersey is alive and well Although Autograph secret autograph is also alive And well here Actually hold on no oh never mind All right let's see Horizontal Hmm who is Navy I don't know Jacoby Myers Okay oh autograph yay Let's take a look You know he's got an autograph actually Big respect hold on Nice that is Very respectable 32 of 99. I like that I like it very nice very very nice we're On the board This is not the right sleeve is it I don't think I have any sleeves Prepared for him unfortunately I'm sorry

Man but Let's see this might be a right one Let's find out And there we go Wasn't cut now it is Continuing the pack We have Chris Godwin 235 that's nice Tiwa Noaga rookie that'd be Stars Sam Howell Maybe 2B star who knows Corral Golden Corral and Yeah all right cool Um How about just you And the final two prism's a huge one but Illusions has been good to us I'd love Another autograph the last one was nice So if you want a lob Something Can we keep our Percentage High I don't know let's see Uh what is this exactly Kelsey to 30. 5 of 30. Trophy question that's a nice card I Think it's just All right cool And Malik Willis numbered on the back to 299 Very nice thank you illusions Red How to lock it to 175. okay so let's

Leave these guys three numbered cards we Didn't get a hit in that one but three Number cards That's nice right One's Malik one's Kelsey Owns a rook QB and one is one of the Best players in the league so That being said though it's been decent But far from uh good to Great prism Save us Please Prism Now's the Time We are Desperate Red is What is red number two A red wave which actually is numbered I like disappointed when I see that one But it is number actually in here Because basketball is the worst is awful Here is not awful It's not great It's awful All right here we go Let's pull the silver first Derrick Henry Prism Seahawks Uh margin all right well It's 149. There we go cash your votes We will do I think Alliance doesn't matter honestly is it Just mid end

Goes out the door and uh actually we'll Do this one first and those two guys Battle each other I think it might be Honestly What do you guys think Um Hmm mid end was Extra emphasis on Mid this time At best mid implies Mid right this was Bull average Unfortunately so I'm gonna put you here We forget about you but I don't think You're uh participating in this battle Per se But maybe not this competition you know This one was nice we had Trayvon Walker The Dual Jersey Uh the mjd Garrett Wilson there uh to 25 Schultz Another autographs 25 Stuart so we had a Little something something here another Hit there so actually Got a fair amount of hits Oh and here's Purdy Okay yes I definitely think this one was Decent especially after mid end mid end Didn't make it tough They didn't show up so one two three Four five six seven various highlights And here is elites which should be a lot Better It's almost double the price Malik Willis

This is to 350. Uh no whoa I was extremely wrong it's The 149 sorry Travis Kelsey to 30. uh to 175 or yeah What else 35 met you to 99 Pick it I think that's it might be it I know where I'm going where you guys Going comment down below who is the Victor yeah mid end is a way on vacation So Three highlights from Elites We have These guys all from Platinum which is Half the price so I'm going I'm going Platinum you guys cash your votes though What do you guys think who is the champ These three nice cards though I must say Three good quality cards this one has a Little more quantity but I mean we got A bunch of stuff here I like the mjd or my first hit so extra Special but yeah it's not a huge huge Guy by say so comment your thoughts down Below who's the winner and uh yeah I Guess we already know who the loser is But who's second place so tell us about The video guys a lot of fun as always Once again a giveaway coming up so try Your luck some free cards free packs why Not right you never know could be you But that's the first one guys thank you Always for watching like comment

Subscribe until next time I'll see you Later

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