Pace Yourself in the Sports Card Hobby.

With all the amazing sports cards and collectibles out there, it’s easy to get carried away. Don’t be afraid to pace yourself a little.

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Today a quick word about pacing yourself In the sports card hobby guys how are we Doing it is the end of the week we are Almost to the weekend hope it's been an Amazing one for you so far I felt pretty Good too I think I finally got some sleep as We've had a lot of exciting things going On the hobby recently whether it be Company Acquisitions or shows being busy Or you know auctions going nuts I think It's always important to kind of just Take a step back though and think about Just that we should be pacing ourselves I think Hobbies sustainability is really Going to be a big Focus for me and my Channel here in 2023 just because we Have some kind of odd Economic Times we Don't really know what's coming down the Road there's a lot of folks I know out There just looking at different polls Online that are nervous about job loss That are nervous about inflation that Are nervous about wages and and all of These things and so you know I I think It's always good to take a step back Even though there's always exciting Things to talk about within the hobby it Is an amazing hobby there is a Sustainability factor that we have to Continue to talk about I really think That we are in a or the Golden Age of Collectibles and you might be wondering Like what the heck are you talking about

The Golden Age of Collectibles well I Grew up in the 80s and 90s and to me This was the greatest time ever for pop Culture and kind of the Collectibles That were born out of those decades one Shall stand one shall fall and I know That I'm biased it's probably Generational but look at the movies and The shows that are being made today a Lot of it is based on 80s and 90s Characters or shows or movies outside of Maybe the marble stuff that goes back to The 60s the DC stuff but still I mean The 80s 90s really had a huge influence On on what's going on today And it will continue on with the Next Generation when I look at my younger Kids you know it's still Super Mario Brothers I was playing Super Mario Brothers in 1988 when I got my NES for Christmas my eight-year-old is literally Playing Legend of Zelda the first one NES on his on his switch he's yes he's Playing Paper Mario and some of these New things but he's also playing the Retro games as he likes to call them and He's having a blast doing it so this Stuff is endless and sports cards are Right in there you've got sports cards That go back over 100 years there is Kind of this endless supply of really Really cool stuff well unless you're Independently wealthy trust fund baby And I know there's some of you out there

That are those so hey spend away spend Away you've got that disposable income So you don't have to worry about a thing But I think there's a lot of us that you Know fall into maybe that middle middle Class-ish area you know to where yes We've got some disposable income but it Can only go so far there's only so many Things things and the second you get Back onto eBay or onto the any specific Auction house man there's always Something cool to get speaking of things Cool to get shout out to today's video Sponsor game sports Memorabilia at its finest all the Autographed helmets and the jerseys and All the cool stuff we've got a promo Code for 20 off site-wide Dad it's the Promo card code card promo code at Checkout if you want to check out something I've Learned over the last five years in the Hobby is my collecting case have really Changed some of it is the same you know I bought vintage football coming back in In 2018 and I still buy vintage football Today so some of those things haven't Changed but I like to get into other Things as they pop up I learn about new Things different types of Collectibles And different types of sports cards you Learn about a new set and so that's the Other thing is if you're somebody that's New getting in or getting back in

There's so much to learn if you're just Getting back in and you've been out of The game and really if you're your foray Into cards when you were youngster was 89 Upper Deck baseball or 89 Pro Set Football and then you kind of left it For you know 25 30 years and then you're Back in or if you're you know a little Bit younger than me maybe it's the late 90s basketball cards you'll find that There is a lot of sets a lot of inserts And things that you had no idea even Existed when you were 10 12 15 years old And so there's a huge learning curve You're not supposed to really know what You want right out of the gate and a lot Of the learning comes from buying stuff You go out you see something cool you Buy it and then you're like oh maybe I Don't want this anymore and you sell it Or you trade it that's all part of what The hobby experience is so I think That's kind of tough because you'll hear From a lot of YouTubers or podcasters or Or anybody that talks about new people Getting into the Hobby and it's always Kind of have a plan build a plan well How do you build a plan if you've never Experienced anything you know how do you Build a plan if you don't know anything About about about anything in the space You know you've got to learn all that And there will be kind of hits and Misses there will be bumps along the

Road there's also just different things Things that happen to where you might Have set amount of money in one thing And then you're like oh man I like this So much better and you've got to move Out of this to get into that because Again we don't have endless funds for This stuff so you end up having to make Tough decisions on things that you want To hold on to or get rid of so forth so And that's all normal part of the sports Card hobby one thing that's fun too as Far as diversifying into different Collecting groups so if you have Different players different teams or Different characters if it's non-sports Or even different Collectibles graded Games graded video games is it puts you In touch with all sorts of other types Of collectors so this can happen a lot Where if maybe you're just you know Collecting one particular player you Might have kind of your friend base your Hobby friend base around that one player You're living in this bubble where Everybody maybe agrees or you've got Like you've got the insights from five People or 12 people that are in this Group then if you venture off into other Different spaces you get different views On different Collectibles or different Players you can use that to help you but What's also cool more friends you know More friends to kind of Bounce things

Off of and that is always good I've Always been someone that's had friends In each group going back to high school I was never really interested in being In one click I liked having friends in Each of the clicks and I think that's Really served me well over time like one Of my hobby friends Rob sports card Therapist says find your wolf pack and It could be multiple wolf packs does That make sense or maybe it's one wolf Pack with people from different groups In that wolf pack anyway I think that You get the point there's a lot of People in the community a lot of great People you might not click with Everybody but that's normal this is life Whether you are in a sports card hobby Or any other type of hobby you know You're not necessarily going to get Along with everybody the one thing that Is really cool though about the sports Card hobby is even if you have nothing Else in common maybe politically you're In completely opposite ends of the Spectrum you can agree on this Particular thing you can agree on these Cards are awesome or this hobby is great And so that is a really cool element That I don't think exists for a lot of People if you think about it I mean Especially in the United States it's a Very polar eyes place where it's like Half the country believes one thing and

Half the country believes another Actually I think that there's a blend of Things I don't think that it's 50 50. It's just we we have to vote one way or The other so it makes it complicated but My point is is that you know if you're Just going based on that that just kind Of separates everybody right down the Line just based on that this is an Opportunity to just hey you know cut all The serious stuff out and here is a fun Thing that we can zero in on so if You're someone that's just getting in or Maybe you're thinking about getting in You're not sure you know you don't have To buy million dollar cards you don't Have to buy one dollar cards you don't Have to buy a certain You can do whatever the hell you want That's what's great about this you can Do whatever you want you map out your Journey it's your Voyage all right guys So cheers to sustainability in 2023 Hobby sustainability that's what we're After stay healthy stay awesome and I Will talk to you again later Thank you

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