Sports Card Addict Scams Collectors out of $33,000 worth of Sports Cards & Cash on Social Media

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A man hailing from western New York has been accused of defrauding six people involved in trading cards across four states, causing a loss of over $33,000. However, he has recently come to a plea agreement with prosecutors.

Kyle Bertrand, a resident of Greece, New York, pleaded guilty to a single count of wire fraud on March 8 in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of New York in Rochester. This offense carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in federal prison, a fine of up to $250,000, a mandatory $100 assessment, and a supervised release period of up to three years.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of New York initially charged Bertrand with wire and mail fraud on October 11, 2022. According to the plea deal, Bertrand’s crime is classified as a Level 9 offense under New York law, with a criminal history category of VI.

Based on these guidelines, Bertrand will likely face a prison sentence between 21 and 27 months and fines ranging from $2,000 to $20,000. Additionally, the Level 9 offense means that Bertrand’s supervised release period may range from one to three years after completing his sentence. Despite this, the defendant is well aware that he is subject to the maximum penalties at the time of sentencing, as per court documents.

In the original court filing, prosecutors claimed that Kyle Bertrand made payments for trading cards to sellers between October 31, 2021, and February 16, 2022, only to revoke them later and ship empty boxes to buyers he met online. According to the prosecution, Bertrand used several online cash apps to make payments and disputed the charges to revoke the transactions.

Bertrand was accused of defrauding buyers and sellers from four different states, Florida, Missouri, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, out of $33,360, as reported by The Syracuse Post-Standard in October. The prosecution also alleged that Bertrand used social media forums to contact potential buyers and advertised sports cards he did not possess or had no intention of delivering, as reported by WROC-TV.

As per the criminal complaint, Bertrand advertised cards online and negotiated sales prices with potential buyers. The cards that he claimed to have were collectible and highly valued among collectors, making the advertisements appear legitimate. However, the buyers claimed they received empty boxes or cards with lesser value than advertised.

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New York man enters plea deal and wire Fraud case that scam collectors out of 33 000 in sports cards guys you got to Stay vigilant do your due diligence Don't send random people money for Sports cards if you don't know the Person just keep your money so let's see What Kyle did at Western New York man Accused of defrauding six trading card Buyers or and sellers in four different States out of more than thirty three Thousand dollars and has just reached a Plea deal with prosecutors so this Article or this case actually took place Back in 20 October 21st 2022 this Article was written by is written by Bob D'Angelo this is a follow-up so in the Original filing prosecutors allege that From October 31st 2021 and February 16 2022 Bertrand made payments and then Revoked them via online credit card apps Such as cash app and a bunch of others We'll see down later on down the road he He used guys he used everything okay so So this goes to show that nothing safe Out there nothing safe if you don't know The person I don't suggest sending them Money so what he would do is he would Send money and then revoke the payments As a as a buyer and the credit card Company would take his side he would Also as a seller he would ship empty Boxes to the buyers that he met online So plenty of online platforms that you

Guys are currently using and like I said If you're if you know the person it's Fine however if you don't know the Person highly advised not sending Anybody any random people money so Bertrand was accused of using several Online cash applications to make Payments and then revoking the Transaction by disputing the charges Prosecutors said Bertrand victimized Buyers and sellers from Florida Missouri Ohio and Pennsylvania out of thirty Three thousand three hundred and sixty Dollars Prosecutors alleged that Bertrand used Social media forms to get in touch with Prospective buyers about sports cards For sale that he did either he didn't Possess or intended to deliver according To a criminal complaint Bertrand would Have advertised cards online And after being contacted by prospective Buyers Bertrand allegedly negotiated Sale prices for cars that were Collectible in nature and highly Valuable okay so we're going to look at His Instagram page here in a minute and Show what kind of cards he was buying And selling so the advertisements appear To be legitimate prosecutors said However the buyers claim that they Either received empty boxes or different Cards with lesser values that had been Advertised which is uh bait and switch

Guys common bait and switch it's very Easy to pull off and you know it's with Anything as a buyer prosecutors allege That Bertrand would contact card sellers Online negotiate a price buy Cards do a Credit card processing service once Receiving the cards Bertrand would Dispute his payment through his credit Card company and revoke the charges Prosecutors prosecutors allege that on October 31st 2021 Bertrand contacted a Seller in Florida via the Via Tick Tock According to the criminal complaint Bertrand negotiated a deal and paid Approximately six thousand dollars Through Square payment app the seller Sent the cards via FedEx the next day to Bertrand uh and at an address in Rochester New York according to the Complaint on November 9th 2021 Bertrand Then disputed the credit card payment However after the seller made contact Through social media Bertrand claimed to Have no knowledge of the disputes and Refused to return the cards at that Point you're at the credit card Company's Mercy what are they going to Do they're going to go in the favor of The person who sent the money because he Probably said that his card was stolen And these transactions were identity Theft and the credit card company is Going to stop it and return the money And what he did I guarantee what he did

Is he used different credit cards in Each transaction because if you look at This full article you'll see he used Different apps so I think that's what he Did he had multiple credit cards the Biggest example of alleged fraud Occurred in Florida on November 19 2021 When Bertrand contacted a seller via Instagram and negotiated a deal for Sports car charge that totaled more than Twenty thousand dollars according to the Criminal complaint Bertrand paid again Through square but again disputed the Transaction with his credit card service Twenty thousand dollars guys that's not That's not play money that's big money Right there I don't know where he got 20K from but and I feel like the credit Card company should have looked further Into this I don't I feel like they Shouldn't have just like okay we're Gonna cancel it and then the guy who Sent the money is just you know out of The cards that he sent because he's not Going to get him back well the victim Contacted Bertrand via Instagram and Later through a recorded telephone call So he the victim obviously he's gonna Call this guy after initially denying The disputes Bertrand allegedly told the Victim that he returned several several Of the cards and offered to contact Square to resolve the dispute so Evidently Bertrand lied to him and told

Him he sent the cards back to him but it Never did according to the complaint Bertrand never returned the cards or the Payment so twenty thousand dollars worth Of cards he's just out and if he who who Knows if he's gonna get that money back Guys after this case is over with the Victim could never see his cards again Or that 20 000 or the value of the cards I'm not sure if it was twenty thousand Dollars of value but it's just out let's See who else he victimized Bertrand's Next alleged victim was a buyer in California who made contact through Facebook which I know a lot of guys out There use Facebook on December 14 2021 So he's just doing these one after the Other uh November December and then October I think yeah October he's doing One a month guys he's he's like an Addict he's just looking for Bad Karma To come his way oh boy I bet it will Um because this is like the shadiest Thing that you guys can that anybody can Do in the hobby or in just in general in Life I mean and who would do this like It's so easy to kind of to trace like His address I mean this is not smart and It's very bad juju so Bertrand's next Alleged victim was a California through Facebook the buyer agreed to a d deal And sent twenty one hundred dollars to Bertrand via Paypal the next day According to the criminal complaint

Bertrand immediately transferred the Money to his Visa credit card and a Likely attempt to prevent the victim From disputing the transaction and Getting his money back so the victim Received his package on December 20th 2021 shortly after that contained cards Of negligible value so he sent different Cards that were worthless essentially When the victim contacted Bertrand Bertrand refused to send the actual Cards or refund him the money which at That point make you could make a dispute Through PayPal however it's it's hard For PayPal to know that whether or not You ex you got the right cards or not Because as a a buyer you could easily Dispute the transaction through PayPal And you have actually could have Received the right cards however you Could lie and be like no I never Received the right cards you can take a Random pick you can take a picture of Some random cards and say these are the Cards I actually received and PayPal is Going to be like well how do we know That you didn't actually receive the Real cards and you're just trying to Pull a fast one on us like PayPal Doesn't know that so it's a tough call To make and I think from what I've seen PayPal is going to go and the person who Sent the money side the seller side but Let me know in the comments below what

You guys think what your experience has Been through PayPal for me it hasn't Been great however I have had some good Transactions through PayPal you have up To like 90 days through PayPal to Dispute a transaction to get your money Back so if I this happened to me for Some fake top Tiffany baseball card sets I I bought a while ago I actually have a Video of it where I got my money back Because they were fake and I showed Evidence but I'm not sure how PayPal Knew that they were fake but I made a Video and I gave them the link maybe That's how I don't know but PayPal went In my favor so that worked out however That's not always the case next victim January 11th 2022 a buyer from Missouri Responded to an ad Bertrand had posted On Facebook and agreed to pay 600 for Certain cards the victims sent that Money through cash app two days later The victim received an empty box Delivered by UPS with bertrands turn Address stating that he was in Davenport A city just west of Walt Disney World in Central Florida he had to have had guys In other states sending stuff from Different addresses I'm not sure how he Pulled this one off because he's in New York however the return address was in Florida maybe he manually entered it in Cash app or created a different profile And cash app lots of options out there

To be a scam a scammer guys and that's What this video is all about is showing You guys just how easy it is to to be a Crummy scanning guy and you know Hopefully prevent it from happening to You guys so let's see uh he the victim Attempted to get a refund through cash App what was unsuccessful according to The criminal complaint the person never Received the money or any cards he just Empty box 600 gone the final victim from Pennsylvania contacted Bertrand through Facebook to buy certain cards that were Listed for sale the two agreed on a Price of 450 the victim sent money Through venmo so he's used square app Cash app venmo app so far Tick Tock Instagram Facebook all marketplaces Where guys are just blindly sending Strangers money real quick if the buyer Has a reputable feedback via Instagram Or Facebook if they have an LCS more Importantly then yes it's you can send Them money and they'll send you the card I mean that's up to you me personally I Would prefer to go in person and do a Transaction that way then send a random Person that I have never met who doesn't Have a good following let's look at his Face his Instagram page real quick so Here's his Instagram page Kyle Bertrand K Bert 2021 205 followers no you're not Going to want to send this guy six uh 600 400 here's an image of them

I mean this to me this this screams fake Account scammy account like I don't know If he went through until they did a Bunch of posts or why it's still up Maybe the FBI may have confiscated the Account or something but you can see Here's the pictures in the card and the Art from the Articles uh you got Jalen Hurts Justin Herbert you got football Cards he also does uh basketball I also Got some autographs I'm not sure which Cards were actually in the uh there's a Jalen hurts 20 out of 25 on card rookie But this guy there's no credibility to His account okay he doesn't have a an LCS more most importantly and he doesn't Have a good following that if you start Raising a commotion a Ruckus about him Scamming you nobody's gonna know Nobody's going to pay attention to that Because there's nobody nobody cares Nobody has nobody's following him he Doesn't now if he has like 15 000 Followers and he tries he's ripping you Off then yeah you can start a commotion And get a crowd to back you up and you Know essentially scare him but he has no Credibility to his name so the March 8th Plea deal stipulated that Bertrand must Make restitution for the 33 360 That he was accused of stealing the Thing is guys just because the court Orders him to pay that back doesn't mean He's going to be able to especially if

He's going to be a prison for a couple Years right like I said if it's from a Reputable account an LCS somebody that You know personally then yes by all Means send them money through cash app And then send you the card it's a tough Situation regardless of being the buyer Or the seller because either way if you Don't get the money but you send the Card you're you're hurting but if you Send the card and you don't get the Money you're hurting so guys what I like To do is I like to play it safe myself There's a ton of other marketplaces out There that has a third party handle These transactions if you're trying to Save a couple bucks I mean it's just not Worth it the security and the safety of Knowing that I'm gay guaranteed my card Or I'm guaranteed my money back okay That's worth more than a couple bucks It's even worth More than a hundred dollars or a couple Hundred maybe if you know not sweating About it or even if the card is damaged And you you get it and it's damaged what Are you gonna do you're gonna contact The guy and he's gonna be like well you Know what but it is what it is it's the USPS fault open a case with them uh it's Just not worth it so I want to let you Guys know these cases are popping up They've been popping up left and right I'm going to put my two cents in on it

And try to prevent this from happening To you guys out there especially the new Guys who you know see good deals Happening on Instagram and Facebook Marketplace or whatever and they're like Okay I want to go down in on the action Well beware be careful guys before you Do business make sure that person has a Big following and has a reputable I wish There was a website out there that kind Of facilitated this between buyers and Sellers it would be awesome but there is No none right now who knows in the Future but that's it guys I want to make A quick video I don't know how quick This was but I got more videos coming if You haven't done so already hit that Subscribe button hit the thumbs up if You liked content comment below let me Know what you guys think about buying And selling cards uh outside of Third-party websites what do you guys do What are some some of your preventative Actions that you take in order to Prevent from being scammed because for Me it's always been a stressful thinking About making a transaction with somebody That I don't know personally but I'd Like to hear what you guys think and any Tips and tricks you guys might have Appreciate you all watching stay posted For more videos and see all the next one

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