A 1/1 AUTOGRAPH IN EVERY BOX (THE BEST CARD SET)! 2022 Panini Honors Football FOTL Hobby Box Review

I am opening a 1st/First Off The Line (FOTL) hobby box of 2022 Panini Honors NFL Football for our next sports card pack break/product review! FOTL boxes sell in the $2,000 range and hobby boxes sell in the $800-1,000 range. Every box contains 1 2-card pack and 2 encased autograph cards (10 box cases). Expect 2 autographs (1 Recollection Collection), 1 parallel, and 1 base card in every box. FOTL boxes contain a guaranteed 1/1 Recollection auto, 1 auto /15 or less, and an exclusive purple parallel /12. This product comes with chances at pulling on-card hand numbered autographs from some of the most iconic sets (2017 Prizm, National Treasures, Flawless, 2018 Donruss Optic, Contenders), rookie cards/autos of NFL superstars/HOFers (Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert), PSA/BGS graded original buyback autos, 1/1 black parallels, autographs/rookies of Brock Purdy, Kenny Pickett, Malik Willis, Sauce Gardner, Garrett Wilson, & Chris Olave, and more! You can get these boxes for yourself from your local sports card hobby shops and online retailers/sellers. Overall, I would rate this product an 8/10. Good luck if you try one for yourself!

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What's going on guys welcome back to a New video after a very long wait we Finally have 2022 Community honors Football this drops every two years the Last time was 2020 absolutely incredible Product now these videos cost a ton very Very expensive so you guys like these You want to see more like the video Subscribe helps do more content also Sign up for a membership links down Below you can get some bonus videos and Then once again helps us through the Videos we do here the giveaways things Like that now the whatnot card show is Coming up and I'll actually be a vendor There for the first time so if you guys Are interested we'll have singles we'll Have boxes packs things like that and Some giveaways as well deals for sure These might like to sign up and get 10 Using the app and credit we'll have some Stuff for that price so you can pretty Much get free stuff and then make sure You bookmark that stream and follow me On there and tune in on the 25th at 7 pm Eastern is when I'll be going live we'll Have a long show with a lot of good Stuff for you guys something for Everyone really so make sure you check It out and that being said here's Information for this product let's start This review information starts with the Price 800 to a thousand dollars for Hobby and then first off the lines

Double around 2K range the bonuses are Very good though so one of the better First off the lines is not one of the Best first off the lines now this is one That could go up in price all the Previous years have although the price Keep going down that could be affected By that as well but a lot less made is Online exclusive and every two years it Drops once again 2020 was absolutely Incredible and every box you're getting Four cards one two card pack and then Two in case autographs look for two Autos one recollection which I'll Explain in a second one autograph one Base and one parallel on every box first Off the line has one one-on-one Recollection autograph and then an Autograph to 15 or less one base purple A 12 and then one base parallel so Parallels include here is the back There are several here so look for base 99 red to 10 gold to five black one of Ones there's a few different base sets And autographs work it's very very Interesting so on card hand numbered Recollection Autos from previous sets so Think about the extra copies of a Josh Allen contenders autograph something Like that if there's leftovers they Could hand number one of one and put it In here kind of like white boxes but They use a lot of the cooler cards in my Opinion so there we go and I do like the

Head numbering a lot more so look for Those that are graded and non-graded Originals like the Mahomes rookie Autograph grade and nine by PSA I think It is that's what I saw there's a bunch Of others look for bass rookie and vet Autos very strong checklist Purdy is in Here and I look for names like Brady Mahomes Peyton Manning Aaron Rodgers Josh Allen LMR rookies and then burro And Herbert so what's up 2017-18 rookies Those leftover copies get put in here so I think I saw a DeShaun Watson one of One gold prism uh let's see there was Two Josh Allen's one was a gold vinyl One was a gold radio rookie autograph so Really really big stuff and you're Chasing like three four five different Classes worth of rookies so those are Some of the big cards you can chase and Others like it I'm hoping there's a gold Josh Allen once again those are kind of Like white boxes so cool looking but Still kind of like white boxes so Depends on how you guys think about Those but in my opinion cool card is a Cool card and these are very very cool Cards so 2020 hopefully it lives up to Billing there it was one of the best Products you ever ripped not the best so That being said let's get into our box And let's see what we got from this one Here so I'll get my little cutter and Let's see how it's gonna go so here we

Are let's see what is in this one I'll Cut it like this Absolutely love this product I've been Waiting a very long time I always have good things to say about It that being said You could hit you could miss like any Product but I don't want to always be Chasing those cards from Flawless NT 17 Prism because obviously those boxes are Extremely expensive so I'm very happy Just as collector to get a version of Those cards from here So the first two cards are exposed I'm Going to move them to the side and pull Out our pack first which is right here And then we will see Our autograph so this is the base pack Which can be very nice so here we go 2022 honors This time long have we waited Here we go so Get the pack open and let's see our Cards Hard number one it is let's see if it's Upside down or not It is Justin fields There we go 299 all the bases numbered The stock feel very premium so if you Guys like these videos once again like The video subscribe helps us do these Reviews they're very expensive these First off the wine boxes but I like to

Review them for you guys so there's our First card And there we go so I like it Very very uh premium feeling base card Not like prism it's Chrome but not like Prism optic it feels a little More premium and here's our other card 212 I believe this is It is And All right it was my bed I don't know Tua One of twelve very nice It has a little uh eBay one of one yes Sir so there we go that's our base pack Nothing actually crazy that's probably One of the worst bass packs I've seen Yet and uh that being said still some Nice stuff there so there we go two out Of 12 and that is the pack there All right next one up Let's see our first autograph this card Three of four Let's see who we got all right so once Again I'll be doing breaks with the Hobby version of this on Pac-Man breaks My website's linked down below if you Want to join into those and uh here we Go here's our Autograph Garrett Wilson To 15. very nice 7 to 15. I'll Definitely take that I want to save all The Mojo for this autograph though Because that is that's where you get the Nutty stuff the crazy crazy cards like

Gray level cards could be in here from 18 17 2022 So that's a nice card I'll definitely Take that that's what they look like These are stickers so the class is like Burrow and Herbert those guys they have Sticker Autos like this I don't believe They have many on that checklist but There's a lot of massive names Hall of Famers Stars in this set the Recollection one so I'll put that right Here And let's see our final card here we go Wish us luck Once again you guys like these videos They are very very expensive let me know Like in sub and uh we'll do a lot more Like it And here we go it's a thicker card The card I'm hoping for which we don't Have here is a gold prism I don't know If it exists but gold prism Josh Allen 101. you guys know why that card but hey It may exist I saw all my home that saw A uh Sean Watson so here's our card Should be one of one it is A nice one but this actually with all Due respect actually might be one of the Worst ones I've seen yet the Garrett Wilson's nice and a Curtis Martin From Flawless Hall of Fame is beautiful Card one of one right there I've seen a Few cases opened and this is a probably Bottom percentage card because I've seen

Some nutty stuff so far once again so I'll definitely take that that's nice I'll rub into some more of this for sure But comment thoughts down below what do You guys think about honors so a white Box you see a little stamp on there and The one of one will have the sticker on The back and then these ones have the One of one or the you know two of five The Ten of 25 written like that so Really cool cards so Flawless prism 17 Prism 18 prism stuff like that is in This product and you can't get them we Had a blow average box unfortunately That being said though we got some very Nice cards but for this product that is A bull average box I'd say and still Really really cool cards so love these Three a lot well these four a lot and That's just the way the product works I've seen some really really big stuff I Would definitely say that's probably one Of the worst boxes that I've seen yet so There we go we'll open some more for Sure should we do a case do you guys Want to see cases product if so we can Do it I'm probably gonna do one as it is Already so you guys will see just let me Know and I'll post it on here a whole Case of honors because I've waited a Long time for this one but my thoughts On this product so this is first off the Line I'll probably try to still do hobby I rated I think a 9-5 once again in 2020

And it was half the price then that's When people are still not really sure What honors was now that everyone knows That this product is what it is it's now A lot more expensive but I'll say I'll Give this product and Eight out of ten and eight I'd love to Go 8.5 but the price is just a lot more Expensive and last year's or two years Ago was one of the best classes of all Time at the same time so I'll give it That rating for now we'll see what we See from a more uh I guess large sample Size but so far I love it got four Amazing cards and I mean no disrespect To these guys when I say this one of the Worst boxes I've seen it is but I just Goes to show how good this product is so There you go what do you guys think Comment thoughts down below honors is it Something you like don't like do you Think it's average overall I think it's One of my favorite sets to open just Periods so can't wait to open some more And we'll definitely be doing that so That's it for you guys thank you as Always for watching like comment Subscribe till next time I'll see you Later

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