Michael Rubin & Fanatics Shaking Up the Sports Card Show Scene

DAILY SLAB, EP. 118, March 21, 2023 — In this video, we’ll share why Michael Rubin and the Fanatics’ Leadership Team have been visiting local sports card shows, including the recent Chicago Sports Spectacular. Watch and listen. We’ll also show you the importance of checking comps before hitting the “buy” button. And if you’re selling, the “sky is the limit” for Buy It Nows.

00:24 – Today’s TRENDER – Jordan’s Back!?
02:27 – What’s Happening – Guess Who’s at Local Card Shows?
04:56 – What’s Happening – March Madness Is Maddening

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On today's daily slab we are talking About a surprise appearance from Michael Rubin The owner of Fanatics we are also going To be talking about uh March Madness a Little recap of week one from March Madness and a surprising Michael Jordan Sale that happened this past week so sit Back relax and enjoy today's daily slap Welcome everyone to the Daily slab I am Nate and our trender for today is Michael Jordan specifically a 1996 Bowman's best Atomic PSA 10. now this Card is a pop 15 so it is a relatively Rare card Um pretty nice looking card but you'll Notice on that Trend that that shot up Drastically and that's because somebody Paid an astronomical amount for it we're Talking 14 000 on a best offer now if that seems Crazy to you well compared to the last Couple sales it kind of is Um in fact the last sale that happened In 2022 A year and a month ago Was almost six thousand dollars less and The all-time high before this sale was 200 less of course that all-time high Happened in 2021 the middle of the Sports card boom and yet here we are in 2023 cards have been trending down for The better part of a year and yet this Is selling for an all-time high it just

Goes to show you that sometimes if you Have a rare card like this pop 15 it's Worth putting it up for your best now Buy It Now best offer price and just Waiting and seeing if somebody comes Along and Pops it for that price if they Have to have it if you put this on Auction I don't know if it does much Better than the last sale of 8 000 but Because it's rare and because somebody Had to have it they spent fourteen Thousand dollars on it you just never Know who's gonna come around and see Your card see how rare it is and want to Buy it and so this is a shocking sale a Shocking that it's set in all-time high Shocking that it sold for six thousand Dollars more than the last sale and yet Part of it at least makes sense because It's so rare and because you never know What somebody else is willing to pay In what's happening the Chicago Sports Spectacular happened this past weekend And Michael Rubin and his team made a Surprise appearance so Michael Rubin Obviously you know him owner of Fanatics Mike Mahan CEO of Fanatics Collectibles Kenter CMO Fanatics Collectibles Omar Wilkes head of athlete relations Fanatics Collectibles and Tucker Kane Chief strategy and growth officer for Fanatics not Fanatics Collectibles but Fanatics all appeared in the video on Michael rubin's page talking about the

Sport is Chicago Sports spectacular so Let's check that out now hey it's Michael Rubin Turner Omar Wilkes Tucker Kane biggest Takeaway from the Chicago Sports Spectacular The Passion of the fans There's so much opportunity here to Create a Fan Experience like no other Biggest thing I think when I'm here is There's so many incredible sports fans We have to do better but we have to give Him just the best possible experience Bring more entertainment to this hobby Bring a better experience for our club Actors and our fans this place is Amazing and imagine we could be you know Five ten years from now and that's What's really exciting we got to do a Better job bringing in uh diverse human Beings here making cooler I know that's Broad in general Um also like organization and layout Everything's kind of a free-for-all Bring people closer to the athletes Bring people closer to the cards a lot To do a lot more to come so there you Have the video pretty cool I would say Uh cool to see them there you know they Show up to the Philly show that's one Thing They show up halfway across the country In Chicago for this show that's a whole Nother thing shows me at least that They're willing to put in the groundwork

To make this Fanatics acquisition and The new era of cards work they're Willing to show up two shows put faces To names and do the Dirty Work and uh Especially for Michael Rubin I mean that Dude's a multi-multi multi-billionaire And he's there on the ground talking to Card collectors and such so very cool to See Um has me hopeful for the future Obviously change is sometimes scary but Um if the owner of a multi-multi Multi-billion dollar company is willing To go to a local card show that's a good Sign that uh they are not messing around And do want this thing to succeed And then in what's happening again we've Got March Madness and so I don't really Have any cards there are Bowman University cards out there for a number Of players that play in the tournament That you can find Drew Timmy and Gonzaga Beating TCU just the other night and you Can get his cards in Bowman University Amongst others so there are cards you Can find but it was a crazy weekend uh Started with fairly Dickinson beating Number 16 Fairley Dickinson beating Number one Purdue a very embarrassing Second number one seed to go down to a 16 seed in the history of the tournament You also had 15 seed Princeton moving on To the Sweet 16 after they beat number Two Arizona and number seven Mizzou

And you had number 13 Furman beat number Four Virginia and while that's not like Shocking in and of itself here's Virginia's last five years 2023 lost in the first round 2022 played In the NIT 2021 number 4C lost at number 13 Ohio seed Ohio in the first round 2020 tournament canceled 2019 they won The championship 2018 lost to UMBC in The first round as a one seed they were Of course the second or the first one Seed to lose to a 16 seed that's One nit One championship and three first round Losses in the last five years along with A canceled Championship that's tough if You are a Virginia fan Um and watching that Not the what not what you want to see You'll of course take the championship But the embarrassment of the first round Losses is uh It it grows old after a while I would Imagine Um outside of that Blue Bloods are gone Duke losing in the second round Kentucky Losing in the second round Kansas losing In the second round and UNC not making It of course I am a Kansas Jayhawk fan Bill self was not on the sidelines I Feel as though we lost by one point I Feel like if Bill self was there and This is me trying to save face for my Team if Bill self was there I don't

Think we lose by one point right I think We win that game so that's unfortunate To not have bills up there but of course Health is the major concern and Long-term health is the concern you Don't want anything happening to Bill Self for the sake of coaching a game so It is understandable that he was gone And it would be understandable if he Missed the entire tournament Um which part of me was like uh he Probably should that being said it was Super frustrating we missed multiple Front ends of one and ones you make one Of those and you get a second shot at a Free throw you make that you win the Game You make two of the front and 101s and You miss the other two free throws you Win the game right but we lost the game Multiple Miss free throws multiple Turnovers bad turnovers a lot of guys Fouling out just tough tough game uh Through and through unfortunate made me Sad on Saturday maybe a little bit Grumpy on Saturday I've had a few days To kind of relax and think it over still A little salty but uh I've decided that I didn't think the team was going to win The championship anyway so it is what it Is but uh I think I'm done with March Madness so don't expect any more updates From me because I ain't watching anymore Now that Kansas is out

All right that is all I've got today Thank you everyone for watching today's Daily slab if you enjoyed this video Please click that like button and the Subscribe and I will talk to you guys Tomorrow for the next daily slam see Everyone

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