REACTION: “Flipping Sports Cards is Easy”

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A lot of hobby talk recently around flipping sports cards and how easy it is lately. Let’s discuss. My take is flipping cards is far from easy.

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Flipping sports cards as easy as it Looks on the YouTube Or Michael Today we'll be talking about this I'll Be reacting to flipping Steve's video on This subject that came out yesterday Guys thanks very much for joining me Here today we are back again it's Another sports card video how are we Doing today are you all right man I think so how about now Uh-huh before I dive in thank you to Today's video sponsor drip the live Streaming Marketplace for all the Varieties of Collectibles you might be Looking for whether it be sports cards Or non-sports cards culture cards comic Books a variety of different types of Collectibles on the site and it's fun Doing the live streaming thing so Definitely check them out I will put a Link in the video description as well as Pin a link to go there in the comments All right one of my good hobby friends Flipping Steve put out a video yesterday And I thought that the timing of it was Very very good especially just given Kind of the macro economic environment That we are facing right now which you Know we talk a lot about this Channel About of course positive things that are Going on when you go to sports card Shows they're jam-packed people are Spending money there are a lot of people

That do have disposable income that are Out there just having a great time Prices have come down on a lot of key Cards which presents opportunities and Even on the low end there's a lot of Good kind of buying and selling Opportunities on that low to mid end Pricing has come down way down from Where we saw it going back a couple of Years and I think that that's kind of The Crux of this thing that we need to Really dive into and get across to not Just people that might be my age or Older but the young people that are into The hobby getting into the hobby or been Watching from afar watching their Favorite vloggers or whatever it is and Passing the the basic concept that Buying and selling flipping sports cards While it might look easy on the internet Whether we're on Instagram or YouTube or Twitter or whatever it's really not easy In today's climate it's really not and Part of the issue I think that Steve Mentioned is there's not really very Much talk about the other side of the Coin there's a lot of positive Motivational type things hustle game Which hey I respect it I'm a part of That too I'm a part of the you know that Hustle generation absolutely nothing Wrong with having a side gig or building A business but you have to understand That the last three years actually not

The last three years I'm misspeaking From 2009 19 to 2021 that was probably The easiest time ever to make money in Sports cards and or Collectibles as a Whole and I'll say that again 2019 to 2021 the easiest time ever to make money In cards now maybe there's dealers from 1990 or 91 that'll say hey hold on there There we actually did pretty well back In 1990. I just think with the added Components of brakes and then also Grading that you didn't have in 1990 There was a lot of Arbitrage Opportunities that that were available a Few years back that weren't there Necessarily in 1990 and you've seen a Lot of folks make a lot of money during That span of time and a lot of young People have but the problem with that When I say young people I'm talking About teenagers and 20-somethings now The problem with this is is that it Gives the impression that this is a Normal thing It gives the impression that this is Just one of the cycles for carts but you Have to understand if you look at Historical data that's available through Tara Peak and other sources these prices Were not typical at all very atypical in Fact most of these cards really the the Probably 99 of cards hit their all-time Highs during this particular time frame It drives me absolutely Bonkers when I

Hear other content creators talk about Ebbs and flows and I've been in this for A long time and I know that there's ups And downs because it's not genuine it's Not genuine in the sense that there Hasn't been this sort of up ever in Cards so yeah you can talk about the Little Hills you know that we saw you Know over the last what 30 or 40 years But you're talking about like Mount Everest that was built over the you know From 2019 to 2021 it there was never a Mount Everest seismic shift like that in Sports card prices previous to that and Then of course will there be that sort Of shift again maybe nobody can and Predict the future maybe not you know a Lot of folks say it's never going to get Back to that or maybe it'll be decades And they could very well be right during This time a lot of the vlogging content A lot of the show content has seen huge Spikes in viewership a lot of people Love that content I do too I think it's Very entertaining but that's what you Have to remember there it's Entertainment that is not reality that You are watching there might be pieces Of that Vlog that you're watching that Are reality but you don't know how those Deals are really structured you don't Know if what you're watching was set up I mean look we're in this world of Reality TV okay like everything is

Scripted and I'm not saying that all These deals are scripted on these you Know card Vlogs I'm not saying that but What if some are and what if some aren't We don't know you don't have the the Behind the scenes stuff you know it's Just kind of guesswork but the problem Is is it's presented kind of this false Reality and who's watching a lot of that Stuff it's teenagers and it's 20 Somethings if I look at my YouTube Analytics the vast majority authority of My viewership is between 35 and 55 and Then I've got a good chunk that are over 55. I do have some that are under 35 but I'm a 40 almost 42 year old dad you know The 20 year old out there doesn't Necessarily relate to me I'm sitting Here talking about Big Life stuff and Parenting and wrapping that all in Macroeconomic stuff they don't care About that they're 20. they know Everything right I'm kidding but the Point is is that the younger vloggers You know the 20-somethings that are out There vlogging I am willing to bet if They shared their YouTube analytics that The majority of their viewership is Going to be the teenagers and the 20-somethings up to probably 35. and of Course there's guys like me that are Older than that that watch their stuff As well I'm not knocking the actual Content it is entertaining but again I'm

Going to go back to young people or and I'm not talking about you know 16 year Olds I'm talking about 20 year olds 25 Year olds grown adults that think that That is as reality that you can turn two Thousand dollars of Cards into four Thousand dollars of cards very easily And in 2020 2021 that probably was true But that is no longer true and so I I've Talked about on the channel I like the Shift downward to the lower end type Flips there's certainly flipping in Cards there always has been there always Will be but first off there's not really Enough talk about like wow this show was Really bad I lost two thousand dollars At this show there's there's kind of the Bad news that's not really talked about Because you know you got to keep it Positive right we have to that's what we Hear you hear a lot about oh content's Got to be positive for the Hobby and This and that and whatever it doesn't Have to all be it can be a nice balanced Equation and frankly that is just more Authentic anyway so I would love to see More of the vlogging that's like wow I Got smoked at this show I paid x amount For the tables I traveled out here and Then I came here and I sold one card for 38 dollars and so I ended up losing Fifteen hundred dollars on this deal but Hey we're on to the next show and that's Part of my journey would love to see it

And then on the flipping side it doesn't Necessarily mean that we have to buy a Three thousand dollar card in the hopes That we can flip it for thirty three Hundred in the afternoon like I'm not Ever going to tell anybody how to spend Their money but that is some insane risk And Steve and I have talked about it on The live stream man that is a tremendous Amount of risk in today's day and age Where really cash is King folks you can Put your money into a CD and get four Percent four and a half percent six Month what 12 month or whatever it is I Mean we're now it's all switched we went From a time where borrowing money was Extremely cheap and in a span of 12 Months it got flipped on its head and Now it's actually a little bit expensive To borrow money in comparison to where We were and then you had all the Pandemic money flooded in so you've got Cheap borrowing accompanied with a bunch Of extra cash into the economy and Here's where we are today and now we're Gonna now we're starting to pay for it And so My worry is is that we don't know Exactly from a macroeconomic standpoint We don't know what it's going to look Like I've been paying attention to what The Federal Reserve is saying they have A really tricky mandate they're trying To keep employment at a nice spot but They're also trying to keep inflation

Down and prices down and so it's kind of This decision of like hey do you want to Keep your job or do you want to pay 75 Cents more for x or whatever the case May be and they're trying to balance This out you saw this battle they were Talking with with Congress about it the Federal Reserve is arguing hey look the Unemployment rate is very very low it's Still historically low so we are okay With some pain on that side which to the Average person that's watching that is Thinking like what are you talking about If it hits me in particular yeah I mean The unemployment rate is low so I guess I could go find another job but I don't Want to lose my job so it's a little Scary out there and so again I I'm all For seeing more of kind of that low to Mid end Flip Game heating up and less of The I just bought a hundred thousand Dollar card to flip it for 200k or Whatever that might be stuff for the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous but For the average Card Collector person That watches card content probably not Reality all right guys I will talk to You later I'll put a link to flipping Steve's video in the video description As well to check it out I thought it was Really good and insightful stay healthy Stay awesome and I will talk to you Again later

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