How To Sell $15,000+ in Sports Cards in 2 HOURS!

In this video, you’ll learn SlabStox 5-step process to creating a sports card community, acquiring huge lots of sports cards and selling soccer cards on Whatnot live streams. Learn directly from SlabStox Aaron, one of the stop soccer sellers on Whatnot.

Friday 3/24 @ 4:15pm ET:
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2:41 – Phase 1 Pick Your Category
4:14 – Phase 2 Acquiring Inventory
7:49 – Phase 3 Budgeting & Purchasing
14:32 – Phase 4 Pricing & Listing
17:13 – Phase 5 Selling!

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Over the last month I traveled across The Midwest going to different card Shows and spend tons of hours online Buying cards preparing for the what not Card show 2.0 on March 24th we bought Over fifteen thousand dollars worth of Different soccer cards and I'm going to Show you my five step process to prepare For a single stream and how to execute That so you can do it yourself at home As well I'm excited to share my Experience I hope you all enjoy and Please do not forget to save that live Stream on Friday March 24th at 4 15 PM Eastern time as in that live stream you Can see myself carrying out this action Plan in real time on the whatnot app if You've been buying and selling sports Cards for a while you'll know that There's multiple different places to Sell cards you know card shows online Marketplaces social media however you Can really connect with collectors you Can sell sports cards uh recently you Know within the last two years I'd say Not that recent but recently we've been Selling quite a bit and whatnot both Sports card breaks single cards whatever It might be non-sports cards and it's Just been a really enjoyable time Honestly because for myself one of the Most important reasons that I'm in the Hobby and enjoy the Hobby and love the Hobby is being able to connect with

Other people uh yes you know you can Text people on social media listing Cards marketplaces whatever it might be You can you know watch your car and sell But there's really nothing like sitting There live streaming selling cards just Like a card show itself you know I've Made different card shows travel across The world different card shows and In-person interaction is by far the best As always however it's not always Feasible to be able to spend money to Travel to be able to take the time to Travel and go to the card shows and Maybe some just aren't even in driving Distance whatever it might be so this Specific whatnot car show 2.0 it's not Only ourselves it's 400 plus other Dealers other collectors other buyers And sellers that will be on the app live Streaming throughout the entire weekend March 24th to 26th I myself will be live On the 24th at 4 15 PM eastern time Doing a soccer single sale we will have Nate breaking Formula One on Saturday The 25th at 12 eastern time all the Spots in that case are available to Purchase right now for the Formula One Break at the best prices you can find However For myself Community is always number One in the sports card hobby it's why I Love it it's why I'm here and that is Why I really enjoy doing these shows on

The whatnot app especially because we Have done a few of them now in the last Few months and they've been crazy fun uh Selling hundreds of cards every time Over ten thousand dollars in sales both The other two times and now this live Stream we are trying to make the biggest One yet we want to have over 100 live People in there at any given time during The event we want to sell over 250 Different items during the event and uh Hopefully Eclipse over 15 000 in sales In this specific event and I will be Doing that via the five phase system That I'm about to share with you all Right now so phase number one is pick What you want to sell now this is Probably the most basic thing ever Um however it's it's sometimes is a Little bit more confusing of an answer Than you might think at first because For myself Um you know we I do soccer single Streams to do the single cards and I Love soccer I've been following it for Over three years now which is not it's Not a decade however I got into it via Card so I started to learn a lot Research a lot I watch matches Religiously now massive Chelsea fan read Everything I can Twitter all these Different things so I'm really Passionate about it I really enjoy it I Know a lot about the specific Card

Market I am trying to know as much as Possible as I can about soccer itself of Course not as much knowledge as as other People have but uh constantly learning More of UCL day and I do learn a lot While doing these streams itself as well But the reason why this is so important Is because to be able to sell on whatnot And do these live streams and connect With the community you really need to Care about what you're selling if you Show up and you like football uh in American football but you want to sell Basketball cards because you know people Spend a lot of money on basketball cards Of course people spend a lot of money on Football cards too you might not come Through the best to the the viewers the You know the people joining your stream And you probably won't even have that Good of a time if you don't really like The NBA or really like basketball cards Or really know what you're selling or Know what you're talking about it just Gets extremely difficult of course That's not to say you can't get into Basketball cards if you like the NFL but Uh you know setting up a massive stream Like this buying a lot of cards come in Trying to engage the community just Always goes better if you're passionate About what it is and that is 100 where I'd start is what are you passionate About and how can you start building a

Community around that phase number two Is acquiring inventory now this sounds Easy right you just go buy cards but it Gets a little bit more complicated the More you have to think about what is Your cost where are you purchasing how Are you doing it all those different Things I would ask yourself questions Like this can you go to card shows that Is the number one question I'd ask Yourself because going to card shows is Such an important way to not only make Connections number one but number two Acquire inventory fast uh buying online Marketplaces is very feasible I do it Myself many marketplaces here on whatnot As well talk about some of the cars I Bought from Sellers and whatnot in a Little bit but if you go to card shows You can instantly go home within a Couple hours hundreds of cards you know If you really take the time and really Want to uh so if you know what a card Shows that is where I'd start you can Also get the best deals there uh paying Cash in person can result in really good Deals and then help you when you're Selling your cards on your stream to Make a little bit profit margin along The way and that is where I would start Now number two this answer is not gonna Be yes for everyone but do you have a Social media presence if you're watching This right now and you have 100

Followers five hundred thousand five Thousand followers uh you at least have People who you can post you know things To and they can read it and interact With you they might have things that you Want to buy I do this for a couple of Our other streams I put up a post that Says hey I'm buying soccer cards I'm Looking for this type of card or these Types of cards I'm looking to spend Between this and this per card uh the More specific the better I know a lot of People just kind of throw out there on Their Instagram stories every now and Then buying paying per X percent of Sales value and I'm looking at anything And um you know while that in theory Could work I think getting more specific Getting more specific to your community That you want to build and connecting With people that you can then buy from In the future is a really good way to go If you do have a social media presence If you don't have a social media Presence I say start now I've been Saying that for the last five years but Start now because you never know where It can go and if you don't start you'll Never find out so you might as well Start now and see see where it leads now The third and final place you can buy Cars is online and there's many places To buy cards online of course there's Multiple auction houses marketplaces

Right here and whatnot you can connect With people different people inside your Category very easily by going to the app Looking at the category clicking singles If you want to break whatever it is you Can do that and the number one question With this though is how are you getting The most out of the money you're Spending if you buy one card here one Card there one card over here and you're Paying all these different incremental Values and shipping costs that's really Going to affect how much you're able to Make in the end because while it doesn't Sound like a lot three four dollars for Shipping added up over 50 cards 100 Cards if you're buying all individually Um it does add up and all those dollars Then takes away from what you can sell For because when people go to buy They're always looking to get a deal and You need to make sure your buy is good Enough so that you can not only maybe Sell it at what this actual value is if It's a rare card someone really wants it But people give a little bit of a deal Back so you can sell it still make some Money the buyer's happy everyone's happy Be in the community's building that's Really the best place to be for me and My experience for this specific one Night card show 2.0 the way that I went And found cards to buy for this was by Going to car shows Shipshewana Indiana

And Chicago Sports spectacular buying on Different various marketplaces and then Also buying on whatnot joining some Different soccer single streams and also General uh single streams the first one I bought from Mom what now was Card Collector 2 and the second was Golden Boot cards bought from various other Sellers as well so thank you to anyone That helped make a deal uh with me to You know get cards for this upcoming Whatnot card show 2.0 we're doing but Those were the places I spent my time uh Trying to buy Cards and I'd encourage You think about the places that you can Go to buy cards that can help make it Worth it to uh acquire stuff for your Community and for your shows to sell Then and whatnot now phase three and This is an extremely important phase is Budgeting and purchasing so two Different things uh budgeting is how Much money do you think you'd be Comfortable spending to run a show a Single stream or whatever that show is You're doing and then number two is the Purchasing you know how are you Physically buying these cards how are You thinking about what you're offering How are you thinking about how you're Pricing them all that different stuff That goes into that I'll talk a little Bit about that here but this phase is One of the most important in my opinion

So if I was going to make a Recommendation if you're starting from Like ground zeros not to go and do you Know 15 000 plus single stream right Away because you do need a lot of people Coming through the stream to be able to Buy them and spread the dollars out Through many people who come through the Stream but I'd recommend doing Whatever's you know you're comfortable With and start to build a community uh You know this this really does take a Lot of work it takes a lot of time so it Has to be valuable to you but for me Like this is such a fun thing this is Such a great way to engage with a hobby Um it's a no-brainer for myself and then The second thing to think about is What's the value range of the cards You're purchasing so for myself I like To use this rule when going to shows Online buying different things like I Said the five and five rule I like to Buy between five dollars and five Hundred dollars anything less than five Dollars Um it's hard to make it worth it between You know selling fees Payment Processing Fees and then the time that goes into Shipping each individual card if I do Have cars are less than five dollars I Oftentimes group them in the Lots but That still does take more time so if I Use a five and five rule between five

Dollars and five hundred dollars I know Anything I'm buying inside that range Generally will have a buyer inside my Stream there's only been a few times I've sold a card for you know around 750 Or more while doing uh my streams but That's not to say it can't happen I mean I do have some cards that will be Available in the upcoming what not card Show 2.0 that are over 500 but the odds Of them selling are just a lot lower Than ones between you know five dollars And a hundred dollars I also don't want A majority of the inventory to be Between 250 and 500 because the buying Pool is just smaller than between five Dollars and a hundred dollars or so and For this specific stream coming up on Friday 67 of the items are between five Dollars and a hundred dollars of all the Items are available on Friday as well Fifty percent of them are between zero Five dollars and fifty dollars so that Just kind of goes just goes to show what You know budget range I'm targeting when Selling these cards and the number one Rule the number one rule of all these Phases is when you are buying cards the Best way to to buy if you can of course Not everyone you know can go to card Shows is by buying in Lots from one Seller the more you can buy Um the better with certain individuals It definitely is beneficial

If you start to do it over and over and Over again you'll really see it add up Over time because the second place that I went for card show for a card show to Buy cards for this what not card show 2.0 was a Chicago Sports spectacular uh Last Friday now I went there for Literally like two hours and my goal was Walk in find someone selling soccer Cards buy over 100 different soccer Cards and leave and literally that's Exactly what happened I found jww sports Cards from Fargo North Dakota two Excellent guys who had tons of stuff Both soccer and other sports as well but I only bought soccer there now from the First guy I ended up buying Um about 30 40 different cards again lot Price get percentages off go through Value them all offer something negotiate A little bit and then boom deal done Second guy he had like shoot 400 plus Slabs or something like that and that Took a lot longer so at that Booth uh we Sat down me and Julian slab sex Julian And we sorted through all these slabs Picked out different cards that I want To go through and actually research uh And this is extremely important buying Cards too is use a data platform we use Car layer Pro I highly recommend it Their sales history tool is unmatched And I was able to get through within About an hour and a half 100 different

Cards valuing all those cards being able To make a confident offer on the cards I Want to buy and walking on the show with 100 different slabs from one around 30 40 different cards from the other very Successful time actually popped open my Laptop right there on the Showcase Because he allowed me to and it made a Lot better and faster I fill out a Spreadsheet and it was really awesome Experience for sure just got Deal here jww cards are from Fargo North Dakota all soccer all slabs I appreciate It so much Dave thank you buddy amazing All right now that we're through three Of the five phases be sure to save the Stream on Friday on whatnot only on the Whatnot app 4 15 PM eastern time will be Live with over 250 different soccer Listings and here are 10 of my favorites That will be up for sale the first one Is this 2020 topspines Jude Bellingham Orange wave audio number 25 in an sgc9 Holder second is a draw Felix green Prism Auto PSA 10 from select Euro this Is number of 15. an absolutely beautiful Card of the Chelsea player and hey look At that Chelsea jersey number number Three Red Wave Beam Team Auto number Five four out of five PSA 8 of onsufasi Beautiful car there love the beam teams The Women's World Cup is coming up this Summer and Sam Kerr plays for Chelsea Plays for Australia is one of the best

Players in the world this is from 2011. Panini Women's World Cup Germany Stickers psa9 super nice card at a nice Price I had to throw in another draw Felix from select Euro because I can't Get over how how nice these camos look Especially with the Portuguese kit we Got PSA 10 right there these are Numbered at 49 and I got two available On the stream gavi Renaissance PSA 10 This is a short print insert from 2021 Merlin super super nice looking car Right there love this insert just looks Phenomenal you can't even disagree with Me right now we got two of the fusions In Bape and Bellingham both PSA tens These are super short prints case hits Red and yellow fusions from 2025s this Is a rookie of Drew Bellingham and of Course mbapping one of the best players In the world captain in France at just 24 years old now how can you not want a Matched used patch of Lionel Messi if This does not sell I will not be upset At all look at how beautiful this red Ruby number that 25 PSA 8 match use Patch of Lionel Messi is right there Amazing card and this has gotta be my Favorite that I got from Chicago Vinnie Jr football's finest All-Stars gold Refractor Auto psa8 that is numbered out Of 15 10 out of 15 absolutely beautiful Card so was 10 cars but I have an 11th Here because this Ricardo Pepe Auto psa9

Is listed in our whatnot store right now For the stream on Friday at just ten Dollars this card last sold for around 30. it's in the store for ten dollars so If you're watching this video this is a Great sneak peek for you to go and grab This Pepe on deal right now along with Looking at all the other cards listening In the store you can buy any of these Items right this moment all right phase Four is all about pricing and listing This is an extremely important phase Because when people come into your Whatnot stream you want people to be Able to obviously say hi and engage with You you want to be very welcoming but People don't want to wait and look at You know wait for you to show every Single card that you have that's Available and free to State prices if You put in the work beforehand I promise You it will pay off if you load up your Buy It Now store with all the different Cards you have available title the cards Well list the grades list the set list The player the attributes and the team Name people will be able to find these Cards easily see how much you want from Buy them right there without you having To do any work on the live stream or They can offer you in the chat too That's a big part of it too is people Can look at the prices and maybe they Just don't like it but guess what they

Can throw an offer on the chat you can Adjust the price when you're live doing The live stream you can edit your cart All that different stuff it's extremely Important to have your buy now store set Up ready to go even days in advance Sometimes for a stream like I said right Now all the cards for Friday they're Already available in our store right now And whatnot you can literally click on The stream go to the store look at all The prices a lot of them are priced Extremely well and start buying stuff Right now before other people even see It when we go live on Friday at 4 15 PM Eastern time and just for an example of Why it's so important to have your cards Listed in the buy now stream even before It starts the last show we did last Month we had around 215 items listed I Think over 40 of them were sold before I Even went live that's what is that 20 of What would be available already before We go live that's just crazy when Pricing your cards it's very important To be sure to look up recent sales Values of those cards now I talked about Car ladder Pro earlier another great Tool the sales history to price your Cards for your live stream it's very Important because when people come into Your streams uh people are trying to Take the time to come and find a deal You know trying to wheel and deal with

You maybe get a car that they can go and Sell us for or buy one for their Collection too I do it all the time as Well but the point is is that people Want to spend time looking for deals They're not trying to spend time looking To overpaid on recent sales now that's Not to say that every single card you Have to you know give an amazing deal on Some of them there are more high volume It's easier to give a deal on because They sell more frequently and people can Just go buy them elsewhere but a rare Card that maybe doesn't even sell once Every three months once every six months Once every year you know that's up to You that's what you want to put a price On from there I just say put a price on It people want to offer listen to offers Work with them negotiate you know how Much you bought it for Um and be willing to sell it you know if The right price comes and it's there's No perfect science to that right like There it really is not it's how long do You want to hold it I'm into the future Or do you value selling it right now if Someone gives you an offer that you're Considering all right the fifth and Final step is all about selling on the Actual live stream now if you have not Done this before I have to say the first Time you do it it might be a little Stressful um people are coming to your

Room they're trying to check out the Store you're trying to pay attention What people are saying they might be Throwing you offers all this different Stuff can be happening at one time and You're trying to keep track of what People are buying uh which is also why It's extremely important to title your Cards well and picture them well because Once you sell your cards you can Actually go into your back end on your Whatnot seller account to look at all The different cards you sold and ship Them easily but the point here is that To make it easy for yourself if you're Doing a single stream and this is a Strategy that we use the last few Episodes we've done in the last few live Streams we've done Is the method of show the cards a lot of People offer on the cards and then Auction the cards it's kind of Three-step process so when I sit down For this live stream on Friday if you Come and join at 4 15 PM eastern time I First will show all 240 cards or 250 Plus cards that are available and anyone That's in that live stream for that First like 45 or maybe 30 minutes I'm Doing that however long it takes you can Buy any of the cards you want to in the Store and that's the only way you can Buy him is by buying the store before Other people can because some prices

Will just be better there'll be deals And you're going to want to get them Before someone else can even offer on it So it's worth buying it now by the time I'm done showing all the cards what I'll Do is I'll start accepting offers and I'll be like okay everyone you know now You can submit offers for any card you Really want and the worst I can do is Say no but most likely what I'm going to Do is I'm going to counter press you Know I'm gonna counter offer you I'm Willing to take a couple dollars off Here or there if it's not going to sell Otherwise so That's what I'll do next and yes there's Just an onslaught of messages in the Chat when that happens and you do kind Of have to be quick on your toes yet I Know how much you paid for your cards Um it is I would say a little difficult To do at first but as you go you'll Learn the process and one recommendation I have if you are doing this is and this Is the number one recommendation when Doing the live stream if someone gives You an offer let's say 75 on a 100 card And you want ninety dollars no less what I would say is you say all right thank You for the offer for 75 you know I Would be okay at ninety dollars if you Can do that I switched the price right Now in this store you have to do it as You go because so many messages will

Come be coming through new offers if you Go what do you do 90 and let me know Five minutes goes by or like a minute Goes by whatever it is and then they say Yes or they say no you're not even gonna Know what they're responding to so you Really just have to throw out a counter Offer and adjust the price immediately Anyone at that point can buy it but you Know most likely as a person who offered You is gonna maybe consider buying and Then they do or they don't and then you Move on and then someone else might Offer something outside then you go back To it later it's the only way to do this And to really keep your ducks in a row And do it well now the last one is Auctions you know and it might take you Two hours or it takes myself normally Two hours to get to that point to where I am even going to auction any cards off Because there are so many people trying To offer get cards that they want before They could go to auction so other people Can't get them now the auctions is Different like I'm not going to auction Off let's say uh this multi 100r Vinicius Junior Gold auto ps8 and I'm Just not going to do it because there's A lot of risk there you know starting at One dollar or even you know however much 250 whatever it is you know it might not Get close to the price I'm willing to Pay or or willing to sell that or it

Does get close in oh whoopee you know But I like to do auctions on cards are Normally between five dollars and fifty Dollars and then if there is a card like This let's say and someone's like hey Auction you know I'll start it at maybe 10 15 off and see what happens so Sometimes I do it but uh by the time That the auctions even come a lot of the Really good stuff is already bought so The auctions is generally the last phase Of it and it also is the least amount of Time spent I'd say uh you know bulk of The time is doing the showing people Buying them now taking the offers takes The longest and then the auctions is at The end now that strategy I have found Extremely effective Um it works a little bit better if there Is a decent amount of people in the room So people are buying cards when you're You know showing them off the offers go For quite some time I would say if You're starting out small and you don't Have a whole lot of people in your room Because you just started uh selling and Whatnot I'd say probably you know load Up that store you gotta do that in my Opinion you have to do that and then the Second part of that is maybe instead of Doing the showing the off you know Laying people to send offers and in the Auctioning you know I would just make it Very clear that people who are coming in

The room like hey if you offer on Something I might counter you I might Accept it but some stuff it might be Better price than than others you don't Have to go this strategy especially if You're just starting but I'd recommend Trying sometimes you can because it does Work really well for us all right that's All I got that is the five phase plan to Run a massive single show on whatnot I Hope you all enjoyed Please Subscribe And like this video subscribe to this Livestock's YouTube channel look up slab Stocks on the whatnot app go save that Stream Friday March 24th at 4 15 PM Eastern time these stores already loaded Up with tons of different cards that you Can buy right now or come to the stream On Friday and see what type of offers You can submit and see if you can get a Deal off of me we'll see I love Negotiating so I'd love to have you There that's all I got for this episode Hope to see you back in another one and Good luck to all of you if you do plan Doing this I hope it helps and let me Know any feedback you might have have a Great day everyone and see you all on Friday

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