The FIRST RPAs for the NEW ROOKIES! 2022-23 Panini Origins Basketball FOTL Hobby Box Review

I am opening a 1st/First Off The Line (FOTL) hobby box of 2022/23 Panini Origins NBA Basketball for our next sports card pack break/product review! These boxes have an SRP of $150 but currently resell in the mid $300 range (FOTL is usually a couple-few hundred more). Every box contains 1 7-card pack (12 box cases). Expect 1 autograph, 1 auto or memorabilia jersey relic card, 2 parallels, and 1 insert per box. FOTL boxes contain an exclusive auto /40 or /8 and an exclusive parallel /16 or /3. These boxes come with chances at pulling the first rookie patch autos (RPA) of the 2022 NBA Draft Class, on-card autos of the NBA’s top rookies/stars/HOFers, SSP Tiger Eyes case hit inserts, rare booklet multi-signed cards & RPAs, 1/1 black parallels, new hobby exclusive inserts (Dawn, Roots of Greatness, Team Origins), base variations, rookies of Paolo Banchero, Bennedict Mathurin, Chet Holmgren, Jabari Smith Jr., Keegan Murray, & Jaden Ivey, and more! You can get a box for yourself from your local sports card hobby shops and online retailers/sellers. Overall, I would rate FOTL a 4.25/10 and hobby a 5.5/10. Good luck if you try one for yourself!

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What's going on guys welcome back to a New video today we have the brand new 2223 Panini origins of basketball good To finally get some sets for 22.23 Divers just dropped Thomas Elite just Dropped Hoops obviously a little while Back now we have origin so very excited To get some products now real quick we Have the why not card show coming up I'm One of the vendors the 25th at 7 pm Eastern got a lot of stuff for all you Guys we have a big video coming tomorrow For that and just something for everyone Will be kind of at my table or my show So definitely check it out links down Below you'll get some credits using the App in our show pretty much free stuff If you sign up using that link down Below and uh yeah hope to see you guys There so here we go Origins basketball So I'm um I'm not too sure how I feel about this One in football I've had my problems With it in the past and actually I Completely forgot about the information But I think there's a lot of good cards In here that I do like and I've bought Before so real quick information for This one not too long SRP is actually a 150 for Hobby and hobby resales in the Mid 300 range the first off the line Haven't seen much the only asked I saw Were in the 8 900 range I think that Definitely comes down a bit but still

Way too expensive Here is the back and the side right There Now there's some changes that are kind Of interesting to me that don't make a Ton of sense but the seven cars in a Pack one pack of box 12 box cases One Auto One auto A Relic two parallels one Insert then first off the line has an Exclusive autograph to 40 or 8 One Exclusive parallel to 16 or 13. then Parallels include one-on-one black green To five gold to ten and then look for a Bunch of others like base variations as Well uh there is also I believe the First off the line once again then Inserts the new dawn there is roots of Greatness and team Origins there's a Bunch of super short prints in H2 but I Don't think there's anything other than Nude Tiger Eyes in Hobby which is kind Of strange there's a lot of cool inserts In H2 so have you got neglected this Time which is a change that I don't Fully understand but Autos include rpa's On card rookie invet Autos there's RPA Booklets multi-signed booklets and more Than Prime and super Prime memorabilia So yeah we'll see how this box is let's Get it open So design wise I like it like many sets It's become pretty much Galaxy themes I Feel like so big bang Mobile in the back And now I like

Galaxy stuff Galaxy phones but I don't know I feel like they overdo it A little bit And here's our pack there's the Box There you go so one big thing with this Product is condition with football in The past it's always been awful for me So hopefully we have some better Condition this time but we will see so Here's a little stack of fillers and We'll hide our cards behind there Get our pack opened There we are I must say the colors of This pack Beautiful Absolutely beautiful Although this looks like uh more of a Stain than intentional need a few more Fillers Go like that there we go That's better didn't grab enough So there's our cards And let's see we got so first card up Is Mr Clay and actually here's something Very different These are glossy why are these glossy These have always been huh That's a pretty big change so the front Is now a glossy That year 1920 21 22 and in the back of This it's always been a matte finish so Very uh interesting change I don't know

Why they randomly changed it but there's The base Klay Thompson very Galaxy Themed nebula themed yeah that's what's Become now Origins All right there we go What do you guys think about the design And once again you guys like these Videos and you want to see more Like And subscribe we'll have a lot more Helps do all the content here and sign Up for your membership as well links Down below Okay I'll take that we have a rookie Jalen Duren is it a variation I think the variations have a v on them Somewhere Or something like that I don't see Anything but All right There we go hit the glossy honestly I'm not feeling the glossy what do you Guys think They've always been matte finished I think they look better that way But Curious on your thoughts Just doesn't look Origins to me Okay But all the sets in the past have always Been like that so here's our next one This is a little thicker could be a hit Here Oh never mind sorry it's uh two cards Stuck together nope forget that or it

Could still be a hit we'll find out it Also uh honors football breaks available On the site package link Down below Christian Wood Honors one of the best products in my Opinion so we'll be running those Finally have some football breaks but That product Is one of the coolest and best in my Opinion so if you're interested links Below Okay Christian Wood So far Three uh Bass slash rookies At some point there are hits Just not yet This has to be a hit right almost all The parallels are first Figure out how to turn it Let's see This might be the insert Or the first off the line let's find out Okay Chris Middleton All right that's our first off the line Parallel 16 could be to 16 or 3 we got 16. Let's leave them Honestly nothing too crazy hopefully all That Mojo is safe for the autograph That's the hope so that's no problem Right there no problem at all And uh yeah Really not feeling the glossy not to

Complain too much but I don't know just Doesn't look Right to me Kind of Looks off This is a thick card I think yeah okay it is a thick card I think I need to turn it like this it Is All right napkin Peyton Watson that's obviously not the Best But in the grand scheme of things Considering when I say the Mojo for the Big Auto I guess that that works right that works Okay Sleep for you definitely uh A little nervous right now Sometimes You get nothing and a great hit at the End and then sometimes as we've seen Before you get nothing and nothing at The end so let's hope We're in store for some good stuff so if I had to guess this is the card that's Not the autograph So I'll show you guys this one first Should be an insertified to guess and I Already see two players on it it is Roots of greatness to 75 Trey young and Gente Murray I think it's safe to say we've gotten Nothing so far so please let that

Autograph be an absolute monster I'm Hoping There's a lot of good works to get in This class so There we are not a rare insert now Inserts obviously one per box they're All typically rare but the SSP is Tigerized and then there's a snake guys In H2 so H2 got all the love this year Here is the uh Final one Oh it's a Redemption I don't know if that's good or not Let's uh Let's use this little filler here All right I don't know I don't think I've seen Anyone in Redemption recently so Let's find out here we go Redemption of Someone Let's hope it's good Should be first off the wine so it's a 40 or to eight here Purple that should be if I had to guess The 40 32 it is I did say sometimes you get nothing Right So sometimes you get nothing and you end With nothing Sometimes you get nothing and with Something wow that is a Hmm That would be one of the worst boxes

Ever but hey sometimes you win sometimes You lose I've opened some good ones Before open some bad one this would be One of the worst ones but hey that Happens sometimes overall we got a whole Lot of NADA but the product itself it's Not a terrible product this is Definitely if you opened a case I feel Like a bottom two box so my thoughts on This product so price wise for hobby I'll rate both here because hobby is Pretty much what you saw here just Different parallel but because this One's the 40 it's not super short Printed that skews it too much which is Why I'm not a huge fan of first off the Line once that price comes down a lot so First off the line I'm saying is I'll give it a 4.25 below average rating If that price comes down let's bump it Up to like a 4.5475 but right now the Pricing's kind of strange on it the Hobby which is like mid 300 range I'll Get like a 5.5 so tiny hair above Average because there's some cool Looking cards I'm a big fan of the Design and um yeah there you go the Glossiness Isn't doing it for me but curious what Your thoughts so that's the product what Do you guys think if you open some for Yourself let me know what you get what You guys the best of luck and does it For our review and yeah thanks so much

For watching guys we'll have a lot more Coming soon some more reviews big video Coming tomorrow the card show once again And breaks for Honor so those guys thank You as always for watching like comment Subscribe until next time I'll see you Later

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