3 Years on Youtube. Eligible for the Youtube Sports Card Hall of Fame :)

We have officially made it to 3 years on Youtube.

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Well yesterday was three years on YouTube before the channel can you Believe it I actually cannot believe it I can't believe that it's been three Years but in some ways it feels like 10 Years it's wild how much has changed Three years ago March 22nd 2020 to today You know the resale not so great this One just kind of I didn't spend a lot of Money on it but Antonio Brown score Rookie five dollars right now probably Worth like five cents It's relatively a Small period of time but man in the Sports card hobby so much has Drastically changed in that time period So thank you for all that have been There since day one you guys are amazing And I'm sure you could probably say the Same thing what a difference in YouTube Content this is what trade nine looks Like on a Saturday nights at the Lowe's Hotel welcome back Now let's get to work hobby news stuff It's been a wild ride I pulled some Quick data off of socialblade.com I've Had 1105 uploads 18 300 Subs approximately 3.25 million views and I'm still going Along at a tick of about five to seven Videos a week and I've been doing that Really since day one and to be honest And perfectly honest I'm having just as Much fun as I was going all the way back To the beginning if not more fun really

Just because I feel like I have a little Bit more confidence than from day one Sports card collectors and investors I Hope that everyone is having a great day It is another Monday mail day I Apologies I look like a wet cat I had to Run through the rain to get my mail but If you think that that's going to ruin My my mail day and I'm just going to Skip it because it's raining you would Be mistaken and it's really grown into a Fun extension of my hobby experience I've probably collaborated with a Hundred different content creators over There time some still making content Some not unfortunately I've done 75 Different live streams on my channel and I've got a playlist that I started too If you want to check those out going all The way back I think I've added all of The pertinent videos to that playlist And YouTube has a new feature which is Awesome you can actually podcast Playlists so now I have the YouTube Podcast thing going as well I just Started that a few days ago I saw that As a new feature I was doing this in the Very beginning where I was doing the YouTube video and then I was recording The audio and then uploading it onto Anchor I was having issues uploading it Would give me errors and stuff and I was Like man this is so much work to do both The podcast thing and the YouTube

Channel and I really just enjoyed the YouTube part the best and so just Basically gave up on the anchor stuff But this allows me to go ahead and Podcast on YouTube and I the way I Believe that that works is it goes Through YouTube music so it's another Distribution chain for those that are That are also content creators you can Do this as well you should should have The option and I thought that was pretty Cool and for those podcasters out there I've said this before I'm a YouTube guy I am a visual learner I looked into God's eyes and you know And it is a lot more difficult to grow On YouTube as we have seen so step up to The big leagues if you're on a podcast Put it on YouTube man and I'm selfishly Requesting this because this is how I Find channels I just don't do the Podcasting stuff but when someone has a Dual podcast and also the YouTube Channel thing that's awesome because Then I I find it on YouTube I give a lot Of credit to my YouTube Brethren Especially some of the older YouTubers That started 10 plus years ago making Videos way way before YouTube was ever Even a thing a cool thing so to speak And they've been going all along I know I made a video that was Semi-controversial I suppose about the YouTube card Hall of Fame I have since

Made amends with a lot of the folks that Are a part of that group actually I was Supposed to go on with Pepino man on the Live stream a couple of nights ago we Had some logistical issues with weather And so forth with internet but we're Going to try to do that if not next week The week after and I believe that John Mangini is also going to join that live Stream so make sure that you look for That on Pepino man's Channel I'm looking Forward to talking with you guys face to Face I don't think I've ever actually Been with them on a live stream together So it'll be fine I've definitely gone Back and forth with them comments direct Messages and those sorts of things but I'm looking forward to having a Conversation with them here soon on that Note please share your YouTube channel Down below now I will say this if you Put the link to the YouTube channel in The comments YouTube sometimes holds Back those because it thinks that it Might be an outside link or something Like that so if you just put the YouTube Channel name and also the podcast if It's a dual thing Um but put that down there so that People can find your channel as well as Me I always like finding new content I Like seeing how others present Information how others do content I Think that it's a lot of fun like I said

I really really enjoy the videos we have Been fortunate to add sponsors to this Channel I've heard some pushback around Get some take on this to where you know Some might feel that I am just making Videos because I have sponsors and so I Feel the need that I need to make these Videos like I said I've been making five To seven videos a week for A Thousand Days going all the way back to March 22nd 2020 I will continue to do so Whether I have sponsors or not but we've Been very fortunate speaking on that a Sponsor that has helped me recently get Rid of some of my lower end slabs so That I can pay for some of the other Stuff it's trying to sell a little bit More DC Sports Cards 87 guys check these Out awesome consignment place if you Don't want to do the eBay stuff yourself Look it's a lot of work to ship it Package it all the stuff that goes along With selling on eBay it's very tricky You basically just ship these cards off To DC sports87 they load them up it's a Real-time deal on their website where You can check and see as auctions and You know what what your balance is it's Literally like a one business day payout Like you request payout and you have Your money almost instantaneously it's Only like a one business and stay weight It's pretty amazing DC Sports 87 Definitely check them out but going back

To that I really hope that more and more Channels are able to develop Sponsorships I hope that companies have Budgets and look to YouTube as a place Where they can get their name out there I think that that's kind of important to The ecosystem and I frankly I want it to Be more normalized sometimes I get Pushback of you know you're selling out To sponsorships I'm contrary to popular Belief we don't accept everything here We do pick and choose and we look at Different proposals all the time I'm Sending them out I'm receiving different Proposals for on different things we're Always looking at various things and Always trying to balance that part out It is kind of tricky because it is kind Of a new thing in sports card YouTube Land where you have sponsorships it's Not something that where you've got Decades of history on it how to do it How how it's supposed to work and so There are instances where it's kind of a 90-day trial period or it's a six month Trial period and then it ends so you're Kind of trying to balance all these Things out but I feel very fortunate There are some great companies in the High Bobby I know we do talk about there Are some companies that fall short here And there there's companies in every Industry that are going to fall short Here and there that's the way that

Business works but there are some great Companies as well and so we really do Enjoy highlighting those companies and So guys massive thanks for you for Putting up with my dumb 80s clips Random NES stuff from 1987. I hope that I can continue to provide Some entertainment edutainment or Whatever really I'm just here to Entertain you that's first and foremost And if you get anything else beyond that Then great guys stay healthy stay Awesome and I will talk to you again Later Thank you

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