Is This the BEST PLAYER of Our Sports Card Generation?!

DAILY SLAB, EP. 120, March 23, 2023 — In this video, we look at the Trea Turner’s and Shohei Ohtani’s baseball card markets after their REMARKABLE performances at the World Baseball Classic. Both had Classic performances. Plus, let’s pay tribute to the GREAT Ohtani / Trout showdown on the last out of the Championship. Congrats to TEAM JAPAN!

00:14 – Today’s TRENDER – Trea Turner Part 2 + World Baseball Classic
04:11 – Thursday TRIVIA – World Baseball Classic (Hint: Started in 2006)
06:37 – Post of the Day – Shohei Ohtani Sales EXPLODE
08:10 – What’s Happening – F1 Topps Chrome Sapphire Whatnot BREAK – TODAY – 6 p.m. ET

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On today's daily slab we are talking all About the World Baseball Classic now That it is done we've got our trender And we've got our post of the day coming Up so sit back relax and enjoy today's Daily slap What's up everyone I am Nate here with The daily slab and today our trender is Yet again Trey Turner so yesterday we Talked about Trey Turner And today we are back at it and that's Because yesterday he had four home runs In five games in the World Baseball Classic today He has five in six games yeah Seems pretty crazy that's because it is He was on a tear in the World Baseball Classic the best hitter in the entire Tournament I mean the numbers speak for themselves Five home runs in six games if he keeps That up in the May during the Major League season he's the best player in Baseball And so Trey Turner you can see his Prices here his 2014 Bowman Chrome Base Auto bgs95 that is up a hundred and ten Dollars and 75 In the last Three months which pretty good pretty Good raise there for a guy who's been Relatively disrespected in the card Market within the last uh couple of Years he is one of the best players in

Baseball and yet his prices are pretty Low I mean we're talking about bgs95 That is sitting at 250 bucks right now How many prospects can you get that are At 250 dollars right out of the gate out Of 2022 Bowman or 2022 Bowman Chrome or 2022 Bowman Draft How many of those guys can you get that Will not even come close to having half The career Trey Turner has had to this Point at the age of 30. Probably a lot probably a lot and so He's been disrespected but he's finally Getting the respect he deserves on the Biggest stage in the world so far the World Baseball Classic it was a great Game the USA of course ended up losing Three to two uh Turner had his home run Kyle schwarber also of the Phillies had A home run in the eighth inning an Absolute missile but it was not enough As Japan is armed with a bunch of dudes That throw 98 and have nasty Splitters I Don't get it every single pitcher on Their team is a dude I've basically Never heard of but it is nasty and a Bunch of young decent hitters they Squeaked out just enough to win three to Two whereas the USA came down to the Last at bat trying to get one last run Across of course that was trout versus Otani if you didn't see it you should Watch it on Twitter or wherever else you Might find your short clip videos

Because it was amazing Twitter was a Fire a flame once we found out that Otani and Trout were going to be facing each other In the ninth inning and then Otani got a Ground double play and then trial came Up game tying run he'd need to hit a Home run he struck out on a 3-2 pitch on A slider I think Um on the right side of the Zone there It was incredible Trout has only struck out 24 times on Three swings and misses in his career Make it 25 ohtani got the better of him This time of course trout one of the Rare guys on the Uh USA team that has never faced Otani Because they are teammates and they've Been teammates otani's entire career so A lot of other guys may have already Faced ohtani and know what's coming Trout of course you can watch video but Until you face a guy it's not the same And he's never had to face him until This moment so you do expect the pitcher To have the advantage there just Unfortunate for Team USA But Congratulations to team Japan that was a Really really fun game a fun fun Atmosphere and just looked like an Electric time and hopefully the MLB can Take from this and learn from it and Figure out how to make their atmospheres A little bit more electric as well

We also have today a little Thursday Trivia And so our Thursday trivia also doubles As a post of the day And so here is our Thursday trivia and Then we'll get into the post of the day Which is also World Baseball Classic Centric and so Trey Turner had five home Runs This World Baseball Classic who Holds the record for the most home runs In the World Baseball Classic all time Not one single World Baseball Classic But the record for most home runs in all Of them combined remember it started in 2006. Do you know the answer You should pause here if you don't know It because I'm about to give it away the Answer is Alfredo de Espana Cuban player 36 years old surprisingly Has not played in the MLB has played Both in the Cuban league and the Japanese leagues but has not played in The MLB but he is the leader in the Clubhouse with seven home runs Trey Turner just hit five and one post Season which means or in one World Baseball Classic which means he's Pretty Stinking close if he plays in 2026 the Net when the next one is he will have a Pretty good chance of hitting those two Extras and at least tying despanye for The lead and if he could play when he is 36 and maybe hit one more Take the Lead

All the time so we'll see what happens There but uh pretty cool ask for a Despacito himself and his cards I looked Up Alfredo's Espana on car ladder and There's only 23 results in sold history On car ladder That seems crazy to me the most Expensive one sorted by price is this 2013 tops tribute purple parallel 101 That sold for 61 back in 2013 but you Can see here 36.30 all the way down you have to go All the way down the list until you find Some that actually have images Um and if you're looking into getting a Card a newer card you can get 2021 tops Nippon baseball league cards there you Can see that there so that's pretty cool Um you can also look on eBay they've got Plenty for sale on eBay even if not many Of them are selling as for that post of The day that I promise would Loop in Here you can see this Otani post right Here Says all you need to know a thousand Plus cards sold and so I went to check That out on card ladder check this out So sure enough I looked up shoi ohtani I Filtered the 21st and 22nd of March There have been fifteen hundred and Thirty nine show iotani sales in the Last day and a half as of this recording It's going to go up from there by the Time you watch this video the most

Expensive card twenty one thousand Dollars for his tops Chrome Orange Auto Number to 25 PS 810 then you've got a Bowman Sterling Auto number to 30 PS at 10 that's over 1310 and then you have The red ink Auto number to 69 P I say Nine that sold for 7 600 and so on and So forth down the line uh people Spending crazy money I mean we're Talking to tops Chrome rookie Auto SGC 10 selling for five thousand five Hundred dollars did it get paid for I don't know I have no idea eBay hard to Keep track but as of right now that is What is reported and you can keep going Down the list and seeing what has sold And where it's definitely some crazy Crazy sales but Otani he's crazy crazy Player he's the best player I've ever Seen he probably will be the best player I ever see in my entire life and on this Day he got the best better of the Probably second best player I'll ever See Mike Trout all right one last thing If you like formula one and you like Tops Chrome Sapphire and you want to get In on a Formula One tops Chrome Sapphire Break uh box breaks I will be going live Tonight at 6 PM Eastern Time 3 P.M Pacific on the slab Sox whatnot channel To rip tops Chrome Formula One Sapphire There's four colors per box or four Parallels per box there's image Variations it's a fun time there's some

Pretty cool cards lots of Lewis ham Hamilton lots of Max for stopping that You can hit so it's uh he gets big names As well and uh should be an enjoyable Time so come by stop say hi and uh maybe Rip a box or two if you desire I would Love to have you so see you tonight All right thank you everyone for Watching today's daily slab if you like This video please click that like button And don't forget to subscribe and I will Talk to you all tomorrow for the next Daily slab see everyone

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