FAKE Card Show Deals=Shill Bidding.

I’m over the stupidity around fake card sales, in an effort to set fake card comps.

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Little late night video it'll actually Come out tomorrow guys I'm pissed I'm Actually really pissed and I want to Make this video because I think it's Important I'm in really a horrible place With this particular topic I watched a Video earlier from Dan the card man and Essentially talking about kind of Influencers lying fakes and this sort of Thing and it was brought to my attention That there are instances that look like There can be fake cops fake cops or fake Deals essentially that are being done Between different content creators and Man that just bugs the absolute hell out Of me it bugs the hell out of me I mean We are in a market slash hobby where you Know there is no oversight whatsoever We're kind of we have to look out for Each other and so I feel like I'd almost Be doing a disservice if I don't make This video if anybody new or somebody That's coming back in hopefully somebody Sees it hopefully it matters to somebody And what I'm really hoping to throw Port Is the idea of content creators getting Together to manufacture a comp on a Particular card or set of cards Different genre of cards it's kind of a Dangerous slippery slope in my opinion And I don't want to say like dangerous Like oh you're being very dramatic well I'm just really irritated that people Would think that they can get together

And pretend like they made a social Media deal and that's just okay and so What happens is the people that are Watching that particular video on these Various channels they're like oh my gosh Look at what this card or this certain Card sold for and it's all bogus it was A staged deal and it's not real This is a big problem to me this is the Equivalent of show bidding this is Equivalent of show bidding at auction we Should be pissed about it it should be Something that we talked down about and I hope that other channels look into This as well sports card radio hopefully They get a hold of something like this If they aren't already but this idea of We're going to set up this sort of deal I don't want to see that type of crap if It's a legitimate deal then great then It's a legitimate deal and that's fine That's that's the hobby whatever but if It's not a legitimate deal how is that Any different than Shilling an auction Show bidding an auction and creating a Fake comp and then what happens if that Fake comp makes it into a card ladder or Market Movers or a data tool and now It's part of the ecosystem of oh here We've got this comp and it never was Meant to be and that's kind of the Problem that we have with these kind of Private Sales that you know I don't know How Private Sales are reported I don't

Know exactly how they're vetted but man This pisses me off it pisses me off to No end sometimes I get pushed back of Man Dustin you have sponsors you're a Company man why would you speak out on This well because this type of BS hurts Companies as well yes it hurts the Consumers yes it hurts collectors but Guess what it puts a damper on this Industry as a whole when this sort of Thing is rooted out if you're Disingenuous with these sorts of things Whether it be buying YouTube subscribers Or you know making fake deals and then Pretending like you're you know oh I can Sell it for this or that or whatever You're doing absolutely nothing for the Hobby I know we use the community so Much you're just sucking from the Community and I'm not a company man in That way I love supporting Hobby Companies but I think Hobby companies Would agree with me that that's the type Of BS that we don't need here we're not Interested in fake deals this sort of Stuff ruins the credibility of this Hobby that we all love you know the Company men out there the company women The people that want to bring new people Lynn well what do you think this does And what's going on with brakes recently Where it feels like we've got David Copperfield magicians every night you Know oh we dipped oh the downtown is

Missing they won't notice what idiot Thinks that they're gonna actually get Away with that what idiot thinks that They're the actual like case hit or the Autograph or whatever that you're just Gonna You're gonna dip it out of here and Nobody is going to notice what kind of a thinks that that's actually going To work it won't work there's enough Eyeballs all over this stuff now there Are enough eyeballs on this stuff now And frankly Stakes are too high you look At a company like Fanatics we've been Talking about over the last few days and They're going to be taking over and They're looking at what are best Practices and what can we do take a look At what's going on and figure out how we Can get this sorted out to where it's Just better customer experience I'm Pretty certain that Michael Rubin cares Deeply about customer experience and so I know this stuff is being paid Attention to and so again everything I'm Talking about tonight I hope that it's Front and center for people I want to Talk about in this channel I won't just Ignore these types of things and like I Said I hope if there's content creators That have this idea of like hey we can Get together and we can pretend like we Bought and sold this card and that'll be Cool and everybody think we'll think

We're awesome I hope to thwart that Because I don't want to see these fake Deals fake sales everybody's a fake Millionaire and everyone's making fake Thousands of billions of a thousands of Dollars I'm over it I'm really over the Stupidness so yeah I'm gonna call it out Thanks very much for watching guys hobby On stay healthy stay awesome and I will Talk to you again later Thank you [Music]

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