The Mystery Behind EXTREMELY RARE .COM Sports Card PARALLELS

DAILY SLAB, EP. 121, March 24, 2023 — In this video, SlabStox Nate looks at the numbers of releases and asks—”Will these cards be extremely rare?” He also looks into Julius Randle’s basketball card market. “I didn’t see this coming,” he admits.

00:29 – Today’s TRENDER – Julius Randle, POP POP
02:30 – Topps Tennis Cards Fresh Set (Pickle. Ball Next?)
03:43 – What’s HOT | What’s NOT? Nate Does the Numbers
10:37 – What’s Happening – SGC Submissions due March 30 – NOW you can Load Pokemon Cards ($12). All sports cards just $18!

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On today's daily slab we are going to be Talking about a Knicks star that has had A roller coaster a few seasons in New York we are also going to be talking About a question that I've been Pondering about these Sets and we are talking about a new Release of a top set for a sport they Don't have cards for yet at least tops Anyways so sit back relax and enjoy Today's daily slab Welcome everyone to the Daily slab I am Nate and our trender for today is Julius Randle so you'll remember Julius Randle's been around the Knicks for now His fourth season and when he got over The Knicks wasn't the greatest first Year and the second year he was an All-Star and everyone loved him and they Signed to a long-term extension And then he had a pretty rough last year Still averaged 20 points a game but was Pretty rough sledding last year a lot of People blamed him for the next troubles Well new year new Julius Randle as the 28 year old is having one of his best if Not his best seasons ever including I Just saw a tweet about the fact that He's the first Eastern Conference player To average 25 plus points a game 10 plus Rebounds and two made threes or more a Game the first Eastern Conference player Ever to pull those off and here it is Julius Randle doing it

Um in fact he's so good he had 57 points The other night and he has led the Knicks to a fifth place in the East Which is impressive I didn't see it coming I will not lie After last year and everything that Happened with Julius Randle I didn't Expect a bounce back like this and yet He has bounced back and so have his Carts so we're looking at his 2014 prism Base rookie PSA 10. I know it's a base Rookie but they don't have that many Track Julius Randle cards on card Ladders so you only have a few options And here we are a base rookie PSA 10 It's up 22.65 in the last year When most guys cards are down Significantly over the last year despite How well they've played Julius Randle is The inverse going way way up so shout Out to Julius Randle 57 points crazy his Stats overall crazy and uh the Knicks a Fun young team to watch In our post of the day you can see this Here post from slab stocks and also from The professional tennis players Association They're coming out with Fanatics times Or Fanatics and tops tennis courts now I Don't know who's going to be in the set I don't really know anything about Tennis to begin with I enjoy playing it From time to time but I don't know much

About professional tennis at all I know The Roger federers and the djokovic's And guys like that but I don't know Anything below that so this is more of Me just passing along this information If you haven't seen it I don't really Have any thoughts on it but it is cool To see tops acquiring another Sport and Putting out more cards net Pro obviously Had that Carlos alcatrazzer however you Say his name uh one off Release where they release just his Cards Um we'll see what happens here net Pro Obviously probably a little upset this Morning Um but it'll be fun to see tops with Those and we'll see what else they Branch into in the future is pick a ball Down the line is bowling stuff like that We will find out All right in what's hot what's not I've Had a question I've been pondering and I Actually asked Jimbo from Jim Bro cards From Kentucky Roadshow on our dinging Corners podcast on Tuesday about this But I wanted to rehash it here in case You do not listen to the danging corners Podcast And that is and if you want to listen On slab stocks apple and Spotify Pages You can find it there but uh anyways A question I had so I opened The 2022 top 75th MLB Rookie of the Year

Anniversary set I got six boxes it was a online exclusive kind of like The tops local Factor boxes the Bobby Witt Jr boxes the Juan Soto boxes this Was a exclusive it was one Parallel per box the autograph checklist Was pretty fun it was a lot of you know Former rookie it's all rookie the ear Cards and it's Rookie of the Year Autographs as well you had the potential To hit And guys like Julio like Mike Trout in There so you know pretty fun So I'm running through them I'm I'm Ripping them and all of a sudden I Hadn't checked out the whole checklist And then I'm going through my pile Afterwards and I noticed an SP on the Back of an Aaron judge card in fact I Have it right here and I can show you The card so it's right there Get the glare off there Aaron judge and You can see on the back well you can't Really see it probably but there's an SP On the number on the left side there So that's what they look like as for the Regular cards Um or the parallels you know silver out Of 75 so on and so forth you've got Blues out of 25 got it Jacob degrom I'm Throwing around here uh out of 25 there And and so on and so forth A fun set to rip one parallel per box Very fun well

I started thinking about that short Print Aaron judge I say I wonder how Many there are there so I did a little Bit of math there's 61 cards in the set Total there's 166 parallels per card It's numbered 75 and lower 75 50 25 10 5 And 1 which adds up to 166 cards Every single card of the 61 cards has All those parallels so 61 times 166 Equals 10 126 parallels possible that You could pull At one parallel per box You have 10 126 boxes in circulation All right Now short prints are 1 in 16 boxes so I Took the 10 126 divided it by 16 for the 1 in 16 boxes and that leaves us with 632.875 obviously you can't have you Know four-fifths of a card or anything But or 5 6 of a card but Still 800 or 632 will round up 633 short print Cards in the set now there's an eight Person set here so 632.875 divided by 8 means that there's 79 different Uh short prints for each player if they Made them in in equal amounts So 79 Now I don't ever expect this Aaron judge To become something worth more than like 20 bucks right it's not it's not worth More than twenty dollars and it's not uh

One of those things that I'm interested In long term but what I am interested in Is the Julio Rodriguez from this set Because if there's only 79 let's round Up and say the final card the you know There's a point a percentage point there So let's say that Julio has 80 everyone Else has 79. so 80 cards it's out of 80. Maybe not the nicest looking card in the World but it's still super super rare uh Comparatively But nobody knows that right but you're Not going to see a lot of them in the Future not all of them are probably Going to get pulled unless they do open All 10 000 boxes of whoever bought them They're probably not all going to get Pulled They might not have all been even sold All the boxes and so you have 80 of These of which maybe not all 80 are ever Ripped or ever found Is this the type of card that in the Future Becomes wildly valuable because it's Like I've never seen this card I have to Have it And that's my question are these releases with some of these Random short print cards maybe not the Crown Collection from the Bobby wet set Because there's no short prints there There's parallels and stuff but not no Non-numbered SPS but are we going to get

To a point where there's like a billion Julio Rodriguez rookies so they're not You know the dime a dozen and they are a Dime a dozen right now there's so many But are we going to get to a point where You could find a sneaky deal on one of These Julio Short prints that are super low numbered Where a 10 15 20 years down the line When nobody even remembers that the MLB 75th Anniversary set even existed Like this is the type of set that's in And out of people's memories really Quickly are we going to get to the point Where this card comes up for sale and All of some people like what is this Card I've never seen this before I have To have this this is one of the rarest Julio Rodriguez non-numbered short Prince yada yada yada are we gonna get To that point or am I crazy for thinking That because I do think that there is a Play here you can see the last sale and Uh they're between 85 90 100 And uh Is this a play because it is rare I mean We're talking 79 80 of them out there in The world And it's from a set that is uncommon From a set that was at online Exclusive You know I don't I don't know and and Moving forward are there other things Like this in online exclusives

That are going to be worth buying Because they are Uber rare and people are going to forget They exist because I just imagine like The inserts from the 90s are really hot Today I feel like if I fast forward in The future that something like that is Going to happen but I could be crazy so I want you to let me know what you think About it Um do you think that this type of card Has potential in the future or because There's so many Coolio rookies that is Just going to be another one of many let Me know All right and in what's happening we've Got SGC submissions coming up on the 30th it's the 24th today so if you want To get those out please get those in the Mail quickly and also on Grading right now you can uh toggle Between Pokemon cards and regular Trading cards so you can get your twelve Dollars instead of having to get Refunded you can choose it there twelve Dollars for a Pokemon card 18 for your Trading card and you can get your Submissions in today you get them out in The mail and get them ready to be graded By the 30th Um if you want to check that out again grading All right thank you everyone for Listening to today's daily slab if you

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