PSA Now Grading ALL Star Basketball Cards + SGC Pricing Deal

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PSA has opened up grading for ALL Star basketball card sets from the 80’s, and SGC’s grading special for Topps Series One baseball cards is going strong, but ending on 3/30.

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Wow we are back it is Saturday what a Beautiful weekend it is down here in North Carolina Today we are talking about p P upgrading all star cards I saw this in Sports collectors daily as well as I Think that I might have seen this on Their IG account or somewhere else but The star basketball cards from the 80s I Did a video on on cards that I had Bought maybe a year ago now or almost a Year ago where I had accidentally left The packages on the back of my car And you are one pathetic loser and then Drove away saw them fly off and then Watch them get literally run over by a Truck I've got two of these uh both bird cards That were let's just say they're damaged I guess I could try to send these back To Becca to get re-holdered but they Look pretty rough the good news is the Cards are still intact I actually Thought maybe the cards would have been Split in half they're actually just Sitting in there snug I'm either gonna Send those back to bgs to get re Reholder to re-slapped or whatever or I'll send them to uh PSA now that They're grading all the different star Cards so I like those 80s star cards I've got you know Barkley I've got Dominique Wilkins I've got some Larry Bird stuff I know there's a lot of

Commotion around the Michael Jordan Stuff I've got a friend Dave that that Buys and sells those star Jordan cards There is definitely a level of scarcity With those star cards but you have to be Extremely careful there's a lot of Replicas Even I think the guy that had started The star company was involved in some Sort of a thing where they were printing Them again or so there's issues around Star cards so they're definitely ones That you have to watch out for but they Are cool looking 80s cards and let's Face it there's really just not a lot of 80s basketball sets if you go back There's really not a lot of vintage Basketball sets period so it's pretty Cool that we're now getting more options As far as grading those star cards go so I'm gonna see if I can fix those Hopefully we will see big shout out to Today's video sponsor come your Home for buying selling and flipping all The hottest trading cards the Consignment marketplace now home to more Than 30 million cards from Baseball Superstars like Aaron judge to Marvel Favorites like Spider-Man compsy is Something for every type of collector Make sure to visit today to Build out your collection with your Favorite cards OMSI is definitely a Blast I've got a link in the video

Description as well as pinned in the Comments to go and check it out binder To those that are grading series one Tops baseball cards Channel sponsor SGC Is wrapping up their deal where they've Got nine dollar grading no declared Value no minimum order and no Memberships needed nine dollars so the Deal with tops SGC had set up I'm a big Fan of these types of deals I've talked About it before and like I said SGC is a Channel sponsor so I am biased they are My favorite Grading Company but a lot Like I always say grade with whoever you Want I think we've gotten to a point Where there's just a lot of brand Loyalty nowadays and so it really Depends on the card it depends on the Collector and how they want to go about It but SGC offering a great deal here Nine dollars with no declared value for Series one baseball it ends in four or Five days on March 30th so definitely Check that out alright guys I mentioned A couple weeks ago my grandfather had Recently passed away and my dad is up Visiting so I'm going to head out we are Going to the beach just to catch up he's Going to tell me all the different ways I can improve myself and I'm gonna joke With him about how I've already got the Nursing home picked out so we better Watch himself guys stay healthy stay Awesome I will talk to you again later

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