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Hey guys Ethan sports cards and more Back today with a brand new baseball Card video today we're back with a new Opening here we've got a 2022 top Stadium Club baseball hobby box been a While since I opened um Stadium Club and Been seeing a lot of people open it a Lot of people have been pulling some big Stuff from it especially from the shop Had a guy one of my fellow co-workers he Opened up a blaster at the shop last Week in one blaster he got the Franco Numbered out of 50 I think power Zone he Got a shame Bieber orange Chrome out of 99 and he got a Otani instivision so the Retail has been you know pretty good I Want to try out hobby box here there's Two autographs in here I did open a Couple of these earlier you know right When they came out but it's been a while I lost my knife so I'll have to use this Key here For the time being hopefully I didn't Hit the Box stopper but there's a box Stopper laying on top we'll see what we Get Hopefully everyone is doing well See what we can get here oh man what a Great start baby my favorite player in The world Gary Coe Kermit the Frog baby Let's go All right Well hopefully that box is Or this box is going to be um

A little more upbeat than that Hopefully a garaco doesn't wear off on Us here But in the hobby you get two on-card Autos should get a chrome not guaranteed Any numbered stuff but hopefully I would Love to pull one of the foils they're Really tough they're out of Um 25. Here we go love the photography good Open Stadium Club all day so many Different cards in the set Great photography there's a Seth beer Rookie Kyle Tucker Andre Jackson rookie rainbow Foil Called Tim Salman a lot of Celebration Shots in Stadium Club uh MLB season Opening day is this Thursday cannot wait Red Sox starts out with the Orioles this Year usually I'd be happy about that but Orioles got a pretty good team so Kind of scared All right we might have our first Auto And here we do it's a rookie Machado Chris Bryant our first Auto Jake McCarthy nice on card rookie Auto Pretty cool card Nice on card Sig right there for the Diamondbacks Red Sox will be all right this year but We've got tough Division I don't think We

Will go too far we didn't really do any Big off-season pickups besides um Kluber who's I feel like past is prime We got Yoshida from Japan I really like Him after watching him from the World Baseball Classic but I think we're Just waiting on our future to get caught Up In a few years Our divisions is so tough Saw Anthony Vogue or Anthony vopi got Called up for the Yankees today that's Pretty cool I don't know if that's like dirt he's Hitting up there or what but that's a Cool red foil jetters rookie Lou Gehrig And hunter green who's the Reds opening Day starter I've got hunter green I'm a Fantasy team we're doing our draft Tonight you guys comment if you play Any fantasy I don't know what's going on this pack Rehas Tim Anderson we got Babe Ruth Juan yep is black foil rookie that's a Pretty nice one Coat and Welker and McCutchen I like you have to hit a big home run Last uh postseason Foreign Rookie McClanahan red foil Mike Trout Sorry if I'm a little shaky in this I Just got done playing volleyball for Like three hours dang this pack is thick I don't know if they put more cards in

This or did we hit it instivision I hope It's an instivision I have not hit one Yet this year And it's just more carts I mean this Pack is loaded we've got a blue foil Though that should be numbered what is Going on here autographs blue foils No way is that two rainbow foils what is Going on here guys holy crap We have an autograph I think two rainbow Foils and a blue Card was like numbered Oh gosh Suzuki here's an autograph let's See what's going on here let's pull from The back Carthy Brian Hayes here's a red foil Mike Shroud oh my gosh what a pack this is Crazy red foil power Zone Mike Trout Those are really tough to hit in the red Foil so we'll take that all day We go look at this look at all that Foils blues and auto let's do the Autograph first I guess Who is that wisdom nice Patrick wisdom On card autograph not a rookie but Pretty decent player there We've got a foil Griel Jr that should be out of 25 right There and another foil Of Austin Meadows look at this Both out of 25 and a blue Jared kalanick Numbered out of 50. what a pack I've Never seen anything like that you guys

Let me know if you have so we got a blue Foil kalanic numbered 41 out of 50. We got a Austin Meadows the beautiful Shiny rainbow foil I was just talking About hopefully we get one of those That's out of 25. And a griel rainbow foil so I don't know What they did in that pack but they Definitely jacked it up But I'm not complaining at all that was Really cool And a decent Auto Patrick wisdom at Least we got two hitter autos Let's get these um up on a stand These foils because those are pretty Tough we got two in the same pack Let's see what the odds are on a foil A blue fool is 156 a rainbow full is one In 311 packs one per case and we got two In one pack Down there I'm not a stands already That was crazy well we've got our two Autos we'll see if we get anything else Huh I'm not expecting anything else in This box But we'll see oh no Cruz rookie Ty Cobb We got a Stanton Dynasty And Vato Strimsky That was wild Carlos rainbow foil I Think he's on Where do you go to Marlin This is a weird box Ichiro Maddox

Carlson Hendrix oh my gosh a third Auto Third autograph yoel Pozo What in the world three on card Autographs all hitters We'll take it I'm just shocked now Acuna We still got you know like half the Blocks to go too there might be more Autos in here Andre Dawson Oh that's cool Willie May sepia Willie May sepi those are not numbered That's a really cool color match with The Giants colors Randy and Clement rookie Only thing we need now is a Cal Ripken Jr Aaron judge this is another autograph oh Black foil Lewis Hill And Winker Like that trout red flu Tony Gwen Drew Ellis rookie Don Mattingly power Zone Lindor Oh there we go Julio bass rookie not guaranteed one of Those in a box those are nice those are Tough to hit Robbie Ray red foil Bagwell JD All right last three packs See if this box can yield us anything Else McGuire Jackie Robinson Torkelson rookie red foil Robin Yelp

Joe Adele We've got a Stuck Power Zone tatis Carrie Wood and last pack Mojo Oh we got a die cut in the last pack I know Bobby Witt rookie and a chrome Rookie coming up what a box Bobby Witt Rookie picked up a big Bobby Witt Auto Over the weekend Put it on the community tab you guys Will check that out Okay Eric Davis Let's save that Chrome rookie Nice to Grom Die cut and our Chrome rookie is might Have saw it rookie Aaron Ashby Stadium Club Chrome So wow that was definitely a hot box There Um we got two rainbow foils out of 25 a Blue foil out of 50. a chrome rookie Three on card Autos a Julio a wit rookie Willie May sepia and a trout red foil so Garrett Coe you did not disappoint us Thank you Um like you usually do in the games for Yankees fans but uh that was a pretty Fun box hopefully you guys enjoy we'll Be back uh I'm gonna try and get a box Of Gold Label in this week Um and I just hope everybody's doing Well please leave me a comment love Reading them and responding so have a

Great week please like comment and Subscribe peace

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