PRIZM RETAIL HAS ARRIVED! 2022 Panini Prizm Football Retail Blaster Box Review x3

I am opening 3 retail blaster boxes of 2022 Panini Prizm NFL Football for our next sports card pack break/product review! These boxes retail in the $30 range (resell in the same range). Every box contains 6 4-card packs (20 box cases). Expect 1 silver Prizm, 4 green Prizms, and 1 light blue Prizm in every box. This product comes with chances at pulling the first Prizm rookie cards of the 2022 NFL Draft Class, ultra-rare SSP Prizm parallels (red, blue, black & red checker), popular silver Prizms, rookie variations, retail exclusive parallels (green & light blue), rookie memorabilia jersey relic cards, silver autographs of the NFL’s top rookies/stars/HOFers, autographs/rookies of Brock Purdy, Kenny Pickett, Malik Willis, Sauce Gardner, Garrett Wilson, & Chris Olave, and more! You can get these boxes for yourself from Target, Walmart, your local sports card hobby shops, and online retailers/sellers. Overall, I would rate this product a 6.75/10. Good luck if you try one for yourself!


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What's going on guys welcome back to a New video today we have the new 2022 Panini prism football retail boxer boxes It's got three for our battle here today And you guys want to win some free Contenders football it's our next Giveaway all you gotta do to enter is Like the video subscribe to the channel Follow me on whatnot it's absolutely Free we go live there and do the Giveaways for all you guys most of you Probably already signed up if you were In our whatnot card show stream you're Already good to go if you've enjoyed any Of our streams before you're good to go Just make sure you join the stream when It's time but if you're not signed up Use that link down below and you can get 10 in credits using the app with no Minimums just free stuff and we'll go Live there it's a lot of fun and give Some contenders football when it drops To you guys so taking time down below Best of luck and try your luck five Total boxes to many winners let's split It up so hopefully a lot of good pulls Last year we pulled Trevor Lawrence so Hopefully this year pretty something Like that who knows but here is what We're working with for prism football Retail so the information for this Product retails about 30 bucks these Last I checked are available on target Site that's where I got mine so you you

Can order them increments of three I Think I think it's three don't quote me But I'm pretty sure it's three and then Resale is like 30 to 40 but just try to Find that retail you probably can Because I've been seeing it everywhere So four cars in every pack six packs for Box 20 box cases look for and here is The size real quick there you are get One silver and there's another stuff Right there so Here it is the information real quick Pretty simple look for the base rookies Silvers there's the greens there's Light Blues and super short print blue red and Black and red Checker then there's the Base autographs for rookies and vets Silver there's fireworks prism break Emergent hype new recruits and Brilliance for inserts and then there's Jerseys Premier jerseys and rookie gear And then variations so look for all of Those and here we go let's see what we Can pull from ours background we have Some prism and we have some uh Hertz Action and then our Instagram right There so check it out if interested Here we go so we get four exclusive Greens and then one light blue and then Hopefully get some of these super short Prints which are definitely Big Chase There's three different ones so maybe Maybe not I don't know So here we go Blaster one

Oh Times have changed fellas Wow that's Wow I didn't know if I live long enough to See that but Hey good to see that the packs are Secured in the Box I honestly did not think I'd see that in My lifetime there we go so put that to The side And here are the packs Pack number one the leak and we have Henry Let's see we can get Now as always We do a little battle here so We have three boxes cast your vote for The best of the three one two or three This is one here's the base we did hobby Already for an early look if you've not Seen that definitely check it out and uh Yeah there we go so cooking stuff I like It and can we get some big poles Always special to me For the long time super long time OG Fans Marshall Faulk almost started this Channel pretty much so Yeah very important card to me And if you haven't seen that video I think it was one of those old sub Boxes used to love those sub boxes there Were so many back in the day now there's Not too many left but

I pulled a one of one Marshall Faulk and You can see that video one of my earlier Videos on the channel and that kind of Started the channel I was making videos for Pierce myself for No One And that's kind of when things started Off a little bit all right Uh uh matchy okay green Rook Green's there now it's weird because Green is just a retail in Prism but in optic it's to five I think Select this to five so they're not Consistent with those parallels Next pack up If you guys like these retail reviews You want to see more product reviews of Every format more fun stuff with cards Helps out by dropping a like and Subscribing it's free to you guys and Helps us do everything you see here and Also you can sign up for a membership And get some bonus content lots of more Stuff soon for them color match mangled And Kath Walker I like that I like it I Love a blue red or checker That would be huge thing autograph be Nice but I kind of want those more Never know here's the silver Let's see we can get All right Just one silver right it's not a rookie Oh yeah just one silver so we got a rook Cool and then our brilliance

We got some rookie parallels but nothing Really too crazy yet The thing that I'll see about blasters Is Very tough to Make your money back in retail Now the benefit of prism is the base Will go for more than other base sets Additionally you can get those super Short prints not easy Definitely not easy so there's a ceiling That's pretty high but very narrow Oh Quay Walker okay Here we are Got three numbered Rooks did not think We'd get more than one in this box so By default they're in the lead they are In the lead but I mean I would be in the lead no matter What if I was first Because you go first let's see what the Others are like I love this as a rook Nope Tower Boyd There we go so don't confuse these with The dark Blues this is one per box right Yeah one for box and then the Just Blues which are darker these are Light blue are super short prints And they're a lot darker blue so first One Not bad not bad not great obviously Here's Blaster two let's see if we can Maybe get uh something really nice

First one was just Solid a larger sample size three boxes Hopefully gives us an indication as to Whether or not That's the norm or not All right box two Let's see if two Is the best Pack number one Let's see super short print please Got Kyler Kelsey Question for you guys would you rather Have a hobby box or that amount in prism Retail By tons and tons of retail Devin Lloyd I think I'd go hobby but does anyone Prefer a large pile of retail Curious Let me know what you think Hmm Okay Golden Corral I'll take it I'll take it we'll see you Know I mean We'll see QB is always nice Maybe uh Panthers QB right now from this Product Not the best But who knows you never know Next pack Another green Water greens Guaranteed of course

McLaren And Tolbert Hmm relax It's a retail you get a lot of the same They put those Rare cars in there but Rare is an understatement they are Impossible to find sometimes the good News is a lot of you guys Tell me you have seen them Omar Interesting time And Dotson with the fortnite text Does he stay A raven Very interesting Saga What do you guys think What do you guys think I don't know I Think he stays I think requested a trade right but Somebody just told me he stays We'll see though Have your thoughts reactions predictions I think he stays but uh It's an interesting Saga right now Red Bucks I mean hey K dotton Okay Get all the Rooks but nothing insane I Mean What would it be Golden Corral the best One Yeah

Here should be the light blue So we did not get a super short print we Do have another silver bonus silver Right just one We got the Omar so hey bonus silver Bada bing and Baraka blamo oh Oh oh okay we got a variation I almost completely forgot about those They're in Hobby too Right there Variations All right Nice got the old black and white picture And hobby that Parallels for all of them All right interesting Definitely interesting Good for you prism Number two Did they just pass one I don't know a lot of box I enjoy these blasters Here's a chance at something always Makes it fun to Chase Then Once all the packs have been opened and You've not gotten that card Ah Round two So the chase is fun maybe one day we'll Open Resale until we hit a super short print That would be We did with select basketball

We have a whole playlist on the channel It's um Yeah It's not easy it is Really tough because they're not Guaranteed in a case or anything like That so You can get something here No oh I mean yes Mac attack My favorite players and cook you both go Here All right box three We're gonna earn some brownie points Green on the back so is this something Here Is that something I don't know No It's not okay Oh uh hmm Broncos So nice we got them twice yes sir Okay I would say assuming that blue is in That last pack Your three chances left out of super Short print actually maybe one because You get one silver one blue And three ingredients I don't know wait Oh oh no never mind The reflection of the green back Trick me I've been deceived Mike Evans Rookie Kyle Hamilton I'll take that thank you

Mastery packs Here we go Can we get something good How many packs to pull super short print Many Silver come on silver silver one sauce Devonte Adams And Matthew Stafford two packs left Two packs left Let's see Hmm green again Not what we wanted Tila and Lamar Oh oh I too early A lot of Broncos Washington interesting Kobe Dean all right okay Hmm last pack Let's see Can we pull rabbit out the hat so far It's been pretty close I see that blue What do we have here No Gino final one you guys like these Retail reviews once again let me know We'll do some more Tree lands There you are what do you guys think not Terrible one to get we'll see though Pretty probably the one we want but Catch your votes comment down below Which one do we think is the best the Best car we probably got was probably This one right don't think it's anything

Too crazy but still cool card uh here's A quick recap And everything we got so one two or Three here we go each one had a blue This one had like three Rooks guess Walker mechi so there we are And that's our highlight from that one Go like that Then here is two with What's in my opinion the best one but Up to you guys you get the mechi Variation Omar Golden Corral yeah I'm probably going Two But Cash your vote you never know speaking Of votes Pac Madness make sure you cast Those votes before it's too late and Everything set in stone got a bunch of Brooks yeah I think that's Gonna do it Two you're going two I don't know I'm probably going two but Maybe you guys Wanna go somewhere else so one Two And there's three so Thoughts on a scare from one to ten of The retail glasses for prism Four four is low not the lowest but it Is still low the price 30 bucks Definitely wish he was still 20 even Then you know so the ceiling is there You can get the super short prints you

Can get autographs you can get Memorabilia cards they are not easy to Find there's no guaranteed hits it's Guaranteed parallels maybe one of those Are Rook I think the odds are one of Those will be rookie probably but never Know so ceiling just too narrow tough to Hit I think that ceiling is nice to have Especially three four different cards You can chase but I'll give this rating I'll give it a six seven five for this One so Yeah it's above average I think I'd love To go low sevens which is good if these Just weren't so water damage they are Because it's really cool stuff to find In these so that's my thoughts on the Product let me know what you guys think In the end these are a lot of fun to Open some of the more Premiere cards in The Hobbies so if you open these wish You the best of luck let me know what You get and it does it for this video Guys thank you as always for watching Like comment subscribe until next time I'll see you later

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