You WON’T Believe This $700,000 Sports Card!

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I have been collecting autographs and cards since 2011. Collecting has played a huge role in my life as a hobby. This page creates a story thought vlogs at card shows, card shops, and day in the life activities of a passionate collector. I am here to network with collectors from all around the world.

On this Mojo Sports channel we attend sports card shows and buy sports cards. We also talk about the sports card market, collecting, and the entire experience at card shows. If you have any questions about sports cards, sports card deals, trading sports cards, pokemon cards, card shop locations, card shows, buying sports cards, where to find sports cards, or how to invest in sports cards please feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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My prediction to go for anywhere from 600 700 000. I mean it's three of the Greatest of all time it doesn't get more Iconic than that I could buy a house oh Absolutely this is a house this is Literally worth a home not in California Not in California not in California they Got a Kevin Durant Amy's Jersey 17th Triple double in his career that's crazy The Aaron judge autographs Bill Matt Chapman Shimmer just snuck in there Mike Trout this is unbelievable this is his Tom Brady contenders Auto with the 10 Auto how much is this how much is that Worth Right now I believe it's going to go Anywhere it's kind of live in auction 400 to 500. On Golden wow yeah bgs95 Boulder tractor LeBron James

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