Topps CRUSHES IT with MLB Debut Patches

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Oh yes tops knocked it out of the park [Music] With this particular product guys we Have got Major League Baseball debut Patches what does this mean so starting Today starting today every player making Their Major League Baseball debut will Wear an MLB debut patch on their uniform For that first game after the game that Patch will be taken by fnatic tops and That patch will be created into the Ultimate tops words the ultimate one of One rookie card and so this is something That we've been talking about for a While everybody's been speculating on Man what are going to be some of the Cool memorabilia type stuff that Fanatics can do just given their apparel Their sports memorabilia side of the Business and we've got a piece of it Here now the thing that excites me the Most about this is I'm not a baseball Card collector really outside of Hall of Fame autograph type stuff but this makes Me really decided when they take over The NBA the NFL licenses and maybe Eventually NHL there's been some Speculation the idea that you could have A debut patch really across all sports Leagues that's obviously going to be a Monster monster Chase card and I think That that's just kind of the the Beginnings you know this is something That's extremely smart because the other

Part of this too is you know exactly What game it came from So Gone are the Days where it's just like game worn game Used but you don't really know kind of Where that came from not to say that They won't have that stuff as well but This particular card you can trace it Back to that first game and that is Really really cool that's awesome when You think about the rookie card you Think about that's the first year of the Cards the first game it's like the first Appearance when you look at comic books Like first appearance of a character First appearance of Wolverine Hulk 181 Or whatever this is going to be the First appearance patch that's going to Go into a one of one card for each Rookie which is it's gonna be awesome Speak Speaking of awesome big thanks to Video Your home for buying selling and Flipping all the hottest trading cards Their Consignment marketplace now home To over 30 million cards from Baseball Superstars like Aaron judge to Marvel Favorites like Spider-Man compsey has Something for every type of collector Make sure to visit today to Build out your collection with your Favorite cards guys as I always say the Disneyland for sports card Collectors definitely check them out we Were talking more on this Fanatics top

Subject on Heroes for sale Adam had me On last night I'll put a link in the Video description great guy he's also on Hobby hotline I enjoy watching his Content and hearing his insights but he Asked me a question of what would you Like to see from a Fanatics tops over The next five years and I reference what Really went viral for a lot of folks and It was Michael Rubin in Burbank sports Cards face timing with Devin Booker Alongside a girl that was a Devin Booker Collector so you're highlighting young People in the hobby really awesome to See from Michael Rubin he's got the Reach he has the ability to do these Things tied in with musicians tied in With athletes tied in with celebrities I Looked into God's eyes He's got a unique place that happens to Be happens to have landed in our Collectible space and so the one thing And I know that they're they're already Talking about this um we've heard Different Rumblings about this from Fanatics but wanting to get collectors Closer to the players and player Experience style cards you know maybe They don't do away with redemptions Maybe the Redemption cards are actually Like the golden tickets You found Wonka's last golden ticket for Player experiences being able to FaceTime with Devin Booker for 25

Seconds and be able to say like Devin Booker you're the man or whatever it Doesn't necessarily have to be an All-day experience with the athlete Obviously they've got time constraints There's everybody is busy but just a Little nugget just a little thing like That could really be huge especially for Young people man I remember when I was a Kid I was sending away uh the TTM stuff I was sending cards away to my favorite Players Penny Hardaway here Um asking for an autograph it was just Pen pal type stuff obviously not pen pal Like we go back and forth but pen pal And that I'm writing a letter I'm then Sending a card in the mail Self-addressed stamped envelope hoping That they sign and send it back to me And that was an awesome player Experience even though I didn't get to Meet the person but it was like I feel Connected with this particular athlete That I'm following this is the thing man Player experiences so you've got the Game worn stuff that we're talking about And kind of the unique things that they They can do like they're doing with this MLB debut patch love the idea but player Experiences could really be where Fanatics tops sets the sets it all apart That's where they could really really Bring sports fans into card slash Collectibles because then when you're

Opening up a pack if there's a Redemption card that represents a Experience with a player experience with A team that goes far beyond the cards That is now a Chase for an experience And a lot of what Collectibles and cards Represent to us is our memories you know A lot of times you're collecting cards From players from certain years where They won the title there's Nostalgia Attached to that so man you could Literally give a fan a sports fan that Also happens to be a collector the Ultimate life experience I know that Might sound dramatic like oh this is a Life experience I met Tiger Woods in a Gym going back to 2009 it was about six Months before his life kind of Completely fell apart with all of the The Mistresses and all that stuff I met Him I went up and I shook his hand and Said hey I'm a huge fan I didn't ask him For an autograph or anything but I was Like man I'm never gonna see this guy Again in this capacity it'll never Happen again he's from Orlando I was Living there there's a small gym that he Would frequent because it wasn't very Busy I went there on my lunch break from Work happened to see him took advantage Of that opportunity but I remember that To this day I can just think back Through my head of exactly how that Happened and it's really no different

For a lot of folks if they did meet kind Of that that athlete that they follow That they look up to or maybe Edition Celebrity when we get into the culture Cards non-sports stuff you can really Open doors here to all sorts of Different things so I think Fan Experience this is going to be an Opportunity for Fanatics and for Tops to Really open this up to the public like We've never seen it before so that's Really my big hope as we look to Fanatics over the next five ten years Can they execute on some of these really Cool fan experiences alright guys let me Know your thoughts in the comments below Stay healthy stay awesome and I will Talk to you again later [Music] [Music] Thank you

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