Unveiling the TOP-5 ROOKIE YOUNG GUNS in Upper Deck Series 2!

PUCK DROP, EP 5: If you collect hockey cards you already know Upper Deck Series 2 is ready to drop next week. Who are the top-5 rookie Young Guns to chase? SlabStox Puck Drop guy Greg ( @showdecartes ) identifies top rookie targets as this set is ready to release. The hockey sports card market is hot–will these rookies and their Young Guns live up to the hype?

Greg ( @showdecartes ) continues to educate card collectors in the hockey sports card market and helps track down the best hockey sports cards worth adding to your collection. His goal is to help sports card collector’s on the hockey sports card market and he shares the data behind how to track and make smart buys to add to your collection.

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00:00 – Welcome to PUCK DROP Ep. 6
01:16- Rookie of the Year Frontrunners
02:27 – Montreal Canadians – 5 Rookies
05:28 – Dallas Stars – Wyatt Johnston
07:10 – Seattle Kraken – Shane Wright
09:25 – Slab Sharks Auction Targets ENDING TONIGHT
11:30 – Upper Deck Series 1 Announcment
14:44 – LA Kings – Brandt Clark
16:45 – Arizona Coyotes – Dylan Guentner
18:18 – Columbus Blue Jackets – David Jiricek

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What's up hockey fans Upper Deck Series 2 is dropping in just a few days plus Super big news coming for next year's Series one and two including Conor Bedard what are the rookies to chase What Young Players I'm looking at tune In in this episode what is up everyone Welcome to episode number five of the Slab stocks puck drop I am Greg your French speaking hockey loving host and Today we will go deep on the checklist Of the upper deck Series 2 that we'll be Dropping in just a few days one of the Biggest release of the year the flagship Product of Upper Deck but you know how These ygs are popular and we've been Waiting for so long for these specific Rookies to drop usually Upper Deck used To have the biggest names in their Series one but now with the new Um production Um production standards they decided to Move it on series two so we will have we Went together in the first episode Talked about uh Upper Deck series one Which had a few uh big names like this Rookie of the Year front runner of the Seattle Kraken Maddie veneers that you Can see on screen his last BSA 10 was Sold is why GPS A10 was sold for 260 US Dollars also the the other Chase in that Set was a Baldi of the Minnesota Wild Which his last Young Guns PSA 10 still Lope up under 200 190 if I'm not

Mistaken was sold for 240 US dollars but These biggest names will Be released next week on April 5th as Series 2 is hitting the shells everyone And these are the names I think it's a Pretty balanced checklist that you can Hold on to these YG's that will be in The set there are many many names that Have a lot of talents are there any big Names superstars in there we still don't Know but there will probably be a few of These uh young athletes that will see Their cards be very very popular and Somewhat pricey in the beginning and I Will still rise slowly we will see Um first off the Montreal Canadiens one Of the most popular franchises in the Hobby have five rookies Yes you heard That right five rookies of the 50 YG's They have five and of course the most Awaited is the one of this man the Number one pick in the past draft in 2022 URI slavkovsky who actually played In the NHL this year before having a Season ending surgery so in 39 games the Score four goals six assists a pretty Tough season learning curve for Uriah Slavkovski but look at his size six foot Three left Winger 238 pounds when you Look at the case of Tage Thompson Um who had his Um Season uh season Breaking Um uh this year I was absolutely Stellar

All Season well he still is with the Buffalo Sabers these big players these Big guys take a lot of time to develop He's still only 18 years old showed a Lot of potential at the Olympics also in The NHL despite his stats but a lot of Potential there with URI slavkovsky we Can also mention Quentin Byfield who was A rookie last year took a lot of time to Acclimit with his body size the NHL how Fast the the play is there and uh look Now he's on a very very good sequence Playing with anjay Kopitar with the Los Angeles Kings I know a thing or two About this team if you look at my cap Right here uh it's my the theme of my Childhood always loved the la king so Yurai slavkovski there could be a very Very good pick if you look at um the Stats he's well what he's shown shown Good flashes of his talent there and Still a number one overall pick in one Of the most popular franchise in the League so uh check out his uh card Prices when they're released next week Next up is Kaden ghouli Kaden gooley Young defenseman when you look Um 21 years old for a defenseman is Pretty pretty young six foot two 205 Pounds 18 points and 44 games now uh Also was dealing with injuries by the End of the season Um he is not going to play uh until the End of this present season the Montreal

Canadiens are eliminated we don't want To injure him too much for the future as Well but before he had his Um most serious knee injury Kaden ghouli Was already the number one defenseman of This franchise which is quite amazing at 21 years old plays with a lot of Maturity I saw him play live against the New Jersey Devils he was able to shut Down Jack Hughes many many times which For me is something very impressive that We see in this league so these two are To look out for the Montreal Canadiens Next up for the Dallas Stars you might Know the Dallas Stars I discussed Um this team in the past episodes about Jason Robertson their top scorer of Course and also their goaltender Jake Ottinger who kind of had a lot of hobby Love With his performances in the past uh Playoffs but this young man right here Number 53 Wyatt Johnston uh Young American forward 19 years old six foot One Center 185 pounds so decent size There for Center uh 74 games played this Season which is kind of amazing uh 21 Goals 15 assists already 36 points so Showed great potential here this season And a lot of people Um are thinking that he is the future of This franchise with uh Jason Robertson So Jason Robertson already one of the Top forward in the league the one of the

Most spectacular players that we have There Um let's see also could be very Interesting to uh have one of his cards And see how he plays during the playoffs We we know in the Western Conference the Dallas Stars in my opinion once again uh Could be contenders to go to the San Lincoln finals so uh Wyatt Johnston There could be a very interesting case And a good long-term hold as well with His potential and the stats he's already Demonstrating we could also argue argue That he is the runner-up for uh the the Caller trophy that Moritz cider of the Detroit Red Wings won last year so the Rookie of the Year the runner-up to Maddie veneers who will Unless a miracle happens or uh something Else will win the trophy next up Speaking of the Kraken Seattle this man Shane Wright a lot of people talked About Shane Wright last year because he Was identified as the number one overall Pick and then what happened at the draft Is the Montreal Canadiens decided to Draft your rice lavkovski And then Shane Wright had to drop to the fourth Ranked fourth pick to be drafted by the Seattle Kraken and when he got to the League played eight games one goal one Assist for two points only he's 19 years Old he's young but a lot of people were

Saying is he kind of quote unquote the Beau Callahan of this draft a lot of People Um were thinking that probably Shane Wright got off on the wrong foot but hey Young player a lot of potential he Played also for Canada in the world Junior Championship in December a lot of People around the team I spoke myself With some coaches in the team that said Shane Wright was the ultimate teammate There he was a very good leader in that Room and also Um got sent back to to his Junior club And look at his stats Um eight games with the Kraken then five Games with uh the Coachella value Firebirds scored four goals in five Games which is pretty decent right and Then when the Windsor Spitfires 15 goals 20 to assist for 37 points in 20 games So future is bright for Shane right Uh I oh right for right I like that one Future is bright for Shane right also With Maddie veneers what a want to punch There on the Seattle offense so I might Also be once again a good long-term hold In the case of Shane Wright this episode Is brought to you by slab sharks of Course the best place uh on eBay to buy And consign your hockey cards you can See on their insta on their Instagram Account all the details if you want to Consign your cards they will give you an

Amazing experience and why not head over On their eBay account for this week to Look at the awesome cards that they have In Consignment once again slide sharks EBay account is a movie this week look At this 2019 Upper Deck Nick Suzuki Clear-cut exclusive Young Guns PSA 10 Super low pop the bid right now as we're Recording is at 5 000 to 200 Canadian Dollars a very rare card and Um as you probably know upper deck will Get rid of these Young Guns exclusives Clear-cuts in uh the next year so Probably a good piece to hold on to here For the Montreal Canadiens Captain kale Makar same Young Guns clear-cut rookie Not exclusive though but bgs-10 a very Hard card to grade and um got a pristine Grade on that one so 3550 Canadian dollars would still uh day To go on this one of course Alexander Ovishkin Um Young Guns bgs 9.5 as well very very Nice card to have to your collection and A good in my own humble opinion a very Good long-term investment and we Discussed this before if he can get that Record and I pretty much think he's Gonna get it so uh here we are now When's it going to be is it going to be In two years two years and a half who Knows Um this very very gorgeous Austin Matthews and look at that patch on that

Endorsement relics Auto patch on 10 and Another card that also caught my Attention Um in that auction is this one here from 2006 the cup Gila floor limited logo Patch Auto on 50. the bid right now is At five hundred and forty dollars look At that patch with the emblem of the Quebec nordics team that became the Colorado Avalanche the Stanley Cup Champions pretty cool cards right pretty Cool cars for sale each and every time I Go on on the slab sharks eBay uh each And every week Um I have to remind myself that I have a Budget and I have to respect it amazing Cards there that are on display and will Be done tonight on their auction okay so Uh I told you in the intro that Upper Deck released last week a huge news that They were remodeling uh everything about The 2023-24 series one yes that is next year That is also the year of the biggest Rookie in the game since this man you See on screen Conor McDavid Connor Bedard will be uh coming to the NHL will Be the number one overall draft we will Know on May 8th to which team which team He's going to be playing who's going to Draft him because uh the the draft Lottery is going to happen on May 8th so Five or six team are still with decent Chances of drafting him

Um but they like I said Upper Deck Announced major changes so the the hot Hobby boxes are moving from 24 packs of Eight cards to 12 packs of 12 cards Might know a thing or two there if You're collecting football basketball it Sounds like this prism formula Mosaic so 12 cards with three hits in each back And one YG per two packs so still six YG's in every hobby box and we added Some parallels as well the Outburst Silver one in 60 packs the clear cut That was already there the exclusive Also was already there in the high gloss As well but we added Deluxe numbered out Of 250 then the exclusive that we Already knew out of uh 100 the Outburst Red out of 25 the high gloss as I said Remains unchanged numbered out of 10 and The YG Albers gold that you can see here On screen one of one yes you heard that Right one of one YG This is an exciting news for the hobby I Think remodeling as well only 12 packs And uh 12 cards per pack I I like having These uh three hits in each and every it Could be inserts could be YG's as well Like I said six YG's per box that Remains on change Um so less base cards more inserts more Hits and also added Parallels for uh People who want to build rainbows for YG's uh and all that stuff so I think This is a very very exciting news for

The hockey Hobby and uh moving along for A very very good draft class once again Amazing draft class A lot of talent and The generational player that is or that Everyone says will be Conor bidard you Never know until they hit the big league But Um the last ones that were tagged as Generational Conor McDavid kale mccarrus Sydney Crosby Alex Ovechkin They all turned out all right I think we Can agree on this all right next up So in this uh 2020 223 Series 2 from Upper deck once again releases on April 5th so in just a few days uh from the LA Kings this is a personal choice as you Know I already uh told you big LA Kings Fan Um for all my life we have one Defenseman in this series Brent Clark That also played with Shane Wright with Conor Bedard with Adam fentilly Dylan Ganther and all of these very young Um talented players Brent Clark is an Offensive defenseman that was drafted by The Kings uh nine games in the NHL and Two assists he wasn't even supposed to Be staying in the NHL in the lineup a Couple of injuries made place for him to Start the season with the big team he Impressed a lot of people in the Organization during training camp look At his stats there Um yes only two points in the NHL five

Games with the Ontario in the American Hockey League so one goal one assist but Look at his season with the berry Colts 31 games 61 points once again He's a defenseman so Um young defenseman young offensive Defenseman like this also take time to Develop they do a lot of defensive Errors as crazy as this might sound but He will be a spectacular player in the NHL I believe a lot in this potential He's already my personal Chase in this Series I absolutely can't wait to uh Have his cards there and um I believe a Lot in brand Clark spectacular young Player Canadian defenseman playing with An exciting hockey team that is doing Very well at the moment as well and will Have a great leader to show him the Ropes of the NHL in Drew Dowdy and other Fellow Canadian so Um yeah this is my take on Brent Clark Next up for the Arizona Coyotes This young man that has been playing Pretty much all season uh Dylan ganther Um 19 years old as I said also played Into World Juniors with uh Canada 33 Games played six gold nine assists a lot Of people in Arizona believe in this in His potential right-winger can do a lot Of great things on the ice of course uh And you can see it was Um also playing with his uh junior Club

This year this season junior team the Seattle Thunderbirds in the who 20 games Played 29 Points Um for a 19 year old and look at what he Did what he accomplished with the Edmonton Oil Kings last year 91 points And 59 games an offensive machine and Also Um 21 points in 16 games in the playoffs At the world junior this this season This year Um in uh in the holidays 10 points in Only seven games so Dylan genther I know He's playing with the Arizona Coyotes Which is not the the biggest hobby Favorite team uh we can all agree on This they don't get a lot of hobby love But Um The talent of this young man if he can Be amongst the top scorers the top Rookies and also you never know pursue His career in another team could be a Very interesting Long play there uh for Dylan genther for the Columbus Blue Jackets another defenseman now this guy Drafted sixth overall David yurichek Um you can see his stats there not a lot Of offensive stats of course in the AHL 34 points in 46 games a lot more assists Than goals but David yurichek is a very Interesting talent that could bloom a Little later there in the NHL but also I'm keeping my eyes on the the Columbus

Blue Jackets to be a good Contender Let's say Just a a position there you already have Cold cylinder that is playing there and Also Ken Johnson who you might have seen Uh in the news chord scored a very very Cool Michigan goal last week but their Second the second highest team that Could land Conor Bedard imagine if they Lend him that's gonna transform this Team Um day one once they land this Generational player as as I told you a Little earlier we will know on May 8th Who will be drafting Conor Bedard and David yurichek might be an interesting Once again Long play long-term hold Defenseman uh tend to rise slowly over Time and um if he can have an impact on The team and I know it's a lot of ifs Play with Conor Bedard there will be Added value there for sure so that's it For my chases for the series two from Upper deck 2022-23 Once again released on April 5th we will Speak again in two weeks because we have Another release SP Authentics and the Playoffs will be coming so we will be of Course talking about this thank you so Much for tuning in on the slab stocks Bug drop powered by slab sharks the best Place to buy and consign your hockey Cards on eBay have a good week my name Is Greg it was a pleasure to be with you

Tonight take care Thank you

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