NEW BGS Card Grading Scale.

Well would ya look at that? A new BGS card grading scale. This must be Beckett’s new announcement from the Mint Collective.

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Some big news from the mint Collective It looks like Beckett grading bgs is Changing their grading standards and Guys you know what that means it's going To be chaos in the streets People are going to be freaking out over It obviously there's going to be Question marks around what does it mean For current values of bgs 9.5 and Bgs-10s the current pristines are they Going to become black labels are the 9.5 Is going to then be relabeled as tens Yes exactly it'll be interesting to see How Beckett goes about it I have an Example here of really you have a card That is a quad nine five with a 10 on The corners and this is a bgs 9.5 now if I'm looking at this right with their Grading scale this would be a 10. so can I get this re-holdered to show a 10. so You're telling me there's a chance and This kind of piggybacks off a video I Did just a couple days ago where I was Kind of speculating is it getting easier To get bgs 10s I was looking at Pixar Cards and I did get a lot of comments in The comments section about hey you know Pixar has high quality cards they are Newer cards these are brand new releases So the expectation is that you would be Able to get tens easier than you would Maybe a 10 year old card or 15 year old Card Etc but this kind of speaks more to That maybe they are trying to move more

Towards that 10 grade keeping the sub Grades because people do like sub grades I think that people that use Beckett They enjoy this subgrade element but it Does look to be that they are more Focused on tens and we've talked about It bgs 9.5 in comparison to PSA tens There's a huge difference there's a Chasm and pricing on a lot of cards not On every card depends on the card Obviously but there is a growing kind of Divide as looked like over the last Couple years One shall fall and so maybe this is a Way that Beckett is answering this big Thanks to today's video sponsor DC Sports87 the consignment place for the EBay stuff you don't want to sell it on EBay yourself send it to DC sports87 They will take care of it for you their Payouts are within one business day so Right as kind of auction's end it Uploads in real time on their website And then you can request payout one Business day typically turn around time It's very very fast your payouts and They list five to seven thousand cards a Day so a lot of volume BC sports 87 a Great place to consign your cards on EBay now as I talk about this as I throw In my opinion I have to also disclose my Channel is sponsored by SGC so I am an SGC Homer they are my favorite Grading Company I make that abundantly clear for

What I'm trying to do with my collection SGC makes the most sense for me for what I'm trying to do but I also recognize That there's a lot of value in the other Grading companies the big four really I Think they've got loyalty Pockets there Where people like hey I've got a certain Type of card I'm going to CSG or I'm Going to PSA for this or I'm going to Bgs for that SGC for this other thing so Obviously there's going to be Competition among these four companies But I think it's really great for Collectors slash speculators slash Investors to have all sorts of different Grading options really solid grading Companies and all can offer value but Like I said SGC is my favorite so as I'm Talking about this I'm disclosing my Bias here it's well known that bgs is Really kind of fallen off over the last Couple of years really kind of going Back I would say three years the company That Dr Beckett built in the 80s with The Beckett magazines is a legacy Company in the hobby I mean let's face It there's not a lot of brands that are Really long time Brands tops is one Beckett is another I mean Beckett is an Important company and then over the last Three years with the pandemic and the Onslaught of business that really all of These grading companies received they Just fell way way behind now PSA did

Shut down down they closed their doors And a lot of people were like man that's That's crazy they shouldn't have done That but they've ramped up since then And now their capacity is way higher Than it than it was during that time SGC Really elevated their brand you know They have historically been really Dominant in that vintage space that's Been the Crux of their business but man They have really blown up in the modern Ultra Modern World over the last 12 to 18 months they have solidified Themselves in the grading space and Continued to do so and so bgs I think Really looking for a spark you know this Is a company that you know is trying to Move more towards a technology company The hired a CEO that has a technology Background they are trying to advance Themselves I think they've got a lot of You know there's there's new minds in There that are trying to do different Things and this is one of them obviously This must be the big announcement at the Mint Collective that they were talking About whether it's going to be a pro or A con for them I think it really depends I'll reserve a lot of my judgment until I really see kind of the details of this Thing because really all we know is just There's a change there's a change that's Happening I check their website and you Know I didn't see anything about new

Grading standards or how they're going To be doing things differently so I Didn't see an announcement on the site Unless I just missed it so obviously a Lot of the details are probably going to Come out over the next few days or over The next week on how they're going to be Doing things but I think the biggest Concern or what people are going to be Really paying attention to is what does It mean for the current slabs that They've got you know it's kind of Similar when you look at old PSA slabs Some people don't mind them some people Don't mind an old PSA slab compared to a New one others will say like you know What I'd rather have a newer PSA graded Card because I feel like their standards Were higher that's a tougher grade maybe You know so it's all about perception we Talk about in The Hobby narrative drives A lot of stuff perception drives a lot Of what Collectibles are are worth and And what they can be worth down the road So this is a big move by by Beckett Maybe it's one that people will say they Needed to do they had to do it just as They have slipped as far as their their Grip on the grading space but you know They're within striking range maybe they Feel like if they make these adjustments They can be back on top but again I Think it's just going to boil down to Secondary market for a lot of cards you

Know are they going to re-holder all of These nine fives you know like what I Showed here you know this is a quad nine Five with ten Corners this I believe Based on what I'm seeing would be a Bgs-10 so I just send it to them and Then they turn this into a 10 does it Have to be regraded you know there's Question marks that need to be answered And I'm sure we will have more details As it comes but big announcement by Beckett what do you think about it does It affect how you operate are you still Going with Beckett no matter what I know There's a lot of people that just really Like like Beckett's labs and that's fair Enough but I would like to hear from you All obviously as bgs customers all right Guys stay healthy stay awesome and I Will talk to you again later Thank you

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