Topps Changes the Game: What’s the New Idea?

DAILY SLAB, EP. 126, March 3, 2023 — In this video, SlabStox Nate reveals one of the coolest Topps ideas. Let us know what you think of the “Debut Patch” in the comments below.

He also recaps an opening day that has some of your favorite players starting off quick, and some surprise duds.

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00:20 – What’s Happening – MLB + TOPPS DEBUT
03:56 – Today’s TRENDER
05:43 – Who’s HOT | Who’s NOT

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On today's daily slab we are going to Talk about MLB opening day action a Little bit of Hope for the Brewers fans And a huge huge new release by tops but It might not be what you think if you Weren't on Twitter or Instagram Yesterday so sit back relax enjoy Today's daily slap Welcome everyone to the Daily slab we're Going to start off with what's happening And this news came from the MLB and ties In tops so the MLB announced that it was Giving out a MLB debut patch looks like A diamond with the word debut through it And they're going to be putting that on Every Rookie's first jersey for their Rookie debut essentially so Bryce terang Of the Brewers you can see his jersey Here you can see the patch on his sleeve There right underneath the logo he gets That patch on his sleeve everyone who Debuts today gets that patch you do do a View tomorrow you get that patch and so On and so forth Um throughout the rest of the year and Probably I don't know the rest of as Long as Fanatics and the MLB are Partners they will be having these Patches and these patches of our course Are going to be taken off the jerseys I Don't think they're taking the jerseys They are course going to let the player Keep his first opening day his first Jersey but they will take the patch off

And then put it in to Some sort of card you can see Aaron's Mock up here with the tops Dynasty card Um it could be in tops Flagship it could Be in tops Chrome it could be a Bowman Rookie I don't know what they're going To put in my first guess would be tops Dynasty but They could put it in something that's More accessible to the masses than tops Dynasty because most of us or nearly all Of us cannot afford a tops Dynasty box So we'll see what they put it in but From a like just pure genius standpoint From a enjoyability standpoint from a Goes over well standpoint they knocked It out of the park at least in my Opinion they knocked it out of the park With this patch uh a fun way for Somebody to know exactly where the patch Came from in the era of this patch does Not belong to any game player Whatever you get a chance to actually Get a patch of a player that you know Exactly which Jersey they wore it on Exactly which day they wore it on and Exactly how they did in the game while Wearing that patch I imagine it's going To be a one of one patch unless they Break it up into two and make it a one Out of two I don't think they're gonna Get more than one or two patches out of It doesn't seem that big but Nonetheless a very very very cool idea

By Fanatics buy tops by the MLB to Include this in and I hope they do this With everything they're going to be Getting the NFL they're going to be Getting the NBA they're getting tennis They're getting Um all sorts of sports and so please if It's some tennis star's first match put Something on there if it's an NFL Player's first NFL game put something on There let us get these patches in every Sport where we know at least one card we Will know exactly where that patch came From how that player did I think it's a Stroke of Genius but I want to hear what You guys think do you like the idea Don't you like the idea I If I may be so bold I would say that Most of you will like the idea but I'm Sure there's one or two of you out there That say I don't like it and I want to Hear about that too I want to hear why You don't like it if you don't like it For me I love it and I can't wait to see More types of things like this in the Future with Fanatics running the show All right our Treader for today is Christian Yelich so it was opening day And I took the advantage of writing a Trender on the Brewers or on us Brewer's Favorite Brewer or sometimes favorite Brewer and it's Christian Yelich he has Not been the same he was an MVP in 2018 He was runner-up in 2019 for MVP and

Then late in 2019 he fouled a ball off His kneecap and fractured it and ever Since then he has not quite been the Same now the shift has been banned so Hopefully with that and bigger bases we Find more value in him Not saying that it's going to happen but I'm hoping so because we're paying him Really well and we need that kind of Production from him if the Brewers are Going to make the playoffs again uh the Cubs and the Cardinals have only gotten Better uh the Reds and the Pirates are Getting better with the young kids they Play are bringing up so they're not easy Easy wins like they used to be and so The Brewers path is getting more Difficult every year one easy way to Combat that Christian Yelich being good If he is good there is some hope for his Cards and you can see here his 2013 tops Update Walmart blue rookie PSA 10 well That has dropped 309.65 in the last two years now a lot Of cards have dropped a lot a long Distance in the last two years this Christian Yelich card is no different Than those but it hits close to home Because of the somewhat above average But not Superstar not MVP caliber not Even All-Star caliber production he has Been putting up and so us has been fans With opening day hope Reigns Eternal and Our hope is that Christian Yelich

Bounces back and has a great season Speaking of opening day our second What's happening of the day is opening Day action and well I'm recording this after the Brewers Game and it did not go well for my Milwaukee Brewers Marcus strowman was Hard to hit he was striking guys out Left and right we looked hopeless Against him despite opening day being Filled of Hope We Looked hopeless Corbin Burns got rocked a little bit giving up Three runs or four runs and uh it just Was not our day losing four to nothing Not what you like to see as a Brewers Fan especially after last season how That ended missing the Playoffs by a Game trading Josh Hader away in the Middle of the season when we're up in The division and then you come out Opening day and you lose to your Division rival Cubs not the best start To the season but you know who has had Good starts O'Neil Cruz he hit a home Run off of hunter green to start the Year wander Franco has a home run Um and a single to start the year Aaron Judges first at-bat was a home run so Many guys are starting off the year hot One guy that is not starting the year Off lot Jacob degrom in his MLB day or It's Texas Rangers debut he didn't even Make it out of the fourth inning he gave Up five earned runs not what the Rangers

Were hoping for when they signed him to That massive massive free agent deal so We'll see if he turns that around or if The Mets were Geniuses for letting him Go and signing Justin Verlander instead But a lot of good baseball played on Thursday looking forward to a great Season and hopefully looking forward to The Brewers picking it up and starting To win some of these games against the Cubs this weekend and lastly today is The 31st which means the 30th has Happened which means our most recent SGC Submission has gone out if you want to Join our next SGC submission on April 15th you can go to Grading to get your or to get the Paperwork started to get your cards sent In today tomorrow whenever just so they Get there before the 15th to get your Cards graded great time early season to Get your baseball cards graded or the NBA Playoffs is starting soon so if You've been pushing it off and you want To get some cards graded of some guys That will be playing in the playoffs Before that begins you can do that as Well so grading to get Started there thank you everyone for Watching today's daily slab if you like This video please click that like button And don't forget to hit that subscribe Button and I will talk to you all Tomorrow for the next daily slab see


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