Burglars Cost LCS 1mill + NEW Topps 1st Bowman Retrofractors

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Who else is getting tired of hearing about local card shops getting robbed? I know I am. Plus Topps announces 1st Bowman Retrofractors are coming.

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What on Earth is wrong with people I Don't understand it I don't understand How this still happens are you all right Man uh How about now Actually I do understand why it happens The sports card Market has turned into Basically like diamonds it's like a Diamond store we have literally in Southern California somebody drove a Pickup truck through a card shop it was Reported by sports collectors daily Captain Fish collections on IG Captain With a K it's their shop and literally I'll see if I can throw the video up Here they have video of this thing Coming through the glass of the store Less than five minutes these guys were In there's a few different a few Different folks over a million dollars Potentially in loss of merchandise and Structural damage to the store really Nice looking store got like a basketball Court looking floor but man it's just Unbelievable even when you have good Security measures in place the camera Shows all these guys in there police are Still looking for these Folks Southern California but it just goes to show the Hobby has gotten very expensive and People will go to Great Lengths to take Things to steal it's unbelievable I'm Not really sure what you can do to stop This other than literally having like

24-hour security like an armed guard or Something and even then who knows I mean It's just it's just gotten to a really Ridiculous point Thank you to today's Video sponsor MVP sportbrake.com they're Here to compete with the big boys this Is a local LCS that is selling product And they have got some great pricing if You use promo code dad3 you get 10 off Of your order and if it's more than 500 You get free shipping MVP sportbrake.com Make sure to check them out before you Go and just buy product definitely check Out mvpsportbreak.com first on a lighter Note I saw a sports card investor Reported that the tops Folks at the mint Collective were talking about first Bowman retro fractors which are going to Start in Bowman Chrome product this year And this is kind of awesome there's Gonna be four or five Legends who will Get first Bowman retro fractors as is Going to be a thing moving forward and For all living players who receive retro Fractors there will be autograph Variations so that that's really cool I Mean you could go back in baseball my Gosh you could think about just the the Ton of Hall of Famers that you could go Back and do this for it's pretty endless Four to five Legends is what they're Going to do it looks like they're going To start there who knows if that Increases but another little Innovative

Piece from tops first Milestone moments Will include bases from first hits and Pitching rubber from first strikeouts All will have major league baseball Authentication stickers with a code so That you can verify and look these Things up it's pretty interesting I kind Of Wonder with with tops Fanatics kind Of making some of these changes are we Going to almost become numb to cool Memorabilia pieces I know that sounds Kind of crazy when you think about Today's where we've got kind of like Event worn and you know but is game U is Going to become just like the the next Event worn Are we almost gonna get Spoiled with this stuff I don't no I'm Way getting way up ahead of myself Because it's like yeah let them release These things I know people are like whoa Dude you know let them actually get out And do some of these things first before You start saying that we're spoiled Silence you very fool I had it with your Whining and bumbling I'm not saying that We're spoiled I'm just saying if this Thing evolves where they've got all These new types of products that they Bring out I think the one thing that I Hope though too is is that with a lot of The cool memorabilia stuff I hope that It also goes into like retail and some Of the cheaper products so that there's Actually some good pulls because that's

Kind of the big problem with today's Products is you look at kind of the Price tag whether it be retail or hobby Boxes then you look at the checklist and It's like oh I bought a 500 hobby box And I got forty dollars worth of cards Out of it I know historically it's Always been somewhat of a gamble to buy Product and rip it open it but it would Be cool at least to have some good shots Of things I mean right now we have Product where it's expensive but even if You look at like the big hits you can Just go buy the big hit for the cost of A few hobby boxes a lot of times you Know and so that's what I would like to See is some really cool Chase cards at Each level you know I understand like That first patch the debut patch that They're gonna do they're still kicking It back and for forth as to whether or Not they're going to put that in High-end product or if it's going to be A lower end product so forth but just Have some sort of a cool Chase within Each one of those so that's if someone Buys a retail box if a kid buys a retail Box for 20 25 bucks for 30 bucks there's A chance for them to get you know some Really cool thing out of it some one of These Legend Autos or something like That anyway we'll see how it goes but I Thought that was interesting tops Continues to kind of make moves they're

At mint Collective talking about a lot Of these things now and it's just kind Of an evolving situation that's why we Talk a lot about it they have been in The news doing interviews quite a bit Lately at shows and different things Michael Rubin is out and about it's a Cool time and we've always got some Newsies type stuff to hit on all right Guys thanks very much for joining me Here today stay healthy stay awesome and I will talk to you again later [Music] [Music] Thank you

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