Dinged Corners Ep. 2 w/ Rob The Sports Card Therapist

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The 2nd episode of Dinger Corners is here! Rob @sportscardtherapist and I talk about about sports card collections, how we built them, and other random thoughts.

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Well hello and welcome back this is Episode two of danged Corners myself and Rob sports card therapist had a good Little talk today it was all about what Do we collect kind of going through Different parts of our collection and I Really like talking to Rob about just Kind of how his collection has evolved Over time when we got back in the hobby We were collecting certain things but of Course just like with anything else you Get deep into it you dive in and then it Evolves over time so we talk through all Of that before we get started though big Thanks to video sponsored comc.com your Home for buying selling and flipping all The hottest trading cards their Consignment marketplace now home to more Than 30 million cards from Baseball Superstars like Aaron judge to Marvel Favorites like Spider-Man compsy has Something for every type of collector so Make sure to visit commsea.com today to Build out your collection with your Favorite cards definitely check out com C it's a good time all right guys let's Roll that clip Frank Frank Somebody back there roll it all right Ladies and gentlemen this is a new Three-part series that we are calling Dinged Corners with sports car Dad and Sports card therapists reminding you That there's no perfect way to collect

He's Dustin I'm Rob episode two what do We collect Dustin how you doing man Doing good man doing good another day Another video listen uh good to be with You yeah likewise man I felt really good About episode one you know episode one Was why do we collect and and we we were Able to cover a lot I feel like in that First episode and it was just it was Just packed with really good stuff that I think Um you know we weren't Reinventing the Wheel by any means but it just felt like A really great conversation we had so if Anyone missed that I would definitely Urge you to go back and check out Episode one Yeah I think our goal too is to be you Know relevant conversation to newcomers Into the hobby but also something that You know people that have been in for a While you know they can also take Something from so I I agree I think we Accomplished that yeah so so you know Episode one we talked about why do we Collect but on this one in particularly Um I I think we're gonna be you know a Bit more Um I don't know if I want to say selfish But we're going to be talking about what It is indeed we collect but it's not Going to be so much about Who or what we collect I think it's Going to be more about the reason behind

Why and who we collect and really what Journey and what has led us to settling On or feeling like these are the players These are the teams these are the Athletes that we want to collect Yeah absolutely I'm excited to get going Yeah so so I'm curious so now There's this whole PC pyramid idea right And it's you picture what a pyramid Looks like right a pyramid is basically A triangle and and the pyramid at the Very top right like the top chunk of the Pyramid that's considered the top of Your PC the top of your PC Um all all signs kind of point to that Um then the second level is is really That next here and then there's the Third level then the fourth level and I Know for me the whole concept of a PC Pyramid Um that that I learned about through uh Kyle at the Wax Museum when he had Connell collections on Um I loved it I took that and ran with It because I need direction I need direction in my Life if I'm just out there buying Anything I see that tickles my fancy Which every single day I come across something that I'm like I Want that yeah yeah me too right Now let me ask you where where do you Where do you mostly find where do you Spend most of your time uh looking at

Cards whether if it's like at a local Card shop if it's scrolling is it eBay Twitter Instagram where are you spending Most of your uh viewing of cards time I would say historically it's been eBay It's just convenient Um I've been doing less of it lately but I would say say that if we're just Talking historically that's kind of my Go-to place just to be able to very Quickly save a search you know kind of Get an idea of what's going on in a Particular area of cards Um yeah so that's that's probably where I go first I would say yeah so are you Type when you're scrolling on eBay are You typing in specific players are you Typing in the exact card you're looking For or are you looking at people's shops Like their profiles like Like if you see that like oh man this Guy's got a Hank Aaron Auto on card Auto That's a vintage card I wonder what else He has and then you click on his shop Then sir like so how is it that you Navigate and figure out what it is You're looking for because eBay's Something very specific you can't really Just jump on eBay and start scrolling it Looking at card picks the way that you Would like Instagram and Twitter you Have to have some sort of Direction on EBay I think too part of the fun or the Chase is if you don't keyword something

Or let's say the seller does not keyword Something correctly then you might have The right search you might have it Framed up right but it doesn't come into Your search results because they you Know listed it wrong or you typed it in Wrong or whatever so to me like for Example like one of the save searches I Have is stranger things autograph card Autograph card I check it every single Day to see if there's any sort of you Know Um Grail kind of that pops up if there's A blue out of 10 or if there's a one of One that just surfaces out of nowhere But you know there's also different ways That I'll phrase that is just because There's times where I'll search that and Then somehow I I'm like I'll be looking At a card and it'll be like similar Things to this and then I look down and It's like wait there's that like how did I miss this like this is something that I would be interested you know like Didn't didn't show up in the search like Maybe this maybe the seller Um Promoted it as signed card instead of Autograph card yeah yeah I got um so Kind of I'm looking at back at some of The stuff that you've recently got into And I'm kind of in the same the same um Boat so Greg Maddox this is 87 uh tops Traded it's an auto 10 but it's also a

10 a PSA 10. and I've been looking for These 10 10s but while everybody else is Focusing on Willie Mays and Jackie Robinson all these Legends I'm actually Focused more on kind of those like 90s Legends that are that are not quite There yet like they're not quite getting There they're not vintage yet you know So Randy Johnson Barry Bonds is a big One for me I was just thinking about Randy Johnson when you said his name Randy Johnson Barry Bonds even even Mark McGuire I know that you know and Peds Like here's the thing I don't I don't Collect based off of PD like I don't Care I don't care if they you know Barry Bonds is still the home run leader I Still think that he's magnificent Regardless of of the PD stuff Roger Clemens is another guy if you look at Just his stats uh you know I mean you Know he won titles like he's done he's Done everything all you you do have the PED kind of hanging over these guys head But I I would say I'm a Hall of Fame Autograph collector but as far as Baseball cards go I've I've softened I Haven't softened on vintage baseball It's just that I feel like the prices For vintage baseball have moved up so Dramatically over the last five years I'm and I'm looking for Value so like That Maddox card is kind of an example Of a guy that was just so dominant I

Love the fact that Greg Maddox also just Looks like he could be your neighbor He's just like the every man you know He's not like a physically dominant Randy Johnson type figure you know so I Won't go off too too far on a tangent But you know when searching for Maddox Autographs I started with like you know Greg Maddox rookie Auto and then you Kind of like you you work through that You know because there's also like Pretty cool like five-star tops Dynasty Or newer stuff that you can go through As well Um and then also I've just looked at Um I've tried to search just to get the Auto tens and the gem mint tens you know Just trying to get like can I just get a Swath of like all the guys you've got You know Frank Thomas is another guy That I was looking at you know for that I've got a couple Frank Thomas rookie Signed in persons yeah yeah you know so You know and those will regularly now I Don't know about the gemin 10s that You're talking about but I mean I I I Regularly see Frank Thomas Um graded on card Auto rookies with a 10 Auto maybe not the card graded I Regularly see them going for like Between 40 and 60 bucks Yeah there's one so there is a I'm Blowing my cover here but there's one on EBay that I've been looking at that is a

10 it's a TENS rookie and then a 10 Auto As well because what I'm looking for is I'm also looking for a little bit of of A differentiator there so I want the 1010 or I want an inscription Auto yeah So you'll see like the you know I think You've got like a Hall of Fame uh Julius Behind you like I liked it or like I've Got one that's like Lou Brock the Franchise you know it's like that's Awesome you know I want some sort of Inscription there so yeah that is a I Went way off on a tangent so sorry about That Rob but that's one of my my side PCS I guess I'll start with one of my Side pieces that's awesome love it so so You have the Greg Maddox is that a Rookie It is yeah it's the 87 tops traded Rookie so it's not a rare card obviously They printed them to Oblivion but the Fact you've got the 1010 that's kind of The differentiator on card yeah yeah Definitely man so you know from if you Go back to episode one of sports car Therapist I've talked about how my PC my Main two guys to collect and I've I've Never wavered from this and I have no Problem wavering because life is all About Evolution and actually just Recently did a An episode on change versus Evolution When it comes to collecting cards you Know change is something that

Um you're like okay you know what I Think I'm gonna sell all my Ricky Hendersons now and I'm really going to Put all that money into Ken Griffey Jr I Think griffy's gonna be my guy but Evolution is something like almost like What I've been doing with Um you know from the start it was iconic Rookie cards I've I've I I have a just Iconic rookie cards I have an obsession With and then I've evolved into you know What I want in-person on-card autos of Those so Um but at the top of my PC pyramid has Always been and here's a spoiler alert For some of the cards I'm going to be Showing I met Hulk Hogan and Mickey Mantle Mickey Mantle because I'm a Yankees fan He's an all-time great and my father Would often speak of Mickey Mantle I Think I think everyone in our age range We're about 40 I think all of our family All of our fathers our uncles or you Know Baseball fans always said like the Mick is the best even though we know he Wasn't the best he was definitely a top 10 player of his era maybe top five of His era but he wasn't Willie Mays right I mean but still regardless um so the First card that I'm going to show is and This is the second copy that I've owned Of this card but um but this card is Super important to me and when I bought

This card the first time I should say When I bought my first copy of this card It was a worse copy but I felt like I've Arrived yeah in this hobby like like I'm In this now and what that card is is the 51 Bowman Mickey Mantle 51 Bowman Mickey Mantle so um like I said this is the Second copy I've owned of it there it's Really hard to get a good or even a Decent copy a decent Center copy and if You do you are absolutely paying a Premium for it so Um so yeah so this this 51 mantle just Means so much to me you know it it it's Just you know his true rookie everyone Focuses on the 52 tops but this is the 51 Bowman it was pack pulled And um you know now don't get me wrong The 52 top set it's probably top three Baseball sets of all time so yeah and And you know aesthetically everything Like I could understand why The 52 gets the recognition it does but What I don't understand is why this is So undervalued right in comparison yeah So so that's my first one Yeah it's funny too because the hobby is Kind of hypocritical in that way it's Like rookie cards are number one except For you know the 52 top set you know It's just kind of a weird a weird thing With that Um yeah no that that is an awesome card All right so my main PC player I know I

Got off track there when we started out But I'm a die-hard New Orleans Saints Fan ever since 1987. my dad passed that Down to me so that's kind of the Father-son connection that we've got Um the the best Saints player to ever Play Drew Brees Um I don't have I do have rookie cards For him I I really want his um I really Want his tops Chrome black would be like The Grail Breeze PC card Um and it's not like I mean they're on EBay right now they're numbered out of 100 it's probably a five to seven Thousand dollar card which for me is is Pricey that's that's a lot of money for For anyone that's a lot of money yeah And it's for a PC player too you know For me value matters but really this is More about like you know I'm a huge huge Saints fan so this one has special Significance to me because I got it at My first national which going back to 2021 in Rosemont Chicago area and it's The the one of one black box uh version And so wow and I traded it's funny Ironically I traded well it's Cash Plus Trade but I traded a baker Mayfield Autograph a panini one autograph Numbered out of 15 which I'm glad that I Did make that trade but and now Baker is In our division playing for the bucks so It's it's almost like it was meant to be Um my in-laws are huge Browns fans so I

Was also kind of a baker fan by default But now he's with the Enemy so can't Love them uh but yeah so Drew Brees We're seasoned ticket holders for the Saints he's always oh wow so you you go To eight Saints games a year no no I go To to you well so we just got them last Year this is kind of funny when my wife And I started dating in 2009 of course Like for her this was the The Heights She started dating me at the peak of Saints fandom because they won the Super Bowl that year so that year she called About season tickets because she was Like you know your Die Hard fan we gotta You know see about tickets the wait list Was like 30 000 people deep or something Well last year they called us so this is Like 14 years later or whatever last Year of course like Sean Payton leaves Drew Brees leaves and now all of a Sudden they got tickets you know Um so I bought you know we bought them And um so now we're season ticket Holders so we've been on the list for Literally like 14 15 years so this is Going to be your first season Yeah so last year was the first season So I went to the Bucks game against Tampa because I wanted to see Tom Brady In person never seen him play in person And then we went to see Joe burrow in The Bengals both of those we lost at the Very end of the game so uh those were

Tough but but yeah so I'll probably go To two games a year and then just sell Off you know the rest of the tickets and That kind of pays for it I might be out A few hundred bucks but I also don't you Know we didn't get club seats or Anything like that so yeah yeah um so Let me ask you and it's sad that I even Have to ask this I guess it says a lot About your team but who's the starting Quarterback for the Saints we have Derek Carr so we just got right you guys just Got car I was thinking Jameis Winston For some reason but I forgot you guys Just got Derek Carr that's exciting yeah Andy Dalton I think he actually went to The Panthers he was our starter uh this This past year Well Jameis was and then It was Andy Dalton James is still on the Team he's going to hang around he Re-signed us a backup Um so yeah you know the Saints are just One it's one of those teams where it's Like I've been a fan forever so Regardless of of how we're doing you Know I'm always a fan but yeah Breeze is Kind of you know he's he's the ultimate PC guy and I struggle with kind of you Know I've got some pretty nice breeze Cards that I could move up into larger Breeze cards and I might have to maybe Have to do that down the line at some Point Um you know like that black refractor we

Were talking about maybe I do a Cash Plus trade thing but Um but yeah so have you have you spoken To uh Drake's PC on Instagram yeah yeah I I got in touch with Drake way early on When I started making content and then Once you found out that I was a breeze Collector he actually did an IG live With me and other guys Um maybe a couple months back we did That oh I didn't know you were part of That yeah yeah I was on that and then we Messaged here and there too I met him at The national back a couple years ago He's a great guy I like great money Definitely Um I tell you the cash plus trade thing Every all four of those card now you Know what the Dr J I paid full cash for But all the other three cards I traded Up into Cash Plus trade that has been Like that has been my collecting hack And I know that's not like a big secret Or anything like that but I think Obviously cash is King right but anytime Someone allows me to trade up into a Card Um you know I I If it makes sense it makes sense and Most the time it does make sense and for You know a lot of these high-end dealers They If they can get this is the way I look At it right

So these high-end dealers that you know I probably have at least five of them on Speed dial right they're always cash Heavy so they're usually buying cards at Like 75 percent of comps right so They're buying cards for at 75 percent Of comps the same thing that guy did That dropped 20K with me at um at the Show which was actually uh Mike MC Sports Cards on on eBay it was him Um yep so he drops 20K with me anyways So these guys They're cash heavy so they get cards at 75 comps and then here Here Comes sports Card therapists here I come along and I'm like hey I have half cash half trade At 100 value will you take it oftentimes They will because they're still making 25 on whatever card they're moving so if I can get if if I can get a handful of Dealers which I I really have now you Know after making these kind of Connections that are like yeah man yeah Okay I'm asking 3K for it yeah I'll take Uh 1500 and trade let me see what you Got 1500 cash boom so Um you know because the only way I feel Like I know for me to be able to move up Into bigger cards is to do that yeah Because a lot of us you know we have we Have a lot of work we're cash poor not Poor but you know we're card Rich yeah a Lot of car there's a lot of card Equity There and that's why

That's why we'll get a card or I'll get A card and I'll talk about how much the card means To me and how happy I am to have it and Then six months to a year later I end up Moving it right like I never get a card With the intention on moving it every Time I get a card or acquire a card I Get it with the intention of it being my Forever home however if I can move up Into something even bigger for that then You know what I probably will but that's Great though I try to do the same thing Because that means you're not fomoing Into something you're not catching a Trend or a player it's something that You've identified as a long-term hold And then really if you move out of it It's simply just to get into another Long-term hold you know so you're always Like you're okay being stuck with it if If you're stuck with it yes and 100 man And and it's that old as old as time in The hobby cliche saying how many times Have you said it how many times have I Said it Um if cards went if all cards went to Zero tomorrow would you be happy with The cards that you have in your Possession and if the answer is no oh Then I don't know then you're probably in it For the money then which I'm not Knocking right because in my opinion we

Do need dealers we do need flippers Because it's those kind of guys that can Really move cards around until it gets Into someone's forever collection you Know it's like if we you know sometimes It could be difficult Trying to strike deals with other with Other collectors like you put two Collectors in a room and you don't know If a deal is going to happen but if you Put a dealer or a flipper in a room with A collector chances are they they can Get it they can get a deal done you know So so I I think that you know flippers And dealers are kind of like the Lubrication to uh facilitating the a lot Of these deals so yeah that's why I can Never knock anyone I think anyone that's In the hobby anyone's hustle uh for the Most part unless you're straight up Trying to scam or deceive Um I think you know I think everyone's Welcome for the most part Well yeah if everyone is a thousand Percent collector that never sells then There's no shows there are no no cards Would become available nothing's for Sale nothing's for sale if we're all Collectors right you'll never get a card So Um So okay so my next card so I I'm gonna Continue on the trend of my PC pyramid And so the first card I showed was my

Mickey Mantle and which which when I got I said wow I have arrived and and like And just meaning like okay I'm in this I'm in this now this is I'm making a Commitment you know getting that mantle The second card is probably the most Iconic Iconic Hogan card Hulk The 85 Tops rookie is probably his most Iconic card but this right here might be His most important card and that is the 1982 wrestling All-Stars Hulk Hogan this Has a on card Auto this is bgs Authenticated autograph grade of a nine I don't know how it's a nine I mean that Thing is as crisp as it gets but um But yeah so I mean this Hulk Hogan card You know and so when I got back into the Hobby Um I was really really happy And and almost like relieved and excited To see that there was A small section of the hobby that were Wrestling collectors and I don't collect anyone new I haven't Watched a WWE match oh yeah the new Products and stuff I mean even going Back to the Attitude Era I was out Before the Attitude Era so I don't Really have Nostalgia for like the rock And stone cold like I'm super Appreciative of what they've done but my Era you know I'm in Connecticut and and The WWF WWE headquarters is in Stanford

Connecticut you know my father would my Father told me a story about driving Down the highway on I-95 and uh they Were stuck in traffic and Hulk Hogan Pulled up right next to him in a Convertible like because all the Wrestling stars are like right there in Stanford and that's where my dad always Works so Um So yeah so for me wrestling cards again Nostalgia I mean I'll collect I collect Hulk Hogan Andre the Giant uh Macho Man You know things like that but um yeah What was that the Vintage guys exactly I'm not really collecting anyone new Because it doesn't it doesn't hit me in The feels and yeah Um and I don't I think when it comes to Wrestling cards even if I was to put Some money into it like the I don't I Don't feel So strong about the market long term in Terms of a modern sense I guess and I Think it's probably because what we saw Happen with prism and I know it was so Much hype right it was so much hype with Like the prism set that dropped but I Mean you know boxes have declined by Like 90 percent for a box of wrestling I Didn't realize that Insane in saying the drop off Yeah so I'm with you I mean when you Think about those guys too there's a

Bunch of documentaries on like Bret Hart And those guys read about those guys is They were making no money they were Making nothing Um I think the Bret Hart when I was Watching it was literally like Five Guys Packed into a van traveling around you Know like they had they were they had Nothing they just enjoyed they enjoyed It they could make a little bit of money At it And it was better than you know like Working manual labor you know as better Than digging ditches and doing this Stuff I mean but those guys and you Could probably you could probably uh Draw the same comparison to like vintage Baseball players or football players They had jobs in the off season jobs and Stuff yeah so I I totally get you I the The only Nostalgia I have with wrestling Is that those older stuff I wasn't a Huge wrestling fan but I did go to an Event Um in the 90s and it was like Lex Luger Was there and you know those guys But yeah I mean you go back to like Ultimate Warrior days and Andre the Giant and you know that stuff it was you Know it's just awesome so I get it I Totally get it yeah and I can't get Enough of those locker room stories that You hear from these wrestlers Um you know and and you're talking about

I think like there's a lot of uh dark Side of the ring you know uh documentary You know shows and stuff and there's There's there's there's just been so Many incredible incredible Um documentaries and shows done on you Know on every wrestler everything from Like the real relationship with Miss Elizabeth and Macho Man all the way to What it was like in the locker room how They were on the ring and and a lot of The stuff really bled over Into like reality like the lines were so Blurred with the characters they played Versus what things were like in the Locker room and it's just so fascinating There's so many levels to it because When you think about that when you think About regular Sports you know it's like Yeah we know maybe Terrell Owens was Kind of a jerk as a teammate right and We know that Charles Haley was a nutcase In the locker room like like we hear Those stories but it's like other than That it's it's strictly Performance Based on the field whereas with Wrestling So much of it is locker room dynamic in Those stories and I think when you when You're really into a product Um you know it's like you just want to Hear all it just adds another level to The collecting so it's it's yeah it's Fun so that that's my Hulk Hogan I'm a

Hulka maniac man so my Hulk Hogan Collection is insane you know I mean It's listen there are people out there Um you know Rob England David Peck uh Rich hobby so Many people out there that have these Hulk Hogan collections that I would Never even be able to touch but Um I'm very proud of my Hulk Hogan Collection you know I have a Hulk Hogan PMG numbered out of 125. in that one Yeah that you have yeah yeah he's the Only wrestler ever with the PMG not the Rock no one else no one has a PMG he Does and it was part of a six card set With like Tiger Woods you know Michael Phelps and people now if you're not our Age too you don't understand the Phenomenon that was Hulkamania back During that time like the rock yeah he's Popular John Cena they're popular but it Doesn't compare to what you know because There was much less media it's kind of Like Michael Jordan in the 80s I was Just gonna say Michael Jordan like he he Was comparable to Michael Jordan as far As his Fame and even like Dale Earnhardt Senior you know like even if you weren't A Nascar fan you were like that guy's Badass you know like you Intimidator you Know yeah I mean you knew that all those These guys were all legends you know I Mean it was yeah no that's awesome good Stuff all right so what's your next card

All right next one I'm gonna go stranger Things with this one so this is a side PC for sure it's been a fun project this Card in particular is the directors the Founders of the show it's the the twins The The Duffer brothers so it's Matt and Ross Duffer this is season two and the Dual audio the Dual autographs are just Really 10 out of 10 SGC graded it yeah They're they're really he's a tough Grade yeah they are they are I don't I Only have a few 10 tens to be honest and I have I have a lot of these Auto you Know type cards for stranger things well Auto cards in general but um you know Those guys I picked that one I've got a Lot of that stuff but I picked that one Just because they're the creators of the Show and it's just kind of a unique kind Of culture card set to where you Actually have the founders of it that Are you know the creators as part of the Set as opposed to just the characters so It's like getting a Vince McMahon Autograph Drake from Drake's PC I mean Has has probably the the best Vince McMahon autograph of all time and he Like shattered the record for what he Paid for it too it like sent shock waves To the wrestling Community like when They're like who bought that super Friend one of one who I think he paid Over 10 grand for it or something what Is the owner of that you know so so yeah

It's like you know when you can get the Creators that's really cool yeah and and That show the story behind that is that Show came out summer of 2016 and that or Maybe it was fall but it kick-started my You know um Nostalgia bug you know where I was really kind of looking back at Some of my childhoods 80s you know stuff Collectibles because the show is based In the 80s and then from there three out Of my four kids my son is too small it's Too scary for him and then my wife Doesn't like scary stuff but you know me And three of my kids watch it we're Actually watching like re-watching Seasons to try to get an idea of what Season five is you know what's coming in Season five the final season so it's It's a family affair so that I I joke Like when a Drew Brees card comes in the Mail my kids are like oh that's cool dad Got another Drew Brees card but then When I get like a stranger things Autograph card they're like yes you know Dad's got some cool stuff so yeah yeah That's where I've been able to kind of Marry the hobby part with with my family To where they're actually like okay that Stuff's really cool Yeah love it man love it so my next card Um this Like so season two of sports card Therapist I'm on season four right now So right now I'm on I'm around like

Episode 160 right now so right around Episode 50 I put out a goal that I was Gonna require a hundred thousand dollar Card and um I remember that yeah yeah so That was like my big goal and I hadn't Said what the card was at first because You know I I didn't want to you know a Have someone like hold hold my feet to The fire if they had one and and I Didn't want to like unknowingly drive up The value on some of these cars so but After like two months I had like no Leads on the card because it's numbered Out of 250 so Um I ended up putting it out there and Immediately started getting leads on Cards and uh so I ended up picking it up And um let me just say the the value has Gone down big time on it and um so I'm Definitely in the red on this card I Know everything's gone down right but LeBron really took a hit LeBron's Market Really took a hit Um and Um this is just going to be a long-term Hold for me because I have confidence in This card and and what the value can be Long term so it is the LeBron James Ultimate collection Um and and this if if you look at the First three cards I have shown you right The first three cards I've shown you the LeBron the Hulk Hogan and the mantle all Iconic rookie cards yeah definitely and

That's that's what I'm all about iconic Rookie and two of the three are Autographed so there's something special Uh to me on card Auto obviously I'm not Saying anything that probably most People don't feel but to have an on card Auto as opposed to a sticker Auto Um you know there's there's just a Different feeling there knowing that The person the athlete the Creator Stranger things like that kind of thing Actually held that card there's Something cool about that so Um and and this LeBron card just It it means something different for me Right even uh money you know aside value Aside Um you know I bring it to shows with me Um knowing I'm not going to move it I Actually had an offer two months ago Um and they offered me overcomes they Offered me actually what I paid for it And um I said no I said no I'm not gonna Do it I said I believe in this card long Term you know so yeah I appreciate the Offer Um but but yeah so this is the card I Bring the shows and and and people that Have kind of been with me on this sports Car therapist Journey they know the card They've they've heard me talk about it They've seen it they come up to it and They say there it is there's the LeBron I see you brought it today you know so

It's a it's a great conversational piece You know and I know that any show I go To maybe other than National I'm gonna Be the only person in the room with that Card and I can say that about all three Of these cards and probably the fourth Card I'm going to show you that I'm Gonna be the only person in the room With that card yeah and and one thing I Want to say Ken from sports card lessons He's pointed out that he said like and I'm totally paraphrasing here I'm making Up words he's saying but basically what He said is you know what man like I'm Getting tired of this like quarterback Flipping game because you want to know What happens people come up to my table They say where are you at on that Borough I give them a price and there's Ten other of the exact same card or very Comparable cards in the room they say Okay thank you and they walk around and They shop the price so it's you know It's so it's like When you're playing that game that's If I'm buying cards that there's so many Of them out there or comparable ones When you're playing that kind of Market It definitely favors the buyer yeah Right it definitely favors the buyer but When you have something that is super Rare and you might be the only person in The room with it that definitely favors The seller and if you are playing in a

Market where everything favors the buyer Because there's so many uh Trevor Lawrence is out there there's so many Joe Burrows there's so many of this There's so many that everyone's going to Want to under comps and eventually They're going to find a dealer at the Show that's going to give them the price That they want to be at and if Everyone's buying Under comps if we all Bought undercoms all cards would be at Zero eventually Yeah yeah I think that's a really astute Observation I think more and more Dealers are looking to have a unique Just a unique Um set of cards that they're bringing For one you could argue hey there's not A bunch of comps on this so you can kind Of name your price but it also pulls the Collectors out because usually you know A flipper is a flipper going to take a Chance on a bunch of cards where there's Not really a comp for it probably not I Mean but the idea though is if you have A buying pool that is mainly collectors Of certain music cards or certain bands Whatever let's just use that as an Example then a lot of times they might Be repeat buyers and you're the one that Happens to have the Nirvana cards or Whatever it is you know and then you're Building that rapport with someone that Actually like you've found the End

Customer there yeah autographed Nirvana Uh in Philly And I've been trying not to talk about Stuff I'm looking for but that's one I'm Definitely looking for it's kind of the Early cards I didn't see the signed one Though yeah I don't know if it was a Card or if it was a record but it was a Kurt Cobain sign something oh and yeah The guy had and um and you know what let Me tell you something man I try not to Talk about things too much that I'm Going forward too but really that's just Been my journey you know and I've Actually had people message me and being Like being like hey check out this Eli Um I just got I was like yeah I was Bidding on that too thanks you know so It's like Um I've I started up this massive side PC of Eli like I kind of gave myself Permission I never liked collecting Current players I I just I just don't There's so many variables that can Happen especially if they're players on My team you know it's like I'm a mass I've been a lifelong Giants fan okay What happens if saquon Barkley doesn't Get the contract he wants next year and Leaves and now I have all these saquon Cards and and I'm just like pissed at Him like thank God I didn't have any Odell Beckham Jr cards I cannot stand Odell now but when we had him I love

Them but I can't stand him maybe 10 Years from now I might buy a really nice O'Dell rookie card to remember you know Those Seasons I had with him but right Now no but I recently just kind of gave Myself permission which sounds crazy to Say to start my um Eli Manning PC and Let me tell you something hold on I'm moving my camera I usually don't Move my camera I don't know how well you Can see it all right I'm looking But Those are all oh wow Yeah those look like Exquisite those are All like those are all Exquisite patches Those are some rookie autos Those are all Golds those are all gold Refractors and black refractors Here are some more exquisites wow that Is old so yeah man so so I I finally I finally gave myself Permission To start collecting certain players you Know and um and it's cool it's fun so Listen I got off on a tangent my bad so No no you're good yeah I'm the same with Alvin Kamara right now because the Camaro has just been so awesome with the Saints but it's like is he gonna get Suspended throughout the year are we Gonna like is he gonna end his career in New Orleans yeah no probably not I mean It's expensive and usually you know how It goes like running backs hit 30. they

You know like Le'Veon Bell or something They want they still want 20 million a Year and then the team Cuts them and They go somewhere else to finish it out So yeah I don't know do you know how Many times I've almost pulled the Trigger on a Alvin Kamara select xrc Really love I love the I love xrc's First of all yeah okay he's got some Great looking cards and second of all he I know he's not gonna be in that LaDainian Tomlinson category right Because like LT had like he broke the Rushing record for touchdowns at one Season and his stats are but Kamara Though I mean He was electric coming out to his first Four years he was so fun to watch fun Now but he I think he's also just being A little bit more careful with his body He's starting you know he's making a lot More money now I think when that rookie Contract guys go all out for that second Contract and I don't think he's holding Back but naturally I think any athletes Trying to you know extend their career As much as I can especially a running Back yeah so yeah Uh all right I'm going my last one last One let's go all right last one now this Isn't a PC player but it's just vintage Football rookie I would say Um cards but QBs mostly but like I've Got running backs I've got like Earl

Campbell you know rookie card and stuff But this is what I've been looking at or Looking to get for years it's the 57 Tops Bart Star it's it's really well Centered the the one thing that you'll Find uh with with a lot of these is just It'll be a you know it might be centered But then it's got marks on the front the Surface is terrible or the coloring Isn't great the registration this is one That just kind of fit the bill and then The price point was just right so Um this is one again that I was looking At like four to six and even like this Four looks better than some of the sixes That I've looked at because I'm Prioritizing centering and surface so You know it's really tough you know Especially vintage dealers with Centering it's like when they get nice Centered cards they want top dollar Premium for it because they know that's What a lot of people are looking for so It's it's the old uh sealed I know what I have yeah and I got lucky to wear Um a viewer of the of the channel again Another reason to start a YouTube Channel or a podcast if you happen to You know be thinking about it but he had Sent me another one that looked really Good as a 4.5 about six or seven months Back I responded to him a day too late He sold it before I responded back Because I was like oh man that's a nice

Copy I'll definitely take that he's like Oh if it's gone I'm like damn it and Then he came back to me literally like a Few weeks uh ago and was like hey I've Got this four honestly I thought it was Going to get like a six but it came back At four and so I know you're looking for This card and he gave me a fair price he Didn't give it away or anything but he Gave me definitely a fair price for it Considering that you know it just looks A lot better than you know the fives and Sixes I've been looking at yeah Beautiful beautiful man Um all right so last card This is actually something I just Acquired something that I never imagined Myself getting or having the opportunity To I think the pop on this Um just in total all grades I think it's Around two to three hundred Um all grades with the auto but it is The iconic 1980s tops bird Dr J magic Um this is the triple Auto And yeah what made it really cool about The triple Auto is it's a PS it's a Graded of a PSA 10 Auto so that means All three Autos need to be Pens that's insane yeah man I was a Unique card there's I mean is there Another one like that So Yeah so there's like I said I think There's

Um And I'm sure listeners or Watchers might Correct me in the comments but I think In all grades triple Auto I think There's around between two and three Hundred that exists oh okay okay yeah I Think there's between them still yeah so So you know basically if you look at My Where I'm really going with it right is Iconic rookies it's signed rookies and Every one of these cards is except for The mantle the mantle has a higher pop Count but Um the other three have pop counts that Are probably 250 or less you know around There Um so you know for me that's that's Really important so um but Dustin man it Was great hearing about your your PC and And the reasons why you collect what you Do and how you're able to connect the Cardboard Um with with the person Yeah it's fun and like we we talk about It's always evolving you know I mean my Stranger things PC started less than a Year ago and I've and I've Dove you know Head first into it and who knows maybe In a couple years there'll be another Side PC so yeah no it's it's it's always Fun stuff and yeah thanks for showing me Yours yeah man and and so just before I Wrap up I'm I'm wondering because we're

Always talking about how Um you know Your collection should be unique to you Right and collecting is there's It just says so much about us right I Mean really you look at someone's PC and You really have an idea of where they Are in the hobby you know if if I if I Go up to a table and I see like we've Talked about if I see like five high-end Josh Allen rpas five high-end Trevor Horns rpas I'm like okay this guy Has likely been in cards for a while Before the boom Um they're they're a high-end dealer and They probably you know they have to you Know they probably make decent margins On all their all their deals that's just Me assuming right Um and when I walk up to a table or I See someone's PC that is very you know a Player that you know like a Drew Brees Right a Drew Brees who there isn't a ton Of demand for him but you know he's a Goat you know or a stranger things that Tells me that that paints a picture of Of you who you are your fandom in your Life right but I guess you know to close This out is there any wrong way to Collect do you think I I don't I don't think so yeah and I And I think too everyone has their own Budgets as well the card hobby has Gotten as you know it's gotten a lot

More expensive over the last five years Than what it was previous so you know And again it's stuff that we talk about On our channels but the the keeping up With the Joneses type type stuff I mean You can you can get yeah you just have To be really careful with that I think It's it's a marathon not a Sprint you Know so whether regardless of what your Motivations are if it's more you know Money or if it's just collecting Cardboard stuff of players that you like You know it's their I would say there's Absolutely no way and it's okay for it To change too when I first got into the Hobby I was collecting certain things Five years later I'm collecting some of Those original things but I've got a Bunch of other stuff that I'm into as Well so you know I think that it's okay To kind of you know get in make a few Mistakes or you know or start off Collecting one thing and then find out Other things because that's the other Thing there's just a zillion different Options out there and you're not going To know all those options on day one It's going to take years to even under Understand all of your options you know So um yeah my short slash long answer is Definitely no on that front All right yeah man uh very well said Very well said and and you had mentioned Um you know people at different budgets

And different things and I would just Urge anyone that has not watched uh your Video Dustin the sports car dad video About having a card buying addiction and And and what that did and and really how You know you and your wife came together And said okay listen this is what we're Gonna do Um these are this is what our financial Situation looks like this is where I Need to maybe take a step back and curb Some of the spending because I think Probably if you are listening to this or Watching this Um I think that There's at least a small part of most of Us I say most of us I didn't say all of us So if I don't apply Let it Fly But I think there's probably a a big Part of most of us that can identify With that so definitely go back and Check out that sports card dad video if You have not already Appreciate it man yeah and and and Dustin yet again episode two of dinged Corners this is a three-part series we Are doing so we we're already over that Hump day we're already uh we're we're at Rounding out episode two I'm excited for Next week for episode three man um any Closing thoughts before we wrap up No let's let's keep it going no I really Enjoy these obviously just hobby talk in

General but um yeah I think these are Important subjects so I'm glad that We're collabing yeah likewise man all Right guys don't forget take care of Yourselves in your collection have a Good one thanks Dustin all right thanks Guys [Music] [Music]

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