How the Mint Collective Show Can Be More Relevant

The Mint Collective show was just held in Las Vegas, Nevada for its 2nd year. I went to the first show last year, but couldn’t make it this year. Today I talk about where I see opportunities for improvement.

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All right guys Florida man is back again For one more video down here in the Sunshine State and then I am back at Home with my usual background as opposed To the pottery the Pottery Barn Background that we've got back here my Stepmom is a pottery maker guys we're Gonna talk about the mint Collective What can they do to really kind of boost This show I titled it up to be taken Seriously because right now if I'm Looking at attendance through the Different videos that I'm seeing from The mint Collective the attendance just Isn't quite there I don't think that's Exactly what they're looking for it's Not busy it's not a busy show some would Say well it's not really supposed to be As busy as like a national or a big card Show because there there's not as much Of an emphasis on the cards but I think There's a few things that they could Tweak to really make this more of a Destination spot where industry people Would really want to go take it Seriously and go and network and all of Those things now not to take away from The current networking that's already Happening but let me dive into what I'm Talking about so oh before I forget big Shout out to today's video sponsor DC Sports87 if if you don't want to sell Your stuff on eBay yourself just send it Off to these guys can sign with them

They get five to seven thousand cards Listed on eBay every single day just About it's wild their payouts are Lightning fast one business day Turnaround they've got their website That updates in real time as auctions Close and payments get paid so you can Kind of see right then and there what You're owed and what is left outstanding It's pretty sweet so definitely check Out DC sports87 today going back to my Sales days in my 20s about what almost 15 years ago now I worked for a company That actually put on trade shows in the Investment world and a lot of the Exhibitors were TD Ameritrade or Fidelity or alt Investments or precious Metals and I sold the exhibit space and The sponsorships for those companies to Come in and have exhibit space and Present and those sorts of things the One thing that is missing from the mint Collective that I'm looking at if I'm Looking at the schedule events and Forgive me if I missed something in the Schedule but there are no Headliners at This show what do I mean by that you Really need to draw audience to draw Attendance you need big names in the Industry you need people that really Kind of get people's attention now the Card world the card industry sports card Industry doesn't have a lot of these so This is harder to do in this space

Because it's a very niche market there's Not that many companies really in the Grand scheme of things to you know Compared to other Industries not that Many manufacturers not that many grading Companies really on the large side I Know there's grading companies but Larger grading companies there are not a Lot of players if you will but the three People that I think that they have to Have at this show that would draw more Hobby attendance because remember this Is not really as much of a show for the General public this is more of a hobby Industry Show they need three guys there They need Dr Jim Beckett should be the Keynote speaker is the one that drives The Nostalgia for people that are my age And even older than me with the Beckett Magazine going back to the 80s founded The really kind of that main publication Really the media Source because it was a Price guide but remember there was also Lot of great articles in it and so forth So Dr Jim Beckett should be the he Should be number one he should be the Keynote speaker actually I'm going to Add another person to this list the Second one is Ken golden whether you Like Ken golden don't like Ken golden It's really irrelevant the guy has a Netflix special that's going to launch At the end of April he owns a large Auction Company in the space but he is a

Hobby celebrity if you will he is the One that's dealing with high net worth Buyers he is the one that's dealing with High net worth sellers he is now going To be thrust onto the Netflix platform Which will get him in front of millions And millions of people and more of a Mainstream audience Ken golden is a Hobby celebrity he needs to be there Speaking number three Michael Rubin he Runs Fanatics extremely influential in The culture space more so than really Probably any of these folks Michael Rubin is the guy that can pick up the Phone and call Devin Booker and Devin Booker answers this is a person that you Have to have especially with Fanatics Taking over this space I saw that he was On a zoom call figure out a way to make It work to where you can fly all these Guys in or maybe at the at the bare Minimum you have a specific Zoom call or A live a live stream where everyone's Sitting in the auditorium and watching Him if he can't make it in he has to be A standalone person as a keynote speaker Fourth I'm adding this guy to the he's Kind of a late entry onto this list but I think it's important Rob Varys the Owner of Burbank sports cards in Los Angeles I think it's important to have Him because he's a long time card show a Card shop owner LCS owner so he's kind Of been there done that he's seen it all

From start to finish on the LCS retail Side you know he's the one that's been Doing it for 30 plus years and his son Is now taking over in the grand scheme Of things it's an important company in This hobby because it's showing kind of What you can build up into as a card Shop it's kind of the end game I think For a lot of a lot of card shops out There but Rob Veris been there done that I think he's important to have at this Event so really we'll call those four People there are others of course that Could be added and have their own Breakout sessions this next crunch that I'm going to talk about even though you Can get a lot of their information free On YouTube or on podcast or whatever I Still think it's important because they Have built audiences and again they can Promote the show so they can promote the Show through through their channels These are Jeff Wilson Brian Gray sports Card radio and Pac-Man so we have four There Brian Gray big personality been Around in the industry he owns Leaf he Has also kind of been there and done That and he's got a unique position There as an owner of a Manufacturing Company a lot of his stuff is on Licensed product he's making deals Directly with athletes or celebrities so He's got a unique take that I think Would be very interesting and Brian Gray

Does do interviews and things like that But I still think he's important to have At the show Jeff Wilson again I know That he has his own presence on YouTube And podcast he's out there in a Cell Free content so you're probably you Might be thinking I'm already getting Enough Jeff Wilson I see a lot of his Stuff that pops up I still think though That he should have a slot here as Someone that is creating content in the Space and really the largest commentary YouTube channel that is in this space For cards sports card radio been around Doing it for 15 years maybe have them on Some sort of a panel they should be a Part of some sort of a Breakout or their Own Standalone event there should be Some sort of event because they have Mass popularity on YouTube they have Podcasts they've been around for long Enough and they can speak to some of the Things that they've seen in the past Compared to what they're seeing now they Would bring interest and again added Promotion to the show because that's What's missing you don't have enough Attendance at this show currently Pac-Man is the biggest box breaker out There I think he's got 220 or 250 000 Subscribers people know who he is and Again if he is promoting the show he's On some sort of a panel or he has a Breakout session where you can you know

Talk with him ask you know q a on the Breaking side on the product side he's Opening enough products he could speak To it these are folks that should have Their own sessions now here's where They're missing I think this year is They tried to move more towards a hey We've got a card show here too that's Really awesome along with this industry Show so it's both of these things I say Dive in deep on the industry hobby shop Show part and not worry about card show There's a zillion card shows out there Every single weekend there's Regional Car shows local car shows National card Shows there's plenty of ways for people To transact cards and I don't think this Show should be it I think that this show Really should be focused around the Workshops have an exhibit hall but the Priority in the exhibit hall should be For Hobby companies whether that be Startups whether it be Hobby companies That have been here for a while and they Just want to set up their booth and Promote because they don't really have a Way to do that outside of the the National as it has a corporate section But there's probably a wait list for That I mean the Nationals packed it's Been on wait list so a lot of these Bigger shows that they're trying to kind Of get exposure they're not able to do It because they're on a waitlist so if

You're a company that's been in here for A while if you're a panini if you're Fanatics you don't have to worry about Getting your spot at the national but All these other companies they're like How are we gonna how are we ever gonna Get any exposure so this is a way for Hobby companies new and old to be able To set up in the exhibit hall so that Folks can go and visit them and meet With their reps and so forth but you Have workshops running all three days And you get really creative with the Workshop if you don't add in these folks Then it just turns into a click that Just gets together every year and hangs Out it's the same folks that get Together to celebrate themselves it's Like the Oscars Wow dude yeah it was a GI changer A white name you know there's a reason Why nobody watches the Oscars anymore Because it's just a bunch of goobers Handing Awards out to themselves it's Dumb and so this is where you can bring In every this is a way to really expand This thing to where it's not just kind Of a siled hobby industry thing it needs To be more broad the other option that We gave when I was working at that Company is that companies that are new Companies or they've been around for a While they're able to buy Workshop space So you have kind of this Workshop

Schedule that's set up and you've got The editorial stuff and you've got the Keynote folks like I mentioned but then You also have industry or hobby company Reps that are that are talking about Their product that are presenting to to Their folks to be able to say like hey Here's a new feature we've got coming Out here's our product and then here's Some new features that we've got here's What we're excited about and it gives That company an opportunity to have a Breakout session so that folks attending Can learn more about the company on top Of the exhibit boost so of course like You'll see the exhibit Booth you might Be able to go talk to them but they Might be talking to somebody else there Might not be an opportunity to have kind Of a breakout session to meet that Company and then also have kind of Question and answer that would be Awesome they could sell that so I know a Lot of folks have pushed back on the Show and said hey is this a profitable Show who pays 600 for these tickets who Pays a thousand dollars for these Tickets probably not enough the answer Is not enough as they want because I see Them marketing it on IG they are Marketing the show they are trying to Sell tickets and look I don't know how Many they sold maybe they sold enough And they're like great we did great

We're not expecting to make a zillion Dollars but another Revenue source for Them could be Sell Workshop space to companies that Are trying to get their name out there And not just the the large companies That are already kind of established Like a panini you know or Fanatics it Gives that smaller company the ability To get their name out lastly it's Pricing you know right now it's 600 Bucks or 6.99 or something to go to kind Of those premium workshops really needs To be more like 299 I think would make a Lot more sense and bring a lot more People in the thing is you just don't Have the headliners you don't have Enough there to justify that price for a Larger audience the 299 price tag would Bring a lot more people in but also you Could have another level up and maybe It's six seven eight hundred dollars or Whatever it is to go to kind of more of These exclusive After parties or Whatever it is and that gives you the Ability to actually talk to a Ken golden Or talk to some of these folks that Would make a lot more sense but there's A lot of hobby folks that are just kind Of left out of these you know premium Workshops which frankly a lot of the Stuff you can just get free online for a Lot of the folks that are participating In those Workshop like I said need more

Headliners I want to hear from new Companies so I think it's awesome to Hear from the paninis of the world but I Want to hear from some of the smaller to Mid-level companies that maybe you just Don't hear about that much because they Don't have a huge social media presence And this show could be a huge Opportunity for that but again I'll Finish out with the the priority of a Show like this should be Hobby companies Not a card show you know there's enough Card shows out there I don't think that You're going to get enough people to Come to transact outside of maybe the Exhibitors or the people the sponsors That are already doing that anyway and They're you know making deals with their Friends fine but that should not be the Focus of this there's a lot of people That are interested in the business side Of cards and collectibles so open it up To all those folks alright guys stay Healthy stay awesome and I will talk to You again later [Music] [Music] Thank you

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